Poll: Netanyahu should be investigated for nuclear weapons tech smuggling




Mr. Tough Guy
Mr. Tough Guy

[ Editor’s Note: Articles are already coming out that Bibi has overplayed his hand, and AIPAC’s, gambling on a show of power by doing an end run on White house executive control of foreign policy.

They have put themselves openly on the firing line and I urge all to take full advantage of this golden opportunity.

Everyone should start planning to put your own Congressmen and Senators under the gun for defending their history of bending over for the AIPAC lobby.

In the past there have only been sparks of outrage, that quickly died. So there have never been any political consequences to overly close relations with the Israelis, which includes espionage of course. Some of the highest classified material Israel gets is via the high ranking Congressmen that have the clearances for it.

Jewish ranks are also writing about what a bad strategic move the Bibi ploy is, not out of any concern of conscience, but because it risk the fail safe game they have been running for decades where they get almost everything they want at almost a zero boomerang cost.

We should have the VT radio phone trees up and working for this important battle. I suggest in the mean time to start organizing your own contacts to join in for your districts and states.

One of the initial steps will be sending them a list of questions dealing with Israeli threats here, asking them what they have done either in support or to combat them. That will get a buzz going.

We will then follow up with the 9-11 stuff, probably wanting it mailed from voters in their districts as that gets alot more attention. This is a huge opportunity so please get geared up. We will need everybody… Jim W. Dean ]



SOURCE Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy

WASHINGTON, Jan. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/

"Bibi has put himself on the firing range"....Jim W. Dean
“Bibi has put himself on the firing range”….Jim W. Dean

A majority of Americans believe Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be investigated by the FBI for nuclear weapons technology smuggling before being allowed to enter the United States according to a new poll.

In 2012 the FBI declassified and released files (PDF archive) of its investigation into how 800 nuclear weapons triggers were illegally smuggled from the US to Israel.

According to the FBI, the Israeli Ministry of Defense ordered nuclear triggers (krytrons), encrypted radios, ballistic missile propellants and other export-prohibited items through a network of front companies.

Smuggling ring operations leader Richard Kelly Smyth alleged that Netanyahu worked at one of the fronts—Heli Trading  owned by confessed spy and Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan—and met with him frequently to execute smuggling operations.

The poll was commissioned by the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep).  When informed of the incident, most Americans (54.9 percent) indicate that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be investigated by the FBI before an upcoming U.S. visit.

Israel officially designated the smuggling operation “Project Pinto.”  Smyth was captured, prosecuted and incarcerated in 2002 after years on the run as an international fugitive.  The krytrons were believed to be destined for Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program.

Only 25.8 percent of Americans polled believe Netanyahu should be allowed to freely visit the US while 15.9 percent say said he should neither be investigated nor allowed to enter the US

When questioned by Israeli and Russian media about the smuggling affair, the Israeli Foreign Ministry denied involvement.

Younger respondents (age 18-24 and 25-34) are generally more likely to want Netanyahu investigated (73.6 percent and 62.0 percent) than older Americans.  Responses vary little between income categories.  However females (63.4 percent) were more likely than males (50.4 percent) to prefer Netanyahu be criminally investigated before being allowed to enter America.

Netanyahu has recently announced plans to break diplomatic protocol and address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and Congress in March, 2015 without coordinating his state visit with the White House.

The IRmep poll, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percent, was fielded January 26-28, 2015 by Google Consumer Surveys and received 1,507 responses. The poll question, response choices and statistically significant results may be viewed online and cross-tabulated at:


SOURCE Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy


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  1. investigations have already provided enough results to justify a rendition for terrorism.
    supporting mercenary terrorists posing as “rebels” in Syria, is just ONE huge tidbit why.
    slaughtering Palestinians last year, high seas piracy-murder of a peaceful floatilla, false flag attacks, threats.. the psychopath IS a danger to himself and others.

  2. On operation Pinto, that wicked one should have hanged. Darn, that is what happens when you put a furniture salesman (always a front) in a position of power, above his edu-knowledge, based talmudist numb-nutt in power, once a slaesman always a saleman………………….. the spirit of anti-christ is alive and well……..

  3.  Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, in his book “Kosher Jesus,” said, “JESUS IS NOT GOD,
    BUT A NICE JEWS BOY.” He added, Christianity is a contradistinction to Judaism.”
     Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who died in 2013, said NON-JEWS ARE DONKEYS, CREATED TO SERVE JEWS!
     Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, in his book “The King’s Torah,” said JEWS CAN KILL NON-JEWS INCLUDING CHILDREN.

  4.  John Boehner, the good people of (VA-7) got rid of Eric Cantor, not for you to invite Netanyahu.
     1) Maybe Boehner does not know, Netanyahu is from a foreign government
     2) He invited him a few weeks before his “So Called Democratic Election.”
     3) Without consulting with The White House (USA Government).
     4) Instead of telling Netanyahu to get rid of Israel’s Nukes, he’s coming to encourage Congress to reject
    USA, EU & Iran’s deal, which is in the “Interest not only of USA, but The Entire World,” but not of Israel
     Not to mention, “messing-up a democratic election process of a foreign country.”
     It’s high time, to put in Prison the 535 Congress for TREASON, then to cut off Israel the Evil / Apartheid /
    snake/ cancer / pariah / rogue / criminal EMPIRE, economically & diplomatically & treat it like a
    sub-human & put it in a cage just as it’s doing it to Gaza. Let’s see also, if Israel on its own can still
    remain in “OECD” The Rich Countries’ Club.
     If Israeli elect him again, they have to tell their USA Buddies, “DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA.”
     Then again, the Las Vegas Mafia-Zionist, “Sheldon Adelson said. “I don’t think the Bible says anything
    about democracy “[God] didn’t talk about Israel remaining as a Democratic State… Israel isn’t going to
    be a Democratic State — so what?”

  5. high time he is treated with the disrespect he so thoroughly deserves….along with those that choose to stick with him like dogshite on the bottom of his shoe

  6. We need to start somewhere and if this case has reliable facts on Bibi, lets get started.

    Certainly other crimes such as the missing 350 Nuclear Warheads from Pantex, TX, that they stole along with the key characteristics of each warhead needed to re-fabricate them for future use is a BIG ONE.

    Using the Nukes against us on 9/11 is huge crime #2, and selling re-claimed Nukes to other Governments once they modified them, is a third, and thats just on this particular series of crimes. Inciting a false-War against Muslims, based upon their own criminality should be brought front and center and include those in Congress/Administrations/Agencies, etc., who knowingly helped them.

    One bite at a time has merit. Let Bibi come here and bury himself with statements to Congress and yes we’ll let Congress know our concerns in writing ahead of time, to be viewed in context later. Especially if they ignore them or refuse to look into known violations. Give them all the rope they want.

  7. Just look at the mans frontal and profile picture

    fleshy lips, but thin upper lip, large sinus cavities, receding hairline ; particularly above left ear, bushy eyebrows, large eye sockets, but deep-set eyes, large nose and strong jaw line, small and sloping forehead combined with a weak chin , thin neck, sloping shoulders, protruding ears and high cheek bones.

    In Anthropological criminology Netanyahu exhibits all the textbook features of a born criminal. He is definitely an undesirable alien suspected of numerous, even relentless, terrorist activities. Why is he not on the no fly list? He should be on the top of it.

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