American Sniper Mythology and Other Tales of Horror

Lounge Lizard Clint Eastwood in his Best Dirty Harry American Sniper Suit
Lounge Lizard Clint Eastwood in his Best Dirty Harry American Sniper Suit
Lounge Lizard Clint Eastwood in his Best Dirty Harry American Sniper Suit

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


The job of sniper has nothing to do with the stories of movie and television, nothing related to the heavily fictionalized books foisted on the public decade after decade.  Snipers with high kill numbers shoot primarily armed American allies they “mistake” for enemy or unarmed civilians.  The best of them protect American bases and small units with precision fire and take great risks.

If you kill more than dozen people as a sniper and you aren’t guilty of murdering innocent civilians, I would be very surprised.  If you are insane enough to convince yourself, let’s say you are in Afghanistan or Iraq, countries where it is legal for any civilian to carry a weapon and no sane person would go outside without one, that shooting “armed Muslims” makes you a hero, you are both a liar and a fool.  You are probably also a psychopath.

Most of the armed “insurgents” the US has killed during the War on Terror were friendly militias, local herdsmen or, at best, armed tribal units that were armed tribal units when they fought the British and Russians as well for hundreds of years.  We are talking about “patriots” defending their country against foreign invaders who support drug cartels and criminal politicians like the governments the US has placed in power over and over.

I do expect this; I expect an American Sniper to use his skills to protect American personnel from attack even if America is there as part of an armed aggression on the part of whoever it is that runs America, which sure as hell isn’t the American people.  At best it can be considered a sad necessity and any moral person would, as soon as possible, rectify that mistake.  When wars were fought by draftees, that was harder.  Today you can simply not sign up again or ask for another job.

Oh, I am forgetting “stop loss,” that the US stopped letting people simply quit when their enlistment was over.  We don’t talk about that either.  We don’t talk about not thousands of suicides but hundreds of thousands.  Yes, this is not a simple story and there are no entire good or bad people.  Welcome to reality.

I was a sniper in Vietnam.  I held that occupation for a short time, seen as a “relief” from every day life there which for Marines involved 3 hours sleep, starvation, sleeping on the ground “behind enemy lines,” and the rigors of the backpacking trip from hell.  Here, decades later, the weapon I used isn’t even officially listed and doesn’t exist.

Sniper “talk” is largely mythology and, far too often, simply crazy.

Anyone ever find a .243 M14 National Match with Gen1.5 Starlight Scope? Shooting a handful of people at night from 400 meters away could be done in less time than it takes to open a can of beer and this was with what some might consider “junk” by today’s standards.

I should have taken a photo of it, I could sell it to gun magazines for millions.  There were folks out there with Remington 700s though none of us ever saw one, maybe we weren’t supposed to or were there other reasons?

99% of talk about snipers is plain bull and mythology.  I am not the world expert but I have “done the work” in the worst place on earth, I collect sniper rifles and own a company that builds them.  I make weapons that are longer range, lighter, smaller and more versatile, easily converted from silenced/suppressed short barreled MP (machine pistol) or SMG (submachine gun) configurations to a sniper file capable of extraordinary range.  Technology allows this, new optics and weapons designs.

I make weapons and can only hope they are used properly.  There are bad people who deserve killing but most of them are trained and supplied by the Mossad, CIA and our British and French allies, I am talking Boko Harum, ISIS and that gang.  You didn’t know that?  Imagine that.

There is a reason for this as many military organizations send out reconnaissance units with short ranged weapons and are incapable of defending themselves from accurate long range fire or require “overwatch” protection while engaged in building searches.

In South Vietnam there were some legitimate targets, sort of.  In truth, the US was in South Vietnam illegally and on the wrong side in the first place so any moral high ground disappears immediately anyway.  So, if you were a “sniper” killing the enemy, one thing for certain, you were shooting people better than you are.

It took a fat minute to figure that one out and absolutely everyone knew it, something we aren’t so sure about with our new “professional” military today.  The “pro-Vietnam war” bullshitters began creeping out of the woodwork during the Reagan administration with the vast majority of them Bush/Romney type blowhards, “Chickenhawks” and phonies.  Some had washed out of the military during basic training, others hadn’t been in the military at all.

While working for an intelligence organization long ago, I remember meeting with fellow “Vietnam vets,” all claiming to be Navy Seals, Marines or Ranger/Special Forces.  They were cooks and truck drivers, honorable occupations of course and perhaps they shouldn’t have felt pressured to make things up, but you see where I am going with this?

I, of course, listened to their stories, the in some cases stories of an imaginary Vietnam.  You see, most Marines either served in and out of DaNang or at least knew the city well, the bases, the black market spots, things like that.  Try this one out, ask a Marine if he knows who “Sandy at 3 corners” is.  We will save the explanation for a book sometime.

What we considered a legitimate target was a mortar or rocket team.  They would infiltrate into the region surrounding DaNang and either fire on the city or the US bases surrounding, bases that at one time held several hundred thousand troops.  The list of bases around DaNang would be rather lengthy with some like NSA (Naval Support Activity) extremely large, others with only a few dozen men.

No, there was no hospital at China Beach, no nurses or whores, not American whores anyway, not many and only for the privileged.  We could have a discussion about Red Cross “girls” at some time but bringing up things like that should have been done by someone else like Fox News.

There are some things I wonder about as I don’t know everything.  I do know that 90% of the Vietnam War was fought at night.  The only reason they depict it as day fighting is that making movies of night is pretty boring so they simply make things up.  You see, America does one thing very well, we do “artillery” and have for a very long time.  Why use a sniper during the day when you can simply call in artillery.

Let me explain.  In the day, instead of having snipers, we had forward observer teams, one NCO with a radio operator.  One of our best Marine teams was a gay couple.  No one cared as Vietnam was almost like a real war, no Playstations and no contractors serving meals.  Closest thing we had to that, air conditioners and steak and lobster for lunch was the Air Force.  Yes, they really lived like that.

When an “enemy” unit would come out during the day, invariably in an area designated a “free fire zone,” they would be seen.  Then artillery would be used to bracket the “grid square” they were in, a square kilometer.  Using up to naval 16 inch and down to 4.2″ mortar and everything in between, the grid square would be obliterated.  By that, I mean taken from forest to ready to plant once someone filled in the huge craters.  Nothing would be standing.

People with guns didn’t walk around during the day, not very often, not anyone other than Americans.  At night, were they to approach DaNang or other defended areas, they would be picked up by sensors, magnetic or seismic.  Artillery would fire on that as well, often killing small local deer.  In between times, artillery would continually fire “H &I,” or “harassment and interdiction.”  Vietnam could be quite dangerous.

Another point is the Vietnamese themselves.  For Americans walking around during the day, Vietnamese would watch us and follow us, if we allowed that.  Many Vietnamese resented us, imagine that!  We worked hard to evade being seen but also had protection in numbers, though a typical Marine squad was maybe 7 men.

The idea of a lone sniper with a funny outfit creeping around during the day with a bolt action rifle seems a bit unlikely.  There was another problem.  There was no one to shoot.

During one “ambush” we killed 3 people, a woman, a child and someone over 70.  They had one weapon, an unloaded and broken AK47.

This was during a truce, they were coming back to see their family as per agreement and we were there to kill them in violation of the truce, something we always did.  Nobody talks about such things?  Imagine that.

So, in Vietnam, who would a sniper shoot?  Do you think someone shot 100 North Vietnamese generals?  While on “operations,” this means traveling to a remote area by ship and landing, like on D-Day, we would enter areas with high concentrations of enemy.  Generally we would have serious problem, lots of dead people, stacked up in bags waiting to be taken back to the ships.

What we are saying is simple, snipers played no real role in Vietnam.  If the war was won, which it wasn’t, artillery did it.  I sure as hell didn’t.  Vietnam wasn’t won by Navy Seals, only 38 were killed in Vietnam in nearly 15 years compared to over 17,000 Marines and there weren’t that many Marines serving in Vietnam.

Many of the special operations units spent 90% of their time in rear areas living as well as possible doing exactly what the rest of us would do if we were as smart as them.  It would be impossible for any of these people to see as much real combat as an Army draftee who served as a simple “combat infantryman.”

What has been confirmed is that some American units serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan simply murdered civilians, and we mean women and children in “drive by” type shootings.  They would drive down the road and simply shoot at people walking by.  Americans have been convicted of this.  Another “trick” is to drive by a group of kids and toss a hand grenade at them.

Were these deaths added to the “sniper kills?”  My guess would be yes.

Another point that isn’t bought up is that within the US military street gangs have a very strong presence.  This has made the US military an unreliable guest anywhere in the world.  In Vietnam we had units that were basically “trash.”  Remember the Mai La massacre?  An American unit made up mostly of draftees and 3rd string officers murdered between 400 and up to 800 civilians, lining them up and shooting them down, we are talking only women, babies, small children and a few old men.

I would get angry at the people with me if they raised their voices at Vietnamese civilians.  For the most part, the Vietnamese were very kind to us, certainly much nicer than the American people and endlessly nicer than the “crotch” as real Marines referred to the “Corps” then.  Oh, you didn’t now that?  I think they call it “the Suck” now.

Veterans Today represents veterans from every war.  Defending war and war crimes, the kind of things Israel was involved in this summer, what the ICC will “white wash” when threatened or bribed, or what is going on on behalf of the Kiev junta against the decent people of the Ukraine is what war is really about.

War is about thugs with guns working for banks and oil companies, for drug cartels and crooked politicians.  War is a racket, but wait a minute, I stole that from someone else.  There are no good wars, there never were.  The Civil War wasn’t fought over slaves and the American War of Independence, in the end, turned out to be a struggle between international banking cartels with the worst one winning in the end when the Rothschilds took over the US in 1913.

After that, we fought World War I and II on their behalf and the rest is history, a history we live every day.  Hiring criminals from “clown colleges” to rewrite history, making movies about snipers and staging Paris street theatre isn’t going to change any of it.  The whole thing is a con.

No one has clean hands, not me, not anyone.  Even speaking up isn’t enough and few speak up at all.  Simply put, if you leave the US and kill a citizen of another country because George W. Bush and Dick Cheney or their friend Netanyahu makes a buck from it and you consider yourself a hero instead of a fool or criminal, talking to you isn’t going to help.

Think of Christmas 1914, the Christmas Truce.  What if all the men who got out of the trenches, turned around and marched on their leaders instead?  Where would we be now?  Hey, get yourself a job with Booz Allen, PJ Media or the Jamestown Foundation.  Planning terror attacks to keep the world killing each other pays well.

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. I saw that video . It was linked through a site called truthseeker . It seemed to be a rifle with a video attachment. It made me feel ill ,I wrote to the webrunner to complain .It reminded me of Cormac McCarthy’s books . It seemed to be a neck shot from the back and I thought of his family and children and whether he was a good man. It takes a lot of time and energy to bring a child up and some psycho can end it in a second .You can only do it if you’ve disconnected your soul I think.

  2. Great article! Im very glad to hear vets from other wars throwing the bullshit flag. I spent 24 months on the ground in Iraq, half as infantry and half as special forces. This was during several deployments between 2003 to 2010. This is supposed to be a comment, not an article so I will try to keep it short, but I could write a book on this topic.
    You are absolutely correct, there is no possible way he could have killed that many enemy ‘combatants’, it just isn’t feasible. My former team mates agree with me. Kyle has a proven record of lying. He claimed to have killed 32 Americans as well-thats all that needs to be said about his pathological lying tendencies.
    There is another story here that you touched on: baiting. SEALs loved that trick. Put a car or a gun or an american flag on the side of a road or building. Anyone touches it and bam, their snipers had another notch in their belt. I worked extensively with the SEALs until we told our command we refused to go out with them any more. Im not innocent either, during my infantry years I did some things I am not

  3. “if you…kill a civilian for some stranger who makes a buck from it and consider yourself a hero instead of a fool or criminal, then talking won’t help”.

    So true and so scary, because it’s so easy to create divisions even within small communities, and it’s those false divisions, created by propaganda, that the war-bucks need to get us to the point where neighbors will be reporting neighbors as the threat du jour.

    One must not dwell upon these evils though. The rage that will be felt by young servicemen as the truth emerges might channel itself into a solution. Armies have always been the symbol of supernatural strength. In the course of a battle, unforeseen supernatural events finally determine the victor. As a counterbalance to the snipers, whose skills just might be a solution to our particular worldwide imbalance of justice today, there is an upsurge in religious vocations amongst the young who want to return to tradition. Everyone has a roll to play and a choice to stop serving Satan. The Saints paid for that choice with their lives, and that is why they are still honored. The Archangel Michael himself is a warrior.

  4. “Boys In Company C” has never been digitally remastered and released on DVD/Blue-Ray. Strange, huh? Doesn’t make sense in light of Hollywood’s infatuation with war movie distribution. It’s like someone pressured the studio into suppressing the movie’s storyline of high level corruption aiding Golden Triangle heroin trafficing into the USofA courtesy of Military Airlift Command.

    BTW my favs are “The Deer Hunter” and “A Bridge Too Far”, quality movies which approached the reality of war. Such boldness in moviemaking we will never see again.

  5. I never judge someones actions when it comes to combat or things of that nature, I wasn’t there in their situation while events unfolded. But, I can judge After Action Reports and outright lies. Kyle told people he killed two men who tried to steal his truck right after he got back after one of his deployments. That two men died from from gunshot wounds in that entire county on that day, week, month, is a lie. He shot them while not even facing them, he shot from under his armpit backwards. Neat trick, smell test fail however, and I believe PTSD and his own ego were both taking over.

    Don’t even get me started on Ventura. I know someone who was there, another lie. Now, would any of you let an american hero destroy your life? Your livelyhood? Your entire history over a lie? No you wouldn’t.

    Want to talk about the AAR they made into a movie called “Lone Survivor”? You’d puke if you knew the truth. Lies. Myths. That’s america anymore.

  6. loll~~ Gordon, let ‘im have it. It’s doubtful that he even directed this stuff, it just ties in with his on-screen legend, shoot ’em up Harry, and all that.
    …..just his name put to it, is all. The creep~ As Jack intimates above, I also am never going to watch a movie of his again.

  7. Another aspect of the post 9/11 war hero theme is what they did to Vetss after Vietnam. They were ridiculed nationally by the News and others. This created a sense of guilt that Americans make up for today by making heroes. Did they plan this? The people that create the Vietnam war and killed and maimed so many now ridiculed them nationally. It never made sense to me. Was this a plan to create the atmosphere we have today where nobody questions the cause that soldiers are sent to fight die for. Nobody questions whether it is right or wrong. Many think it is good that they go and kill Muslims. All of which serves the Jew strategy and purpose to get Americans to kill for them, fight their war for them. This “American” character is taught in movies and TV. It is reinforced by the nonstop taking heads and taught in school and churches. Not so sure this is what Jesus had in mind.

    • Eureka. Anyone who has been through basic training, esp USMC Recruit Depot, realizes the psycology at work – strip away a person’s self-identity and sense of self-worth and offer a path to redemption. I believe this was exactly the method applied by the motion picture industry to an entire nation and its armed forces from 1970’s through 9/11 and today. Wounded post-Vietnam morale restored by acting out with extreme prejudice against a hyperinflated, mischaracterized boogyman. Very effectively executed I might add. Not everyone, heck hardly ANYONE in or out of uniform understands the disdain and aggressive attitude displayed by the IDF towards the USMC during the Beruit mission of ’83. If they did then the pieces of the puzzle would be clearly seen: we’ve been used and duped by those who are well practiced in that regard. Those same folks who wish to disarm and silence the very vets who’ve done their dirty work in the recent past.

    • Gerry Kraut, what you describe is the TRUE DEFINITION of a MASTER MIND – the grouping together of intellects possessing a common bond aimed at achieving a set of objectives. We’ve been led to believe (again through Hollywood trash media) that a “mastermind” is some kind of monacle wearing arch-villian super genius stroking a white Persian Cat.

  8. oh god, heartbreak ridge….i would have thought that would have been the last military disaster eastwood would have touched

    i nearly laughed myself to death over that one…

    what an asshole

  9. The movies Eastwood makes create a great deal of confusion about who he really is. Some are admirable but this latest one is perhaps his worst in terms glorifying something that at best is a necessary horror of war. Movies are one of the main ways the Khazars mold Americas character to serve their purposes. They have perfected the art of mind control through movies. Early on they saw the potential to use it control peoples emotions and therefore their mind. The Warner brothers (Russian Jews) stole Edison’s invention and moved to California where they could not be prosecuted for it. TV today is full of terror and 9/11 themes. They do not want Americans to forget the story they created for 9/11. There is a reason why they call it a TV program – programming you.

    • Speak for yourself, Sandyhooked, with respect~ ‘Khazars’ don’t mold my character to their grimy purpose – I can assure you of that. Although granted, most of my acquaintances still believe that crazy Arabs (on ‘speed’ amphetamine, don’t ya know – this explains their flying accuracy, I’m told) flew airplanes into the twin towers on 911.
      ……as for Clint, ever see him interviewed on TV? He is obviously lives in la-la land. Hence, his movies are set in la-la land. Clint is a cretin of the highest order. But, he used to have a pretty cool hairstyle. Gotta give ‘im that! That’s all it’s about, after all
      ….great article above, though, VT – thanks for that~

    • Satanic jewish mind-control involves much more than movies . The Big 6 global media mega-conglomerate has interlocking corporate directorates to maintain whatever focus they want and to amplify their power . The IZCS dominated conglomerate is composed of radio , television , books , magazines , websites , etc . — corporations — that control about 95% of all western world information distribution ( ie. content and delivery ) .

      Almost everyone is under some degree of talmudic jew mind-control via information control extending back to the jewish Old Testament and even beyond it .

      {{ Information , altho not all , is a life-sustaining resource }}. The jewish monopolies of both money , also a life-sustaining resource , and information is known as a [ double jeopardy ] for those who oppose those monopolies or oppose any other jewish dominion over their life . Jewish controlled sheeple ( about 90% of the US population ) generally do not much concern themselves about such matters .

      The intended to be kept secret

      *** Protocols of the ILLuminati ***, number 15 , item 6 = { Gentiles are Stupid } .

    • Can’t argue with ya there, Moneytalks~ but they can’t get to our hearts – at least yet – in there we know how much they stink. No amount of propaganda can ever change that!

  10. Thanks, Mr. Duff, for your deep integrity is truth-telling about the tragic dark side of war, especially Vietnam. Having been a young adult during that war, I felt torn between loyalty to our troops & sensing the politicians were corrupt in preventing the military from actually winning. My hope is that young adults will read this revealing article so that future generations see through the lies & corruption of our so-called “leaders” who push for “unending wars”…Thanks also to the Vietnam Vets who honorably served. You will always have my respect & good wishes.

    • this is only the tip of the iceberg……i didn’t want to go this far knowing others would

      kyle is a small time blowhard

      now a dead one

      hardly a footnote now glorified by asshole eastwood

  11. For details plug into search engine

    infowars US Marine Questions Narrative Behind Chris Kyle Murder

    also pertinent is the role Kraft Intl played in the Boston Bombing hoax and the likelyhood Chris Kyle would not have supported such an activity in light of his Sandy Hoax pushback

  12. Hollywood customizes the war-movie presentation in order to fit the prevailing social engineering agenda of the day. In the immediate post-Vietnam era the focus centered upon demoralizing and further splintering an already divided society by protraying vets as losers and potentially violent social outcast. During the run-up to the 1st and 2nd Gulf Wars the vet as cartoon superhero battling turban-headed arch villians became the norm. Today the agenda of boosting public approval for war and feeding the war machine with fresh meat demands WWII-era propaganda. Rarely does Hollywood’s material ever reflect reality. Foreign productions come closer in that respect.

  13. Thanks for this Mr. Duff, didn’t know you had written it already but i knew you would. I’m going to send it to my cousin as soon as I am done commenting. He took his whole family to see “American Sniper” including his fourteen year old son whom I’m close too. Its not his fault. The NFL has been promoting this trash relentlessly. Now I have even less respect for football players than I did, and that’s pretty hard after working in a major strip club as long as I did (ever see Keyshawn Johnson cry? The guy who made him is one of my Facebook friends). And as for Clint Eastwood? I always liked him, The Unforgiven may be my favorite movie of all time, it’s a shame I can never watch it again…

  14. Good Gosh Carib, You sound like a broad brush stroke guy. I don’t suppose you could provide us a list of heaven on earth countries, could you? Please start with the Carribean. Thanks.

  15. g,
    I believe this is the best you have written. Your transformation is astounding. You are so completely “on point” with this and your sincerity is palpable. I have been with you now for how long…not even sure. But you have definitely raised the bar and called in all of your chips. I agree with many on here who believe you are one of the last great patriots in America. But I should rephrase that to say, “you are the first great patriot” in America’s ‘new’ history.

    This country has obviously been a ruse since day one, or day two at the least. And pahlease don’t gimme that crap about how “great things were in the 60’s or 70’s.” We’ve been bending over since 1913 at the very least, and too dumb and drugged up to even notice. It is way past time to open a can of ‘whoop-ass’ on the elite and take not only our country, but our entire planet back from these monsters. Make NO mistake, because THAT is what they are… and you know it.

    Peace on you g, always and all ways…

  16. Yes I remember 1969 being on a Marine Recon outpost on a hill about 500 meters elevation looking down on a large Vietnamese ville that was a free fire zone close to DaNang. My patrol leader an NCO brings out a hard case like the ones used to carry a musical instrument. He opens it and there is a clean if you can believe anything was clean bolt action Sniper rifle with wood stock and match rounds. I was impressed, hey I was a Navy Corpsman not savvy to these Marine specialties. He sights it in at I don’t know a 1000 or more yards picking each round carefully like eating his last can of peaches on a long patrol. Now that he (Jim) is sighted in he sees a few villagers walking on a trail and says it’s a pregnant woman and some children. It’s a free fire zone OK so another Marine says joking if you kill the pregnant woman you get credit for two. My man Jim I don’t remember his exact words but basically says you FN idiot. Puts the rifle back in the case very neatly and probably writes a letter to his girlfriend or mother. No Hollywood movie here but a real hero doing the hard work of being a solider and making the right decisions. I bet this Marine could have been Gordon Duff, God we owe veterans

  17. Another Zinger by Gordon, John Wayne Jessica Lynch Pat Tillman etc etc, it all fits nicely compliments of the New World Order, that’s the only way to make sense of these crimes against humanity. Rothschild says I don’t care what you do or don’t do as long as I control the money have a nice day.

  18. To Mr. Clint Eastwood, I am sure you will be reading the article…
    You are worse than any sniper or deranged individual, who have been deceived by the “glories of war”.. Why you ask? Because you are guilty of participating in the deception to the American People.. So you can “rake in” a few more million, or today it will be billions, to buy more homes, ranches, and young woman. As you accept your “Oscar”, smiling and nodding to the applause of other “sellouts”, basking, I am sure in your brilliant “artistic” endeavor, I want you to remember the bloody, dead children in Iraq, Palestine, the thousands of Americans who are now dead, maimed, and mentally broken by war, whose profit is in your traitorous hands along with you friends, the murdering Zionists of Hollywood.

    You may still have a chance to redeem yourself. Why don’t you do a movie on how you allowed yourself, and many others, to be deceived by your murdering bosses, and along the way have become a traitor to your fellow Americans? And there is always all the true honorable people who have been killed by your bosses for trying to inform the American People of the truth, a movie about those people, may just save your soul..
    Of course, there will be no “Oscars” or billions for you, but it will be honorable, you know, the opposite of what you deem “honorable” now.

    Yes indeed Mr. Clint, you are an American traitor.

  19. there is no room to pretend otherwise, military men have been shackled to wars based on lies by those who continue to author and command it with complete disregard for human life. While they operate above, around and outside all law enjoying “the show” with full media impunity, our focus is globally united….. true justice will be meted out, the straight talk of truth reaches into hearts and finds a dwelling place…lies evacuate

    • “” there is no room to pretend otherwise, military men have been shackled to wars based on lies by those who continue to author and command it with complete disregard for human life.””

      You nailed it ….. and the enemy does the same .

  20. “” War is a racket “”, the education industry is a racket , the medical industry is a racket , the legal industry is a racket , the religious industry is a racket , the political industry is a racket , the movie industry is a racket , the music industry is a racket , and so on .

    Racket : fraudulent enterprise ; an enterprise based on bribery or intimidation ; an easy and lucrative means of livelihood ; slang for a typical business .

    Each racket is just another nail in the USA coffin .

  21. “” This was our own fault not theirs “”

    Yet again , blaming the victims for the crime . The banksters schemed and connived to get the 1913 US Federal Reserve Act which gave them private control over the national public money-currency system . Bribes were made . Blackmail was used . Assassinations gave impetus to bankster persuasiveness . Bankster chicanery prevailed . Satan won . The banksters bought up all of the MSM of the day and ordered the editors to keep the controversy about the 1913 Act out of the public consciousness . It worked . The intended to be kept secret *** Protocols of the ILLuminati *** warning that was broadcast does not exonerate the banksters from criminality . Thousands of years of brainwashing tends to make the ultra-wealthy appear morally//ethicly unassailable — a view that Christ firmly rejected .

  22. Not to split too many hairs, that would be Major General Smedley Darlington Butler. He was to be the 15th CMC, but guess why he didn’t get it. Fuller who won the job, not the most impressive career. Just compare his “fruit salad” to Butler’s. And then Smedley’s final reward for his undaunting service, was his sendoff at Bethesda, just as we were entering World War Part 2. His stance with the Bonus Army probably did not help him either ..

  23. Beautifully & poignantly written. What I cannot wrap my brain around is the part about our soldiers throwing a grenade at a group of kids. I know this happens time and time again, but I am left wondering what happened to those young men’s souls that would allow them to give in to such behavior. I have three sons, two in their early to mid-20’s, who would kick the shit out of anyone getting ready to kill a group of innocent children with a grenade.

    • Remember God in the jewish Old Testament where he did not consider the children to be innocent and ordered them killed ? Jews maintain that man is born in sin — no innocent children ; and the NWO really means the Jewish World Order of a OWG which is still in the making . Talmudic jews rule the western world . Your sons could easily be killed for interfering with a military order originating from God . Maybe we need new rulers — how do you do that ? Would muslim rulers be any better with their suicide bombers ?

    • none of us ever saw any of those guys..but then we were out in the war….

      oh, another ‘sniper’ issue

      most “sniping” was done from towers behind barbed wire, the way the Israelis do it. nobody likes to talk about that one either. I will avoid getting into war stories but the real war was fought from less than 10 feet away. If you couldn’t hear them breathe, you were ‘out of range.’

  24. While I may not agree with your assessment of FF mishaps, at least in modern theatre, I have no idea of what happened in Vietnam Nam, as I wasn’t part of that campaign. As far as how the Ropers operated in my time, in my experience, they were true professionals. You have to understand, the RoE were ever changing and no-one wanted to end up in Leavenworth-including yours truly. Op briefs were to the letter and no-one was immune to Office Hours or beyond for getting giddy.
    I truly want to believe what I’m reading here, as a lot of it makes perfectly good sense. Please be careful not to embellish even slightly, to get the townies on board….you’re winning with those of us who matter.

  25. Although I did not serve, I had many Australian friends who did, and some of the stories they told me back in those days about Vietnam and when they returned home were astounding.
    The average person back home had really no idea of what really went on.
    I remember one good friend of mine who was a Sergeant who did quite a few tours there and was at the pointy end of the stick, and one day out on patrol they got hit and his best friend whom he grew up with was killed. He carried him back for 3 days and on entering the base was told by a Major to “Put him down soldier he,s dead”! “Touch him, and I will blow your head off”, came the reply. It cost him all the money he had to fly him home as soon as possible rather than wait for a plane load.
    After leaving the Army he worked as a Bus Driver. At that time there were many Vietnamese coming to Oz and the Government was sending them to a private college to teach them English. They were fascinated by what people owned and asked many questions about cars, houses,etc. One of them asked him one day what he did before he drove buses and his reply was , “I used to shoot you bastards!”
    He had no hatred towards the Vietnamese then or now, in fact deep down I think he admired them and respected them as a tough enemy.
    Just stories but things you don,t forget.
    A well written article again Mr. Duff.

  26. Crotch was used a lot and I also heard “the suck” used in late 60s. Peons went around. The other guy that uses my email well remembers the dap handshake or “punch shake” as well as I do. I practiced it with the bros at the time.
    The dap is one of the few things I can still do. But lots of people like it to this day- white and black – and they laugh when I teach them how to do it- 7 or so steps.
    In NY state we can no longer buy M14s or A1M1s as they are now called because 2 years ago Governor Cuomo passed SAFE Act banning “assault” weapons. If I recall right there were a few Marine armorers showed how they could full auto lots of weapons but correct me on that if necessary.

  27. A couple of comments hit home. In recon we had 2 snipers with scoped M14s, and at least in my experience, and we were battalion recon and not easy living LERPs so out in the field all the time, I never saw one of our snipers, real mental cases, wasting anyone. And how true that the Vietnamese treated us better than our fellow Americans on arriving home. Kyle must have been some real POS and it’s surprising he wasn’t shot int the back. No wonder Fox News is promoting this movie.

    • Gordon, as for the stolen valor, and I’m not suggesting I served with any special valor, and did with no heroics, I’m still burned when I talk to those base camp commandos who now sound like they were the FO and I was the pencil pusher. I’m sure you’ve been insulted to the marrow of your bones like this, too. Great laugh about Clint Eastwood.

    • Dan…this would be the “Camp Horno” guys. I wonder where the .243 14’s went. These were outstanding and would have been a great platform in Afghanistan. (oops, i am playing war again)

      The Elcan has a very similar feel, though much smaller and not night vision, to the old starlight.

      Those who ‘walk the walk’ would know about the focus ring, the pole switch, and pushing the rubber shock absorbing eye piece into place. There was quite a drill putting one of these on a target. I have an M14 with one of the old classic stocks, done in semi. I have never fired it. Had it out, thinking about scope mount issues.

    • Dan, so few actually made it to Vietnam at all. There is no equivalent today, even in special operations, for what we did, out weeks at a time, never sleeping inside wire, never a hot meal, often living off the land with no fire support, no vehicles and no radio contact.

      I had never been so happy in my life. I was outside, with my friends, and playing “Frodo.”

  28. Great piece, Gordon. The last section of the article is brilliant from this point on; “War is about thugs with guns working for banks and oil companies, for drug cartels and crooked politicians…”

  29. as to their belief about turning Vietnam into a parking lot, they were right. Were Marines fed, armed and in proper number, well led and sent north, no one could have stopped us. We were very good at what we did.

    Vietnam was all about permanent war, like we are seeing now.

    We can bring out several ways of looking at things, particularly if we have a drink down at the local American Legion. I prefer to stick with what I wrote here.

  30. Mr Duff, with all due respect, I think Whitefeather would take issue with some of this. However, you’re so right about the AF guys- I always waited to get my shower shoes where they were free- that’s right, an AF Installation! AF personnel were always very generous (took pity on those of us getting it good and hard by the Green Weenie). Chow was always first class, even had table cloths on the tables! Who knew?!

    • Even I don’t take issue with me. There is no one who can prove they were there who ever sounds any different than me.
      There is a reason for that. We are brothers in arms.

  31. I can confirm “the Suck” assertion you make Mr. Duff. While I was only a winger from ’99-’04, my little brother was infantry about the same time and he has used that term in the past. Oh and despite being a winger and having never directly killed anyone anywhere, I was still most certainly a fool and a tool.

    Semper Fidelis.

    • This is the unit motto for the 1st Bn., 26th Marines:

      The Marine Corps is a festering pimple on the assxxxx of my sanity

      When you see this on a Zippo lighter, turn it over, it will also say BLT 1/26, 9th MAB

  32. Thank you Mr. President Uncle Gordie, knowing that you were a Marine sniper, I’ve been waiting anxiously for your perspective on snipers and this current psy-op movie. Social media is going nuts with the “hoorah, flag waving” boneheads raving praise about Mr. Kyle and killing those evil Muslims.

    It is eerily similar to the lead-up to the Iraq war and we are exactly 2-years out from the probable Jeb inauguration. It took 1.5 years after 9-11 to get the Iraq war going, so we are in that time frame for a possible all-out Mid East war under the pretext of fighting ISIS.

  33. What an appropriate column. I thank you. I too was in the Marines. I think this man is a coward. I always did, and always will. He is not a hero of mine, nor will he be to my children. I find it very strange he was killed “accidentally” at a gun range by a man who has handled firearms and had lots of experience with them. Maybe, just maybe, this was not an accident, but someone “higher-up” ordered this killing because this “sniper” was talking a little too loud and boasting a little too much. I never bragged for what was done was not pretty. I’ve never had that desire to attract attention to myself. You are right, this whole thing is a con. So was the sniper to brag about it and write a book about it then to say he punched Jesse Ventura when he didn’t. I do not admire this man at all, and I appreciate you stating it!! Do Americans have any thought process at all anymore, or do they just buy what is told to them without question? The gullibility of the majority of Americans is absolutely amazing.

  34. Dishing up the unvarnished, painful, sordid TRUTH as only an actual witness to it can. War is the perfect vehicle for the monsters among us to do their worst – and all it takes is a lot of flag waving & presposterous lies to dupe the masses into going along w/ it all.

    And speaking of lies> Truth, Justice & the Curious Case of Chris Kyle spills the beans concerning the embellishments that Kyle passed off as truth. Pathological liar – pathological killer > certainly traits that go together and serve the ‘agenda’ oh so well.

    Kudos Gordon for a much different take on the ‘shock’ doctrine methodology.

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