Another Martyr for 9/11 Truth?


Revised and expanded, Feb. 2, 2015. Lethbridge Alberta Canada.

Rev. Stephen Sizer, the Church of England Vicar of Christ Church, Virginia Water in the Diocese of Guilford is onceScreen Shot 2015-02-01 at 3.31.12 PM again in professional peril for standing up to the forces of Zionist-induced, Zionist-promoted Islamophobia.

This time Reverend Sizer is charged with mirroring on his Facebook page a small sample of the large and growing body of evidence demonstrating that Israeli-American neocons were lead protagonists in the 9/11 crimes. They directed the complex of US and Israeli agencies that cooperated in the commission of the 9/11 debacle itself and in the coordination of the many subversions entailed in the continuing and increasingly desperate 9/11 cover-up.

Rev. Sizer’s Chief Inquisitor is Jonathan Arkush, Vice-Present of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. The Board of Deputies of British Jews has been bullying the Church of England in a thuggish fashion ever since a meeting in 2012 at Lambeth Place, the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The General Synod, the Church of England’s highest legislative body met at Lambeth Place to consider strengthening ties with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI).

Please See

Rev. Sizer and the Church of England’s Shift Towards Christian Zionism

as an Active Agent of the Board of Deputies of British Jews

This ecumenical body, the EAPPI, is a proponent of the Durban Strategy of applying Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions (BDS) to the political economy of Israel. Underlying the BDS campaign is the allegation that Israel is an apartheid state. The Durban strategy emerged from the UN’s World Conference on Racism in Durban South Africa just days before the 9/11 debacle burst onto world history.

The Church of England Goes Born Again and Christian Zionist at Holy Trinity Brompton.
The Church of England Goes Born Again and Christian Zionist at Holy Trinity Brompton.

The new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Webly, voted for the BDS-supporting EAPPI, a move he subsequently announced while on a trip to Israel in 2013 that he “regrets.”

Archbishop Webly was an oil company executive in Paris and London during the 1980s. During this period he came under the evangelical spell of Rev. Nicky Gumbel, the Tony Robbins-style Vicar of the new evangelical jewel of the Church of England, Holy Trinity Brompton in mid-town London. Citizen Webly was rejected in his first bid at ordination but he subsequently was accepted to join the Anglican clergy

Some have observed that the Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton is in fact more influential these days than his convert, now theoretically second in command of the Anglican Church after Queen Elizabeth. Where the membership of the old-style Church of England Churches is fast

Rev. Nicky Gumbel with Christian Zionist and Credibly Accused War Criminal Tony Blair
Rev. Nicky Gumbel with Christian Zionist and Credibly Accused War Criminal Tony Blair

diminishing, Holy Trinity Brompton along with its slickly-packaged Alpha courses and its smooth-talking Vicar are drawing in droves of recruits for the more aggressive and expansionary armies of Jesus the entrepreneurial fundamentalist. 

Both Archbishop Webly and Vicar Gumbel have recently discovered significant Jewish roots in their family tree. Rev. Gumbel referred to his Jewish heritage, including ancestors killed in the Holocaust, in a TV interview with the Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub. This recent turn to the Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury under the influence of Holy Trinity Brompton’s Anglican superstar is suggestive of an Anglican embrace of Christian Zionism whose most learned and devoted critic in the UK is Rev. Sizer himself.

Reverend Sizer’s subjugation to yet another Anglican Inquisition was prompted by his posting of the Wikispooks article on his Facebook page, now removed. The Wikispook item is entitled “9/11: Israel Did It.” In the removed post Rev. Sizer asks the rhetorical question, “Is this Anti-Semitic? If so I’ll be asked to remove it. It raises so many questions.” Indeed, the very well documented Wikispooks item does raise many questions, the primary one being how come the primary suspects have not yet been taken in for police questioning with so much evidence pointing to the Israeli-American neocon cabal whose lead members called for a new Pearl Harbor a year before 9/11.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 2.23.58 PM

Jewish News Online, which advertises itself itself as Britain’s biggest Jewish news outlet, conducted an E-Mail exchange with Rev. Sizer reporting

Sizer seemed to defend his actions in an email to the Jewish News, saying: “I would welcome articles you can recommend refuting the allegations.” Noting that many Americans feel 9/11 was “an inside job,” Sizer added: “It is essential the public become convinced of what happened before and after 9/11. Inevitably the truth will upset many people if it is shown by further investigation that the official explanations are shown to be deficient.”

He added: “Encouraging research and debate on all aspects of [9/11] is not anti- Semitic… Suppressing discussion on such grounds will fuel suspicion, not remove it.”

Rev. Sizer’s main Inquisitor, Jonathan Arkush, said of Rev. Sizer’s comments, “Posting, and giving approval to, an article which in effect accuses Jews of responsibility for the 9/11 atrocity is unquestionably anti-Semitic, just as it is beyond absurd.” Arkush added, “I am extremely concerned that a Church of England minister could possibly have considered it appropriate or becoming to his position to advertise such racist nonsense… his language is “very, very strongly offensive to Jews” and regarded as “anti-Semitic” by the community…. ““The church should be taking action. He is one of their ministers. It should not be left to the Jewish community to have to protest and be forced to take action from outside.”

Arkush’s comment is not measured and reasonable. Pressing allegations on some in Mossad, some in the the CIA, some Israeli-American neocons as well as some in several agencies of the US government and media is a proposition very different than blaming all Jews generically for the lies and crimes of 9/11. Moreover, Arkush’s unrestrained charge begs the question why so many Zionist supporters of Israel treat it as an self-justifying imperative to blame Muslims generically for 9/11 and for many other murky events often wrongly depicted as the independent acts of Islamic jihadists.

As Nafeez Ahmed and many others have well chronicled and documented, the requirement of pumping up the psychology of Islamophobia to create public opinion in the West conducive to support for the primary protagonists in the so-called Global War on Terror have often involved Gladio-style operations including Western handlers, funders, crisis actors, propagandists and agents provocateurs. In this psychological warfare troubled and unstable Muslim individuals are sometimes played and exploited as patsies or worse in a cynical con game whose lethal outcomes are often very real.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.28.11 PMRev. Sizer, the Bias of the BBC,

and World World Trade Centre  Building 7.

The way the events of 9/11 were immediately interpreted without any objective investigation completely transformed the world’s geopolitical landscape. From the first hours of the debacle it was reported by the Zionist-controlled media that 9/11 was not as a crime to be investigated and solved but rather an act of war committed by Islamic jihadists. It was an aggression to be met by invasions of foreign countries in complete contravention of all established principles of international law.

Just as the BBC miraculously announced the demolition of World Trade Centre 7 before it actually plunged to the ground, the BBC was quick off the mark to publish a smear article against Rev. Sizer. The BBC’s report mirrored the allegations of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a favoured agency in the formulation of BBC’s very slanted pro-Zionist coverage of public affairs. On Sept. 11, 2001 the BBC notoriously reported the collapse of World Trade Centre 7 twenty minutes before the event actually occurred at 5:21 pm.

WTC 7 was a 47 story steel-frame skyscraper that housed many of New York’s most secretive intelligence and security agencies. It was not hit by any airplane but nevertheless plunged symmetrically into its own footprint at near free fall speed. The WTC 7 event is sometimes referred to as the smoking gun of 9/11.

Rev. Sizer is the author of Christian Zionism: Road-map to Armageddon? (2004) and Zion's Christian Soldiers: The Bible, Israel and the Church (2007). Both are published by Inter-Varsity Press in Nottingham England
Rev. Sizer is the author of Christian Zionism: Road-map to Armageddon? (2004) and Zion’s Christian Soldiers: The Bible, Israel and the Church (2007). Both are published by Inter-Varsity Press in Nottingham England

An expert in the history and politics of the Christian Zionist movement and an outspoken advocate of the need to recognize and respect the human rights of the Palestinian people, Rev. Sizer has become the primary sacrificial lamb in the Church of England’s efforts to appease the Islamophobic blood lust being generated by Crusader Jonathan Arkush and the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

I participated with Rev. Sizer in the New Horizon Second International Conference of Independent Thinkers and Film Makers in Tehran last autumn. The conference was met with a smear job bounced along an echo chamber of Zionist media. The multitude of sources all repeated the same simple message initiated by a press release from the infamous Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, a well-known instrument of Israeli foreign policy.

The echo chamber was made to resonate with four magic-laden terms and their derivatives, CONSPIRACY THEORIST, ANTI-SEMITISM, HOLOCAUST DENIAL, and 9/11 TRUTHER. To be accused of any one of these  categories of thought and attitude is basically to be accused of all four. The connotations that have come to be attached in popular culture to these four terms is propagandistic in intent. The aim of this propaganda is to head off evidence-based discussions of the real geopolitics of changing relationships of power.

The intensity of the Zionist media spin deployed to discredit the New Horizon conference in Tehran was especially unrelenting during these times when the Global War on Terror is being rebranded. This transformation involves the replacement of the CIA’s creation, al-Qaeda, with the Zionist-engineered DAESH or ISIL (ISIS) as it is referred to in North America. Recent manifestations of this rebranding have unfolded in the series of Mossad-style false flag terrorist events that took place in Ottawa Canada, Sydney Australia, and in mid-January in Paris France where Benjamin Netanyahu himself was present on the ground to oversee and direct Israeli operations.

Rev. Stephen Sizer in Conversation with Zeinab Mehanna at the New Horizon 2nd International Conference of Independent Thinkers and Film Makers in Tehran, Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2014
Rev. Stephen Sizer in Conversation with Zeinab Mehanna at the New Horizon 2nd International Conference of Independent Thinkers and Film Makers in Tehran, Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 6.13.47 PM

The barrage of Western media loathing aimed at the participants in the New Horizon conference confirmed for me the linguistic importance of the Zionist hexes CONSPIRACY THEORIST, ANTI-SEMITISM, and HOLOCAUST DENIAL. Along with loaded terms like “radicalization” and “extremism,” the term 9/11 TRUTHER is the new addition to the terminology of Zionist demonology and semantic obfuscation.

The first three of these expressions, the traditional terms authorizing from on high societal shunning, have been so twisted and exploited for their propaganda value that they have been stripped of their original power. The deeper meaning of the fourth term, “9/11 Truther,” is yet to be decided.

The quest for the truth of what did or didn’t happen on 9/11 presents a way out of the quagmire of lies and deception empowering the protagonists of the 9/11 Wars. These 9/11 Wars involve simultaneously aggressive invasions of foreign territories as well as internalized domestic wars– cynically instigated civil wars– involving attacks on civil liberties, human rights, genuine self-determination, journalistic and academic integrity as well as the viability of positive interaction in multi-cultural, multi-religious and pluralistic societies.

Those who give legitimacy to the semantic travesty embodied in the four linguistic horsemen of Zionist demonology without self-conscious care and evidentiary substantiation expose themselves to justifiable charges that they are either intellectually impoverished or actively corrupt and complicit in terrible crimes against humanity.

Holocaust revisionism is not Holocaust denial. No chapter of history is ever fully explained and analyzed for all time and no interpretation is beyond being refined, improved and brought into conformity with new evidence. Criticizing the Jewish state of Israel for war crimes and crimes against humanity is not anti-Semitic, a problematic and Hitlerian racial category that should be transcended in any case.

Theorizing about possible conspiracies, in other words about two or more individuals getting together to commit illegal or otherwise unsavoury acts, is not an act of lunacy but rather a necessary facet of living in decent democratic societies.

Those controlling disproportionate concentrations of wealth and power have more means with which to conspire and it is therefore absolutely necessary to scrutinize especially carefully their decisions and actions because of their more-far-reaching consequences for everyone.

Finally, we have had more than enough of 9/11 lies and very little of 9/11 truth in our main centres of government and mass communications. Those once-somewhat respectable agencies of mass communications like the BBC are rightfully being abandoned by millions in favour of venues like this VT news web site.

Decent folks prefer lies over truth, especially when it comes to the interpretation of events of enormous consequence like 9/11. Decent folks would rather be perceived as truth tellers, not con job liars like so many of the talking heads we see on TV.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 2.18.54 PM

Naturally Stephen Sizers defence of the human rights of the besieged Palestinians led him to the conclusion that the intent of the 9/11 false flag terrorist episode has been, and remains, the pumping up of Islamophobia to create the psychological conditions necessary for the continuation of the 9/11 Wars. The originating episode of the ongoing 9/11 Wars was meant to advance Israel’s expansionary designs by transforming its regional enemies into the global enemies of an elaborately engineered conception of “the West.”Islam is not an aberration in the West or a new infusion but rather and old and integral part of Western Civilization.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been the first to acknowledge the outcome of the false interpretation of 9/11 was actually good for Israel. His Likudnik cabal networked throughout Israel, the USA and the NATO countries, however, was not the only beneficiary. The 9/11 false flag trigger event was made to serve the primary beneficiaries of the permanent war economy of the United States and its NATO allies by replacing the defunct Soviet enemy with a new global enemy of largely-manufactured and manipulated Islamic jihadism.

The author's own photograph of Rev. Stephen Sizer as we were entering the Ebrat Museum of Iran. The Ebrat Museum is the site the Shah of Iran's most notorious Torture Chamber. The displays demonstrate the brutalities of the US puppet regime that ruled Iran on behalf of US-based corporate interests between 1953 and 1979.
The author’s own photograph of Rev. Stephen Sizer as we were entering the Ebrat Museum of Iran. The Ebrat Museum is the site the Shah of Iran’s most notorious Torture Chamber. The displays demonstrate the brutalities of the US puppet regime that ruled Iran on behalf of US-based corporate interests between 1953 and 1979.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.53.00 AM

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, Visiting Holocaust Museum in Israel, 2013  

 “The Most Reverend Justin Welby, who recently revealed he regretted not voting against a General Synod motion backing a group which places Christian human rights observers in the Occupied Territories, is due to visit both Israel and the West Bank.”


Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.01.10 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.03.02 AM

24 May, 2014






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  1. David Watson (York) was already linked up with John Wimber by the early 80’s and then HTB in 85 (not – ‘in the late 80’s’). Nicky and Welby I believe are heavily compromised by the institution within which they seek to function. That’s being as charitable as can. There intentions are probably good but do they do more harm than good?

  2. (Continuing on). Pentecostals began with 20th Century. Particular theological difference: expected, ‘tongues’ to be evidence of the Baptism of the Spirit. The charismatics they… relaxed about that and instead more cooperatively layed hands on each other (or a fitting distance, came from the necessity in hot sweaty California – actually). Rather than Redemption Hymnal played 70’s soft-rock that came out The Jesus Movement. A Pentecostalism they could live with. Fitted Brompton and Chorley Wood. From there it went to an early 90’s moment, when there was… (I knows) something of the fledglings of a genuinely ‘alternative church’ worship (didn’t last) but the charismatics all went to ‘toronto’ (from a church with people exhibiting unusual manifestations it was called the ‘…blessing’). From there most, including HTB, got solace and faith from Africa and in the 10’s hold out in the discerning eclectic evangelical stable. Why not go and see if you live in London? Hey they hold a public space. Question. Respect. And Stephen lives next door.

  3. To Uwe Hans. To what kind of threat, coercion or duress was Rev. Sizer subjected in order to elicit these words attributed to him?

  4. It is worth watching the 1 hr video where Rev. Sizer speaks. He is fair and well versed historically.
    For Mr Dorsey on Facebook, please do a little research and you will see that there is not Jesuit power controlling the whole ball of wax. That slanderous fairy tale has been pushed by certain millenialists /Evangelical rabid anti-Catholics for over a hundred years. Wake up- do a little research before you believe the tales devised by people with certain agendas.
    And for money talks, show me the proof for your accusation that the Vatican has hundreds of billions. The Vatican is not swimming in the money. It was hit so hard by the payoffs from the child abuse scandals that many programs went down the drain. St. Patrick High School in New Jersey was a national basketball powerhouse and it was closed several years ago. It served mostly Afro Americans . The school was kept afloat by money ultimately distributed by the Vatican from the money it takes in world wide. Look this up if you want. This Vatican is not sitting on hundreds of billions. There is no vast evil Vatican Jesuit empire. The power is in the hands of the mainstream media and the extreme rich and is manifested in wars and corporate theft and many other things. A little high school was kept open due to the contributions of millions of parishioners across the USA and when the money really dried up, little “unknown” schools had to close.

    • Hundreds of billions is probably an exaggeration . My intension was to point out that even if hundreds of billions was accurate it is still much less than one trillion let alone 100 trillion . I agree with you Punk . The luciferian Rothschild empire does not have their magnitude of wealth just to make themselves feel good . They have a warchest and apocalyptic plans for using it . It will not be easy to defeat satan’s minions .

  5. It is actually quite simple: the world has been witnessing world conquest in action by a people employing all kinds of weapons, traditional, nuclear, financial, psychological and ideological. Zionism is only an euphemism for the ideological weapon deployed. In reality its only link to Christianity is Jewish nation’s traditional attitude towards Christians – Christians were a rebel sect and has been an internal enemy of the Jewish nation since the beginning. It is a fact. The ideology war between the Christians and the Jewish nation has been raging on for 2000 years. And in war deception is the most frequently used weapon! Before Christians’ propaganda prevailed. But now Jews have the upper hand. But I am neither a Jew nor a Christian. Therefore my view might be offensive to both Christians and Jews alike. But it is what the world has witnessed for the last 200 years….

  6. Well said and God bless Bishop Richard Williamson and several other brave priests of the SSPX and SSPXMC who have promoted Hugh Akins book ” Synagogue Rising” ( Catholic Action Resource Center ) which details our predicament very well.

  7. A truly outstanding article which identifies a man of true courage who dares to declare the truth as he sees it. If we all stand up for truth like Rev. Sizer, the WZ lies, deceits and Psyops will collapse on their heads like their massive worldwide fiat counterfeiting system disguised as a central bank is soon going to do. More of this incredibly fine investigative journalism please. Highest commendations.

  8. I take my hat off to Reverend Sizer. It used to be just the (long subverted) Church of England that went in for the Church services that look more like an episode of the X-Factor celebrity challenge – than a place where quiet prayer, internal reflection – and communion with Almighty God can take place.

    Now many Catholic Masses are also turning into the same kind of satanic performances. We Catholics do not have any ‘Priestesses’ yet (something that was abandoned in ancient times by the way) – but we do have ‘dancing Bishops’:

    Bishops recklessly displaying their new role to promote the deadly sins of VANITY and SELF INDULGENCE. The judeo-satanic subversion and ‘demoralization’ continues apace.

  9. I suspect we are witnessing a phase of an ancient or at least very old cycle where the Jewish population in one way or another becomes more and more of nuisance to the majority population until there is an outburst of anger and violence directed towards them after which they are often told to leave the country. How many cycles of this have occurred? I would guess that a few at least recognize this familiar pattern and are wondering when this will happen. We are seeing the beginnings in Europe. But it will also happen in the USA eventually. Too bad the wiser members of that religiously based ethnicity can not get the Jews to break that pattern–but it is so deeply seated that perhaps by now it is impossible. Keep in mind that they are the one distinct and tiny minority that the oligarchs will not hesitate to use as scapegoats when disaster occurs. “The Jewish bankers . . . the Jewish this and that . . . “

    • The jewish zionist Rothschild empire is believed to be worth at least [[ 100 TTTrillion dollars ]] — not the Vatican with merely hundreds of billions .

    • William – there would certainly seem to be plenty of evidence to show that the jews as a community do not learn the lessons of time (perhaps partly because they alter official history to hide their antics) – and are not in fact that bright. It also seems to suggest that they act as they do (in group conspiratorial behaviour mode) more or less in ‘automatic pilot’. Talmudic indoctrination tells them that the Goyim are all stupid, without value beyond utilitarian tasks – and are incapable of seeing through the simplest of their ruses. It also teaches them to support another jew over a Gentile – be they right or wrong. Of course this default approach extends to supporting ‘jewish’ or ‘zio’ world policy as a means of self defence – and also to take pecuniary advantage from every judaic conjuring trick (also whether right or wrong).

      You are right to say that their scheming invariably gets them into terrible trouble – and most deservedly so. They have always been extended the opportunity to assimilate into just about every society – but they cynically and in secret reject that hand of friendship in order to take advantage and liberties. In the new world order we see them trying to manoeuvre into a position of absolute physical power – where resistance and dissent to their will is crushed without mercy and for all eternity. When this plan is scuppered something has to be done about them to prevent them ever doing this to the world again.

    • No kidding! The only Catholic bishop with enough courage to speak about what’s going on outside the 4 walls of the Church is Bishop Richard Williamson. There are several brave priests still in the SSPX and SSPXMC. But throughout the world one finds mostly passivity and cowardice.

  10. The Rev Sizer is a brave man to take on something which US Presidents haven’t balls to do…..more strength to your arm Stephen – (used to work at the Wheatsheaf) 😉

  11. I am so unbelievably Grateful for all of the VT Team, readers and people around the World who have kept the 9/11 events alive and “Top Of The Mind Awareness” growing. Most conspiracies including JFK RFK and MLK have proven correct and 9/11 is even more provable that Israel Did It.

    Governments of the world along with citizens everywhere need to bring the perpetrators to justice for all our futures, these crimes cannot stand.

    Nuclear Blackmail (hidden Nukes in Major Cities and Infrastructure) and terrorist attacks by Israeli’s need to be exposed and arrests made, the threat to us all destroyed, Japan 3/11 being a KEY example. London 7/7 another of many.

    This event has allowed for the killing of over a million people, the destruction of our ‘Bill Of Rights” and establishment of the Gestapo DHS, by the Israelis, within our Gates.

    • It would be helpful if we had a valid Poll of the people around the world who do NOT believe the Official Story and who believe in Israel’s involvement.

      I think it would show steadily growing numbers in our favor.

      Now that we’ve seen how they used 9/11 to rape, pillage and destroy human rights and steal resources, the puzzle pieces are all fitting together neatly and the motives for what they’ve done is coming into clear focus.

  12. his courage is well noted, and we need more in the “Christian community” to stand up vocally. Where are the rest of the “men of God?” is shameful that these men and women of faith are silent. In the churches are ears of many, why are these “reverend’s, priests, ministers, rabbis, pastors, not acting in the way their Jesus has stated? I do not belief in final judgment, but these church leaders do, what exactly are you going to say to justify your non-actions?

    Reverend Sizer I have re-posted this and you will be In the higher conscience of many…I admire you..

    • Here here.

      Reverend Sizer is indeed in need of support. We all are, as we go down the road of outright war on Islam. It seems inevitable as more and more seemingly educated thinkers are not focusing on the crimes of Israel (and their diaspora), but on the script spoon fed to them by the MSM in that the Western World is being overridden by Islamist’s and therefore it is o.k. to be racist.

      Wage war by deception.

      It is Israel and its supporters that are taking over the world (by controlling the head) and not Islam, but no-one wants to hear or believe that. It is impossible to criticize Israel in most media as moderators are on the look out for any reasoned counter argument and will remove posts on the grounds that they are anti-Semitic or do not abide by community standards.

      All eyes are now on Muslims. What happened to the plight of the hapless Palestinians? They do not get a mention as Muslim bashing has become fashionable today, at our peril. The perpetrators of 911 must be exposed globally and openly for there to be any chance of redressing this scourge.

  13. Thank you Rev. Stephen Sizer for your moral stance and I wish you courage and God’s help. After all such a stand is its own reward.

  14. I can understand rightful consequences for yelling “fire!” in a crowded theater, but NOT the terrorist threats of “we will ruin you!” by some so called (conspiring!) organization, especially when there is so many indications (and proof’s!) of izrahelli involvement. organizations taking actions like this within a country FOR another country, should at minimum be deported for it.

  15. He should start a Pateron account where people candonate money to him for continuing to talk about the 911 Israel role.

    The Church long ago abandoned protecting the flock. Too many pedophiles I guess run things now.

    • Pateron accounts – or some similar financial support system should be put in place for the many in a position to do the same and others ideally and critically placed to bring the perpetrators of treason to justice. It shouldn’t take too much money to ease their everyday concerns when so many people are now aware and ready to uncover the Neo-Con agenda once and for all. It is a fact that the fear of financial destitution prevents many honest citizens from speaking out.

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