How Western policy assists the transformation of anti-Israelism into anti-Semitism


By Alan Hart

In her view and that of her government colleagues this means more must be done to combat violent Islamic fundamentalism in all of its manifestations. The problem with this way of thinking and policy making, which all Western governments have in common, is that it ignores the fact that the prime cause of the transformation of anti-Israelism into anti-Semitism is Israel’s defiance of international law and brutal rejection of the Palestinian claim for justice.

A warning that anti-Israelism could and most likely would be transformed into anti-Semitism was sounded more than a quarter of a century ago by Yehoshafat Harkabi, a former Director of Israeli Military Intelligence. In his book Israel’s Fateful, published in English by Harper and Row in 1986, he wrote this:

“Israel is the criterion according to which all Jews will tend to be judged. Israel as a Jewish state is an example of the Jewish character, which finds free and concentrated expression within it. Anti-Semitism has deep and historical roots. Nevertheless, any flaw in Israeli conduct, which initially is cited as anti-Israelism, is likely to be transformed into empirical proof of the validity of anti-Semitism. It would be a tragic irony if the Jewish state, which was intended to solve the problem of anti-Semitism, was to become a factor in the rise of anti-Semitism. Israelis must be aware that the price of their misconduct is paid not only by them but also Jews throughout the world.”

The Israeli “misconduct” of Harkabi’s warning can be seen today for what it is – on-going colonization of the occupied West Bank which includes the theft of more and more Palestinian land and water and the demolition of more and more Palestinian homes and olive trees; plus the on-going process of making life hell for the Palestinians of the besieged Gaza Strip.

It is this “misconduct” that has provoked and propelled the rising, global tide of anti-Israelism which is now showing early signs of being transformed into anti-Semitism.

The conclusion invited, in my view an irrefutable conclusion, is that by their refusal to call and hold Israel to account for its defiance of international law. all the governments of the Western world are assisting the transformation of anti-Israelism into anti-Semitism.
Prime Minister Netanyahu has every reason to be grateful for this assistance because he knows better than anybody else that Zionism needs anti-Semitism to justify Israel’s policies and actions.

Harkabi’s warning was, in fact, an echo of fears expressed by very many Jews of the world before the Nazi holocaust. Prior to it most Jews, American and British Jews in particular, were opposed to Zionism’s colonial enterprise. They knew it was morally wrong. They believed it would lead to unending conflict. But most of all they feared that if Zionism was allowed by the major powers to have its way it would one day provoke anti-Semitism.

It was the Nazi holocaust that caused most Jews to throw away their moral compass.

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  1. How many Jews have publicly condemned the World Zionist/Israeli criminals? 1 to 2% at most?

    If Jewish hatred leads to the downfall of the criminal enterprises, the price could be said to be worth it, considering the implicit approval of the criminal actions by the vast majority of Jews.

  2. David Cole,s Holocaust Documentary some years ago was interesting indeed but which he later retracted a false. No doubt he was intimidated and threatened, as this was heavy stuff.
    Fred. A. Leuchter’s findings demolish the core of the Holocaust legend — the Auschwitz gassing story. British historian David Irving found Leuchter’s forensic investigation so compelling that, as he has publicly acknowledged, it was a major factor in persuading him finally to reject the Holocaust extermination story.
    These statistics concerning prisoners in Auschwitz camp purport to be taken directly from Soviet archive
    material, now available on microfilm from the former Soviet Central Archives. Also, a good deal of
    corroborative material from the German Archives concerning the German State Railways has been located
    in the German State Archives (Bundesarchiv) and utilized. The railroad was responsible for the transportation of inmates to and from concentration camps and these figures from the Russian files are accurately reflected in the Reichsbahn documents.
    Summary of Jewish prisoners in the Auschwitz camp system, 1941-1944
    IN OUT
    Jewish prisoners entering the Auschwitz camp system 173000
    Jewish prisoners who died of typhus 58240
    Jewish prisoners who died of natural causes 2064
    Jewish prisoners executed 117
    Jewish prisoners transferred to other camps 100743
    TOTALS 173000 161164
    Number of Jewish prisoners remaining at end of 1944: 11,836 plus admissions
    during November and December 1944.

  3. If being an anti-Semite means despising Jews because they remain silent while their crappy crime syndicate of a nation and their co-religionists perpetrate crimes against people the world over, than so be it..

    • Note that Zionists use the very same argument to condemn 1.2 billion Muslims, with little complaint from the general Jewish community. Would serve them right to be hoist on their own petard.

  4. A well-done and very important article. The World Zionists are very crafty manipulators and mind-kontrollers and have worked very hard to set up a situation where the whole World will be turning against Israel and then all Judaics everywhere unless folks wake up and short circuit this process. That is why it is necessary for all Judaics everywhere to publicly reject World Zionism as soon as possible and push Israel to immediately stop their massive land theft and genocide against Palestinians, return their lands and pay restitution like they received from Germany and the Swiss banks. More of this fine work please.

  5. All the ideologies exercise the same scenario over and over. Histeria backed up by lies. Fighting for greater influence and territory, Commonwealth, greater Germany, greater Israel, greater America, greater IS, greater France, always surfing on colonialism remains. What differs the great american century, the fascism, the zionism, the islamism is merely killing methods, one use chemtrails, nuclear weapons, snipers, gassing, other use swords, grenades, bayonettes etc. History rarely teaches two generations in a row, three impossible. People see through the cover up of UN and NATO that it is not for their protection, people see through zio IDF and islamic sharia that it has to do very little with their security and so much more for a political and fiscal gain. There is nothing noble about nobility a great english historian once said.

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