Shrimpton – Je Suis Charlie


The murderous Islamic terrorist attack on January 7th on the offices of the French satirical journal Charlie Hebdo has already faded from the headlines. The inevitable conspiracy theories have already started circulating, suggesting that either there wasn’t an attack at all, or that if there was, it wasn’t perpetrated by Moslems.

Get used to it. The Charlie Hebdo and associated attacks were carried out by murderous Islamic terrorists. For once an official French version of events is actually fairly accurate.

The Bad Guys have made a major miscalculation. The Germans might even lose control of France. The major political beneficiary will most likely be Marine Le Pen, the only French politician to have made meaningful proposals for reform since the attacks.

In an unusual development some journalists actually asked an intelligent question – how come the terrorist Kouachi brothers had their surveillance lifted? The answer is obvious of course. The Fifth Republic is essentially Vichyist. The most powerful organisation in France is the DVD’s black agency in Paris, successor to the Abwehr organisation in France, which included Petain.

Spyhunter, so far as I know, was the first publication anywhere to reveal the existence of this agency. Sadly, sales have not taken off. There hasn’t been a single order from France, to my knowledge. The result is that the French public and media live in ignorance of how their state actually functions.


The Charlie attack thus came as a great shock. Since Islamic terrorism is ultimately controlled from Dachau, of course Islamic terrorists are going to be protected by penetrated intelligence agencies in the West.

The Jerries made desperate efforts to protect the Kouachi brothers, ensuring they had an exit and forcing police to scale down the manhunt. Fortunately it was to no avail, and they were taken down. Their deaths revealed a weakness in Germany’s covert control of the Fifth Republic. The post 1945 model for German domination of Europe requires suppression of the truth. The black agency in Paris has to stay deep. That means that from time to time it will lose control of events. Great.

Will anything be done?

Of course not. The meaningless platitudes offered by President Hollande, Prime Minister Cameron and others were just that – meaningless platitudes. They condemned the attack, but failed utterly to offer any constructive policy suggestions.

Neither leader is prepared to stand up to Germany. In that they reflect the failed leaders of the Third Republic, who so cravenly caved in to Germany in 1940, making sure that the French Army, e.g. did not have sufficient armor (the French actually had more tanks than the Germans, but many were held back).

I don’t agree with all of Marine Le Pen’s policies, but she is the only active French politician prepared to stand up for France. If she is elected in 2017, and the Jerries don’t assassinate her, then we might see some action.


Phase Five of the War on Terror


The attacks and their aftermath seem to me to mark a new phase of President George W. Bush’s great Global War on Terror. Phase 1 was Afghanistan and the immediate response to 9/11. Phase 2 was the successful attack on Iraq, Phase 3 marked going on the defensive in Iraq and Phase 4 has been the marking time of the wasted Obama years. Since 2009 Islamic terrorists have pretty much been allowed to run amok, and murder at will.

To describe Obama as the leader of the West is just silly, no offense intended. The West has been like a rudderless ship in the last 7 years. George W. wasn’t perfect, but no one could say they didn’t know where he stood, or that he wasn’t a leader.

Cameron isn’t even in charge of his own party or government, let alone the West, and Hollande has difficulty controlling his own household. They’re a bunch of failures. The only decent leader in the West is Aussie PM Tony Abbott. The Russians don’t know how well off they are with such a magnificent leader as President Putin. Don’t be distracted by the with respect silly inquest currently happening in London by the way – Lt-Col Litvinenko died of peritonitis, not polonium poisoning, and the polonium came out of Iran, not Russia.

Phase Five will see a true Clash of Civilisations. Since Islam is the enemy, albeit as a German ally, we have to attack Islam. That there are many good Moslems is beside the point. Not all Nazis were homicidal, anti-semitic maniacs – some of them were quite charming in fact – but they were nonetheless the enemy. We had to shoot the nice Nazis as well as the nasty ones.

Islam is and always has been an aggressive religion. That was the whole point of setting it up. It was nothing to do with God of course – as I point out in Spyhunter, if Almighty God had founded Islam, the Koran would have been written in English! It was in fact written in Latin, unsurprisingly as its authors were based in the Vatican. So far as I know the Vatican Library still has one of the original versions – not in one book of course, as it took years to write and it was taken to Arabia in parts.

Crusader feature image-Fantasy

It took so long to write in fact that the original author(s) had snuffed it by the time the later chapters came to be written. The true purpose of Islam was to take control of the Holy Land, on behalf of the Bad Guys in the Vatican, which was split, then as now. The Holy Crusades – and the War on Terror is and always has been a Holy Crusade, as well as a geopolitical concept – reflected the split in the Vatican, with the Crusaders being sold out from within their own ranks.

There is only one authorised Holy Book, of course – the King James Bible!

The over-reaction to the comparatively inoffensive Charlie Hebdo cartoons (copies please, Editor!) has been so absurd that it has brought Islam itself into disrepute. The disgraceful attack in Paris was an attack on Reason and Enlightenment, and challenged the fundamental values of the West.

Islam will not be destroyed, but it needs to be defeated, in the way that Don John of Austria did at Lepanto, or the Spaniards whacked the Moors. 2015 will probably see a highpoint for Islamic influence in the West. It is perfectly clear after Charlie Hebdo, if it wasn’t clear before, that Islam and Christianity cannot co-exist in the same society.

That does not mean that law-abiding Moslems in the West should not continue to enjoy the protection of the law. It does mean rethinking mass immigration of Moslems and absurd, self-defeating human rights conventions that hamper an effective counter-terrorist effort.


Movie of the week – American Sniper (2015), dir. Clint Eastwood


Any movie which upsets Michael Moore has to be good. Every reader by now will be aware that this wonderful movie is a bio-pic of the great American sniper Chris Kyle, who did outstanding work in four tours of Iraq.

The movie is controversial, i.e. has upset the left and assorted terrorist sympathisers, because it paints the US military in a good light, and is not afraid to remind the audience that you guys are the Good Guys, and AQI were the Bad Guys. It’s a movie which lives in the real world.

Moore is seriously confused, by the way, about snipers. Sniping is not a safe occupation, like making dodgy documentaries about climate change. The sniper reveals his or her position as soon as he or she shoots. Sniping is not a one-way street.

Chris Kyle was clearly a good man, and an authentic American hero. The movie does not glorify war, but it does say good things about Kyle, the SEALS, and the mission. Great. I am not surprised it is breaking box-office records. Even the Odeon in Aylesbury was fuller than usual for this outstanding movie.

It’s too good a movie to sweep the Oscars, nor will it win critical acclaim, but it should. Brad Cooper’s acting and Clint Eastwood’s direction are outstanding. Clint in particular has excelled himself.

It is not absolutely historically accurate, but no movie is going to be. It’s gets a lot closer to the truth than most movies. Most of the criticisms seem to me to be quibbles. It’s a movie after all, not a documentary.

It’s not just an action war movie. It is a moving study of the pressures war brings to those back home, and on the veterans themselves. It should lead to public pressure for improved support for veterans. It has already started a re-evaluation of Operation Iraqi Freedom, where America’s armed forces did America proud. Nobody served the flag with greater devotion than Chief Kyle. The movie is a fine memorial to him. Go see it.

For the record, I agree with Chris Kyle’s widow, Taya, that the attributed motive of his alleged murderer, who comes up for trial this month, does not hold water. I am far from convinced that we are getting the full picture, but the guy’s entitled to a fair trial, and I’ll hold my piece till the verdict is in. That’s assuming I’m not in jail myself, of course!

February 1st 2015


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  1. She wasn’t abducted on the French Riviera. She was abducted in Portugal. And the police of many European nations know who she was taken for. Gutless wonders won’t do anything about it. They will end up finding some hapless patsy to blame it on.

  2. LC, sorry I’ve been busy, just saw your comment. The abducted baby was Madeleine McCann, whose case is ongoing. Michael Shrimpton wrote a Restricted report on her abduction, shortly after it happened in 2007. This lengthy report is Appendix Eight of his book Spyhunter. Madeleine is still missing.

  3. The Mirror article that Forerunner kindly gave us the link to. The comments from judge and defense counsel are a farce. As Charles Dickens reminds us, “The law is an ass”, as in “asinine”. And that was never more true than now, with the UK and US courts desperately putting whistleblowers in jail, as if that will stop the flood of truth. Here in the US, we have a fine fairy tale about a Dutch boy who saved his community from being flooded by the sea. He saw water trickling through a small hole in a dike, and put his finger in to stop it. But it IS a fairy tale. I have fought floods many times, and I will tell you that water is a basically unstoppable force, worse than the wind. As for Putin’s truth bomb, bring it on!

    • A 3 month sentence (which is what he will serve), in all honesty, is an enjoyable experience, as long as you enjoy new experiences. Its a “flavour”, that he wont forget, though.

      The beds will horrify him, and i could imagine that would be his first comment, upon his release – that he is broken by the bed, and diseased from the germs which own it. Prison foam mattresses (which are actually 4″ mattress toppers, placed on top of criss cross straps of metal, which give you a “waffle” shape in your spine) are NEVER washed, and whatever germs you add to it, are passed onto the next prisoner. they are filfthy, yellow and brown stained (like youve never seen).

      Or, being a bit of a softy, he may go to an open prison (which is easier, but less secure – if jerry wanted him dead, the open prison wud be easiest to get away with).

      Im sure he’s finding it interesting. Especially the first 2 weeks, while he’s waiting to get hold of his “canteen” (it takes about 2 weeks, to order and get delivery of any biscuits, shower gel etc., that he might want to buy).

      So, just about now, he shuold be opening his first bag of biscuits, tobacco, branded toothpatse, toothbrush etc.. And he’s probably feeling quite chuffed, about that. A couple of weeks without the things you need, is quite horrible. I wish i’d know earlier, i’d have sent him some essentials in. Not really much point now, cus he’ll be rolling along, on his own steam, now.

      When he comes out, he will enjoy the grass and trees more than ever.

  4. I just got done reading Gordon Duff’s very interesting Feb 12 article, “NEO – America’s “Blacklist” Conspiracy of Silence”. It’s a powerful read, a long list of whistleblowers silenced, and witnesses gagged, since 1990. Many were falsely jailed on trumped up charges, like Mr Shrimpton. Others were suicided, “accidented”, or just plain murdered. Others were hounded, harassed, impoverished, families destroyed, to break them or discredit them. Apparently, this is more fun for them than outright killing someone.

    But the cabal are like rats put in a sack; they will turn on each other in a heartbeat. But who will put them in a sack?

    • LC, thanks for the link; I had no idea. I think he did appeal, but appeal was denied? I confess that I don’t understand UK courts procedure. But I think they work a lot like the courts elsewhere in one respect: Whistleblowers WILL get screwed. The lesson that the cabal is sending, is VERY clear about that. CIA guy John Kiriakou just got out of jail, and VT has a brand new article about him. He was jailed for telling the truth about CIA torture. So now that he’s out of jail, the CIA admits to Congress that Kiriakou was right all along, go figure. And Chip Tatum, who writes for VT, was imprisoned on a false charge years ago, and stays “healthy” only because he has multiple “insurance policies” that will automatically trigger if he disappears. It’s getting so all the honest guys go to jail, while the crooks party on. But God is not mocked. There will be a reckoning; maybe soon.

    • Sorry, I meant to thank Forerunner for the link. And I need to add Stew Webb, Dr Bramhall, Susan Lindauer, Gwenyth Todd, etc. to the list of whistleblowers made to suffer. And of course, Roi Tov and Christopher Story, Christians martyred for taking on the godless. But Roi and Christopher will live forever in heaven. And their enemies will be going to hell.

  5. Excellent book, ive finished read the book few weeks ago. The Titanic chapter is a masterpiece, JFK chapter the same, but just you said on the book, the jfk assasination in itself would be severals volumens.

    The Falklands chapter give me a better grasp, now it makes sense the germans have been interested in the islands since World War 1 (1914).
    I want know more about the MTN , your explanation is good but i think you could be more in depth in it.

    • jjc, yes the MTN stuff would be good to hear about. It’s totally relevant to everything, especially since 2008 crash.

  6. It is pure hatred that is driving these false flags. That disgusting magazine profited from pure hatred of Christianity and Islam. Social degeneracy needs no defense, it’s bad enough that we have to clean up the mess after their rampages. We see the wages of increasingly coarse societies at every level. “Lockdown” and “shelter in place” were nonexistent when we were children, now all children know the phrases. Elevating guttersnipes to positions of moral authority have added immeasurably to our social ills.

    Instead of pinning this sadistic plot on Moslems, consider how they and the minorities who have lived peacefully among them for centuries are now viciously tormented by the Western trained and funded ISIS killers in their own homelands. These same Western fed killers have just released one of the most depraved examples of a murder ever seen on footage. The direct and indirect suffering of millions of Moslems is unbearable as it is. Do not add to it by defending NWO lies. You are better than that.

  7. Je ne suis pas Charlie. Je ne suis pas NWO.

    Mr. Shrimpton,

    This is so very wrong of you. The CH fiasco was a classic false flag. You know very well how these creeps at the top work, especially after what they just put you through. Furthermore this is not a freedom of speech issue, it is a murder issue. If no one else in France had freedom of speech the talentless graffiti scribblers of the CH and their ilk are guaranteed, nay encouraged, to peddle their fathomless obscenities with the sole purpose of cultural corrosion. The spawn of the filthy “French Revolution” (central banker bloodfest) know nothing of freedom, only social control and ridicule of the historical and cultural core of France.

    There is no way Moslem malcontents could have pulled off that stunt with such precision. Do you really think that wild jihadies would break into an office building and have a roll call before shooting? And since when do commandos bring their ID cards with them on assignment? In case they get stopped for speeding? Then they both leave their ID cards in the same car at the same time outside the next stop. Ask any cop if that sounds believable. To me the whole thing looks like smoke and mirrors–somebody got ticked off at somebody else, or found out/bought/did/said something, so evening the score and leaving the Moslems holding the bag was a twofer. CH is good for nothing but lining a bird cage.

  8. “The Germans might even lose control of France.”???

    “The only decent leader in the West is Aussie PM Tony Abbott”???

    yada yada yada….

    Shrimpton is a lunatic!

    • Shrimpton likes Zionist r’s-lickers like Abbot (and his devotion to his DVD illegitimate queen and her nazi criminal, paedophile husband would be amusing if it were funny, but then again it’s not unusual to come across Israelis who still hate Germans to such a degree it warps their sensibilities).
      The only true democratic leader in the world today is Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland… although he should have caned the Icelandic bankers properly.

  9. You always seem to surprise me Shrimpton.

    The first picture in this article is disgusting.

    And your message, Bash the evil muslims (which you derogatively call Moslems) leaves me speechless.

    • Yes, the photo is really gross. But it’s the editors who put it there, not Mr Shrimpton. I think they are trying to make the point that Charlie Hebdo weren’t really journalists, and not funny either.

  10. Ah, that was it, i also wanted to say – you need to sort out a you tube channel, and get taking on some modern up to date issues, or at least do some SPECIFIC videos, for specific topics. Personally, i enjoy the rambling off, because i can replay it, to make sure ive got it all right, later. But its no good if you’re doing a video about Marcus Wolf (which im sure everyone would LOVE to see – a proper biography, by someone who interrogated the shit out of him), if you spend more than half the video talking about poor maddie, or someone else completely, like Canaris. It just aint right.

    So yes, do some videos that are JUST about the subject. You’d sell LOADS of books, off the video views. You can link directly from your you tube page (in the “read more” box), to your amazon or ebay sales page, you know ! (or to your own website, if you start one).

    What you’re good at, is public/video speaking. The one tool you DONT use, is video.

    Now, i aint claimin to be the smartest chipmunk in the river, but it don’t take a nazi rocket scientist to work out where you’re going wrong, do it ?

  11. Dr MR S, Whilst i have read Spyhunter, and very much enjoyed it (other than being, in parts, a bit too airplaney for me, there is plenty for everyone, so to speak), i must say, the main reason it isn’t selling, is hte one reason i almost didn’t buy it – THE AWFUL COVER.

    Now, a smarter, cleaner, fresher cover (perhaps red white and blue), with your face (in cartoon, looking cool and determined) and your fist crashing down onto a panzer, and a slogan underneath saying something like “Give Peace a Chance – Bomb Jerry, one more time!” ? (obviously you’d have to check with your lawyers), might make it more obvious, what kind of reader would enjoy it.

    The cover actually has a creepy german feel, to it.

  12. This article does not make much sense to me. Germany? I can agree on that Christians, Jews and Muslims should live in their separate countries to avoid pointless conflicts.

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