9/11: Silencing those who report Israel’s role


File phto of U.S. Attorney General Holder at news conference  in Washington


Mike Dick, Supervising Special Agent, heading the FBI’s counter intelligence program, also US Army Lt. Colonel, 3 years deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, outlines harassment that we know comes from his direct knowledge of Netanyahu’s role in planning 9/11.

Nearly 100 FBI, CIA and other organization personnel are currently under gag order tied to Israels involvement in the planning and execution of 9/11, widespread nuclear espionage and the theft of 350 carefully selected “nuclear pits,” selected with the help of the Director of the US Department of Energy, an Israeli agent.

Mike Dick was running surveillance units, as cited below, in New York City, tracking “Israeli art students” and Mohammed Atta, observing their meetings and fighting a war against American traitors who aided Israel in planting nuclear weapons under the World Trade Center.

These are just some of the secrets. Read how they are kept, when murder doesn’t work:

Mike Dick Lawsuit Against Eric Holder


  1. Yes including the City of London, the Queen, and the Vatican takes you further up the food chain of tyranny but not to the top where the head of the snake must be severed.

    The public is only shown a distracting mask as to who is really behind this problem. When we delve deeper into this problem a supernatural aspect starts to emerge and any proffered solution that does not take that into account, is sure to fail and worse yet likely only play into the hands of the oppressors and their nefarious agenda. Sending emails and blogging against Hillary, Kerry, Bushs, Rothchilds, exposes’, is simply not going to do it here folks. The nature of tyranical abuse is that power is never reliquished volentarily, it has to be forefully taken away.

    At some point we will say we’ve had enought and finally act to do so.

    A solution without a cosmology is no solution.

    Listen to John Lamb Lash and his Kalika War Party solution:John Lamb Lash Kalika War Party Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB6FFNlh3mI&list=PL00xLrvrDi7autgA9L8RvgXmiPGEQFNox

  2. Funny thing about Robert S. Mueller, III, His daddy was a very high ranking Freemason, And there is little credible public information about his granddaddy except that he apparently emigrated from Pomerania, Germany in 1855.


  3. They have 1001 ways to put the skids under people that they do not like – and will stop at nothing to do so. Right or wrong – innocence or guilt no longer apply as the criteria. The honest and diligent person is relegated and smeared – while the useless judas goat is promoted and praised. I am sure that people everywhere have seen that this is now a feature of everyday life.

    Gone are the days of good-hearted, patriarchal and kindly managers in the workplace – tempering justice with mercy and creating a happy work environment. Now are the days of obsessive psychopaths – prepared to do anything to anyone for a few pieces of silver – or a tick on a ‘key performance indicator’. This is the progress that the new world order tells us about.

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  5. John, I’d edit your comment to read, “The FBI has become just another bureaucracy under the total control of the kosher nostra.” Agents, and most of them definitely are the good guys, know there are kosher ears in every loop and that taking evidence of Zio espionage and sabotage to the perps themselves in the DoJ isn’t the wisest policy.

  6. For some time now people ( or are they best described as “neocon Zombie children “?) who believe the semi-official ( Philip Zelikow’s ) version sound less coherent than deranged crack-heads with squeegees bothering passing motorists.

  7. There is without a doubt a rouge cancer that has taken over the top of the CIA and FBI. It is time to kill that cancer and shine a little light of day on their practices. Of course they will hide behind the pretense of “national security” as they still are with the JFK files. Must protect the criminals within of course.

  8. Again, VT is proving instrumental in breaking thru the Matrix that has had us all mentally/emotionally conned & enslaved. I had never encountered the work of Mae Brussell until the recently featured article. How incredibly amazing was she to have amassed so much information pre-internet, connected the dots, and to have effectively conveyed that info over & over w/ her outstanding radio broadcasts? Reviewing these broadcasts via youtube, I’m reminded of all the extremely bizarre occurrences that have played out during my life in addition to the assassinations of JFK/RFK/MLK – the Manson killings & subsequent attempts on Pres. Ford, Son of Sam killings, the SLA & Patty Hearst, the McMartin preschool satanic/sexual abuse case – just to name a few. Is it any wonder we are all still walking around in a delusional haze re the actual reality of our existence when so much has been perpetrated right under our noses – covered up & explained away to everyone’s satisfaction.

    Well, methinks the worm has finally turned. The low/mid-level perps better wake up & smell the coffee because there really is a NEW SHERIFF in town!

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