U.S. Congress Considers Appointing Netanyahu Emperor of the Republic for Life

All focus is on getting re-elected


by Johnny Punish


Admittedly the title herein is a bit inflammatory but its meant to highlight a very serious fact that the Speaker of our House John Boehner has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to lecture We-The-People on foreign policy as it relates to our U.S. Presidents Iran policy on February 11.

It should be a huge event. I hear he’s invited all the networks to play it live for We-The-People so that Bibi can promote his own Foreign Policy against the official U.S. position at the White House which may be in direct violation of The Logan Act

The Logan Act is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994. Violation of the Logan Act is a felony, punishable under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years.

The Act was intended to prohibit United States citizens without authority from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments.

At this time, to the best of our knowledge Bibi may have received American citizenship during his study years at MIT and has never renounced it. We tried to confirm this information but neither his office or the U.S. government will confirm or deny!

If a U.S. citizen, as such, he will be in direct violation of the Logan Act; plain and simple! There is NO way around it! Nentanyahu is NOT a member of the U.S. Government and has no rights to promote and negotiate foreign policy for our government.

Gaza Children Murders 2014 courtesy of Benjamin Netanyahu and his crazy genocidial maniacs in $ 10,000 suits


Now of course, Netanyahu could care less about rule of law. He lives in a world of impunity protected by massive money in the corridors of power where one can murder over 500 children, over 1500 civilians, and murder 17 journalists in Gaza this past summer and get away with it while he marches in the Je Suis Charlie parade in Paris last week.

There is NOTHING this psychopath won’t do! He has no shame or conscience. He is evil incarnate; plain and simple! So don’t hold your breath on getting our paid off Congress to take action. They are more likely to give him a standing ovation and appoint him U.S. President for Life ala and change his title to Emperor Netanyahu.

Now are we going to put a stop this maniac or are we going to follow His Lowness and give him a standing ovation as our de-facto elect him U.S. President?

I encourage your comment below;

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  1. The Logan Act? How many rules have this foreign controlled Congress has ignored for “Darling Bibi”
    I am urging the White House to officially release publicly the amount of money, lives, honor and prestige we have spent to back the ambitions of that XXXX. and what did we get back from it. Bibi answer to Papa Bush
    request for “fly over Israel” on the first war was “not in the best interest of Israel” And we gave him a commitment for that option on any move we make. Peace with Iran is not in the Best Interest of Bibi’ ambitions because he cannot fool those people as he does us. The answer Bibi rides on is ” their strategic geographical position”. Our common enemies, really? We have accumulate many common enemies we did not have, now substituted by dastardly US Citizens.

  2. John Bonener should keep his lips zipped up, as he is not authorized to speak for our American National President. Regarding his invitation to the President of ziovil, for advising the US Congress, on the Iran/USA diplomatic nuclear stand down treaty efforts. By our American President. I read about our Supreme suppositories changing the law, regarding basically all most un limited $$$$$$ zio dollars being returned to buy election results in America, but I did not realize there speaker was already elected hear.

    allowing ziovil to have these tactical weapons. And not declare they have these weapons, but still receiving three billion + in US.tax payers dollars yearly, is against existing US. Federal law. As Jack Kennedy tried to stop.

    At least “Emperor” Nitwit, will fell at home looking down at those sitting in the US Congress House seats, with a Six Pointed Star on the side of each seat. In telling them what to do, as ziovil has been doing since the six pointed foreign stars were placed in the house in 1948. [ for the blind in the House, our Finest fight under our Five Pointed Star, as also shown on our National American Flag, As was flying on our American ship, USS Liberty] .

  3. I’m curious, where Congress plans to seat President Obama, if he’s not to have a speaking part. Will the Supreme Court, the Cabinet and the Joint Chiefs of Staff be attending? Hope so! The Cabinet and Joint Chiefs should be ordered; the Supreme Court, strongly urged. The leadership of the nation at full strength, hanging on Netanyahu’s every word.

    Like the president in his State of the Union Address, Netanyahu should address Americans in prime time, preempting all other programming. Leaving the only question to be decided: whether Bibi addresses Congress before or after his ticker taper parade through New York City’s streets.

    My personal preference would be afterwards, but I defer to the judgment of the man being honored.

  4. Since when did anyone in DC give a rats ass about violating any of the laws of the land. I hope Bibi brings his Wiley Coyote bomb chart with. Iran’s only been 6 months from having the bomb the past 20- 25 years now.

  5. I doubt he would even take the job Johnny there are not enough Arabs in America to satisfy the mans bloodlust for butchery. He can run the US just fine with an IPHONE poolside in Tel Aviv

  6. And the jews wonder why people don’t like them. Let me repeat: jews out of American government, now!

  7. Well if USA can change regimes in a number of nations around the world – why can’t Israel do a regime change in USA ???? With a bit of help from the Congress…. nothing seems impossible in the exceptional land…. that is governed by like a little handful of Oligarchs …

  8. The usurpers cannot be out-gunned unless we had the US military on our side. Any efforts at violence risk imposition of martial law and strict clampdown on civil liberties.

    The rule of law is the way to proceed. Let’s use the tools the founding fathers placed into The Constitution and show that their wisdom can restore our republic and bring justice.

    In the meantime, don’t give up your guns.

  9. You’re being unfair to people whose interests are where they belong, with family, faith, and community. The approval rating of congress, hence our federal gov’s implied legitimacy, is far less than that of those governments our gov overthrows for lacking legitimacy. Congress serves a foreign power on its knees, and the American people are waking up to this reality.

  10. You’re right, it’s not so simple. Virtually no candidate for national office in America is granted political existence in the public eye without the Zionist MSM so granting it and, effectively speaking, to the stooge-candidate’s Zio handlers, euphemistically called his or her “advisors.” These advisor-handlers run the routine hearings in congress and are often the only ones present, pass through bills from Israel and Wall St, and set the agenda, such as this upcoming display of their power. The grinning mockery of voters is their placing so inarticulate and emasculated a stooge as Boehner in as speaker. They own congress, as they like to brag, and the proof is in the pudding.

    • @ Toby

      “…Are you an Israel plant to bring VT down?…”

      No, I’m not. I was posing a hypothetical question.

      “…If not, then shut your trap…”

      Who appointed you as VT monitor/censor? I don’t take orders from you.

      I regard it as an abomination that the leader of a foreign country will be given the opportunity to issue marching orders to the US Congress. If someone decided that the only way to prevent it were assassination, then I wouldn’t shed any years.

      Again, it was a hypothetical question. I’m not advocating assassination, and, at the same time, I’m not a hypocrite.

  11. one would be hard pressed to find a more filthy, disgusting …oops!….I almost said human being..

  12. I feel beyond sickened and disgusted with the state of affairs in this country! The elites could care less if Emperor Bibi made the corporate US Gaza II.

    Time to arrest the traitors and throw away the keys.

  13. That says it all about the sorry state this country is in today. Lucky for us we have Gordon for President in 2016… can’t wait for the bumper stickers. Are you gonna be VP Johnny??

  14. The moment he sets foot on U.S soil, This SOB should be placed in handcuffs and arrested for war crimes.

    And John Boehner should be summarily dismissed and prevented from ever serving in any government office.

    No wonder that the world looks at the U.S government as the best politicians money can buy.

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