Video: Rich Man’s Trick


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Dr. Preston James often takes issue with America being ruled by satanic child killers.  Many read what he writes.  Some believe, many do not.  I can state with moderate certainty that, if anything, Preston James understates.  Here, however, is a different version, one well written and presented.

Alex Powers asked me to put this up today.  I am in about 20 minutes watching it and have learned two things, one about the Dulles brothers.  Thus far I see this as a “cheap and lazy” chance to get something akin to a quality education in 20th century history with more than a smattering of economics.

Noted thus far is a version of the holocaust now questioned and many “facts” that are not in evidence.

Far more serious is the attempt in this video to show the Rothschild backing of the robber barons and how the “City of London” backed Hitler and yet lying about the Bank of English being Rothschild controlled.

  • Is the video propaganda?  Yes.
  • What is it hiding?  The same Americans who financed Hitler financed Lenin.


In fact, Lenin was sent to Russia by the Rothschilds.  One longstanding question has been the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  Suppressing this document has been the dominating force leading to control of western press for over a hundred years and yet, in Paris just last week, we saw an operation right out of the Protocols, so clear only the most mentally infirm couldn’t see it.

I suggest watching what you can and starting an active comment and question board below.


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  1. Interesting Documentary, but seemed vague, or deliberately avoided some facts. I did not hear the Jew word spoken too often, and it was wide of the mark on the true facts about Germany. To compare it to the excellent Documentary, “Hitler, The Greatest Story Never told”, it was way off the real truth.
    It demonizes Henry Ford who was not a great admirer of Jews as well documented, and it did not dig too deep on “The Holocaust”,although it gave the impression that is what happened. Melting down Gold teeth? I think we,re a bit passed that line.
    They had to stop Hitler as he threatened the Rothschilds Banking Scam.
    It almost seems as if it was intended to divert any input away from the Zionists, Bankers, and to point blame at everyone but them.
    The JFK story was interesting and well put together.
    It just came across as Zionist production mixed with some facts.
    The Mafia run America?
    Bit hard to believe that, but no doubt they were used.
    This I think is far closer to the truth……
    The answer to the Kennedy assassination is with the Federal Reserve Bank. Don’t underestimate that. It’s wrong to blame it on (CIA official James) Angleton and the CIA per se only. This is only one finger of the same hand. The people who supply the money are above the CIA.’
    – wife of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, told to author A.J. Weberman.
    Kennedy threatened the Intelligence Agencies,the War Industry and the Federal Reserve scam, so he was a danger to all of them.

    • The Cross of the German Eagle played a role in courting American economic partners in the 1930,s, Including Thomas Watson head of IBM (Cross with Star), James D. Mooney head of General Motors overseas operations.
      In all 22 American citizens received the award between 1937 ans 1940, but only Ford received the highest award, “The Grand Cross”.
      Ford was a businessman first, but he also understood the threat to Germany by the Jewish Bankers of which he understood only too well, and America was neutral at that stage and not yet involved in hostilities .

    • Keyser Soze
      Yes thats true, Henry Ford understand the usurious Jews threatened more then just Germany, he wrote a book titled ‘The International Jew’ after he read a copy of the Protocols of Zion in which he warned against the international threat the usurious Jews posed.
      This documentary failed to mention that book which Ford wrote.
      It should be noted that Ford or Hitler were also against the mass murder of the Jews, this is nothing but a Zionist fabrication to hide the crimes they themselves commit, as well as to use it as leverage to create their pseudo Jewish state.

  2. It is my theory that the Zio organized crime cabal (OCC) got a big boost from the collapse of the Soviet Union which gave them a huge resource of fresh loot/capital and then influence via the “Jewish oligarchs”. They parlayed this into the controlled neo-con racket and then into 9/11. 9/11 was immensely profitable for the Zio OCC and worth trillions in new loot. And so was the Henry Paulsen, Timmy Geithner bailout scam, a hand off resulting in even more loot for the Zio OCC. This in turn was parlayed into media control, new technologies, new advanced methods, and finally to today’s Brave New World. They have money and evil to burn.

    During the Cold War, the Zio OCC were players, and certainly had influence. Therefore the video is pretty accurate up to about 1992. But the last two decades is a completely different story. Zio OCCr power and influence is amplified and complete.

  3. Another excellent ground breaking article by Gordon Duff. What won’t he disclose about the Worldwide WZ Organized Crime Cabal (OCC)? Answer, there is nothing he won’t disclose and has been doing it in spades. More of this please.

    It is these disclosures that have been sending shock-waves through the Governments, Intel, Military and Diplomatic corps of the various nations of the World who didn’t understand the OCC’s parasitical hijacking of most of their institutions and the endemic corruption and ruin of their economies that always follows eventually.

    The veil has been ripped back and now the Wizard of Oz (as in Ounce of gold) who pulls the levers of World Governments for evil can be seen by anyone who dares to look and learn.

  4. The john Birch society and its main backer have been using this line of distraction for years now. But perhaps, a little more ‘shaking’ will distill out the partial truths to blend with the half truths and a larger picture can emerge. Similar to gates and proctor’s ‘cowspiracy’, yet slightly different.

  5. Looks like Bain Capital will end up being a big winner from the Forex carnage over Swiss franc. Switzerland pulled a fast one yesterday, unpegging their franc from the Euro. Losers and winners:
    “By Friday, January 16th, Alpari UK had filed for insolvency, while New York-listed FXCM Inc, (one of the biggest platforms serving online and retail traders), said it may be in breach of some regulatory capital requirements after its clients suffered about $225 million in losses…
    All that being said, who stands out in all of this? If you’re in the U.S., Gain Capital looks good. They are showing stability and, in all likelihood, will own FXCM before this is all over.”

  6. The film, as already noted, failed to note the role of the ruling elite in putting the Bolsheviks into Russia to kill Tsar Nicholas II and his extended family, plus the entire upper and middle classes. This is pivotal, because the presentation emphasizes that Hitler was raised and armed due to the ruling elite’s fear of “communism,” which itself was simply another weapon to subjugate Russian and other societies with terror and force of arms. In other words, communism and fascism were two heads of the same elitist monster.

    While establishing Hitler abroad, the fascists at home are described as plotting a coup against FDR, with General Smedley Butler as the planned head of a fascist government. The topic ends with Butler being totally shocked that FDR did nothing to bring the coup plotters to justice, and no attempt to explain FDR’s conduct. Was he not a true champion of the “little man,” as advertised to this day? The answer is no, he was not; FDR was elitist through and through, and a highly trusted operative for advancing the elitist agenda. What FDR did to deepen and lengthen the Great Depression is detailed in my book, The Fruits of Graft, and it is so culpable as to deserve contempt. Yet FDR is still a protected figure, above real criticism in the controlled media.

  7. This must be the “Official Rothschild Conspiracy Theory” concerning the JFK assassination. To be honest, I thought 90% of it was very good and factual, and I was aware of Dulles’ involvement, so that wasn’t new. But its that other 10% which seems to have been intentionally omitted and fabricated that concerns me. I will be anxiously awaiting the other guilty faction’s version. Nothing could be better for us than having the Rothschild and Rockefeller clans at each others throats.

    • Yes, I agree….def smells like they are throwing the shrubs under the bus. But something they slipped in at the end, about all of this being our (American’s) fault was more than telling- do they want us to hate ourselves, are they trying to get us to internalize the blame for this mess they created?….

    • I wouldn’t be surprised…I do know that keeping America – especially White American Christians wallowing in guilt is a favorite technique of the Neo-Bolsheviks.

  8. I watched this video and found it quite interesting. The concentration camps being housing for slave labor was a new piece of information for me, it also left me with a thought. If these barracks were slave housing, and the Jewish population were the slaves; how is that different in any way to the slave use in America for several hundred years? How many Africans died over the course of Americas use of slavery? Was the number greater, or less then the American / German labor camp deaths? I sure neither the African nor the Jew saw any difference in their slavery, yet the way we as a collective peoples see the African slavery and deaths is very different then how we see the Jew slavery and deaths. We see the Jewish plight of WW2 as they were victims, and they were, but no more of less then the African who was enslaved, beaten, raped, and murdered for hundreds more years. As a note to discourage those who might think this comment to be racially inspired; I am Caucasian.

  9. i think what some are missing here is the fact that this video illustrates the split between the rothschild and rockefeller camps. what this video tells me is the zionists are aware the jig is up and they are offering the nazi faction as a sacrificial lamb. this will not save the jesuits and rothschilds. this video, along with the torture report, paris snub, etc, is indicative of the fear and infighting within the illuminati. they are now scared, fractured and coming apart at the seems. it was bound to happen sooner or later. and the call for revolt at the end was priceless. good luck with that. americans wont revolt until martial law is forced on them…. and thats not gonna happen because we are still an armed populace and severely outnumber the evil cock suckers. they are scared, desperate and this will be their final year in power.

  10. If there is a logical set of events then following this film there is no way that the third Bush makes it to presidency as he is no Bonesman nor protestant battling catholics or holy inquisitors. Or is he playing a trick, as he is the member of the another New Haven order knights of Columbus that include senators, cardinals and ministers. However defence spending is worrying aspect of today’s world as the spreading fear of militant islamists is the only surviving ideology of global conflict. I wish that royalty were more interested in reaching the Moon and the Mars instead of organ and LSD trafficking and exploring each other buttholes.

    • They don’t traffic in LSD. LSD expands consciousness and raises one’s vibrational frequency… that is exactly what they are and have been attempting to prevent for millenia. Plus, there is no market it for it anymore. They were through with LSD as soon as they figured out it was at best, unreliable for mind control. Rather than aid their cause, LSD threatened their cause. The last thing they want is for you to discover your true, divine connection.

    • Wanderer, yup, LSD is too unreliable, and too fast-acting. So they developed “slow-fuse LSD” that is, SSRI anti-depressants. Btw, Grasshopper, LSD doesn’t raise your frequency. Positive thinking and positive deeds raise your frequency. If you want a safe shortcut, ditch the drugs and pay attention to your dreams.

    • There are no shortcuts, JS. LSD and psychedelics in general will most certainly aid you in raising your vibrational frequency. They are tools for those who know and respect their true purpose. No, they don’t produce enlightenment, but they will help you transcend the ego and the illusion of seperation. If you’re not ready to transcend the illusion, you won’t. I have already achieved this over 20 years ago. Not an ego statement, just the truth. I came awake at a very early age. That does not mean I am fully conscious. Just that I transcended the illusion and remebered. I have remembered much, but not all. I look most forward to being fully conscious in the flesh.

    • Wanderer, good luck with the drugs. I see a few really good medical uses for psychedelics. Expanding one’s consciousness is not one of them.

  11. The Intel that Bushes and England royalty are average lowlife bastard no good sodomites with too much cash, real estates and titles is already known from the rooftops of the entire world. I can still see hope for both royalty and commoners as long as there are no enormous defence spending budgets because that cannot be hidden from folks who are still needed as gunpowder, tailors and boot makers. Not to mention the medical and pharmaceutical miracle workers.

  12. I liked the part where it mentions that although there was no media presence like today there were still intellectuals during the ww2 that were highly critical of the war with valid points. Discarding all religions towards the end in just over a minute after three hours of phorensics wasn’t the luckiest attempt.

  13. I have the feeling this film is an MI6/CIA type production to misdirect many of the people who are beginning to awake to the mass manipulation of our global media and information.
    But what the heck I’ll give it a 2/10, simply because there were a few characters I had not heard about before, even though all of the so called ‘big players’ in this film were just patsies and puppets for a deeper level of control that the producer failed to even touch upon, so they don’t really matter anyways.

    It was quite amazing how it was almost 3 hours long and the term zionism was not even mentioned. The whole part about the Nazi war near the beginning was 95% wrong, and I would also say there was a lot of unnecessary gore and disturbing imagery used over and over, especially during the Kennedy section, which is a subtle form of mentally induced trauma based mind control.

    • Yes, the complete lack of anything re Zionism is the most obvious missing link & tipoff that this whole production is itself a sham. Have to say, this is only the 2nd time I’ve seen the killshot from the storm drain brought out – many years ago saw this theory dissected on a TV program – a fellow did the forensic investigation himself to determine that the shot had to have come from below street level – the storm drain.

  14. I read Chuck Giancana’s book right after it came out. I felt pretty comfortable at the time that I had found the answer to JFK. Recycling is an odd choice for an organized crime group but it appears that is where it all is today. I have seen the flag of the isle of man flown and wonder what that is all about. Youngstown isn’t what it used to be but what is it now ? Is the Low Profile advantage being used today or is it a decoy employed by the film ? Rochester is called the burned out district (where bushes originated ) because so many religions started there. They’ll have the hill cumorah pageant again this year. I wonder why during Clinton many old bosses were picked up ?

  15. Nice try but no cigar. He seems to be aware that all the official history we have been fed needs to be looked at again. He started off alright, mentioning the iniquitous Rothschild rat nest, and gave interesting info on JFK. But his comments on Sparta, Rome, religion, monarchy are fleeting and biased.

    There is no way Sparta can be compared to any modern society, and the Roman example is disjointed. For one thing they were unswervingly loyal to their City State / Empire and citizenry, whereas our ruling nomads are only loyal to their bankbooks. By Spartan and Roman standards they would have been long since executed for treason.

    Religion has been a part of the human experience for the last 3.5 million years as cave drawings and artifacts from subsequent societies can attest. At present no one is obligated to believe in anything but that is a fairly modern development. He’s biased and dislikes religion as is his right, but that means he cannot be evenhanded.

    Monarchy has always been a part of our development as humans and it was only the NWO and their Freemason concubines who slandered, attacked, overturned, and often murderd Monarchs it in favor of their own interests. He dislikes monarchy so he lectures about them from that viewpoint.

    He does not seem to know much about the (non Russian) Bolshevik Revolution, and says rich people funded Lenin. Like who? Why does he does not mention the well known perps, such as who sponsored Trotsky while he lived in NYC?

    It’s a good start.

    • Great comment Ann. Once you understand how these insects think – making it a fashionable idea to replace the Monarchy – via the sheep like bleating of the ‘intelligentsia’ – comes easily into focus. Basically any ‘revolutionary’ ideas, claims to want to enforce diversity, equality, CHANGE, etc. – is simply all part of one agenda:

      To break down and remove all natural structures of authority, benign spirituality and law – and replace same with scheming jews – or prostitutes of those same jews – at the helm. That could easily sum up the social ‘progress’ of the last century.

  16. Gordon – On the subject of Nigeria – an interesting comment emerged from a discussion on RT yesterday (14/01/2015). It was on the RT channel but for the Brits in particular – on a programme called ‘Going Underground’.

    The interviewer was speaking to a lady called Mrs Ukoko who headed up a group which (from memory) was something like ‘Women of Africa’. During the discussions about what was going on in Nigeria – and its relationship with the west – she asked: “Why is it that the people who come to train the Nigerian army are also the same ones that train Boko Haram …?”

    The interviewer seemed to brush aside and miss the significance of this remark – however this will mean a bit more to us here at VT. I will try to find the link and add to this comment.

  17. There is a ten minute version here that I feel adequately and honestly alerts any who wish to know what is going on. It is a good place for anyone to start the questioning process:


    The late and great Aaron Russo. Anyone who is accustomed to weighing up whether a person is lying or telling the truth – will see immediately that Mr Russo is telling the truth. A film maker and someone who had 30 percent of the vote as Governor of Nevada – Russo was carefully courted by the ‘elite’. He was keen to tell his story AS FIRST HAND EVIDENCE before his impending (and untimely) death from a rare cancer.

  18. Yeah. I watched this over last weekend. It’s production value was pretty good, but it’s unwillingness to be completely honest with viewers was quite obvious. Especially when it started using the crimes of the mob in place of the crimes of the Zio-Freaks. The way I see it, La Cosa Nostra was petty much destroyed by the USG at the hands of the political Zionist Jews. I do have a question for anyone out there who might be up to it though. If a Zionist Jew is really an atheist, then how can he/she be Jewish in the first place? I mean isn’t that a total contradiction in terms? I realize it’s their cover, but it, from jump street, seemingly ruins any credibility they try to have.

  19. I’ve watched it up to the 45 minute mark and so far it makes a lot of sense. I do have some serious questions that I hope will be provided later in the video.

  20. Tip For Today:

    I like to use “Chrome” and set the speed in the settings box to 2.0

    What this does is play the video at 2 X the regular speed. That means I can watch a 3 hour video in 1 1/2 hours.

    It takes some getting used to but our mind and eyes are fully capable of picking up everything at this speed and comprehending it. Try it, or start off with a setting of 1.5 first to get used to it.

    Now , I’ll watch the vid like I said at 2.0 X. Thanks for all the great work.

  21. “Is the video propaganda? Yes. What is it hiding? The same Americans who financed Hitler financed Lenin. In fact, Lenin was sent to Russia by the Rothschilds.”

    Gotta luv it – the rich are shaking in their boots at the threat of Communism! Geez, how dumb do they think we are?!! Just 27 min in and marveling at the Truth laced w/ lies > same old hat trick! Still, it’s the Truth that MUST be included to make the lies fly, either upfront or obscured, that IS the golden nugget in the dirt!

    Thanks for continuing to keeping it REAL, Gordon – YOUR butterfly wings are made of titanium!

    • It’ll be interesting to see if the terms “civilizational clash” / “clash of civilizations” is injected into this obvious propaganda piece before its end > just another of the key buzzwords to ensure we “get” it!

    • It’s my understanding that pornographic depictions of Marie Antoinette’s ‘perverse love life’ were widely circulated throughout France (by the ‘usual suspects’ w/ the usual MO) to ensure that the populace was sufficiently incensed to justify a takedown of the Royals – and that the King could have defended himself had he chosen to have his French troops fire upon the people – he chose not to and subsequently all went to the guillotine. I imagine similar tactics were employed against Czar Nicholas II to eliminate him & his heirs so as to continue the charade agenda playing out to this day. Came across the info that the Windsors were really German not so long ago, too – in the book The Gods of Eden?

      One has to wonder if one’s head could be instantly infused w/ all the REAL truth of just this cycle of human history, would our heads explode – like the woman NAZI in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull who insisted she receive all the knowledge of the Universe in one download! That’s probably why just such a download is only given after the transition to the afterlife – although some may actually be encoded in our ‘junk’ DNA.

      Such an interesting ride – if one can stand it and somehow still hold onto sanity!

    • If I remember correctly, Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., a Wall Street bank gave Trotsky and Lenin 20 million dollars to piggy-back their revolution onto the one that was already occurring. Probably indirect Rothschild money though. The czar had been an enemy of Rothschild banking at least since the American Civil War when he sent the Russian Fleets to New York and San Francisco. England and France didn’t get to divide up the new world into new colonies. Webster Tarpley did a nice presentation on this about a year and a half ago. About two weeks after the Russian fleet stopped European influence in the Civil War, Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday. The original Thanksgiving Day had nothing to do with pilgrims.

      Banking all about acquisition and in the 19th century countries owned by bankers were stripping assets from the rest of the world, by stopping Europe’s plan to divide the USA the Czar Alexander II incurred the wrath of the biggest criminals in the world, which was why his family was exterminated instead of allowed to live as showcase poodles like the Windsors.

      Yes there are things overlooked in the video but tying all the ends together would be an impossible challenge. The film is a scattergun attempt to tie some things together that people will not find in history courses.

      At least it’s a start. I have to give credit for that.

  22. Is GW Bush literally the spawn of Satan? Aside from the fact that he can trace his ancestry directly back to Vlad the Impaler, there is compelling, albeit anecdotal evidence, that his mother Barbara Bush was the love child of Pauline Pierce and Aleister Crowley.

    Pauline Pierce, a beautiful young socialite who was known to have a ‘wild side’, had a close friendship with one Nellie O’Hara, an American Adventuress living in Europe with connections to Crowley.

    Pauline no doubt scandalized her social circle by traveling to France on her own and leaving two very young children in the care of nursemaids. She was known to be in the company of her friend, Nellie and her husband AND Aleister Crowley in September/October of 1924. She returned to America in October and on June 8, 1925, she gave birth to a girl named Barbara and as we all know, Barbara Pierce married George H.W. Bush, who eventually became the 41st President of the United States.

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Truth or fiction? Decide for yourself;

  23. the crude oil play is a great shuffling of the cards with economic inferences unseen.

    why is diesel kept high, a dollar a gallon high? you do realize that low gas prices will pay off post holiday consumer debt at an accelerated rate and impact both credit markets and the money supply…in a major way

    it will run the dollar sky high

    then again, why aren’t food prices collapsing as well as they are 40% energy dependent on “first tier” alone….hamburger should follow gasoline which is 1.59 per gallon here. ground beef at 4.00 should be 1.59 also.

    natural gas should collapse similarly but is not. key is how much money this is throwing back into the US economy….based on the realization that oil exports from the US never represented an influx of capital but rather the opposite, depletion of oil reserves and capital as well.

    • military, shipping, and demand for chemtrail “jet fuel” keep the price of less refined diesel ridiculously high, we get cheap gas but truckers still pay far too much transporting food. propane was cheap until people started using it to run gasoline engines, “they” sure changed that quickly. traitors who allowed sale of all our refineries and distribution hubs to BP that poisoned our Gulf with corexit “too big to fail”.. kinda like basic math to me anyway.

  24. Not finished yet, but am already getting the vibe that this is a rothchilds sponsored video, and is in line with fulfords comments that the jesuits and rothchilds were going to sacrafice the nazi faction to buy themselves some time. might we be witnessing the rothchilds throwing bush and rockefellers under the bus…

    • i look on this as an exercise for all of us. this is a massive piece of work, of disinformation, but one capable of telling us much. the version of world war II here is pure zionist and fits perfectly with the webster tarpley take on freemason/illuminati history.

    • Well, they can play hot potatoe with each other all they want, but it’s wholly transparent and amusing. They would have better luck with it if they had aired it on network t.v. lol

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