Medical Examiner Called Crowley Family Deaths ‘Murder/Suicide’


There’s something about the deaths of David Crowley, age 29, Komel, his beautiful wife, age 28, and Rani, their 5 year old daughter, that doesn’t pass the smell test.

The Hennepin County medical examiner’s office has ruled that the deaths of Komel and Rani were homicides, while Crowley died of suicide. Each died of a single gunshot wound to the head.

The medical examiner’s scenario is that David murdered his wife and daughter and then killed himself. The bodies were found laid next to each other in the front room of their home.

A neighbor looking through their window on January 17, 2015, called the Apple Valley police.  They had been death for almost a month over the Christmas holidays.

Was David depressed, suffering from PTSD, unable to secure investors to fund the filming of his anti-government film, Gray State, out of money, with no hope?


There’s no evidence of a struggle, according to the police. No suicide note.

A sliding door was found opened by the police. Used by intruders to gain entry to the home or just left slightly upended by the family for one reason or another?

Did the Crowley’s have enemies? What would be the motive for murdering this family? Gray State, the movie trailer on YouTube, has over 1,500,000 views as of January 26st.

But, why would anyone want to assassinate Crowley and his family? Conspiracy theorists and the hacker group Anonymous have stated several reasons why someone would want to kill Crowley and it all stems from the controversial, “anti-government” film Gray State. For those who don’t know, the not-yet-completed film reportedly exposed hidden details about a government takeover and the volatile state of law enforcement after an American crisis.

Gray, the color of undyed wool, and thus was the color most commonly worn by peasants and the poor in the Middle Ages. Was Gray State a metaphor for uniformity of thought under a future martial law imposed by a tyrannical government?

David, a US Army veteran who served in Iraq, said on an Alex Jones interview in 2012 that the film will not portray the military as an evil force when marital law is declared after a future societal collapse.

There’s no information on whether a treatment and film script was completed and I seriously doubt there are too many Hollywood producers interested in funding this film, especially if they’re concerned that the family was murdered.

I’ve listened to David Crowley’s interviews on the internet. Articulate. Intelligent. Charming. Confident. These are some of the attributes that come immediately to mind.

It’s entirely possible that David had financial problems. Most young couples have money problems at one time or another. But, would it be enough to kill your family and yourself? I don’t think so. David was an Iraqi War veteran, but there’s no evidence that he was depressed or mentally ill or seeking psychiatric help or suffering from PTSD.

Means, motive, and opportunity refer to the ability of the murderer to commit the crime (means), the reason for the murderer to commit the crime (motive) and whether or not the murderer had the chance to commit the crime (opportunity).

Anyone can be murdered by professionals and the crime scene set-up to support a murder/suicide.

Was the Gray State enough of a threat to the ‘NWO or others’ to order a hit on the Crowleys? The film was not in production and there’s no creditable information that investors were ready to spend millions to fund the film.

Yet, the one thing that is certain to me is Gray State, as a feature film, could have easily been a serious threat to arouse the ‘sheeple’. Think FEMA camps, martial law, guillotines, revolution, mind control, RFIDs and you’re in the right ballpark.

If they were murdered, it had to be done by professionals. David was a healthy, strong Army veteran. He would have fought for his life and his family. Could the killers) have entered though the sliding door in the early morning hours (say 0300), quickly and silently killed the Crowleys by injecting them with a fatal dose of drugs (e.g., a barbiturate, paralytic, and potassium solution), carry the dead to the front room, fire a silent shot into their heads and drop the weapon next to David with his fingerprints on it?

Their bodies were partially decomposed. Probably dead for close to a month. An independent investigation takes money; lots of money.

If the worst happened, could you be the next target? I’m not paranoid, but it could happen.

The trigger would be martial law. “Not in America,” you say.  Well, if you believe that 911 was a terrorist attack by terrorists using commercial airlines, then I guess you can rest easy. But, before tossing this off, just take a quick look at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth).

AE911Turth is a non-profit, non-partisan organization of architects, engineers, and affiliates dedicated to researching and disseminating scientific information about the complete destruction of all three World Trade Canter skyscrapers on September 11, 2001.” The conclusion of these professionals is that the towers were brought down by controlled demolitions.

Since 9/11, however, independent researchers around the world have assembled a large body of evidence that overwhelmingly refutes the notion that airplane impacts and fires caused the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC 7. This body of evidence, most of which FEMA and NIST omitted from their reports, instead supports the troubling conclusion that all three skyscrapers were destroyed in a process known as “controlled demolition,” where explosives and/or other devices are used to bring down a building.

You won’t hear this from the major media. 911 is a false flag that resulted in the murder of thousands of innocent people. Follow the money trail. Iraq and Afghanistan. Hundreds of billions spent to fund wars that were totally unnecessary. Loss of treasure and blood. It doesn’t get any worst.  David Crowley had it right.

If you still think that you’re not on anyone’s target list, just read what the late NSA agent A. C. Griffith had to say about the threat matrix score that is assigned to everyone:

How do you know if you are a potential target for immediate elimination once martial law is declared? The short answer is that you cannot be certain. Former NSA agent, the late A.C. Griffith, once stated that we are all assigned a threat matrix score and categorized on the NSA’s ability to track your movements, rate your web surfing habits, track your proximity to other known dissidents through cell phone movement matching and quantitatively and qualitatively monitor your electronic communications. Every one of us has a threat matrix score which is assigned by the NSA. What we do not know is how we compare to everyone else and what will be the cutoff point which would increase the danger for some. Certainly, former military leaders who have been shown the door by Obama are at extreme risk because of their potential to organize guerrilla forces. Key members of the independent media would be another primary target as well those people who would immediately fill an opposition leadership role after the removal of the original opposition leaders.”

May the souls of the Crowley family and all the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace.

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  1. Holiday season, presents on the porch? No family or friends contact during holidays? Angry dog inside, where was dog when this tragedy happened, who fed the dog for weeks? Way to many questions on this case.

  2. “” America is now run by Murder Inc.””

    No doubt . They are a major governmental agency and another reason , besides pacification by water flouridation , that america is chock-a-block full of sheeple .

    People need to understand that the depth of purgatory is limitless and things will only continue to get worse for themselves until they decide to do something to turn their collective and individual descent into hell around by doing anything they can think of that may work to resist or defeat satan’s and his numerous minion’s gravitational downward pull . Anyone can do something ; collectives or organized groups of many can do much more . Be aware of group infiltration attempts .

  3. I always find Sorcha Faal sisterhood (alleged CIA front) reports interesting (minus the obvious anti-Obama propaganda):

    Massive Obama Killing Operation Unmasked By Russian “Spies”. “massive killing operation” organized and funded by the Obama regime has been uncovered and is responsible for the deaths of at least 45 people, including a top US movie director and his family, numerous bankers and nearly the entire family of a top American computer expert. According to this report, the SVR first became aware of this Obama killing operation when two of its financial analysts, Victor Podobnyy and Igor Sporyshev, were contacted by a senior Vnesheconombank (VEB) computer technician named Evgeny Buryakov in New York City this past month…

  4. Gordon Duff has often stated that he, and the brave folk at V.T. are out of harms way, because they have access to too much intel, that effectively protects them.

    Not denying the above deaths are extremely suspicious, how then would a decision be made as to who has exceeded the PICO scale (as someone suggested below) and is earmarked for assassination and who is not? The 911 truth movement seems the most likely to collapse the house of cards, yet there seems no intimidation to prevent their increasing exposure, of that world changing event. Any thoughts?

    • Robert,

      I don’t have the same confidence level as Gordon but I don’t have access to his intel either. In fact, I think that Tim King, my co-author of BETRAYAL, and I are definitely earmarked for a FEMA detection camp when (not if) martial law is enacted. Both of us served at MCAS El Toro and wrote extensively about the murder and government cover-up of Colonel James E. Sabow and the use of the base to funnel cocaine into the US. I have no idea of how the PICO matrix works and who makes the call on assassinations. In any martial law detention, those who have the guns can make the call on who lives and dies. If you are picked up, I wouldn’t count on a low PICO score to keep you alive. The best bet is don’t get picked-up or it happens, look for a way out ASAP. The 911 truth movement could be a catalyst to collapse the house of cards, but so far, most of the general public is ignorant of it or could care less. That is not good news for the country and for future generations.

  5. Joseph Daniel Casolaro (1947 – 1991) was an American freelance writer who came to public attention in 1991 when he was found dead in a bathtub in room 517 of the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia, his wrists slashed 10–12 times. A note was found, and the medical examiner ruled the death a suicide. His death became controversial because his notes suggested he was in Martinsburg to meet a source about a story he called “the Octopus.” This centered on a sprawling collaboration involving an international cabal, and primarily featuring a number of stories familiar to journalists who worked in and near Washington, D.C. Danny went alone and was not armed. The hotel maid saw a young, thin Latino man leaving Danny’s room before she discovered his body in the bathtub. Blooded bath towels were found on the floor. Someone tried to clean up the blood with the towels. Not something you would do if you just slit your writs in a bathtub, but it didn’t matter. Danny’s gruesome death was ruled a suicide, too.

  6. Perhaps this is irrelevant but I find it strange that the bodies were there almost a month before Christmas and no one noticed. Most people have jobs that would miss them, schools that would miss the children, neighbors that would notice mail piling up and other oddities. Not to mention their families. A whole family not in touch with their families around the holidays and nobody notices or goes to have a look? It’s like no one was expecting them for anything. Weird.

  7. “…The bodies were found laid next to each other in the front room of their home.”

    Let me get this straight: He shot his wife and his daughter, laid them on the floor, side by side, and then he lay down next to them and shot himself.

    That’s the only scenario that fits the medical examiner’s murder-suicide ruling.

    “A sliding door was found opened by the police….”

    The high temperature in Minneapolis in late December was in the twenties F. Who leaves a door open — even slightly — when it’s that cold outside?

    Did this medical examiner get his training from the medical examiner who ruled that Vince Foster committed suicide?

  8. The common denominator is information that is so vile that the NWO has to eliminate the primary source and family to not only protect itself but to send a message. There has to be some way that those with such information or evidence can pass it on safely. Our enemies have a system in place to track those who would derail their plans. That system has to be quietly located, monitored, tracked, and disrupted. It will not be easy for they have had a free hand for more than a century.

  9. PTI,

    Thanks for your comments. A great deal of blood was shed since 1776 for the right of Americans to FREE SPEECH. I’m betting our NSA threat matrix score is high and not because we are terrorists but because we exercise our right of free speech to denounce the abuse of power. The day we ‘cower in a corner’ will be the end of freedom.

  10. PTI,

    Oh let’s not forget ‘false flag’ events, rewriting history, and the indoctrination of the masses via Edward Bernays methods….

  11. PTI,

    If wars, economic collapses,take overs of governments via infiltration and corruption, the use of tactical measures to achieve an overall strategy, or means to an end…why would the assassination of anyone who is perceived to be a threat like a David Crowley and the inevitable cover-up not seem plausible…death, sex, intimidation, and bribery are some of the oldest methods used by TPTB…I wonder what readers and commentators of VT threat matrix score is….knowing American capitalism you’ll be able to find out via some sort of reporting agency for a price…kind of like a FICO score…

  12. As a father of four grown children I can say emphatically that fathers do not kill their wive and children due to lack of money! Not that is unless they are very unbalanced and using drugs — including psychiatric drugs. And this man was clearly not that type. Also wives and mothers have their intutions. I think someone knew he had information that they wanted kept secret. What that was we will probably not find out. However, Americans will believe anything these days. Suicides are in style and popular. But murder of a wife and child? Hardly. To cross that barrier a man would have to be genuinely crazy . . . his friends and family would know. This is Michael Hastings again. And a very sorry thing it is.

    • William, I’m a father and grandfather of three. I’ve had money issues as most of have had at one time or another and the last thing I would ever do is kill my family and myself. There is no mention of drugs but that’s not a problem for the killers. Just plant some cocaine or other drugs on the way out the patio door. By the way, if I die a violent death, I didn’t kill myself, I’m just saying.

  13. David got too close to the fetid Beast. He did his best to defend us and paid the ultimate price. Like Rowe, Sabow, Yeakey, Cutolo, Harding, Schwarz, and so many others, there is a future place for his valiant name to be remembered, perhaps a film school or scholarship.

    As for the report, either someone was threatened, compromised, or participated. What else is new. This is happening too often, and like cornered rats our “leaders” are becoming more dangerous. Their devoted flying monkeys are on overtime, good for nothing traitorous guttersnipes that they are. It is astonishing that the plotters are so stupid. If they were normal criminals they would have been long since retired but they just can’t stop. There must be an awful lot of them too, for these atrocities to occur in such quick succession.

    One of these days they will go one crime too far and pay dearly for what they have done at home and abroad. Where are the centurions when you need them.

    • John, I’m guessing M.E.’s are rented AND bought. Considering how much corruption there is in all levels of government, it would be a surprise if there were NOT many M.E.’s in key locales totally bought-and-paid for, since their word is the official, final word.

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