Airline whistleblower solves 9/11

Was this where the FTS-captured 9/11 planes landed?

Listen to last night’s interview with Rebekah Roth, to be archived here.

Was this where the FTS-captured 9/11 planes landed?
Was this where the FTS-captured 9/11 planes landed?

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

The truth-seeking community – and the airline industry – are abuzz over Rebekah Roth’s new book Methodical Illusion. It’s poised to break into the top 1,000 worldwide, selling so fast that Amazon may even have tried to stop its rise to bestseller status by falsely claiming “sorry, out of stock.”

We’ve seen this situation before…such as on September 8th, 2013, when the RT documentary 9/11 and Operation Gladio started to go viral and suddenly disappeared from search engines – as emails containing its url began falling into a big black hole in cyberspace.

So what’s all the excitement about? Why would the people whose job is to “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories” try to limit sales of a potboiler novel by a former stewardess?

hqdefaultHint: It isn’t literary quality they’re afraid of. If you want a 9/11 truth novel by a literary genius, read Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge. Pynchon’s book has lots of great writing and a modest amount of 9/11 truth, packaged in such a way as not to offend the Tribe that dominates American media.

But if you want a rough-hewn page-turner with more 9/11 truth than anything you’re likely to read this side of David Ray Griffin or Christopher Bollyn (or Veterans Today for that matter) check out Methodical Illusion. Roth boldly goes where no stewardess or novelist has gone before, pinning 9/11 squarely on the Israelis and their American assets, and providing a convincing explanation of how the planes were “hijacked,” by whom, where they went, and what happened to the passengers.

Roth’s book has set off a stampede by her former colleagues in the aviation industry, who are rushing to provide details supporting her revelations. They are confirming the installation of FTS (Flight Termination System) equipment on the models “hijacked” on 9/11, which allowed those planes to be taken over remotely and flown from the ground. When FTS takes over a plane, it completely shuts down that plane’s communications with the outside world. That explains why not one of the four pilots on any of the 9/11 planes managed to flip a toggle switch and squawk the hijack code. Had the aircraft been hijacked in a normal manner, the pilots, who are trained to instantly squawk “hijack” in such an emergency, all would have done so.

The failure of any of the 9/11 planes to squawk the “we are hijacked” message is absolute, conclusive proof that the official story of hijackings by Arabs armed with box cutters is false.

According to the author’s hypothesis, the FTS-captured-and-silenced planes landed at a nearby Air Force base with gigantic hangars, which Roth identifies and a colleague who was there confirms happened, less than 20 minutes after takeoff. Once on the ground, selected flight attendants and passengers were guided (or forced) to place cell phone calls, during which they read from scripts prepared by the perpetrators.

This scenario is very similar to one planned by the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962: the infamous Operation Northwoods. And it is entirely plausible. The main counter-argument – that the FAA tracked the two Boston aircraft from takeoff to crashes – has been disproven, since we now know that the 9/11 perpetrators were inserting false blips onto FAA controllers screens and thereby controlling what they saw.

According to this scenario, the Twin Towers would have been hit by military aircraft and/or missiles, not passenger jets.

Roth’s hypothesis is compelling, for several reasons. First, it explains why the perpetrators would invent such a ridiculously implausible scenario as “hijacked suicide attack planes fly all over the Eastern half of the USA before finally hitting their targets or being taken down by heroic passengers.” They needed this palpably absurd scheme to allow for time to covertly land the planes and stage the dramas via scripted cell phone calls. And the dramas – which would brainwash Americans into hating Israel’s Muslim enemies and killing them by the millions – were (alongside the horrific images broadcast from New York) the key part of the psy-op. Without the “cell phone calls,” nobody would have “known” what happened on those planes.

Were there such a thing as al-Qaeda suicide hijackers, they would take over the plane immediately after takeoff and fly straight for their targets, thereby minimizing the possibility of things going wrong, such as FTS being activated by the good guys or NORAD interceptors showing up in around 10 minutes – the normal procedure every time a plane deviates significantly from course.

But since there have been no successful hijackings in the USA since the 1970s, the whole idea that even one plane would be successfully hijacked on 9/11 is ludicrous. The preposterous claim that four planes with military-trained pilots were commandeered by 130 pound “muscle hijackers” with box cutters and flown with consummate skill and impossible speed by pilots who couldn’t even fly Cessnas is one of history’s most bizarre delusions.

Roth’s hypothesis also explains why so many of the people who received phone calls from the “hijacked passengers” insisted that the calls came from the person’s cell phone, positively identified through caller ID. In 2001, cell phones did not work at altitude. The calls must have been made from the ground.

Additionally, this scenario explains why many of the cell phone calls went on so long; were often placed to improbable recipients; had none of the correct background sounds; and were full of bizarre glitches revealing that they were scripted and/or coerced, not actual emergency calls from in-flight aircraft.

Roth’s explanation sheds light on the role of Rabbi Dov Zakheim, a US-Israeli dual citizen who served as Comptroller of the Pentagon on 9/11 and managed to abscond with $2.3 trillion dollars, as Rumsfeld announced the day before.

Roth writes:

“Remember the comptroller of the Pentagon (Dov Zakheim), who owned the company that manufactured the flight termination system? He also owned a company that refurbished commercial 767s and sold them as military refueling tankers. He just got some free airplanes to add to his inventory. They could have easily kept those planes hidden in the hangers (at the Air Force Base) and flown them out after dark”. (251)

According to former NSA officer Wayne Madsen, one or more of those planes may now be parked at the “Boneyard” (the Marana Air Field) in Arizona. Madsen spent several days on-site investigating the murder of former CIA pilot and 9/11 truth author Philip Marshall – a crime which, like the recent assassination of Gray State filmmaker David Crowley, was a professional hit disguised as a murder-suicide. Madsen believes Marshall may have been killed because he discovered one or more 9/11 planes stored at Marana. The quickest way to shed light on this, I suspect, would be to waterboard Rabbi Zakheim.

But the larcenous and murderous Rabbi was not the only key Israeli-American player in the plane-capture operation. Another was Daniel Lewin, the “hijacker in seat 9B” on Flight 11. Lewin was (and may still be) a topnotch Mossad assassin. Roth suggests Daniel Lewin may have been one of the agents tasked with overseeing the FTS plane-takeovers, controlling the passengers and crew, coercing cell-phone-callers, and ultimately killing the “9/11 plane crash victims” whose DNA samples would then be sent to a military laboratory for identification.  (Though there is no documentation of any discovery of passenger remains at Shanksville or the Pentagon – indeed, there is not one shred of evidence that Fight 93 was ever excavated from the ten-by-fifteen-foot hole in the ground it allegedly disappeared into, or that airliner or passenger remains were ever removed from the Pentagon – the government claims that all of the passengers and crew from those two sites, but none of the alleged hijackers, have been DNA-identified from crash site remains!)

Among the airline industry whistleblowers who have contacted Roth is one who still possesses the original passenger manifests for the “hijacked flights.” There are no Arab names on those manifests. That would explain why the public versions also contain no Arab names; why no remains of any alleged hijackers were ever DNA-identified; why the US government has repeatedly refused pleas from the alleged hijackers’ family members to accept DNA samples and try to identify their falsely-accused loved ones; why several of the alleged hijackers were identity theft victims with Mossad dopplegangers; why not a single authentic security camera image shows any of the alleged hijackers en route to boarding any of the four alleged attack aircraft; why no airline industry employees have ever testified about ticketing or boarding any of the 19 Arabs; why no passenger stubs have ever been produced for the 19 Arabs; and why ten of the alleged hijackers turned up alive after 9/11.

Digital StillCameraMethodical Illusion, unlike previous 9/11 truth novels, isn’t afraid to tell us who did it: “…A political leader of one of our most trusted allies in the Middle East.” I think we know who she means: The one who has just been invited by traitors to address Congress, over the objections of the President.

“…Because they have been such a trusted ally of our nation, they have infiltrated our media, the Federal Reserve, the banking system and they control most of the lobbyists that manipulate far too many of our politicians. They also control most of the campaign contributions as well as both political parties…their complete control over the media is going to be very problematic for us.”

It may be a novel, but truer words have never been spoken.







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  1. Well, when I spamming thousands of people about 9/11, one group I targeted was lawyers. The juicy carrot I dangled to catch their attention was to sell this as the biggest class action in the history of mankind. But maybe people prefer to stay alive than to try and collect attorney fees…….

  2. Well, before talking from your gut feeling, see [size=150][b][url=]THIS[/url][/b][/size]

  3. is it possible to prove if the person was dead or alive when the DNA sample was taken ? peace and justice for ALL . mylo

  4. Sept 10, 2001 was the day Rumseld was on the news regarding the missing 2.4 trillion as I saw on the news on the same day. I remeber also having mentioned to a friend that something is going to happen given the cause-less dropping figures of the stock markets. After the next day’s terrible events I tried to take a peek into the future but all I could see was blackness. Someone mentioned Loe Vialls here yes what a loss. See how you can no longer find his writings on the net ? Good thing I saved a lot of his web pages in my computer, Anyone interested I can upload them for file sharing.

  5. Rebekah Roth? Why is my warning bell going off? Maybe it’s not what is said so much as what is not said? I really hate seeing joo-ish names all over the place. I hope for the sake of truth that she’s legit, but if not, then that’s ok too I suppose, because it will ultimately help us all to arrive at a new understanding. VT, thanks for keeping up the discussions, no matter where they lead.

  6. @Tod Butson please stop shouting here.

    It is you and others like you that have to present the facts that would somehow support the official version of what happened on that fateful and infamous day.

    How could the mobile-cell phone calls have taken place at an altitude where there is no coverage ?

    What kind of weapon causes a blast that shears and vaporizes half a car leaving the other half unscathed ?

    How could a WTC-7 fall on its own footprint given that it were not hit ? Granted that the owner admitted to order it pulled down but how could it be ‘pulled down’ given that controlled demolition would warrant a couple of months of planning and studying before actually placin the charges in place ?

    • Has it happened before that a controlled demolition would take place without a prior approval of concerned authorities ? Was a permit obtained prior to pull this behemoth of a building down ?
      How long does it normally take to obtain a demolition permit ?
      Even had a permit been given how on earth could this demolition be allowed to be carried out during the mayhem of 9/11 and at a spitting distance to a crime scene ?

      How could so many independent investigators be met with untimely death ? What is being hidden from being revealed ?

    • Why would there be so many put options on the airlines’ stocks before the event indicating prior knowledge. This is open knowledge hence why no further invetigation was ever conducted in this direction ?

      The anomalies in this crime are countless and it is for ones such as you who have to provide for explanations.

      What would take for someone like you to accept clear evidence ? A gun to the forehead ?????

    • And you just have to love how Zim Israel ( Talmudia’s shipping co. ) moved out of the WTC a week before, broke their lease, and paid a $50,000 penalty…Or the way Odigo, the Israeli-owned messaging svc., sent their people a message a couple of hrs. before telling them not to come to work ( at the WTC )…Oh, can you just feel the love for your fellow citizens?

    • It’s not clear what Todd B wants proved, but presumably he means what hit the Twin Towers. He implies that because he witnessed the events (on TV?) through the eyes of his military/LE experience he can corroborate it was the flights in question, which is so laughably absurd he betrays himself as a troll. He confounds the evidence-based hypotheses of first-rank experts in the relevant fields with nonsense at the margins of speculation, proving his agenda is protecting the official narrative. His demand for proof is disingenuous inasmuch as the already available evidence overwhelmingly disproves the official causative narrative and hijacking scenario. Overall, his ad hominems suggest he’s a troll working from the hasbara playbook desperately trying to poison the well rather than point out the flaws in various hypotheses under investigation.

  7. The book’s publisher:

    “KTYS Media is a Boutique Publishing House
    for Books that Invoke a Change of Heart or a Change of Mind.”

    The strangulation hold by the dreadful few is not total; there are small, independent publishing houses.

  8. Debris blown out of the towers by the explosive charges that created the cartoon cutouts of the “planes.”

  9. All evidence is here, yet no legal court will touch this greatest mass murder in our generation, the supreme court, forget it, no legal means of pursuing this crime, I wonder if we the people can hold inquisitions or a public case by the people, otherwise, I don’t see any present legal means whereby we could bring this matter out in some legal procedure and means by the people!

  10. This may be some good information that can potentially fill in some gaps, but it begs the question: What about the ACARS data obtained with an FOIA request showing UAL175 in the air communicating with a Remote Ground Station in Harrisburg, PA at the time of the “alleged” impact with the South Tower and then communicating 20 minute later with an RGS at Pittsburgh, PA??? Were the planes in the hangar or airborne when the calls were made?

    Now, according to this unclassified federal document used in the Moussaoui trial, ALL of the calls on UAL175 were only made with Airfones, not cellphones…

    Is this just yet another after-the-fact cover-up piece of US Mafia disinfo put out there after they were caught redhanded when it was proven cellphone calls cannot be made above 8000′?

    It is common knowledge that the tail numbers of UAL175 and UAL93 were both still in circulation until 2005. This, to me, shows that somebody at United Airlines was a part of this plot and cover-up.

  11. “..,.The quickest way to shed light on this, I suspect, would be to waterboard Rabbi Zakheim.”

    How about flying a camera-equipped drone, at below-radar altitude, in a zig-zag pattern, over the Marana Air Field?

  12. My hat is off –

    -Am a firm opponent of water boarding, must must admit there’s a handful of people were I would be willing to make an exception…

  13. …And then there were the pristine F-16’s that were sold for “Scrap Value” to the Israelis. That trade alone is criminal and a theft from America in which there were multiple individuals involved and MUST be charged under RICO.

    A Classic example to test RICO on,…Israeli and US Traitors that knew the difference between scrap and “In Top Condition” F-16’s with all the extras included.

    Just how many were sold as scrap?

  14. Kevin,

    I find none of your links ever lead to what you link with your own shows. I can’t access the Roth show. Where the hell is it?

    If it’s paywalled, you could say it upfront.

    • Dr. Barrett’s shows are never immediately archived:

      “Listen to last night’s interview with Rebekah Roth, to be archived here.”

      Give it a week, and check the link then.

  15. A lot of KEY information is kept from the public, like “Flight Termination Software”. Most of the public had NO idea that FTS systems existed and have been used since the 70’s.

    If they had this knowledge they might have questioned the acrobatic maneuvers that were accomplished by the planes that hit their targets, since no pilot thought it was possible to accomplish this feat.

    These supposed secrets (like the FTS System) held under the term “National Security” can and have been used against us, since they know the general public is unaware of these new technologies, and therefore easily fooled when they are deployed.

    • So, the Flight Termination System’s Software would explain the possibility of the planes reaching their target, yet there are some who say holograms were used and explosions set-off perfectly timed, to make it look realistic for the public. This may be but it’s hard to believe that they wouldn’t take advantage of the public’s ignorance with the FTS advantage they had at the time..

      Having FTS Systems installed and the public worldwide unaware of them, seems to support the idea that the perps would want to use them during a crime like this, viewed live on TV, from many angles.

      just my view and I could be wrong.

    • @ Allesandro

      From your comment:

      “So, the Flight Termination System’s Software would explain the possibility of the planes reaching their target, yet there are some who say holograms were used and explosions set-off perfectly timed, to make it look realistic for the public…”

      From the article:

      “According to the author’s hypothesis, the FTS-captured-and-silenced planes landed at a nearby Air Force base with gigantic hangars…”

      The article did not say that the FTS enabled the planes to reach their target — the Twin Towers; rather it said that the FTS enabled the planes to be diverted to “a nearby Air Force base.”

  16. Dr Richard Hall does also an EXCELLENT work here at debunking the HOLOGRAM planes.

    For those who were UNAWARE or/and fascinated about the HOLOGRAM theo… fact, the videos I mentionnes are A MUST SEE !

    And if you don’t have enough, just google “911 hologram”

  17. Another smoking gun giveaway is the fact that a specific video shows the plane MELTING INTO, VANISHING INTO the façade of the second tower instead of COLLIDING WITH it. The OUTSTANDING research of a geek video editing enthousiast that made a remarkable serie of a dozen videos in his “Psy-Opera” study serie that you can see (no 6) here demonstrate this without any doubt !

  18. Another blockbuster article by VT Editor Dr. Kevin Barrett. Send this one to all your Pilot friends who need to know the truth. It is fine work like this that gets the Truth about 9-11-01 being an inside job, a false-flag Gladio-style attack on America planned and run by the Israelis and Traitors and Dual Citizens inside America.

  19. You wrote “…we now know that the 9/11 perpetrators were inserting false blips onto FAA controllers screens…” ! Very interesting ! I never heard about that fact ! Any ref to substanciate that finding ?

    • Which is why all of the flight controllers were put under a gag order. Joe Vialls talked about this ( “bee-hive” concept of confusion ) several yrs. ago.

    • The late Joe Vialls ! What a loss !

      Under GAG ORDERS !!!??? I’m not surprised no more !!!! I have’nt realised…

    • False blips are used in Air Force readiness tests — war games — to simulate an attack by missiles/bombers. The tech has been around for decades.

      Another application of it is third-generation ECM (Electronic CounterMeasures.) Hack into a country’s air defense system and get them to attack phantom targets.

  20. Whenever there is a plane crash around the world involving American aircraft, the famous NTSB are there the next day. However on 911 they where missing.
    The reason the NTSB gave for not investigating 911 crash’s, ‘we all saw what happened’. Duh!!!
    We didn’t see what happened to the flight that crashed at the Pentagon, or Shanskvile, so who stopped this investigation?

    America is the most corrupt nation on this earth, bullied by the smallest.

    • Excellent Points. With TWA 800 they pulled every piece from the ocean off Long Island and reconstructed the entire plane. Yet with a far more serious “attack” against the USA, with huge implications for the entire nation, they performed none of the same procedures. WHY?

    • And how about getting our agency in charge of “yard sticks” to investigate why WTC7 fell down … four years after the incident … when the BBC was able to report it 30 minutes “before” the incident.

  21. Fantastic article, Dr. Barrett – I just bought the book – along with the Ganser book on Gladio (“NATO’s Secret Armies”).

    I am personally at that stage where it is such obviously bunk, and what is truly dumb-founding is that we are still debating it – still desperately trying to wake people to something that is just so incredibly obvious.

    But there is no higher act than to stand and witness Truth. Logos is Truth in literal terms. There is nothing more purposeful, nothing more real, and nothing more urgent than to do so. There is no reason to fear reprisal ultimately, because in the end, when you’ve left this plane, you’ll wish you had stood up to it. This is where devils come to play games against angels who stand in the background whispering answers to those who ask the important questions.

    • Nicely put, sir. This is where I live philosophically. A good father will put his life on the line for his children. A good patriot will put his life on the line for YOUR children. “…wish you had stood up for it,” is not acceptable on this plane or any other.

  22. until theres a body provable with David Crowley, I am calling it a sleight of hand.My backing for this when one looks at the rough cut documentary is that this was full of disinfo of evil nazis and Libertarian pie in the sky utopias. Known agents like A.Jones, Adam Kokesh, Luke Rudkowsky and Mark Dice litter the movie from begining to end A “go-fund me” page is set up days after the “killing” . All three “died” cause they are staying as a family in their new co-intel assignment somewheres else. Show me the body! and no I ain’t taking no government workers word. This sells the “this movie is dangerous to TPTB” narrative and will massively increase the interest and funding …unless people catch on to the “trick”

    • Interesting points – there is a problem with the bodies? I will be checking into this – thanks for sharing your view point and ideas.

  23. We are told no planes hit those towers, and pentagon. Now remote control is reaffirmed with false blips emitting on the control screens. I am not sure what to believe, but I no longer trust this hideous government and the moronic tribe running it
    Either way, this women steps up and speaks her truth hopefully as not another distraction but “the” truth as to what all went down on that day when so many innocent people were sent to their deaths (like those soldiers in Iraq,) under an immoral and uncouth family like the Bush family. They had to have a witless boob in OUR white house that owed a debt to his skull and bones (no mention of spines,) buddies. I admire her, but if what she says has a ring of truth, her time is short, and her life insurance company has been made a little nervous. We live in a world of illusions where John Lennon wrote, “nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about.” This world is beautiful. Countries would be at peace with one another without the sick and evil witless boobs we let run around playing war games and selling hoaxes, It is all a flim-flam, but I admire you Ms. Roth.

    • I’m not saying it isn’t true, ie, Rebeka’s account as she states it. However the last name Roth, when we know who the group who planned and executed the disaster, and the chances one would come forward if she belongs to it, causes me to be sceptical.

      Hate to say it, but it did come to mind.

    • “” the sick and evil witless boobs we let run around playing war games and selling hoaxes,””

      [ We ] do not exactly let them do that . Our satanic plutocratic jew overlords know how to bamboozle the notoriously gullible and naive sheeple masses into believing nearly anything ; and the rulers have powerful advanced mind-control technologies to implement those beliefs .

    • How is it that THIS BOOK would be allowed to be published, when NOTHING is allowed in the Press or on TV related to alternative views of what happened on 9/11/01? How is it that this gets through, by someone named Roth, a seeming “Tribe Member” unless it’s disinfo or leading us onto a false path?

      Especially when they (the Israeli’s) are increasingly aware that the walls are closing in on them, and 9/11 Truth will NOT go away, not just here but worldwide.

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