NATO seeks to portray Russia as threat to Europe: Analyst


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… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor     …with  Press TV, Tehran

 You can view the 3 minute video interview on Press TV here.

Who do manufactured threats really serve?
Who do manufactured threats really serve?

[ Editor’s Note: We continue to see this WWIII hype, usually from limited readership bloggers, or those in the last stages of wearing out a long history of hyping news to get attention.

I mentioned the Obama statement early in the interview, where he said the US has no real military option in Ukraine.

That of course is just ignored by the amateur wannabe pundits. And these are people who were around when the Republic of Georgia’s silliness of thinking they could kill a couple of hundred Russian peacekeepers and take South Ossetia with the US backing them up went down in flames.

Condi Rice gave them the bad news, and quickly…”No way.” She was not being mean, but just stating the obvious. We could not engage Russia on their border, and would not when they had obviously been attacked and were defending Russian speaking people.

Georgia's attack should have been prosecuted under the Nuremburg statutes
Georgia’s attack should have been prosecuted under the Nuremburg statutes

Russian Intel obviously picked up on the attack preparation and laid back for a day to let Georgia put the noose around its neck and then put the whammy on them.

Yes, they had to let some of their people die, but it was critical for them that their military moves be a slam dunk counter attack. The silly Georgian charges of Russian aggression were ignored as they were unsustainable.

BTW, Israeli commandos were brought in the do the nighttime killing of the roughly 300 Russian peacekeepers and their armor, something I was surprised to see Russia never give them any payback for.

The NATO movement eastward is just that…a movement. It is taking more ground to be able to influence and control the political and economic situation in the countries involved as part of the long term game to “put pressure” on the Russians. At some point state of the art offensive and defensive missiles will be placed near Russia’s borders, which will be a strategic tipping of the military balance.

When that time comes, talking about WWIII will be appropriate as what do you think the US would do if the Russians were putting such things in Canada or on the Mexican border? Yes, we would use military force to prevent it, because it would be a strategic threat.

And hence that shows the craziness of how our lives and fortunes are being gambled with by the hoodlums we have ruling over us who obviously see some profit in this for themselves.]


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–  First aired …  January 31,  2015  –


Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, columnist and managing editor of Veterans Today, to investigate a decision by NATO to deploy military units in six East European states.

Dean believes the NATO military alliance seeks to portray Russia as a potential threat to the existence of the European countries after the Westerners failed in their attempts to provoke fear of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program in the international community.

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  1. I was at the VA Wed. and noticed a USA Today magazine lying on the table with the headline ———— America’s Modern Military – Ready For New Missions……..and it showed a picture of a petite female in full combat gear, charging forward with a war cry. The thing that stood out was the green woodland camo and cold weather gear. I’m thinking “hmmmm… cold weather + green camo = Russia.” So what is it…are women in that big of a hurry to be cannon fodder or was the picture meant as a challenge to the young men? “You mean to say you’re going to let this girl go up there and do the fighting while you stay home and play post office with Mary Jane Rottencrotch?”

  2. Baltic Dry Index absolutely crashing through the floor into profound new lows.

    Shit is about to hit the fan – BIG TIME – which is why NATO and the US are moving troops into Eastern Europe.

    When this shit goes, they’ll start WW3, since Obama and the Central Bankers DO NOT want to be blamed for the Dollar Crash.

    Putin MUST be blamed – and I would NOT be surprised if there is a major False Flag incident soon.

    But not to worry; The US military will follow King Obama and the Central Banksters into any illegal, foreign invasion, for a chance to “defend America” by killing innocents in countries that never did a single thing to us.

  3. Mr. Dean, I remember reading about the Israelis during the Georgia war. When the Russians won so handily in only 5 days, the Israelis approached Russia and said something to the effect that “we didn’t know Georgia would be so radical – please don’t blame us.” Whether Russia believed them or not is unimportant – what the Israelis did then was give some nanotechnology to Russia as a “good will” gesture.

    I don’t have the original link any more but I believe Russian nanotech got a big boost right after the 2008 war with Georgia, and Russia did ventures with Israel for several years – maybe still. Here is another link from Nanotech Now:

  4.  You mentioned Israeli in Georgia, because most likely, 99.9% of those 300 killed were Russian Orthodox, maybe this time Israel is helping the Eastern Region, as some of them are Israeli-Russian-Ukrainian.
     Abe of Japan wants to re-write WW2 Japan Atrocity on China & South Korea, “Eventually_ the unprovoked attack of Pearl Harbor, Too).
     It’s amazing to watch the “Love Feast” between Poland & Ukraine when in 2010, Poland Parliament was trying to change the exterminating of their elites by Ukraine from massacres to genocide, even though, Russia, Germany & Latvia opposed the change.

     “MOSCOW: Amid recent debates on the Stalin’s occupation of three Baltic states, Russian president Vladimir Putin said, the Red Army of the Soviet Union made a decisive contribution to the victory over Nazism by liberating 11 countries of eastern Europe.”
     “Our people not only defended their homeland, but also liberated eleven countries of Europe. The aggressor’s military machine was crushed on the fields of gigantic battles from the Barents Sea to the Caucasus,” he said unveiling a memorial to mark the victory of the Red Army in World War II.”
     “Over 27 Million Soviet citizens, mostly Russians, were killed in the war with Germany, which is known as Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.”

  5. This article presents insights into the activities of the intended “globalists” who own and operate the paper money system that has defrauded the world since 1913. The response of Jack Heart and additional clarifications by Jim W. Dean and Dr. Preston James, and several others, also hit the bullseye.
    My supportive comments elsewhere have aroused a disinformation program against VT, which is of course to be expected. The NAZI-CIA disinformation program has been very successful with many Americans. It has obviously been overtaken by the israeli MOSSAD and is being implemented by the Bundes Nachrichten Dienst (BND) in Europe. Access to certain websites and videos is increasingly limited on (NAZI-CIA) Gehlen-BND-controlled servers. The former HQ of NAZI general Reinhard Gehlen´s spy organization in the Pullach subsection of Munich – which has operated continuously, without interruption – now has a new HQ in a controlled section of Berlin.

  6. Something that I’m missing from almost any analysis of geopolitical events is the major elefant in the room:
    The pipeline.
    When you scratch the surface of any world conflict you find a pipeline, or a combination of pipelines.
    Owning the oilfields (and gas fields ) is not as important as owning the pipelines from it.
    Sometimes it gets complicated – a real chess board – of pipelines, territories, gas/oil, geography and politics but the pipeline is (mostly) – the most dominante piece on that board.
    Around it, we have, of course, the usual suspects of power structures: East/West, Left/Right, zionist/non-zionist-worldview (the real clash of civilisations), oil vs nuke-power, rogue intelligence, banksters and the military industrial complex – but still – on their chess board – the “pipeline” is the “queen” – the most powerful piece.
    Interesting for instance is the Iran vs Israel trial in Geneva over a pipeline through Syria – going on right now – another great absurdity of the world…

    • / [This url was removed as it had no descrition, what we call a blind link. Inclued a description so the reader knows exactly why you are posting it. And only one per comment board so it does not get cluttered with links. Thanks to all for working with us on this…Jim W. Dean, TV ]

    • I agree, pipelines are very important in transporting oil & gas from production field to consumer. Pipelines usually need to cross several countries which demands many negotiations to cut long term deals and pipelines are expensive to build so you need political stability with law and order.

      Oman, Saud Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, USA and Europeans countries are all players in oil & gas pipeline game and now there is war in Syria and Iraq to pave the way for pipelines. Not an easy business but very profitable if you can do it right.

  7. I think its time the world started taking notice that the NATO and Israeli flags are the same color schemes and both feature a star in the middle. I’m sure the military minds that manipulate the NATO forces don’t want WWIII. But anyone who thinks the Zionists who in turn manipulate them don’t; better think again. The Christian Zionists are fully expecting Jesus to come swooping in on a radioactive mushroom cloud to usher them off to paradise and toss the rest of us infidels into the fiery pits of eternity and their just as crazy Jewish allies are still dreaming of a Greater Israel that includes all the land occupied before they were defeated by the Romans in the Mithraic Wars. That would include all of Persia and half of Russia (the land of the “Scythians”). There is only one way to take that land back and it sure as hell isn’t Rothschild styled banking tricks…

    • Jack, WZs and Israelis for the most part hate Christians, Deists and Islamics. They use, abuse, con and manipulate these very naive Mind-kontrolled so-call Christian Zionist dupes who are supporting a great World Evil without even knowing it and then mock them and disrespect them at the same time. They drank the Scofield Bible interpretations which are twisted lies. Most Judaics hate Christian, Deists and Muslims because they have been Tribalized with pernicious malignant Tribalism. Your point about the flags is a great discovery and I think you are on to something here. And your point about the WZs working to build a greater Israel is correct too.

      This is an important well done article that brings clarification to the chaotic, exaggerated stories about the Ukraine. More of this fine work please.

    • They are the poor bourgeoisie, those CZ’s….they live for the future and are the eternal suckers for every con game coming down the path, and since Jews are the eternal con ARTISTS…they play them like a fiddle. As things worsen and they know there isn’t much of a future left, they transpose the future into a spiritual realm. They are extremely dangerous, these people who believe they have nothing left to live for.

  8. I watched the video. I was a bit disappointed there was no plug for VT. It was awkward for the the host to call Jim an editor and an analyst but fail to mention the publication by name. you can definitely feel a distinct cooling on their part. I wonder if VT has become a bargaining chip in the ongoing negotiations?

    • I mentioned this on the Viewpoints columns, indirectly when I say “we”, which of course only regular readers pick up, but also I source Veterans Today, particularly when mentioning we own the 9-11 story, and we have a full blackout on our series here in mass media. So if alternate medial will not help us get around the block, folks will have to wonder why not. On the video interviews Gordon and I are always introduce as the Sr. and managning editor of veterans today. But when they do the news story write up they use their generic terms to keep title short. These are generally short 3 to 3.5 minute interviews, and they love you when you deliver tight copy, and go out on time. That gets you more interview calls.

  9. Thnaks Jim, Just A Thought that might help:

    Leo Emil Wanta told us there was/is an agreement between the USA and Russia that NO Further Moves by either country encroaching on each others borders would take place. My understanding was that neither the USA or Russia would take moves to extend military or other advances that would threaten territory of either Nation.

    Now, the US has violated that agreement over and over again.

    Would it be appropriate for VT to publish that Agreement for ALL TO SEE and understand. Also, could we list the benefits that each side Received as a result of this agreement at that time; What was in it for both sides?

    • There should BE NO moves toward WW-3…. Because we have a long held AGREEMENT signed in Good Faith between the US and Russia THAT Must Be Honored. It’s in all our interest, worldwide, that this Agreement be KNOWN, accepted for what it states, and followed exactly, until it is voted on and repealed by the majority of people of both Countries.

      No one can support a valid Treaty/Agreement unless they know about it, it’s details and benefits to both sides and the context under which it was agreed/signed.

  10. Of course they will demonize Putin and Russia…its the exact same TEMPLATE they’ve used on every nation and ruler they’ve knocked off – and the MSM is an important part of the program. Its called “The Regime Change Template”.

  11. yeah but this NATO force will use EUROPEAN troops and MERC.S as they have done before.
    this is where the indivual SOLDIER must make the decision is this ETHICAL AND MORAL. my stand is IT IS NOT. peace and justice for ALL . mylo

  12. I thought NATO was a force set up for to promote peace but now it seems to be the BANKERS private attack dog. this force NATO must be dismissed as it no longer seems to be FIT FOR PURPOSE. Its move to ATTACK RUSSIA can only be described as an ATTACK on freedom and the use of UKRAINE to push its illegal and unessary war is totally disgusting, trying to FORCE these people to fight each other is nothing but barbarric.
    the LEADER of this force MUST be arrested for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. peace and justice for ALL . mylo

  13. Re Israelis killing Russians in Georgia … the Israel-Russia-Putin connections are many. Israel lapped up 1.5 million Russian immigrants in 1990s, many of them even Christian Orthodox, because they had a Jewish grandparent; Israel is 20% Russian-speaking today. Israel’s toughest soldiers are Russians; many Israelis who killed Palestinian children are Russian! – 40% of USA billionaires are Israeli-Jewish dual citizens, as are 20% of Putin’s billionaires, & they all know each other. Putin consistently supports Israel’s anti-Iran sanctions bullsh-te, & friend of Israel Al-Sisi of Egypt who has Jewish mother; Putin meets regularly with his ‘good friend’ Henry Kissinger etc.

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