Hero or Killer? ‘American Sniper’ movie raises controversy over Iraq war


The movie ‘American Sniper’ based on the memoirs of Navy Seal Chris Kyle has grabbed six Oscar nominations and shattered US box-office records.

In the process it’s also inflamed debate over US wars. Kyle served in Iraq and was credited with being America’s deadliest sniper. After leaving the army he was shot dead by a fellow veteran he was trying to help. RT’s Marina Portnaya takes a look at the controversy around the film.

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  1. I stopped going to ball games because of the national anthem being played before the game and the seventh inning stretch, both glorifying war, death and destruction. Sit through these anthems and you will be booed and worse.
    Pieces of shyt like Kyle are glorified while true hero’s, like Pat Tillman who gave up everything and speak their minds are regulated to the back pages if even acknowledged at all.

  2. You’re not alone John. There are more thinking people than you realize. But I agree on all counts. Every one of us has the chance to become a conscious, aware and deliberate human being – to squander that chance is to squander the very purpose of living.

  3. Where´s the controversy?
    As Americans, we had no legal right to be there.
    The U.S. Constitution was violated by the POTUS occupant and the U.S. Congress.
    As to a book attributed to a narcissistic braggadocio who was a “sniper” – – – ?

  4. Gordon Duff, former marine sniper – among other specialties – provides the accurate view of an American sniper. Duff provides the ugly details about women, children and occasional passers-by that too often fit in snipers´ sights. Which ugly facts do not fit in a book written by a narcissistic braggadocio, who attempts to gain fame via lies that scapegoat a genuine American patriot. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/01/21/sniper-mythology-and-other-tales-of-horror/

    • “narcissistic braggadocio” is the term I would use as well. I heard about this imbecile at some point in passing, and then I started doing some research on him. And that included watching some interviews to supplant the reading – I wanted to see this person speak and move. He was very objectively and clearly given to self aggrandizement and also had a language and energy about him that clearly indicates that he was brutal and proud of it. But of course, another defining trait was his intense xenophobic nature, which is truly simplistic, out of scope for any reasonably evolved human being and rapidly becoming a relic of the past.

      I think the most telling detail is that he was killed, at point blank range by another former serviceman. I don’t condone murder ever, but I think that is a very telling detail indeed.

      I am equally unimpressed with both Mr. Eastwood and Mr. Cooper. There are certainly better ways to make money. And if the argument is that they were making art, then I’ll say that there are better ways of making art for sure.

  5. You can always tell a film that works in the Zionists favor by the number of nominations or Oscars it receives like Schindlers List, based on a book of fiction.( Fiction, not true).
    Let,s keep the young people enthralled with the excitement of it all so it,s easier turn them into cannon fodder later!

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