War With Russia Begins for US



Representative of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic at the Minsk talks says the Ukrainian army has used mercenaries from the very beginning of the force operation in eastern Ukraine

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  1. The Divide and Rule thing looms large..
    I went to the supermarket, picked up a few things.
    The people there were nice, I don’t know that many know
    of the stuff we talk about, but
    Fear and Confusion (resulting in turning on one another)
    is part of the Big Plan.
    The bad guys know, they are fratricidal,
    can’t get along with themselves or anyone else.
    (please remember this).
    Meanwhile, I saw some hurt ones, and people doing what I was doing,
    getting some food.
    We were all nice to each other, crisis what crisis.
    As long as we maintain a countenance,
    and do not turn on one another..
    well, this is part of a plan
    we best not adhere to.
    Hope Springs Eternal.


    • There is no really good place to put this..
      please suffer me a moment..
      If you are into playing music, please do so (and Sing!).
      The teamwork, cadence, millisecond timing..
      These teach you stuff that crosses over.
      Anyway, please be aware..
      Art and Music are communication…
      Samizdat where needed,
      and anyway.. this teaches you what sports
      (where few are sporting) was supposed to teach.
      And they make it look easy (but it is not).
      To each their own, and it takes a while,
      when you start the fingers are all in the wrong places,
      and it seems like you will never get there.
      But if you do it is great fun.
      Thanks, a note in passing.


    • “Of Suspicious Origin”..
      I heard the place went up like an infield fly (ball).
      Accelerants seems a good bet.


    • Re SWIFT.. an interbank wire transfer facility.
      It is a railway, not a destination.
      Mr. Putin is on record that turning off SWIFT
      (for Russia) would not be well received.
      All the ‘goods’ are at dock waiting for transfer,
      if SWIFT becomes unavailable,
      then another railroad will replace it.
      Be Aware,
      the stuff you have in your pocket (I hope).. money..
      well, money is a ledger entry, always was (and will be)
      What you have is tokens which represent stored value (we hope).
      Most of the ‘money’ is not coined or printed,
      it exists as ledger entries.
      As things proceed to unwind,
      remember, (and insist upon) this, I suggest.
      To really rob a bank you need to own one.


    • Very suspicious fire . Definitely looks like a hit . He found out something that he was not supposed to know . Information is generally life-sustaining ( excluding mal-info ) . Criminalogical info can be inherently lethal especially when it belongs to a conspiratorial government .

    • I have to admit, it takes me back.
      Like in that Gene Hackman movie (Company Business I think)
      when he figures out the guy is a boomerang.
      Maybe they can arrange a nice ‘swap’.
      That seems to be happening (too) lately.
      What a bunch of Not Ready for Prime Time Players.
      Meanwhile I have other concerns which transcend
      the Great Russian Spy (scandal?) of early 2015.
      And No, I have No Idea what they were up to.
      There are a lot of Crocodile Tears usually.
      That and pots what call kettles black.


    • Let there be no doubt I said the above in sympathy,
      The HFT thing is definitely ‘not funny’.
      (High Frequency Trading, uses computers to churn markets).
      Not only does it provide a way to game markets,
      but it defeats the most basic function of a market,
      that of setting a clearing price for the commodity.
      Would they blame (fill in the blank) on the Russians,
      or preferably Putin?
      (notice how policy and such is personalized these days?).
      I don’t see why not, Russia and Mr. Putin have already
      been blamed for a bunch of stuff
      not of their doing from what I can tell.
      Paul Craig Roberts recently mentioned that if Russia is ‘junk’
      what the hell are ‘we’ (at more than ten times the exposure)
      (debt vs GDP)
      Mr. Putin’s major sin is that he won’t play their nasty game.
      For this he is demonized (and with him Russia)
      at every turn.
      Those of us who pay attention recognize ‘opposites day’
      when (daily) we see it.
      The populace at large realizes all is not well.
      The bad guys are trying to put them (the populace)
      on the Russians.
      I concur, this is uncalled for, fraudulent, bogus,
      (need I go on) and of course should not happen.


    • I said “debt vs GDP” and it is burning in my craw.
      I don’t think I did that right.
      The per-person ‘debt’ (much of it Odious)
      is more than ten times for a US resident,
      than for a Russian.
      I did not mean to misinterpret his (PCR) observation.


  2. I think this has been underway for a while,
    some things are ‘secret’ for a reason.
    Anyway, Quiet weapons for Silent Wars.
    With any luck you won’t ‘see anything at all’.
    At least as regards spectacular (or any) fireworks.
    You are right, strike the root.
    There is reason to believe we are not the only ones
    who thought of this.
    Hope springs eternal.
    We are not stupid enough to march on them..
    Who said they had a corner on sneaky.
    Honest sneaky beats the other.
    The Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance,
    get them to do the work, done up in their own tresses.
    Saves on translation errors and ‘he said she said’.
    Besides, they were going to do it anyway,
    why not have an audience.
    This is information warfare, open source intel.
    What they are up to will not stand light.
    what better but for them to expose themselves,
    in front of God and everybody (and they are).
    This has several advantages, you get the idea.



  3. I said that very thing on RT back when the aggressions with Russia first began and a lot of people agreed. Throughout history, no one has ever gone directly to the heart of the matter and flattened the Rothschild Mansion. They attack the symptoms rather than the disease.

  4. Gennady & Lidiya, it was too late in 1917 when central bankers planned and funded the First World War, the Bolshevik Revolution, and a few years later when they engineered the Ukrainian famine by confiscating the harvest and sending it eastward to China in preparation for the next revolution, allowing 30 million to starve, then propping up their concubine Mao who let 60 million Chinese starve. Russia did not hatch these monsters, they were spawned in Western capitals.

    The current bloodletting was ignited by the same nest of degenerate vermin, most notably the obnoxious skank Victoria Nuland. Listen to her vile phone call wherein she and her gigolo Pyatt calmly plan to turn a sovereign nation upside down with depraved indifference to human life. She still crawls around unleashed. It is these instigators who must be fought, not a nation that was tormented by them for a century.

  5. Rhonda Reichel, thanks for posting the ghastly evidence of wanton murder that our psychopathic “leaders” want airbrushed out of history. Calling them wolves in sheep’s clothing insults wolves. Criminally insane degenerates in pinstripes would be closer to the mark. In August 1945 one of their ilk wrote an article with such astonishing disregard for life that it should be required reading everywhere.


  6. Ukraine – original home of the Ashkenazi.

    Now that Israel seems to be failing, the Zionists want their home back.

  7. “” Public education is a massive disservice.””

    Yes m’am . It is a massively self-interested federal governmental socialist system . The states gradually relinguished their sovereignty to the federal government in exchange for financial relief which ultimately is underwritten by the taxpayers — we the people .

  8. “Cant just make this stuff up” – latest Thierry Meyssan: those psychos at CFR want to turn Obama’s presidency into Bush jr. 3 rd term, neocons and 9/11 perps at helm again! This means WW3.
    “The only personality to find favor in the eyes of the Council on Foreign Relations, Anthony Blinken, new No. 2 at the State Department, is a “liberal hawk”.

    Mr. Gelb proposes that President Obama surround himself by 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans corresponding to the profile he described: Thomas Pickering (former ambassador to the United Nations), Winston Lord (former assistant to Henry Kissinger), Frank Wisner (unofficially one of the bosses of the CIA and incidentally Nicolas Sarkozy’s stepfather) and Michèle Flournoy (the President of the Center for a New American Security)., Robert Zoellick (former head of the World Bank), Richard Armitage (former assistant to Colin Powell), Robert Kimmitt (probable next boss of the World Bank), and Richard Burt (former negotiator on the reduction of nuclear weapons).

    For Secretary of Defense, Mr. Gelb offers Rabbi Dov Zakheim to manage budget cuts , Admiral Mike Mullen (former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) and General Jack Keane (former Chief of Staff of the Army).

    Finally, Gelb proposes that the national security strategy be developed in consultation with the four “wise men”: Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft, Zbigniew Brzezinski, James Baker

    • The name Dov Zakheim sounds too familiar.
      I loose track of who did what sometimes (for short periods),
      Did he not have something to do with the Pentagon slight
      (>trillion dollar) accounting failure?
      (and leave soon thereafter).
      Do I pass Memtest?


    • LightSaber: The time has come for all this to end anyway. Way out of control when your own people become traitors to their country, cripple many of the common ordinary citizens, steal their jobs, hinder their freedoms and create catastrophe in their lives by continuing to lie to everyone to get what they want, all in the name of personal power, glory, and profit. The time has come. We’ve lost it all due to our own blind trust and laziness.

    • @Chandler

      “” We’ve lost it all due to our own blind trust and laziness.””

      That is only half true . We are also victims of the crimes of lying , cheating , stealing and murder by our talmudic jewish masters whom hold licenses from judaism to commit all four crimes with impunity against nonjews//gentiles//christians//goyim . Ignorance is seldom blissful .

      *** Protocols of the ILLuminati ***, number 15 , item 6 = { Gentiles are Stupid } .

    • You’d think Crazy Dov would know when to quit while he’s ahead. If he had any brains he’d be under a palm tree on Tel Aviv beach. These weirdos are like really bad gamblers who can’t stay away with the wins but put them all on the table again. How does that song go?

  9. It is a place where they fought (fight) each other.
    This went on for I think six months (so far).
    It now is an airport in name only.
    Nothing but wreckage and rubble.
    Damn Shame.



    Let’s hope the Greeks do the Iceland shuffle with great aplomb and maybe…just maybe…when the time is just RIGHT…Putin will refuse to pay ALL of it’s Western debts…….and we will then all see the fall begin….

    2LT Dennis Morrisseau USArmy [armor – Vietnam era] retired. POB 177 W Pawlet, VT 05775
    802 645 9727 [email protected]

    • Looks like the Greeks (bless their pointy little hearts)
      pretty much told the bad guys to Stuff It.
      Now the fun begins, do they avoid retrys and
      maybe a nice ‘coalition government’..
      And in any case, they are the dog that caught the car,
      now they need to figure out how to run a railroad.
      It remains to be seen, I wish them well.
      One Size does Not fit all,
      even if the Social Engineers insist otherwise.
      I wish them well.


  11. I pray you are mistaken.
    Mr. Putin will respond as needed,
    but so far he is way to smart to play into their provocations.
    There are many things can be done, not involving
    blowing up the planet (figurative caricature).
    I trust he will think of something.
    I do not want war, including with Russia.
    I think most of our countrymen would concur,
    at least if they are not swallowing whole from MSM.
    Enough Grief and Sadness Already!
    This Is Not The Best We Can Do.


  12. The world is not Black & White like the US always pushing it. Unfortunately US are calling for international law in Russia breaching other country’s security and US actions in Nicaragua, Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Iraq again and again, Syria go unmentioned as nothing to do with international law. International law is like mafia, there is no such thing as international law, only blades and bullets. For some it is a currency slot game, for other it is survivor, making it from today till tommorow. NATO is reaching the stage of breaking point, soon it will collapse or require much like the Nazi state its labour and concentration camps and thought police.

    • Re ‘supersede all National Laws’.
      Yes, that is what they say, but I don’t believe them.
      The Charter (in our case the Declaration of Independence,
      the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution, taken as a whole),
      Is the only difference between organized crime and a government.
      It follows that the current custodians cannot (unilaterally or otherwise)
      alter that Charter.
      Nor are they authorized to operate outside it.
      This includes by entering into Treaty’s.
      We have NO Representation at the UN level.. NONE!
      They do not work for us.
      Offered with respect.


  13. Ahhhh, I can see the joyous Bush family jumping (except for the head sperm donor GHW,) for joy over another war on the table, More profit more death. All the maimed and crippled, sightless and altered abilities receiving such inferior medical care and rehab, all we need is more of the same to overwhelm our financial capabilities.
    Maybe though Bush, Cheney, Wolfie, Rummy, Kerry, Oblunder himself, McCAin and his Syrian rebels and everyone’s offsprings can take up arms and march off to war. Led by the courageous and infamous Bill Clinton (since he knows Russia so well, and he can still walk,) can manipulate another hundred thousand plus lemming army into this slaughter house while he cradles Monica up against his flashlight. Then again oblunder won’t be accepted for he can’t produce a valid birth certificate (sorry I forgot.)

  14. In the group photo above the guy in the foreground looks Hispanic. If so he has no idea that our “leaders” have him pawned. How many of the Neocons’ sons and daughters are in the military anywhere? And I don’t mean cushy desk jobs, or fancy PR spots at the Pentagram. I mean out in the battlefield and at risk.

  15. The American interests served in setting up a civil war in a slavic nation 5000 miles from US borders is …? Novoisrael ?

  16. So far, the Russian response to the discovery of American made weapons in Donetsk remains muted, which suggest things will remain as they are with the two pseudo Russian republics fighting without direct Russian support. Everybody knows, including the Russians, there have been American and NATO country mercs and covert Special Forces fighting for some time in eastern Ukraine. Still, Russia has taken a relatively laid back position. This may be because the pro-Russian forces are doing well enough without direct Russian support. But it fits in with Russia’s strategy to stay out of the fighting to avoid a major war. So, I think the headline is a little misleading.

  17. We are looking at the end product of a century’s worth of controlled education and information in every sector. The baby boomers don’t have as much power as you think — the whole voting system is a facade to distract us into thinking that we really have a choice as to office holders. Public education is a massive disservice.

    I don’t understand the Roman non sequitur examples of late. The Pax Romana was held together by Romans who worked around common laws, beliefs, loyalties, expectations, and so on. They were ordered and practical. Our system of administration is basically theirs. They built structures that still stand. Romans took citizenship very seriously, and understood the responsibilities and privileges that came with it. Rome worked in its own interest, hence the Empire. Nor would it take orders from a vassal, conquered, allied, or adjacent state, nor would any of them be so foolish to demand such a thing.

    The Empire started crumbling when the thriving population became complacent, and government corrupt. Personal ambition replaced the solid laws that held a massively diverse Empire together. With old Roman identity diminishing, so did the barbarians increase their attacks.

    There will be no new Roman Empire because that would require a multitude of conditions that no longer exist, some rightfully so. However we do share many of the same ominous signs and symptoms that rotted Rome from within and left it wide open to barbarians.

  18. “Whoever controls the economy rules the nation”

    So if a Rothschild ruled America can set up a world empire with force, guess who rules the world.

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