Politically Corrupt and Pro-Israel–Do the Two Traits Go Together?


One can’t help wondering: will Congress–when Benjamin Netanyahu comes nuzzling into Washington to deliver his next joint-session address–exceed the 29 standing ovations they lavished upon him back in 2011?

Perhaps Las Vegas odds makers would care to lay odds on the matter? Although of course knowing the level of corruption, there’s little doubt of Congress members placing all the bets and then prearranging amongst themselves to deliver the winning number.

It was initially announced, when news broke of the celebrity red carpet extended by House Speaker John Boehner, that Netanyahu would speak before Congress on February 11, but now the date has been reset–to March 3.

This means that his visit to Capital Hill will run in tandem with this year’s AIPAC policy conference, set to take place in Washington at precisely the same time–which is exactly the performance lineup that unfolded in 2011. In fact, Netanyahu will be addressing both the conference, and Congress, a day or so later, which–again–is what happened in 2011. History repeats itself.

New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver leaves the courthouse following his arrest on January 22.

Yesterday I put up a post about the arrest of New York Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver on corruption charges. In that post I made note of the fact that Silver is a stanch supporter of Israel, and I also discussed a bill he introduced last year targeting the American Studies Association in retaliation for the group’s passage of a resolution calling for an academic boycott of Israeli universities.

Actions such as the American Studies Association’s discriminatory boycott of Israel and its academic institutions are a blatant assault on the academic freedoms that New York and its students have come to hold dear. Colleges should not use taxpayer funds to support boycotts, resolutions or any similar actions that are discriminatory and limit academic opportunities.

Those were the words Silver spoke at the time. Now, of course, we find the New York Assembly speaker under federal charges of taking some $4 million in bribes and kickbacks–which raises a question: is it possible that political corruption and being pro-Israel are two sides of the same coin, and that they essentially go hand in hand?

Silver’s collaring by the feds is the second downfall of a prominent, pro-Israel politician in less than a month. On December 30, New York Congressman Michael Grimm announced his resignation following allegations that campaign donations totaling more than half a million dollars had been funneled into his campaign by followers of Israeli Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto.


An investigation into Grimm’s activities was launched by the US Justice Department in 2012, and in January of 2014 the congressman threatened to break a reporter “in half” and throw him off a balcony. Then on April 14, the feds delivered a 20-count indictment for fraud, federal tax evasion and perjury, and finally on December 23 the dedicated public servant pled guilty to felony tax evasion. As the French say, de haut en bas, “from top to bottom.”

Though both Grimm and Silver are from New York, let’s hope the political downfalls of pro-Israel politicians spread to other states–like maybe Ohio, home state of John Boehner. Wouldn’t it be nice to see him take a dive as well?


Boehner has been an avid proponent of the Keystone XL pipeline. You can go here to watch a video the House speaker uploaded in 2012 urging approval of that project. Of course what the video doesn’t mention is that Boehner has invested large sums of money in seven corporations, six of which are oil companies, all with stakes in the Canadian tar sands regions.

If it is illegal for Silver to use his position as speaker of the New York State Assembly to secure benefits for real estate developers having business before the state, why is it not also an infringement for Boehner to leverage his position as speaker of the House of Representatives to advance construction of a pipeline he has a financial interest in and which environmentalists have warned poses a severe ecological hazard?

A little bit more about Boehner you may not know:

In June 1995, Boehner handed out checks from the political action committee of tobacco company Brown & Williamson Corp. to fellow Republicans on the floor of the House. The payments to “about half-a-dozen” Republican legislators prior to a vote on discontinuing subsidies to the cigarette industry were rewarded when Republicans killed the bill. Boehner’s excuse for using the House chamber to pay legislators for favorable votes was that it was common and that the tobacco company told him to do it; so “I complied.”

So here we have Boehner handing out money from tobacco companies and standing to profit financially from an oil pipeline–but yet he has not, at least so far, seen the feds come down on him. What gives? How come Grimm and Silver bit the dust while Boehner is still standing? Did the former, for all their loyalty to Israel, perhaps do something to displease their masters?

Grimm indeed was a staunch supporter of Israel during his time in Congress. In 2011 he was appointed co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus, and that same year, when some members of Congress, including Republicans, were pushing for deep cuts in discretionary spending, Grimm opposed any reduction in aid to Israel.

But then in September 2013, after at first expressing support for a US attack upon Syria, Grimm suddenly did an about face.

“I am no longer convinced that a U.S. strike on Syria will yield a benefit to the United States that will not be greatly outweighed by the extreme cost of war,” he said.

Grimm made that statement on September 5, 2013. This was in the aftermath of the Ghouta false-flag chemical attack that the US government and the media were attempting to blame on Syrian President Bashar Assad. It was also at a time when the Israeli lobby was strenuously pushing for a US attack on Syria–an escalation they probably would have succeeded in bringing about had it not been for some shrewd diplomacy on the part of the Russians.

Seven months later came the 20-count federal indictment against Grimm.

Whether Silver did something similar to Grimm is hard to say, and while federal prosecutors are gunning for the Assembly speaker, one person who has come out in his defense is New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio:

“I want to note that I’ve always known Shelly Silver to be a man of integrity, and he certainly has due rights and I think that we should let the process play out here,” said de Blasio.

While the mayor professes he has “always” been confident of “Shelly’s” integrity, Silver has nonetheless a reputation for corruption that seems to precede, by at least seven years, the charges filed against him this week. You can click here to view a video spoof on him that was uploaded in 2008 entitled “The Silver Dollar Cash Machine.” So why are the feds just now getting around to charging him with criminal offenses?

Jewish mob boss Meyer Lansky in Jerusalem, 1971.


Maybe he did do something. Maybe he stepped on the wrong toes. Or maybe he simply forgot to write on his phylacteries, vir prudens non contra ventum mingit (“a wise man does not urinate against the wind”) and wear it religiously, wide and large, on his arm and forehead. In some ways it doesn’t matter.

America is currently under the control of what some have described as an “international crime syndicate,” and as we know, all mafia dons, whether they be Jewish or Sicilian, demand total obedience. Kiss their rings and you’ll be just fine. Cross them and you’re in trouble. This is not to say I don’t hope the feds will win their case against Silver and put him behind bars. I assuredly do.

At any rate, do political corruption and being pro-Israel go together?

The answer is yes, they do.


  1. Thank you Martin Maloney and others who answer questions some of us have. We appreciate it.
    I never had any use for the wars these “adults” start. I would say that 75% of the Marines in 60s-70s saw through the BS. We were the opposite of warmongers. We were teenagers who either joined or were drafted back then. Most of us were completely uneducated about world events.

  2. “This means that his visit to Capital Hill will run in tandem with this year’s AIPAC policy conference, set to take place in Washington at precisely the same time–which is exactly the performance lineup that unfolded in 2011. In fact, Netanyahu will be addressing both the conference, and Congress, a day or so later, which–again–is what happened in 2011.”……. we are so far ahead of them now, their every move predictable… spotlight on them all

  3. Good question Howie- why aren’t they registered as foreign agents?
    These dual citizens do what they want yet people from other countries cannot do what Israeli dual citizens are allowed to do.
    In recent years even Germany allowed its German citizens of Jewish ancestry to join the Israeli Defense Forces and not lose their citizenship. If a German citizen joins a foreign army, he or she loses their German citizenship but the exception now is Israel.
    USA is the same way. Even that creep Rahm Emmanuel went to Israel in 1990-91 to try to join the Israeli Army. He did not join US Army during Gulf War even though he was born, raised, and educated in the USA.
    To add complete insult regarding the IQ of Americans he was elected mayor of Chicago and prior to being mayor was selected by Obama to work with the president- I forgot the name of the post he was given.

    • @ 60sstreetpunk

      “…Even that creep Rahm Emmanuel went to Israel in 1990-91 to try to join the Israeli Army. He did not join US Army during Gulf War even though he was born, raised, and educated in the USA..”

      For some people, loyalty to one’s Tribe trumps loyalty to one’s country.

      “To add complete insult regarding the IQ of Americans he was elected mayor of Chicago and prior to being mayor was selected by Obama to work with the president- I forgot the name of the post he was given.”

      The title of his post was White House Chief of Staff, and he was Obama’s first appointee.

  4. Damn good article. The video was fun. I guess the singing was done by Liz Gidding and I do not know who she is. She has a nice soft voice and does great justice to Patsy Cline.
    When I mentioned to people that Netanyahu got 29 standing ovations FROM a US Congress these people just didn’t get it. They did not get it that our Congress pays homage and gets on their knees for this little corrupt state called Israel.
    I will watch this video many times. I try to hone in on those who sit and do not get up and clap. Kentucky is blessed with Tom Massie who always has voted against aid to Israel.
    When I think of those I knew while in Marines and those in my cannon fodder neighborhood who were killed and hurt badly in Vietnam I realize even more just how vile and greedy and childish our Congress is. I would guess that 90 % stood up for these ovations.
    These dead Marines of blue collar families back in the 60s were far better creatures than this degenerate human garbage that wears nice suits and dresses and calls themselves members of Congress.

  5. Too bad BoNer (pronounced Boner) had oil prices working against him, whats that saying about best laid plans? He should be stuffed in the pipeline alive and then send him the full existing route. For what he’s done or not done, knowing of the facts and working for a foreign country who has attacked the U.S.A., we should be in a “State Of War” with Israel, for 9/11 alone, or the U.S.S. Liberty before that.

    Knowing Bibi is coming and meetings running from one day to the next with Congress and AIPAC, I think this is an opportunity to make a feature film about the 2 of many meetings on his trip here, showing exactly whats going on, who benefits and why, and why so many standing ovations.

    If Congress gives him another 29 ovations more or less, let them explain why they are kissing ass to such a degree when NO ONE else gets that treatment, what gives? Is it the $20 million each, that they’ve been receiving payments from, to keep quite about Israel, Bibi, NEOCONS, and Mossad’s, role in planning and executing 9/11 ?

    Are they still getting installments from offshore? Every word he makes on American ground from anywhere to anyone should be recorded so that the context can be added to what we already know.

    This may be an opportunity. He should be arrested and charged while here, along with whomever he brings, as a start, we have more than enough. Enough spitting in our faces.

  6. Call me an optimist, but I think this is indicative of a universal push toward cleaning up corruption. The message sent to other politicians is unnerving and the intell picked up within the first 48 hours after the arrest is probably quite staggering. I wouldn’t underestimate the good people of NY. Some of the baddest assest cops in da woild.

  7. I don’t think Grimm is as important as Silver in magnitude of power. Silver’s district is the lower east side of Manhattan where the Twin Towers fell down accidentally, after someone spilled coffee on the 73rd floor. A key part of the statement by Preet was that the allegations stretch back to 2000. I also think there is growing anti-zionist opinion among Jewish folks in NYC. But, folks also have to consider NY has been trying to clean up corruption for some time. It is more shocking to see that he got away with it for as long as he did, than to see him arrested. Another thing that leads me to believe this is a serious turn for all politicians is Preet saying, “stay tuned”,… this isn’t over. Also, the evidence was already accumulated in house by the Moreland Commission, but needed outside “assistance” to execute the warrant and arrest.

  8. With the Supreme court giving a free hand for unlimited cash contributions, the corruption will only increase, Sheldon is all smiles, compromising our highest court. “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton Great aricle

  9. Falling to pieces 🙂 lovely tune. Parody goes on, it is Scary Movie (provisional number) all over again. Basically all the middle east wars and Europe insurgency is happening to the countries that have some either serious or superficial issues with the state of Israel. ISIS attacks only along that agenda. Corruption is the name of the game obviously, and lately we find out that when you visit US or Israeli embassy in your country there is no difference between the two since they share “values”, political agenda, intelligence and even some legislative levels of power. Good luck to US on that road of extremism and inciting hatred around the world. Maybe Likud loses elections who knows..

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