The Sky Does NOT Lie


by Rand Clifford for Veterans Today

I’m writing with a view of southern sky spanning fully east to west. The winter sun is going for a touchdown to the southwest. The sky is mostly clear except for the geoengineering aerosol spray engulfing the sun with milk and spilling eastward. A dot is creeping from the milky end zone of the sun, spraying eastward….

An official term for what I am watching, which is officially not happening, is “Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering” (SAG); another official term for what is officially not happening as I watch it: “Solar Radiation Management” (SRM). Funny thing, an aerosol assault on sunshine sure appears to be what I’m seeing.

When this morning’s fog began to clear, spray planes had obviously been very busy dogging the sun. Most planes sprayed horizon to horizon east to west or west to east, eighty percent of them near the path of the sun. Sometimes they don’t turn on the spray until approaching the sun…and turn off the spray a ways past the sun. Also, on moderate spray days, virtually all aerosol is sprayed near the track of the sun. So SRM is obviously an objective…but they also spray at night, often in the face of the moon. Complications galore, the aerosols are quite the toolkit, but SAG is uncomplicated in terms of exactly what it looks like right now: spraying of aerosol sunscreen.

Another plane is spraying east-to-west just below the plane clearing the Idaho panhandle, spraying Montana. In a stretch of a trail several minutes old, aerosols are getting ropy on the downside…weepy-looking…taking on an edge of teeth on a giant bandsaw blade; aerosols cutting through stratosphere to smear into cloud….

Touchdown, the sun has fuzzed out of sight in the creamy end zone.

A bulky new trail, aerosols still in the sun at 40,000 feet and blushing…on their way to flaming in orange and pink, even smears of purple as dusk creeps around down here….

“Conspiracy theory” right in my face, graphic display of why things branded as conspiracy theory usually turn out to be true; a sky full of why so many people are fouled as “conspiracy theorists” for telling the truth.

Here’s how Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines conspiracy:

1: the act of conspiring together 2:a: an agreement among conspirators b: a group of conspirators (see also, cabal)

conspire: to join in secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement b: SCHEME

cabal: the artifices and intrigues of a group of persons secretly united to bring about an overturn or usurpation esp. in public affairs

The definition of conspiracy is fundamentally and realistically the definition of not only government, but of most any exercise of power over the masses. Doesn’t that make the term “conspiracy theory” ridiculous? “Dry dust”, or, “wet water” make about as much sense. Ridiculous and stupefying—fundamentals of psyops, fueling: confusion.

The term “conspiracy theory”, linguistically barbaric, is a  potent psyop with amazing power to stifle independent thought. No thinking required, simply default to: “conspiracy theory” if you’d rather not…think about it. Independent thought is the enemy of government. Psyops like 9/11 are weapons of mass destruction targeting independent thought.

Again, exercise of government power over the governed is, by definition, nothing but conspiracy. Yet “conspiracy theory” has become an institution of social pressure to not question authority. After all:

    The world’s so scary, somebody has to be trusted with authority—look what terrorists did on 9/11!

False flag terror like 9/11 is bad enough, but authority spraying the planet with death, shouldn’t that illuminate questions regarding trust in authority? Is it really so difficult to look up and think at the same time?


The unfortunate term, “chemtrails” was crafted to obscure what is obvious to anyone handy with looking up and thinking at the same time. Enormous difference between thinking, and reacting as programmed. Certainly, non-metallic chemicals are part of the geoengineering milk, but what of the cream? What exactly are we being sprayed with?

Researchers consistently identify in Geoengineering Aerosol Spray (GAS):

   Aluminum oxide particles, barium salts, barium titanates, ethylene dibromide, cadmium, methyl aluminum, desiccated human red blood cells, nano-aluminum-coated fiberglass, sub-micron particles (containing live biological matter), polymer fibers, unidentified bacteria, enterobacteria cloacal, enterobacteriaceae, mycoplasma, human white blood cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA), mold spores, bacilli and molds, yellow fungal mycotoxins, lead, mercury, nitrogen trifluoride, nickel, calcium, chromium, radioactive cesium, radioactive thorium, selenium, arsenic, titanium shards, silver, streptomyces, strontium, uranium….

Millions of people seem happy to call GAS, “contrails”. Two main problems with equating GAS and water:

1) Contrails are born to die, cannot grow into clouds.

2) Virtually all military tankers and commercial aircraft now use high-bypass turbofan jet engines which rarely produce condensation trails. [1]

Check out what Wikipedia says about contrails:

Depending on the temperature and humidity at the altitude the contrails form, they may be visible for only a few seconds or minutes, or may persist for hours and spread to be several miles wide. The resulting cloud forms may resemble cirrus, cirrocumulus, or cirrostratus, and are sometimes called cirrus aviaticus. Persistent spreading contrails are thought by some, without overwhelming scientific proof, to have a significant effect on global climate.”

Dear readers, witness Wikipedia at maximum disinformation. Streaks of condensed water: “…may persist for hours and spread to be several miles wide”.  Glorious psyop even without the imaginary “…cirrus aviaticus”! The only clouds “cirrus aviaticus” might be are condensation of authority to fog vulnerable minds into ignoring “chemtrails”.

Most of the air breathed by high-bypass turbofan jet engines bypasses where contrails are born,  the combustion chamber.

Compared to ephemeral streaks of condensed water, GAS is immortal…indeed spreading for miles—that’s the job of geoengineering aerosol spray. Wikipedia boasts of being “…THE major source of information in the world”, even bragging with standard Zionist chutzpah that:

Wikipedia is “…under constant, paid review of Zionist assets.”

Zionist “assets” control virtually all commercial media and the majority of Internet traffic. Their spell is keeping millions of people oblivious to geoengineering aerosols. And of course, every effort is made to keep people from looking up.

Consider the dynamic: “Who wants to believe that people we vote for would allow us to be sprayed with poisons”?

It’s so easy to surrender to the default: “contrails”, so easy to ignore what the sky says. Problem is, geoengineering is perhaps the greatest threat to life on Earth ever conceived. Not an asteroid impact, or Yellowstone eruption…this is engineered biocide on a global scale.

Default: death.

But some people remember deep blue skies, can tell the difference between vanishing streaks of condensation, and geoengineering aerosol spray.

Goengineering Aerosols and HAARP

Some people even know that the exceptionally theatrical “Polar Vortex” is an engineered psyop. Here’s a superb video that details exactly how aerosols teamed with ionospheric heaters such as HAARP can alter the jet stream, pulling down frigid polar air until Dallas Texas and Northeastern Siberia share the same temperature. [2]

If you want to know how much GAS is going to be sprayed above where you live, please visit: Chemtrail Forecast Network [3]

Several times in the last few years it has been officially announced that HAARP was going to be terminated, yet its evil continues. Please visit: HAARP Status Network. [4]

A 1996 United States Air Force report titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” states: “In 2025, US aerospace forces can ‘own the weather’ by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing on development of those technologies….” Geoengineering aerosols and HAARP are key “emerging” technologies.

The full report listing a wide variety of weather modification and weather weapon capabilities is available on the official USAF website.

Also of interest is this video from GeoEngineering Watch titled: “Military to Own The Weather In 2025 – Chemtrails HAARP Space Weapons”. [5]

The USAF even has a training manual for chemtrails.

For those confronting “chemtrails” with an open mind, some of the best information is on government/military official sites. For those inclined to pay attention, there’s the sky. Damage on the ground is more obvious every day. And the damage to human health is accelerating. GAS even has its own signature disease: Morgellons [6] to go with the more pandemic, “Chemtrail Syndrome”. [7]

Zionist-occupied government is spraying vast amounts of our money to GAS us while the fed (Rothschild parasite disguised as part of the federal government) sprays the elite with fresh dollars charged to us at compound interest.

Natural predators take only what they need to survive, improving genetic integrity of their prey. Humanity’s psychopathic predators destroy what they need to survive.

Please consider the elite’s contempt for humanity in terms of what humanity might achieve if not being hounded by psychopaths. The elite subject humanity to continuous and vicious demonic predation, mutilation of mind, body and soul—then scorn humanity’s condition! But…with so many millions of us writing off GAS as “persistent contrail”, even when it’s sprayed day and night right in our faces, we seem to earn the contempt.

The only way such psychopathic evil can flourish is for people born with a conscience, born with humanity, to just watch.








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  1. Being interested in this subject I regret to disagree that Chemtrails are limited to North America. Many a times watching news I have seen these trail over many countries. I have noticed them over Indian subcontinent , China and Russia. In UK and Europe these Chemtrails are almost every day occurrence. I once counted 17 aircrafts spraying the stuff over 1 single city in UK. I can not stress enough about the environmental damage this is causing. There was one Swedish MP who brought this subject to the notice of her Parliament but I believe she was talking to ” Hear Nothing ” block. A disease which has spread to all Parliaments and likes throughout the world thanks to USA Congress.

  2. For me, this article is an excellent overview of the chemtrail, poisonous pollution problem.
    In addition, the link provided by lieutenantM, leads to a very graphic presentation of the dynamics of cloud and upper atmosphere temperature control. The first presentation ended by leading into a second presentation. The two were the most thorough presentation of the dynamics of “weather control” that is influenced by HAARP and satellites that I have seen in two, on-line presentations.

  3. I found this article to be a neat overview of the chemtrail, poisonous pollution problem.
    The link provided by lieutenantM,, leads to a very thorough presentation. For me, the presentation(s) at the link was the most thorough revelation of the dynamics of cloud and temperature control that I have yet seen, in two presentations. The end of the first presentation led into a second presentation. Outstanding.

  4. This crime against humanity must be stopped and punished. Every day the jet aircraft smear these poisons across the skies of Los Angeles County, as well as everywhere else, and not a news “environmental” reporter will touch the topic.

  5. “Welcome to Mick Donalds , can i take your order:”
    Yes , ill have a single engine Cessna capable of pumping out 50 litres of soft metal per minute.
    “would you like to upsize to a twin jet engine 767 that pumps out 4000 litres per minute
    yes please
    “would you like anything else today sir ,
    yes , pristine clear blue skies if you have any
    “unfortunatley sir that product is obselete”
    ….on a serious note , can someone please tell me if Russia , China , Nth Korea and even Sth Korea Chemtrail.
    Another thing that crosses my mind is are the people doing this not breathing the same air , wouldnt the same damage be happening to them. Also would Maylaysian Airlines have been punished for refusing to Chemtrail. I know they do now because the very first plane I tracked online as it spewed out its toxins was in fact Malaysian Airlines two months ago over the Desert In Alice Springs.

  6. Dr McDowell’s samples were abruptly confiscated by his superiors with no explanation given after he reported that under the microscope the substance would always break into rectangular pieces. Till this day he insists that it was an artificial delivery system, that he termed a “matrix,” for some unnamed microscopic element deployed by the military. Over the last twenty years “star jelly” has turned up all over the world and in America from Arizona’s remote Mogollon rim to Aptos and Fresno, California and North Seattle, Washington.

    I don’t get into the outright fact (because I really don’t know why, yet) that they are spraying these morons like Monsanto sprays agricultural products but for anyone stupid enough to still doubt it try Googling – Operation Sea-Spray – or – the DICE trials. They started long ago and there is no refuting that fact. but I have done some due diligence on it and anyone who wants to read the rest of what I found out can just go Google – Musings on The Sun Thief; a novel by Cara St Louis

  7. Amid rampant rumors of unexplained aerial activity by the military many of the town’s residents fell violently ill after contact with the substance dubbed star jelly by the media. Mike McDowell the lead micro biologist for Washington State Department of Health tested the substance and found it was teeming with pseudomonas fluorescens and enterobacter cloacae. Both are bacteria’s that are extremely toxic to the intestinal and respiratory systems of human beings. Pseudomonas fluorescens feeds on oil and is used to clean up oil spills. It is listed in one hundred and sixty three Pentagon patents for bioremediation.

  8. Great Article. I found the following video very interesting The claim is that coal ash is where they are collecting the ingredients for spraying. The scariest thing is that we are so accustomed to seeing them, they could get away with adding a deadly ingredient that kills on contact at any given time….millions would be dead before anyone knew. I never saw a chem-trail until the late 90’s and I am 48 years old. Unfortunately, people born in the 80’s and after don’t know what a pristine blue sky looks like. Don’t be fooled….this stuff is slowly killing you and every living thing around you.

    • That is an interesting question Jerry…what are we going to do,. What is the best way to approach this. I have tried dealing with the local council but I pretty much get told to leave. That is the whole problem , people including myself simply dont know what to do.

  9. There have been several excellent leaks (no pun intended) by very credible people, pilots, ground crews, scientists, etc., including many pictures of tanks on board planes with all the seats taken out, set-up to spray mixed with or without fuel.

  10. If their are 27,000 commercial flights daily in the US, and the fuel capacity of a 727 is 8,000, then if I use the conservative estimate of 4,000 gals per flight.
    This comes to 108,000,000 gals of fuel. DAILY, It is so easy to mix additives of whatever into fuel as it is not chemically tested at individual airports. Flight paths are easily altered slightly, and the timing is subjective. The delivery system is already in place and expected. To the lab coats, and shiny stars, that dream of ruling nature, this is too good to be true, and would be considered a waste if not utilized for one thing or another. Quietly and firmly, engineers and others are being softened into quiet acceptance. Like war, it is sold as the only way.

  11. Tens of thousands of normal flights every day, probably not much happens
    in the sky that the pilots don’t see. If anyone has doubts about chem trails they should ask them.

    • airplanes do not have rear view mirrors and most crew chiefs will tell you that pilots knowledge of the aircraft is not impressive. They certainly do not test the fuel or even inspect it visually, much is assumed…..the fuel supply chain is compromised.
      Does a bus driver also qualify as a diesel mechanic ? or a chemist ? the fuel comes in on rail and is straight to the plane, minor spot testing for sediment, water and particulate, no idea what is in it . the way through this is mandated chemical testing of fuel AFTER it leaves the rail yard. the duties of this should be rotating independent labs.

  12. OK Fair enough more research more data , we have plenty of it . Just take your time to go to , The data that you are looking for is all there.Its is very conclusive compelling , plenty there enough to choke a whale. Thanks Preston for you synopses , right on point Rand keep it up . Nice to see VT running with this.

  13. has it ever occurred to anybody that the chemtrails just might be solar reflecting particles to slow down global warming? enough of this con-spiraling obsession.

    • Yes I have read about SRM and it being reflectant strategy to control global warming, I just wonder why most western world governments have been so quick just to accept global warming recently in a bid to change our ways? There just seems to be conflicting actions all over the place to what we think the chem-trails are being used for.

  14. Excellent article. Because various samples have been collected and assayed and show the contents similar to what is quoted above, you can bet this article is a very accurate description of what is going on. besides the author has a good reputation and is very credible. There have been local TV stations doing investigations and have samples analyzed, but these stories never go network because they are suppressed. The skies used to be blue. Now we have them filled with chemtrails. Contrails do not grow, they shrink, chemtrails grow and spread out.

  15. I’m very sceptical towards chemtrails. Mostly it is disinfo. BUT, there seems to have been a massive global particle dispersion to allow for the detection of stealth aircrafts that are seen as shadows against this atmospheric particle layer with certain instruments. A very dangerous global scale experiment.

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