Zionist-controlled media seeking to destroy religions: Scholar


Introduction by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

The New World Order is a freemasonic plan for a post-religious global dictatorship. It would be a “new” world order for two reasons: (1) It would be the first empire ever to embrace (or strangle) the entire planet. (2) It would be the first civilization to completely abandon religion.

It would also be a “new world” order in that it would be ruled from the New World – specifically, from that monstrous maze of freemasonic symbols known as Washington, DC. Once the plan is sufficiently advanced, they may intend to move the capital to Occupied Jerusalem, where a false messiah (antichrist/dajjal) would be installed as global dictator.

Zionism – a diabolical, idolatrous Jewish heresy that worships the State of Israel and the Jewish people rather than God – is a key element of the New World Order plot to destroy humanity.

To understand what is at stake here, read the Grand Inquisitor section of Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. The New World Order plotters think like the Grand Inquisitor. They want to create a perfect (or perfectly controlled) society in which the hallmarks of humanity – spirituality and free choice – have been erased.


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The Zionist-controlled media in the United States is seeking to “destroy” Islam and Christianity while promoting a “clash of civilizations,” an American scholar and journalist in Wisconsin says.

Radical secularists want to create a new world order in which religions are mocked and freedom of speech is considered sacred, said Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance.

“The Zionist-dominated media here in the United states is helping foment a clash of civilizations against Islam, but which is secretly designed not only to destroy Islam, but also Christianity,” Barrett told Press TV on Wednesday.

A new survey suggests that a relative majority of Americans believe it is acceptable to ridicule Islam, highlighting the depth of anti-Islamic sentiment and widespread Islamophobia in the United States.

According to the HuffPost/YouGov survey, 46 percent of Americans thought it was acceptable to mock Islam, while 44 percent said it was unacceptable to mock Christianity, a consequence of the “Islamophobia project” promoted by US media outlets.

Moreover, 63 percent of Americans said it is more important to protect the freedom of speech than to protect the sanctity of religious beliefs. Only 19 percent said the sanctity of religious beliefs was more important than free speech and 18 percent were not sure.

The survey was taken shortly after 12 people were killed in an attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. The French magazine has repeatedly provoked Muslim anger by publishing cartoons of the Prophet of Islam.

The Western media is “spinning this Charlie Hebdo affair, which actually appears to have been a false flag event created to unleash all this propaganda,” Barrett said.

“They’re doing this in order to try to get rid of the sacred from society and to put new sacred values in place of the traditional sacred values of traditional religions,” he noted.

The media is trying to replace sacred religious values in Western societies with immorality, homosexuality, incest, blasphemy and destructive free speech, Barrett concluded.

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  1. They are good at creating conflicts between two forces then finishing off the weakened victor of the match. Lenin said it was his favorite strategy.

  2. I am not sure if your negative comment here was aimed at me medicis – but what I have proposed would not affect the Christian message at all. Christianity already espouses to love one’s neighbour as oneself and nowhere promotes any form of supremacism.

    There are certain religions that WOULD need to denounce their claims of supremacy over others, however. I am not sure what your objection would be to this? You may have noticed that the principle reason that religions come into conflict with each other is one’s claim of supremacy over another in this life.

  3. I believe that the leaders of every ‘religion’ should make a public declaration that they do not believe in – or hold to – any form of human SUPREMACISM for their own members (whilst alive on earth). Not to espouse a supremacist stance for members of their own religions – above any other religious groups or non-believers. They should then sign a declaration to that effect and agree that any part of their scriptures that until now had raised their members to a special status ABOVE non-members (in this life on Earth) be declared null and void. It would be perfectly in order for a religion to hold a position that their members would be advantaged AFTER death – but NEVER at the expense of non-members in this life.

    Any religions that then refused adopt a stance to love their neighbour as their self and their equal – could then be declared a dangerous sect.

  4. “Freedom of Speech”

    Take a good look at your daughters and sons and realize that the Jewish agendas is to abolish the family structure and destroy Christianity through the promotion of pornography at every level.Those of us that are old enough to be able to take a trip down memory lane to remember the likes of ‘Ozzie and Harriet’ who slept in separate beds and promoted strong family values while introducing a bit of comedy in there to titillate our mindset.This exposure to family values, morals and ethics followed true;however, the bar was being raised gradually so as to not be noticed.Remember the hullabaloo over showing a singular marital bed?How dare they splatter the Christian ethic with the truth.

  5. Without belief’s we are easy prey for the satanists and the [email protected]#&ds know it.
    our belief’s are whats keeping us safe. No matter what your belief’s are even if you are an atheist and believe in nothing they still cant get to you because its what you beliv . The only way the satinists can get to us is if we stop believing in what we belive in and hold dear to us.

  6. Thank you Doctor Barrett, this is the most important issue of all. The Roman Catholic Church has been infiltrated by a Talmud quoting pope who embraces any religion other than true traditional Catholicism. If religion is not important, then why do the Freemasons go through so much trouble to suppress it? The Pope is ex-communicating priests and bishops who adhere to the ancient liturgical rites instead of the Novus Ordo rites. All religions have been reworked using wording and practices from Satanism, very subtly replacing worship of God with worship of man, and using ungodly methods of enforcing this. For more info on this topic, look up Bishop Williams, Father Kramer on the Talmudic legalese of Vatican II, Father Gruner on Vladimir Putin’s request of Pope Francis that Russia be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Mary as requested at Fatima. The goal of the NWO is to eliminate ALL competition to Satanism.

  7. A great article and it is obvious Dr. Barrett has connected the dots and understands the WZ strategy which is to destroy all World Religions (as well as any base of morality and character) and substitute their own Luciferianism aka as High Secret High Freemasonry or Secret Satanism aka Church of the Process (MI-6). Isn’t interesting when someone gets to the very top level of freemasonry they are told: “everything you were told previously about freemasonry was a lie or distortion to protect the Craft”?

    Also interesting is the term the High Freemasons use to refer to lower Freemasons: “Porch-monkeys”. As Managing Editor Jim Dean says, “You just can’t make this stuff up”. Yes it is far too bizarre and evil for the ordinary human mind to concoct, it is the realm of devils, Djinn, fallen angels and ethereal evil beyond imagination. Note that the WZ hex star of two assembled triangles, one upward facing (male), one downward facing (female) symbolizes the merger of Fallen angel (annanakin male) Blood or seed with Human female) Blood or egg. By the way King David never used the hex star which came into prominence by WZs in around 700 AD.

  8. Surprise!!!
    According to revelations from a very credible Dutch Business magazine, Quote, on the 9th January, and confirmed by German Newspaper Neopresse on 19th January, Charlie Hebdo was sold to the Rothschild family in December 2014.

    • The fact that a Hebdo cartoonist (Maurice Sinet) was sacked recently and is facing court for ‘inciting racial hatred’ for ridiculing Israel says much.

      Meanwhile we are encouraged to ridicule Islam – the hypocrisy is amazing.

    • bvitbit, that Quote article seems to have been widely misquoted (irony!). i think the Rots bought into Liberation some while ago. after the Paris false flag Liberation gave office space to Charlie Hebdo. the confusion may be deliberate, since an outfit like the Rots can afford a generous disinfo budget to cover their nefarious schemes with a smokescreen.

      whilst i am very wary of any form of censorship, i am also aware that the use of filth as an ideological weapon is a very typical zio-tactic (cf the Knesset’s policy of spraying Palestinian homes with untreated sewage). Charlie Hebdo is certainly used in this way, and lends itself to furthering the aims described in the Protocols.

      for a very intelligent perspective on the Paris events i highly recommend this video interview with Nikolai Stavrikov –

      https //www.youtube.com/watch?v=piSVukTk4co (23 min in Russian with English subtitles)

      with such sharp-minded people in his inner circle of advisors it is small wonder that President Putin runs rings round the mendacious fools in the Beltway. an allergy to truth at the heart of government inevitably leads to the decline and death of any Empire.

  9. Here in Mississippi I hear a lot of Muslim bashing by Southern Baptists. I try to gently remind (or inform) that Muslims revere Jesus, while Jews… well, not so much. I tell them much of the propaganda about muslims is not true, and that they should not believe everything they hear. They look at me like I just stepped out of a space ship.

    I have exited from a ‘high demand’ christian sect called ‘Bible Students’ which from the very beginning (1878 or so) proclaimed that Christ had returned invisibly and one proof of that was the regathering of the nation of Israel. It seems C.T. Russell was either incredibly naive or eager to do the bidding of the Rothschilds and spread the heresy of Christian Zionism. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and now that I do know (thanks largely to VT) I aim to push back. I have been (and will continue to be) ostracized, but dang it, it feels good. Thanks Kevin, and hang in there.

    • Even if Muslims don’t believe Jesus was the son of God, they still don’t talk of him burning in human feces in hell, nor do they call His Mother a whore who serviced many carpenters, like the Jews do.

  10. Yipee. I can’t wait. Bring on this particular NWO. Given the failure of religion all over globally eg Africa where 98% think there is an imagined deity then one must wonder why that imagined deity puts so much shit on these people who believe. Religion esp monotheism has gone toxic. it is past its use-by-date. It is no longer fit for human consumption. Time to rest start over and live according to our reason and inner beingness. No more lies [as in Torah Old Testament New Testament Q’ran] Shamanism aside

    • There is plenty of statistical evidence that Islam improves people’s lives. Prisoners who convert have much lower recidivism rates. African-American Muslims are doing much better than non-Muslims on social indicators. Practicing Muslims have a huge edge on all social indicators; non-practicing ones less so.

      The best compendium of statistics comparing Muslim to non-Muslim populations is Dr. Javed Jamil’s book: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/08/16/jamil-2/

  11. That was a lot of home work, Kevin. But, I get the points of the exercise. Each of us has their own beliefs and purposes. Some foisted upon us, others we came to manifest. The psychopathy is much darker than many wish to think about but no one can avoid confronting the energy on the planet, much like dying, none of us are getting out of here with these bodies.

    The Snordster team has a great answer for all looking for their own path forward if one has 15 minutes to give to oneself . . . meditate on the stillness you are. If not try his (a vaccine against magic) on youtube


  12. Agree, only the freemasons do have religion, only it’s some twisted mystery babylonian religion. In fact the propogation of their religion is one of the main reasons for them to combat the abrahamistic religions.

    And I do think Charlie Hebdo was a hoax and no people were killed except the so-called “terrorists”
    The shooting of the policeman was staged, so probably the rest as well, reactions of actors point that way as well.
    In any case we know who the real terrorists are..

  13. I believe in freedom of speech but I also believe it should be tempered and used with consideration of those things people hold sacred. People like Hebdo just use the term to mock religion and they take it too far. Truth is a funny thing, I mean, it might be true that someone’s sister is a ho, but you don’t just blurt that out to her heavily armed brother.

    • But yes, I do see how this could create problems and I’m with you on the Zionist plan for a Greater Israel. Its just another example of Jews using whatever means necessary to achieve a goal.

  14. well, so be it all.. but Kevin I think your facial expression is one of the kindest I have seen in a while…been meaning to tell you that..:)

  15. They obviously haven’t heard about the aerosol-dispersed virus which will do the job for them. They’ve even got viruses which will make people suicidal… makes you wonder who they’ve been testing those on!
    Caution, the material in the following link could put you off breathing, and eating…

  16. It wont be long before they set up the temple where the beast will declare himself above all that is called G-d. The abomination that makes desolate.

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