Cannibal Christian Crusaders Challenge Muslim and Jewish Maniacs in Most Evil Contest


by Johnny Punish

Yesterday, 20 inflamed and angry Christians lynched a few Muslims with one of the Christians eating the dead flesh of the carcasses in an religious orgy.  Apparently, some of these Christians believe that human flesh makes them invincible. They also put chunks of flesh inside amulets that they wear.

‘Mad Dog’ licks blood off a knife, as a crowd prepares to burn the body of a lynched Muslim man in Bangui. Photo: APAnd of course, last week, we saw two Muslims murder 12 human beings in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo offices. On cue, they used religion as the basis for their criminal acts. And daily, in the West Bank and Gaza for decades now, we see Jewish Settlers steal, harass, abuse and murder of indigenous Christians and Muslims in the name of Judaism to justify their ambitions given to them by god.

A man who goes by the name of Mad Dog cuts off a portion of a burning body to eat, as the bodies of two lynched Muslim men are burned in a street in Bangui, Central African Republic. Photo: APNow check this….after the attacks in Paris, some wanted all 1.8 billion Muslims to condemn and apologize for the acts of 2 criminals in Paris.

Even the low-standing globalist posing as a newly minted American Rupert Murdoch, head honcho at the media mind control center at FOX NEWS, got into the act tweeting last week that Muslims “must be held responsible” for the Paris terror attack on satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. Murdoch wrote that the blame should fall on all Muslims “until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer“.

As of now, there are no Tweets by King Murdoch calling for all Christians to apologize for the actions of the cannibals nor is he demanding that all Christians accept responsibility.

And there you have it folks…..some people just don’t not pass the VALIDITY TEST;  you know that test where you expose the truth in full by giving them a test such as …..”hey, you want all Muslims to be responsible and condemn terror attacks by maniacs” but when other nuts who are Christians and Jews do it, it does not count”  Boom!  Exposed!   Hypocrisy is a bitch but sometimes you gotta look in that ugly mirror and deal with the fact that you’re on the ledge and need to step back or ………

Anyway, it turns out that crimes against humanity are committed by unbelievably lost and mentally deranged people.  In my view, none of these criminals represent the billions of faithful who each day live quality lives in modern civilized society. What they do represent are criminal acts by crazy maniacs who all belong in jail for being a danger to TEAM PEOPLE. No civilized modern people who practice Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hindu or any of the other religions of faith support violence.


The overwhelming majority of people, and we are talking about 99% majority, are so boring and unnewsworthy because they simply live descent lives in pursuit of joy, happiness, family, and a life well spent.  These boring people are NOT good for ratings on TV or fit the unbelievably sick agendas of maniacs who seek uber levels of control in the corridors of power and willingly use them for their verbose grandiose illusions of greatness.  So they get on media time!

To me, it’s these, our tiny low pitched voices of the billions in the silent global majority that need to rise now and marginalize the ugly yelling growl of the hate and violence peddlers that are mean spirited at best and darn right absolutely dangerous to humanity at worst.

Unchecked, we know that ugly voices can turn into genocides, massacres, and even the unthinkable of nuclear war and the extinction human kind as we know it.  In short, this ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around…..this stuff is deadly serious!


So let us rise above the temptation to hate one’s brother because of his color or creed of which we may have limited understanding for it is the only way for us to bridge the closing gaps in our newly connected mutual global emerging culture.  It’s for a new awakening….and this time, God will love us all; not just some of us!

Ring! Ring! Ring! Humanity is calling!  Are you ready to answer your smart phone?

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  1. Religion == Re-Legion == ‘the bringing together’.
    Politics by another name, and no mention of Truth.
    I view most if not all religions as an impediment to
    spiritual development, and a trap.
    Having a religion and believing in a higher power
    are separable.
    Specifically, the Abrahamic Tradition is a trap.
    Externalization of control is required to participate.
    Internalization of control is key to development.
    I consider our origins to be a mystery.
    I have reason to believe we are ‘not alone’.


    • There is much more to us
      than we are led (allowed?) to believe.
      If you ever have an Out of Body experience for example,
      you suddenly get a new outlook on life.
      It’s Real.


  2. as i’ve noticed over time and space and agree with Mr Punish that
    1] religion is toxic
    2] it has gone past it’s use by date
    3] it is no longer fit for human consumption

    shamanism aside.

  3. amazing isn’t it? such acts down in the name of god… Humanity needs to realize that We are the co-creators with a Divine Source, not a Jewish, catholic, Muslim etc. etc. god.

    • divine sauce? any particular brand? oh source! as in a bank vault? no? HQ of some corporation perhaps? no?
      where? The Singularity the Big Bang is behind us. We are the self assembled debris that went sentient. No need for any hypothetical entities aliens aside.

    • You got the first part right. He even has op-eds in his papers about Palestinians. He’s not average he’s less than that. His papers prove it.

  4. It seems MOST important that we develop a common language, or at least have handy immediate translators that can convert any language or dialect to another so that we can understand each other,, before we assume the worst, and act on faulty interpretations of whats really happening.

    Language separates, but then again there are crazed fanatics who are looking for an excuse to unleash horror, or “players” wanting to frame others (groups, nationalities,ethnics,etc.) for crimes they did not commit.

    As the French President said “Muslim had nothing to do with this” what could be the problem? Media’s desire to stir hatred, define the narrative to fit their own aims? The concentration in the hands of the “few”?

    • You are on to something big.
      The Babelfish! (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).
      Especially inter-species communication.
      Doctor Dolittle.
      Oh the Problems this can solve.


  5. ….so I guess you guys have never heard of General Butt Naked? Seriously, that is his “real” name.

    Do a youtube search for “general butt naked”……… There are some really strange humans on this planet.

    He even tells you what part(s) of a human taste best, BBQ’d of course. Log Pig, it’s what’s for dinner.

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