It’s Time to Bust It Up


liars-all-arounds (2)

by Preston James


The Major Mass Media has been systematically consolidated into what is essentially little more than a USG Propaganda and establishment mouthpiece used to Psyop and mind-kontrol the American People.

It is this transformation of an unconsolidated Major Mass Media into the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) that has essentially created a News Monopoly which is owned by the OCC through Cutouts.

This makes all nationally broadcast news quite easy for the OCC to control and also easy for the OCC to control the American Mass Mind.

From now on when you think of the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) think of Organized Crime which is the entity that owns and control it through Cutouts. Also think about how the CMMM now has the power to construct the social reality for the American People.

the only time they tell the truth is in early live Reports that slip by the Editors or factoids that get broadcast by mistake. Neither of these occurrences happen very often and are rare exceptions.

Yes, the OCC has been able to transform the Major Mass Media into their own Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

6corps-320x3163Yes, the OCC attained enough power to transform the Major Mass Media into their own illegal News Cartel (the CMMM), the largest Mind-kontrol and Psyop delivery system ever developed.

And yes, the consolidation of the Major Mass Media into the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) created a true Monopoly which is completely illegal despite the fact the OCC’s lawyers have worked hard to conceal it. Look, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, behaves like a duck, then it is a duck no matter what the duck claims.

And this incredibly high level of control the OCC has established over all our National and International News is now a fact of life.

It has allowed the OCC (best described perhaps as the “Establishment”) to actually Psyop and mind-kontrol the American people and create an artificial reality for them that is not only completely false.

And this completely false social reality motivates the American People to support the OCC’s interests which are directly against their interests and the interests of humanity in general. These OCC interests that go against most of “We The People” and humanity are the absurd, illegal, Unconstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, unwinnable, perpetual Wars of aggression fought for the OCC and its own “big boss” the World Zionist (WZ) City of London Rothschild private Fiat Central Banksters and their main action-agent Israel.

Their purpose for all these illegal wars of aggression? To gain fabulous war profits and access to other nations resources for deep discounts or nothing and to mas-murder as many Goyim as possible, and creating as much human suffering as possible in the process. Why are they like this? Very simply the WZ and OCC top dog leaders are strange anti-human creatures of the night that are perhaps negative energy parasites and apparently can only gain energy needed to rule by doing this.

Yes, that is correct, essentially all Wars are pre-engineered, staged and fought to gain more power, profits, access to an enemies natural resources and to grab control over more  land and to knowingly create massive humans suffering and painful death in millions of innocent civilians and to destroy the lives of young American soldiers so America can never rise up and free itself from this WZ/OCC parasite.

“100% of All Modern Day Financial Disasters & War…Manufactured by the Rothschild Family.”

This is all done for the WZs and their main action-agent, their large international Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) working through Israel Likudist Party which is the personal action-agent of the Rothschild WZs.

The WZ’s OCC does their dirty work and specializes in War profiteering, massive illegal narcotics and weapons trafficking and yes, sadly, illegal organ trafficking, human slavery and sex-trafficking of women and children and so many repetitive clearly inhuman crimes against humanity that it boggles the mind of anyone who learns about this.

Learning this in investigations that are always stopped by the WZ and or the OCC seems to leave the LE involved quite confused, angry and alienated forever.

And then they just go away in quiet desperation never to be heard of again after being rejected, stepped on or threatened for their attempt to bring these perps to justice.

The top WZs and the OCC Kingpins are the most evil individuals you could ever imagine, worse than your baddest nightmares. Yes, these inhuman scum are right of of Dante’s Inferno, hell itself, true creatures of evil.

Carefully consider what these OCC top Kingpins are really like deep down inside, you know these folks that run the CMMM. 

These soulless individuals who would have a hard time proving themselves to be human in an International Court of Law are folks right out of “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Last House on the left” or “The Hostel”.

Sadly these soulless evil scum which impersonate humans have used their own complete lack of any humanness and conscience (pure sociopathy) to work their way up the food chain by any and all means necessary to get to the top and seize power over the key institutions of Government. A fair guess is that someday maybe not to far off these habitual violators of humanity will be hunted down the way they have hunted children, and brought to international justice and final judgement.

Is there anything these WZs and their OCC Kingpins won’t do for money, power and status?

Not much. Let’s see, they torture and murder little infants and children during the semi-annual satanic black mass sacrifices, cut out their hearts and eat them, and drink some of their blood. They kidnap, hold kids in dungeons, starve them, torture them, rape them, and then either use them in ritual sacrifices for the super elites in their occult network or actually hunt them naked and murder them after turning them loose at their hunting ranches and lodges.

They will kidnap young girls traffick in them, use them as prostitutes in their Macao Casinos and then take their huge billion dollar profits and buy up the US Congress like which was done at the last national election, all thanks to a notably some deeply compromised and owned US Supreme Court Justices. Without crooked Supreme Court Justices we would not have the absurd Citizens United Decision allowing this espionage against America by human sex traffickers buying Members of Congress.

And they close most of their large business deals and finalize major political strategies during their little vacation at the Bohemian Grove in July of each summer when they ritually sacrifice more children to their god Baal in the infamous “Cremation of Care ceremony.” these are NOT the kinds of neighbors you want living next door to you or in your neighborhood, or even in state or nation either for that matter.

Hmmm, is there anything these folks won’t do? Well the one thing they won’t do is allow themselves to lose power, money or be brought to justice and they will buy, bribe, human compromise and even pay for murders to prevent this. But here is the good news.

The Gutenberg Press which was revolutionary and changed the World. The Internet is also revolutionary and is making Forbidden Truth available to everyone for the first time.

Thanks to the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press of the World, the knowledge of their crimes against humanity is now spreading like wildfire and eventually the World will rise up and put them out of business permanently.

Because of the Internet and the cell phone which provide instant communication and information spreads at the speed of light, there will be no where for these scum to hide once the hunt for them starts in earnest after they are indicted in several appropriate World Courts or the people of the World rise up against them in mass.

Yes, the WZs and their OCC have accrued enough power to actually become the central controlling power of American Society and their use of their CMMM is a central part of their ability to maintain control.

They are now able to control the dissemination of all news stories which define reality for the American populace. What this means in practical terms is that this News Cartel, more accurately referred to as the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), decides what information the American People are allowed to have and certainly no serious truths will be allowed.

This grand feat of gaining complete control over all the Major Mass Media was accomplished by the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) that hijacked the USG accrued enough power to murder a President in broad daylight and run a coverup effective enough to get away with it.

At the time, the Major Mass Media submitted to the wishes of the USG and the Establishment for the most part out of a basic patriotism which arose during WW2, but there were still investigative journalists and substantial independence of numerous independent city newspapers and television news operations.

How specifically was the OCC able to gain complete control over the Major Mass Media?

The OCC used claims of “National Security” to garner support within the top echelons of the US Military and the Establishment to gain enough power to be able to assassinate JFK and get away with it by using the Major Mass media to institute a complete coverup.

The OCC’s ability to get control over every News Outlet including City Newspapers and talk radio during its coordinated coverup of the JFK Assassination using “National Security” was made possible because actually the JFK Assassination was a very high level Coup d ‘etat by the US Military JCS and the CIA with the direct assistance of LBJ, J. Edgar Mary and Richard Nixon who started Op40 (also known as Room 40 at Langely).

Bush1 was the central planner and operational man working closely with Ed Lansdale and this success allowed bush1 to climb the food chain to take control over a large faction in the CIA which his family maintains even to this present day.

High_TreasonFBI Agents and sheep-dipped CIA Agents with fake credential made over at the Treasury Department impersonated FBI Agents and visited Owners and Editors and explained to them the need to kill or “modify” certain important stories in order to protect National Security. The true meaning of this use of so-called “National Security” as they use it really means “protecting the security of our organized crime syndicate run by the Bush Crime cartel.”

Yes, it was the Prescott Bush (aka Prescott Scherf) based Crime Cabal (best referred to as the BCC) that used the JFK Assassination to consolidate power and gain near complete control over the American Major Mass Media on behalf of the City of London Rothschild World Zionist private central Fiat Bankers (best referred to as the World Zionists or WZs).

In fact there is good evidence that Prescott Scherf was sent to America by the WZs to build up a large crime syndicate using unlimited WZ money and their vast International political power to run interference and protect the Federal Reserve Bank, their American Franchisee.

These Rothschild Word Zionists (WZs) have a distinctive record of starting many ‘isms that have plagued the World, including Bolshev’ism, Fasc’ism, Nazi’ism, Mao’ism, Terror’ism and NeoCon’ism and have pitted these against one another in order to further their age old agenda of “divide and conquer,” which keeps folks occupied while the WZs steal them blind.

divide-and-conquer-320x240By creating and then actuating these various ‘isms, the WZs have been able to use their OCC to create huge fraudulent, pre-engineered wars over contrived and pre-staged conflicts. These wars have resulted in hundreds of millions of painful human deaths, woundings,  disfigurements and disabilities of both Soldiers and civilians including women and children. For example there was a minimum of 55 million dead in WW2, most of them civilians.

There was much more to the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917 that meets the eye.

The WZs created and deployed Bolshevism, using Khazarians whose mind-set was purely Babylonian Talmudic (better known as “Synagogue of Satan or pure Luciferianism or Kabbalism) to genocide over 20 million innocent Russians.

The reason these Khazarians were chosen, armed and deployed for this assignment of  mass torture and genocide of the Russian peasants, aristocracy and professionals was that the WZ Banksters hated the Russian Czar for turning his back on them and refusing to buckle under. This incredibly brutal and heinous genocide is referred to as the Red Terror and the key players were the Cheka who were disgusting sub-humans.

Bolshevism and its genocidal incredibly bloody assault on Czarist Russia was an expression of the inhuman soulless nature of the Rothschild WZs which has led some like David Icke, a former sports presenter and now an incredibly popular UK researcher and public speaker,  to accuse them of being cold blooded reptilian-human hybrids masquerading as humans.

I don’t know about the reptilian part but they sure have been acting soulless and cold blooded. The reasons for this incredible hatred, torture and mass-murder was unleashed on the Russians by the Babylonian Talmudic Judaic Khazarians was because the Russians had isolated Khazarians in the 1200’s and cut off trade with them and the Khazarians held an incredible demonic grudge. Veterans Today Financial Editor and Talk Show Host Mike Harris discovered this interesting fact which explains a lot. The Russians had isolated the Khazarians because they were habitual liars, cheaters, psychopaths and two-faced and could never be trusted to do anything honestly.

In fact Khazarians had been known to rob any travelers going through their country often murdering them and trying to assume their identities after pretending to be friends with them. It is these same Bolshevik families (best referred to as NeoBolsheviks) who have invaded, hijacked and now occupy America through the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual and Triple Citizens and the power of the Federal Reserve System. A triple Citizen is also known as a Judaic member of the Red Mafiya, while being a US Citizen and an Israeli Citizen too.

Mike Harris has also suggested that the Rothschilds held a special grudge against the Russian Czar and the Russians because they helped the Colonists defeat the British and were planning to break away from the Rothschild Fiat central banking System and start their own system.

The Major Mass Media was transformed by the OCC into their own Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which is functioning like an illegal monopoly best referred to as a News Cartel and permits the OCC to directly Mind-kontrol and Psyop the American masses and create and dictate societal reality which is false from top to bottom.

3d230d44-320x285What this means in practical terms is that the Major Mass Media has become the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and is now owned and controlled by Six major International news Corporations that are Cutouts for the OCC and have zero allegiance to America our Republic. And this News Cartel is a house of lies and a house of cards that will collapse if their biggest lies and false-narratives are ever truly understood by the public.

For example if the American Public ever fully comes to understand that the OCC and its Cutouts, Assets and Sayanims were responsible for the attack on America on 9-11-01 and that nuclear bombs were used and that the CMMM ran the cover, the CMMM will collapse overnight and the American people will destroy the CMMM.

The OCC has allowed the the World Zionists to infiltrate and hijack the US Congress through Israeli espionage fronts and used the CMMM to prevent the American Public from knowing this which should have been headline news when it first occurred.

But the biggest problems is that in order for most Americans to understand and believe these important truths, right now they would have to be broadcast and published by the CMMM itself and that is impossible because the CMMM is itself little more than an OCC propaganda dispenser. At present this is a very big “Catch 22.” Hopefully as the Alternative news available on the Worldwide Internet continues to increase and diffuse to the American masses, the CMMM will be displaced and completely discredited and rejected.

??????????????????????????????The CMMM must be broken up because it has allowed the USG to become a tool of the OCC and be used to harm the average American by stealing the fruits of their labor with illegal Unconstitutional Taxation, sending them to illegal Unconstitutional wars for huge Bankster and Defense Contractor profits, and to oppress, tyrannize and jail the public over petty non-violent crimes to make huge profits for the private prisons.

What happens in America when the Major Mass Media purposely lie to the American People instead of doing their rightful job of serving the American People and bringing truth to them?

First we get complete lies about ISIL/Daish. We are told it is basically an Islamic extremist army. However this can quickly be shown to be completely false narrative. If it was truly an independent Islamic Extremist Army (actually there aren’t any), they would be attacking Israel, since the Israeli Lobby inside America (the espionage fronts AIPAC, JINSA and the like) is pushing hard to get America to attack ISIS/Daish, but it isn’t. This is just a WZ ploy to use dumb American Goyim to attack and defeat Syria and Iran on their behalf. We now know for certain that ISIS/Daish was started by Senator McCain, and generals McInerney and Vallely using huge unguarded weapons stockpiles left available in Iraq by General Betrayus.

ISIS/Daish is actually Al CIA duh version 2 and is a privatized, mercenary based CIA army run by the Bush Crime Cabal and supported by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Quatar and more and uses Blackwater types from many of the Baltic nations, your usual “murder for hire” not-easy- to-prove-human types that will do anything for money, yes anything. Fortunately President Obama has so far not fallen for the Zio/Israeli trap but is using air forces to pound ISIS/Diash back into the stone age, thanks to a very good American Defense Consultant’s incredibly expert advice. You know who you are and this is a big thank you. This ISIS/Daish war is actually a secret American Civil War being fought in Iraq. The war is between the good part of the US Military and the now loyal High Command versus the BCC CIA private army which is fighting on on behalf of the WZs and Israel. But this war is being fought covertly here at home and is a life or death struggle between the US High Militray Command and the Israeli espionage fronts trying to destroy America on behalf of the WZs, which has been the WZs “wetdream” since they lost the Revolutionary War.

When the Major Mass Media is corrupt and doesn’t do its job, Whistle-blowers true stories do not get covered and DHS and FBI are free to harass, abuse, ignore or even murder these Whistle-blowers with no publicity or any public pressure applied against them. Take the cases of Geral Sosbee, Russel Tice, William Binney, Thomas Drake, Mark Klein, Chris Pyle, Gweneth Todd, Susan Landuer and Mark Novitsky.

The CMMM serves as the WZ/OCC/Israeli whore.

If the Major Mass Media had done their job these these American heroes would have gotten top Headlines and serious prosecutions and corrections of the various Intel Agencies would have occurred. Many high ranking Intel Officers would have been prosecuted and convicted of major felonies and RICO and would be spending the rest of their lives behind bars if not executed for Treason and Sedition for aiding a foreign enemy with their espionage inside America, Israel. Because the Major Mass Media has not done their job, each of these great American Heroes have suffered great persecution, job loss, harassment, and many serious psychotronic harassment, being placed on a “no-employment allowed under any circumstances” list and death threats.

Take Gweneth Todd of the National Security Council. She exposed AIPAC’s serious espionage inside America, Steve Rosen who was then fired by AIPAC and prosecuted, but instead of being convicted for Treason and Sedition and hung by the neck until dead on a wooden military Gallows like the convicted Nazi war criminals were at Nuremberg he now walks free like his fellow AIPAC men who are doing the very same thing even now, that is, doing espionage against America.

Gweneth Todd is credited with exposing espionage that could easily have started WW3 in the Mideast by preventing an illegal invasion of Syria and then Iran. She is credited with actually preventing WW3 and received serious death threats. Plus the FBI tried to set her up to murder her. Even to this very day this great American Hero who set an example for all of us Americans who love our great Republic, cannot return to America because of the FBI corruption. Note the FBI is the WZ’s and Israel’s whore and always has been.

And take the case of Susan Lindauer another great American Hero. She was a very high ranking CIA Asset (which means she was brought in to do heavy lifting for the CIA but be deniable) and just could not go along with the program to take America into more foreign wars. She was illegally arrested and was imprisoned on a military based illegally for five years. No, the CIA didn’t murder her and eventually let her out of this illegal incarceration but American Intel continues to harass her in numerous serious ways trying to make her life miserable and destroy her.

Now take the important case of Federal Whistle-blower Mark Novitsky. Novitsky says he has worked for Tele Tech Holdings related companies and quit because he refused to be part of unethical and illegal actions and serious national security violations and offenses against the American People. Novitsky tried to inform the FBI and they wouldn’t listen and refused to investigate and charge the perps with national security and espionage crimes. According to Novitsky this company sued him to keep him from talking and the rare stroke of luck occurred, he got an honest judge who ruled in Novitsky’s favor “with prejudice” which means “they” can never sue him again for the same thing (which covers a lot of ground).

Novitsky has claimed that Tele Tech Holdings and its related groups are functioning as a large RICO crime syndicate engaged in theft and resale of private consumer data stolen from its clients and also engages in espionage inside America on behalf of a foreign power Israel, making it a serious National Security Matter. Novitsky claims that when he has explained this to some individuals in high positions of the News  Cartel and Congress, they have told him his story is far too hot. Some have even said they were afraid to talk to him at all. There is every reason to believe what Novitsky says is true. He is a standup man, honest and keeps his word and commitments and knows a great deal about what he talks about. Novitsky says he informed the top management of Best Buy Company who was using a Tele Tech Holdings related service.

After this Best Buy Co. dropped any association with Tele Tech Holdings related services and this shows why many folks believe Best Buy is an honest ethical well managed company. Personally I think that Best Buy Company needs to be supported for its courage to dump Tele Tech Holdings related services in order to protect its customers. So hats off to Best Buy Company and highest commendations to its management for doing what is right to protect its customers.

Novitsky believes that some day Tele Tech Holdings and its related companies and services will be brought to account under civil and criminal RICO as well as many of the retail chain stores that continue to use its customer data services despite being notified by Novitsky of the theft and resale of personal customer data without the customers or the store’s permission. Those like Best Buy Company that have taken action to protect their customers will be free of any such class action suits, RICO and other coming prosecutions, according to Novitsky.

Now we know why that Novitsky has been so serious abused, harassed, tyrannized and hit with advanced powerful psychotronics on almost a daily basis. These operations that Novitsky is trying to expose have been related to the Denver 12 self-proclaimed “illuminati” or “12 disciples of Satan”, according to Stew Webb, nationally recognized Federal Whistle-blower, Veterans Today Columnist and Host of Veterans Today News Reports bi-weekly radio show who has personally been harassed by this bunch who tried to murder him in staged auto accidents using hired stooges.

Not only did the FBI refuse to investigate and work with US Prosecutors to indict for this Corporate based espionage, but they placed Novitsky on a “no-employment-under-any-circumstances list”, visited his new employer and caused him to be fired when he was doing a great job. Even worse the FBI/DHS have been attacking with high powered Psychotronics proved by a sweep of his home with sensitive German Equipment, and have been harassing him in other serious ways too on a continuing basis too numerous to list here.

Just recently the FBI agreed to meet with Novitsky, but the two agents refused to identify themselves. Were they lying (as usual for the FBI) and were they actually CIA or even reps from Tele Tech Holdings, the CIA or Israeli Intel (Mossad)? Will these anonymous agents be cutting and splicing video and sound recoding they took from wall mounted cameras into the wee hours setting Novitsky up to prosecute him on fake charges like they have done so many times before? Or will they actually straighten up, identify themselves with real credentials and prove their identities and then start doing their jobs and stop the serious harassment of Novitsky.

By the way, Novitsky has been checked out by those who have the connections and resources to do so, and his story is truthful and not an exaggeration. Yet no Major Mass Media will listen to him. Some years ago, Sixty Minutes had a story ready to go on his Whistle-blowing and they pulled it at the last minute and told him it was just too hot. What Novitsky knows could bring down some very big espionage fronts inside America if his complaints are ever serious investigated and prosecuted.

Or take the well known case of Geral Sosbee, former FBI Agent who took his job seriously. Now he is harassed almost daily by the FBI Div. 5 and the list of all the incredibly evil things they have done to him would fill a telephone book and is disgusting beyond imagination. And yet he still stands strong and remains a great American hero.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the FBI stopped being the WZ’s and Israel’s whore and actually did their jobs? Who knows. The new FBI Director James Comey is known to be one of the good guys, but he himself said recently, don’t trust the Government. It takes a long time to route out all the Zio stooges in the Bureau as well as all the sheep-dipped Mossad and BCC CIA criminals who have heavily infiltrated the FBI. And don’t forget about the serious offenses of: Misprision of a Felony; Accessory after a crime; Obstruction of Justice; Espionage against America; or Civil and/or Criminal RICO.And the FBI Division 5 has employed some notorious hit-men, and one of their famous hits was the murder of Gary Caradori and his son.

Caradori was a highly respected private investigator hired by the Nebraska State Legislature to investigate these incredibly serious accusations about the Bush1 Franklin/CIA Pedophile ring and had just received a batch of photographs of some of the biggest politicians and finance gurus raping little kids, and was murdered to get that briefcase which never surfaced again. However, a complete record of videos and photos is under seal in a Court in Omaha and there may be copies out there floating around to be released later unexpectedly at the right time, who knows when.

This is what the FBI has been doing every day for many years in spades. These are all major felonies and some are capital crimes punishable by death. It is also interesting that according to the Library of Congress, the FBI has no official right to exist because it has no charter. So just like DHS it has no legal mandate to exist, just like the Federal Reserve System and the IRS too, because they are all WZ espionage fronts in America, all of them and are all completely illegal and Unconstitutional. Their very existence shows the raw power of Banksters endless supply of money they can create in any volume they want and buy or bribe almost every single Member of Congress in order to subvert and/or ignore the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Every one of these Federal Intel/espionage Whistle-blowers mentioned above is am American Hero and has an important story that should have been headlines many time over and should have stimulated major prosecutions for Treason and Sedition of the Perps harassing abusing them and trying to murder them. But because we have a crooked, compromised CMMM owned and controlled by the OCC as its official mouthpiece, these stories were not told as they should have been and the American people were not informed. Some day soon things may get so bad “We The People” may resort to taking direct individual uncoordinated military action known as “extra-judicial” like these Perps have been doing to America Whistleblowers to resolve this. At least some experts have predicted this in the not too distant future ass the US Petro Dollar crumbles and is no longer the World’s reserve Currency.

Two more examples of what could never have happened if the Major Mass Media did their job.

Take completely documented case of David Hinkson, a Vet who was prosecuted by a notably crooked Prosecutor and convicted even against overwhelming, documented evidence of innocence. In fact Hinkson was not even in America when this conjured up fake offense occurred. Why was he railroaded by a crooked prosecutor and judge? Because he developed natural nutrient cures for many disorders. Hinkson was sentenced to a very long prison sentence for an imaginary crime.

Or take this recent flap over parents refusing to have their kids inoculated with the MMR vaccine because of new scientific evidence coming out by and MD Researchers that many vaccines have dangerous unnecessary additives, preservatives and adjuvants, such as aluminum, Thimerisol (ethyl-mercury, the most toxic neuro-toxin known to man), formaldehyde, aluminum, and squalene. The MMR is known to be a vaccine which can be dangerous to some kids and can damage some for life (Pertussis in the DPT is far worse and is banned in Japan and European nations in the US version). Kids who have already been vaccinated for measles are still getting measles.

So we know the vaccines don’t work well on measles and yet the USG and the FDA and CDC are pushing hard to manipulate parents to vaccinate their kids. This is just another false-flag attack on the American People to scare them into giving up more rights to Big Brother aka the State. Vaccines are dangerous to many children and subject them to unnecessary risk, especially when given more than one at a time not spaced many weeks or months apart.

There is no valid scientific reason to include these toxic additives like mercury  in vaccines or include material from aborted fetuses. We also know that most vaccines are made from cell lines that go all the way back and contain SV-40 and other slow-acting and stealth viruses, some catalytic which can be energized later by various sophisticated means. Sadly approximately 40% of soft tissue cancers have SV-40 virus in them and researchers have known for years most cell lines contain SV-40 and that it is carcinogenic over a long period of time.

Now I am going to disclose to you what is really going on here. This measles virus is a new gene-spliced virus from Fort Detrick Army Biological Weapons Lab and has been deployed by the same folks who deployed Anthrax against the Democratic Members of Congress who refused to support the patriot Act. Who are these folks, yes you already guessed it Israeli Assets deeply infiltrated into the US Army Biological Weapons program who have perhaps seeded this bug at Disneyland or placed it in the food supplies. Remember these Bio Warfare Ops are very knowledgeable how to do this and have many years of research from actual trials in the NYC subways and other cities. And why are they doing this? To further infringe on parents rights and try to manipulate society to create massive guilt and fear in order to shame them and into giving up parental freedom and parental rights.

It’s time to apply enough pressure to Big Pharma to take all the toxic contaminants and mind-dumbing compounds out of all vaccines like ethyl mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and aluminum. Thee are actually covert eugenic attacks against those who receive the vaccines. And remember this little children cannot say no and their developing nervous systems are much more easily damaged often causing autism spectrum disorders. And always remember this, if the Major Mass Media was never allowed to be consolidated as the CMMM and become the WZ/OCC/Israel Whore and USG propaganda dispenser vaccine truth would have been headline news when discovered about 50 years ago.

The CMMM News Cartel is owned and controlled by the OCC and is actually completely illegal because it violates anti-trust laws, but is also illegal for other reasons besides these anti-trust laws.

This incredibly large International News Cartel is technically illegal, that is in violation of numerous antitrust laws and notably criminal and civil RICO too. How can this be you might ask? How can an operation this illegal be allowed to continue operating without being busted by the US Department of Justice?

The answer is very simple and quite disheartening. It’s because the News Cartel Member Corporations have large amounts of cash and can buy the sharpest, most twisted and soulless Ivy League educated attorneys and use them to claim that since there are more than one large Media Corporation involved, there cannot be a monopoly.

This legal argument of the CMMM’s slick attorneys is fraudulent, because the way these International News Corporations are organized, share information and have the same secret controllers, they are actually functioning as an illegal Monopoly whether they admit it or not and should be broken up under anti-trust laws.

And now to the subject of criminal and civil RICO. Back in 1970, G. Robert Blakey and Senator John McClellan pushed hard and got their revolutionary RICO law passed. This law has also been passed in over 30 states. RICO was designed to create some powerful new tools to fight and defeat organized crime, which had so far been pretty successful manipulating the Judicial system in America. This law has serious teeth and if enforced properly could be used to completely eradicate the OCC in America. Its criminal sections could be used to obtain very long prison sentences, even life imprisonment or death depending on the State where prosecuted, since capital sentences are influenced by state laws.

image002778But the most interesting part of all this is that RICO has a civil part which is designed to recompense members of the public damaged or harmed by Organized Crime. If these sections of RICO are used properly to prosecute the OCC Kingpins, every single asset they ever defrauded the American People of including Unconstitutional gains from Counterfeiting money can be seized and even clawed back. This means everything the criminal Federal Reserve System Banksters stole from Americans can be seized, clawed back and returned to them as a reparation.

It is important to note that there are State and Federal Laws which actually make it illegal for any part of the CMMM to publish or broadcast news that they know is false or to serve as a propaganda arm for foreign espionage fronts, or if they would not listen to those who have provided them evidence which shows that a story was false.

But there are also National Security laws which allow the CMMM to be prosecuted under espionage laws since it can easily be shown that the CMMM is serving as an agent of foreign based espionage of the WZs which in many cases is fed false stories from it’s Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual and Triple Citizen OCC members.

How can we eradicate the OCC and bust up their CMMM New Monopoly and stop their insidious and recurrent Psyops and mind-kontrol against the American People?

And there is one more way to nail the OCC and eradicate it forever off the face of Planet Earth. Strange as it may seem the same National Security laws the OCC passed to stifle dissent and suppress truth can now be used against them! How incredibly perfect a solution this is. Actually the US Constitution gives our High Military Command the Legal Right to arrest, indict and prosecute many of the high OCC Kingpins in America under Treason and Sedition Laws and these can be Capital Crimes punishable by public execution. Can you imagine that?

AIPACAll we need is good honest Generals in our High Military Command that know the truth about the OCC and the crimes of its main partner the Israeli Likudist and the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens with the help of some US Traitors that did the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01.

We have a new High Military Command now and they appear to be standup America-firsters who have all been briefed on the WZs and their OCC did the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01. Many are hoppin’ mad and want big payback against the OCC, which may be in process now through powerfully deployed covert means.

And of course the fact that the Alternative News available on the Internet is gaining popularity more and more each day, presents the new likelihood that far too much truth is being diffused to the American Masses for them to put up with the OCC much longer. This is a real possibility since the OCC continues to asset strip America of its jobs and ability for most Americans to find good paying job opportunities  and support themselves and their families and this is motivating the American masses to start figuring out why they have no new good job opportunities and the Middle Class is shrinking by the day.


We need to eradicate the OCC by busting up the CMMM News Cartel. Without the CMMM, the OCC cannot continue to function. If we can muster enough political strength to bust them up, the OCC will evaporate. Or our High Military Command can just arrest the whole OCC in one fell swoop and start their trails for espionage, Treason and sedition. No bail can be given because these men are certain flight risks. The CMMM must be broken up under either “National Security Laws” since they are actually functioning as agents of foreign espionage fronts inside America, or by using anti-trust, anti-monopoly laws against them. Preferably both.

Yes, it’s time to bust up the OCC’s News Cartel, the CMMM, and break the spell of their sinister Mind-kontrol and Psyop system which used Big Government Lies and False-narratives to mislead the public and motivate them to support all the illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, perpetual and unwinnable foreign wars for huge WZ and OCC profits. Let us all do everything we can reasonable to inform our family and friends of the truth about the OCC and its News Cartel and do everything we can to break the CMMM up under anti-trust laws and national security laws and bring them and their OCC controllers to absolute justice and final “with prejudice” judgement.

And now for cognitive balance, here is some pretty darned good music for entertainment by William Clark Green.



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Preston James, Ph.D
Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

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  1. I almost concur..
    It sure is time for an accounting.
    I do not believe that simply dividing up in some fashion
    would really help.
    I am reminded of when Rockefeller was read the riot act
    (and so created some foundations that plague us to this day),
    and the Oiligopoly still is around, a lot of name tags changed,
    but if you study,
    “the more things ‘change’, the more they stay the same”
    (never did like that one but it conveys a point),
    I think exposing these frauds for what they are,
    and some Civil Actions (unless you really really
    want to criminalize speech).
    No, they have been making fools of themselves,
    and those who follow may fall with them.
    The question is “Are They Regroovable”
    I Say NO!
    Smithereen it, melt it.


  2. Gentleman and Lady patriots to our ONE HUMAN FAMILY. We are in a real pickle here, but we have the strength to get the job done. We have very little time to waste. The fraudulent orchestrated world war on terror is actually a “Jericho plan” for elimination of the masses of Gentiles who are fast awakening to need to correct problem by direct confrontation with zionazis Jews, with intent to eliminate them as problem they have been for far, far, far to long. WE know where they live, work, play, and hide. They can’t escape needed and justifiable date with punishment. Media personnel must be given direct orders to stop the bull-shit propaganda machine or face the sure to come consequence from an angry mob of liberating citizens, who shall not take no for an answer. Beloved People, we must not allow zionazis Jew leaders to escape date with justice. We must continue to fight for the world community we desire and deserve as ONE UNITED HUMAN FAMILY. WE MUST BECAUSE, YES WE CAN.

  3. For sure, there are plenty of great minds fully aware of current situation. Kalika War Party and American Defense Party advocate taking zionazis Jews out, especially all their leaders. These zionazis Jews and their neo Christian allies must be held fully accountable to punishment deserved for all the death and destruction caused our world community. With a well organized effort uncompromising in mission, it can be a swift world-wide victory. Ultimatum must be given media personnel. We must take over all zionazis owned media, then use it to truthfully inform our nation and global community of what’sup. We must be sufficiently armed in case of rebellion from those targeted. Military, intelligence, and law enforcement must be put on notice that either they are with the people or they shall meet defeat along with top dog zionazis Jews. All nations Courts and Jailers must be prepared to handle work load of all arrested traitors in their countries.

  4. One of the things that makes CMMM so successful is because it also controls how much and how you perceive any dissent. I participated in the ’13 Million Mask March. This should have been headline news everywhere. A grass roots movement, accomplished through social media, that spanned hundred of cities and several continents. Mainstream blurbed it only after they could no longer ignore it. Protesters marched to the TV stations who closed their blinds and never so much as sent a reporter outside to see what people had to say. I personally believe the Sandy Hook hoax because it was so poorly done is going to be the key to making people realize how much of their reality is manipulated and by who.

    • Taking it To the Streets.
      (and here come the agents provocateur).
      As I watch the various people dancing in the streets
      and this is all the rage of late, lotta people in the street (or on it).
      I am reminded of a line from a Jethro Tull song..
      “They all want Revolution but They Don’t Know What They’re Fighting”.


  5. It is hard, if not impossible to defeat the power of MSM in it’s existing form characterized by concentration of ownership. This is unlikely to change and it is impossible to change a dumbed down Boobus Americanus.
    Obama has so many skeletons in his closet that he is totally compromised. To believe he is going against zionist wishes in Syria is naive thinking. ISIS gives Obama the excuse he needs to be in Syria.
    VT needs to use shock therapy to wake people up. For example talk about leadership and occultism:
    – Geman history was altered and falsified to create Israel. History does not talk about occultism in the Nazi hierarchy as it would shed light and give credibility to the occult practices of the elite today. Apart from outrageous profits war allows the elite to sacrifice large numbers of people to their god.It is their version of killing two birds with one stone.
    – VT might consider giving individual writeups on the whistleblower /heros you allude to. Too little is know about them.

    • Obama still remains an enigma . Some say he is pro-zionist and others say he is not . G. Duff vouches for him . VT has not revealed anything definitive on Obama and either cannot or may not be allowed to reveal such . I tend to agree with you_ rick .

  6. Roger that Carnaptious . The business of monopolizing information always tends to get totally one-sided and thus it is a slavers racket . Most intelligent people agree with that famous quote that the truth is usually somewhere between opposing views on any issue . Therefore , non-monopolized free and independent media are required to ensure that opposing views are available to facilitate the acquisition of truth which will keep or set you free .

  7. If they are censoring you, doesn’t that tell you that something is not right? She has acted like a shill many times on this website anytime Ambassador Wanta was the topic. She is a possible Yale “skull and bones” and spent a lot of time in Belgium. Need I say more?

  8. New High Military Command:

    After you have gathered enough intel, please march in to CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, etc. and all subsidiaries and make announcements to the sleeping public what lies they have been told, i.e what really happened on Sept. 11, who has been responsible for all tragedies and murders, and why they are all behind bars awaiting trial. Show some footage you have gathered, such as some satan worshipping ceremonies, Bohemian grove pedophiles with their male prostitutes, satanic sacrifices, snuff films and any other vulgar material you can find so that people will realize what filth has been running and ruining our country and the entire planet! Explain that even though all of the men and women who fought in all of the wars are heroes and thought they were protecting our country, were used by the worst excuses for human beings imaginable whose only goal was greed and power and that they answer to soulless hybrids who report directly to Lucifer himself….
    Time is of the essence… I, and many of us awakened beings wish you Godspeed!!!!!

    • This is intrusive, but beats the hell out of shooting people.
      How about some Laser Projectors strategically deployed
      and activated at random intervals.
      Pick footage that does not need a soundtrack,
      cartoons come to mind.
      This also would offend the high and mighty
      by its very nature
      how Dare we not take them “seriously”!
      Probably enough said.


  9. A couple of propaganda ministries for the WZs come to mind: WorldNetDaily and National Public Radio. Both are infested with zionists.

    Shut them down. Seize their assets per RICO. Racketeering (RICO) laws call for seizure of assets of those who conspire to commit and/or cover-up crimes.
    Notice as Bibi Netanyahu’s address of Congress approaches, a campaign to ‘prove’ Obama is seeking to cause Bibi to lose his leadership position. This will establish street credibility for Netanyahu–that the ‘evil mooslim’, Obama disses Israhell and opposes Satanyahu.

    A successful psy-ops campaign may convince the Congress to elect Bibi as Emperor for Life of the US of Israel with the Merkans’ (bamboozled Christian zionists) full approval.

    I have a dream. CSPAN live shows a contingent of Navy Seals entering the halls of Congress during Bibi’s address. The Solicitor General and Provost Marshal present warrants for arrest on key Congressional leaders and take Bibi into custody. Military tribunals determine the appropriate justice for the traitors and Bibi gets shipped to the International Criminal Court.

  10. Racketeering (RICO) laws call for seizure of assets of those who conspire to commit and/or cover-up crimes.

    A couple of propaganda ministries come to mind: WorldNetDaily and National Public Radio. Both are invested with zionists.

    Shut them down. Seize their assets per RICO.

    Notice as Bibi Satanyahu’s address of Congress approaches, a campaign to ‘prove’ Obama is seeking to cause Bibi to lose his leadership position. This will establish street credibility for Satanyahu–that the ‘evil mooslim’, Obama disses Israhell and opposes Satanyahu.

    A successful psy-ops campaign may convince the Congress to elect Bibi as Emperor for Life of the US of Israhell with the Merkans’ (bamboozled Christian zionists) full approval.

    I have a dream. CSPAN live shows a contingent of Navy Seals entering the halls of Congress during Bibi’s address. The Solicitor General and Provost Marshal present warrants for arrest on key Congressional leaders and take Bibi into custody. Military tribunals determine the appropriate justice for the traitors and Bibi gets shipped to the International Criminal Court.

  11. “IT’s TIME TO BUST IT UP”? Absolutely spot-on 100% correct.

    Unfortunately, I don’t share the intermediate and long-term optimism of Dr. James et al at Veteran’s Today.

    I just don’t see the awakening. Maybe that’s a function of where I live? I don’t know. But I just don’t notice people making intellectual strides forward. I wish that I could share VT’s optimism, but I can’t.

    The people, for the most part, continue to remain gullible, naïve, and ignorant — IMHO.

    I suspect that the decline in Europe and North America will continue gradually and unceasingly, but I sure hope I’m wrong.

    We are in a very dark time and there seems no way to rectify it. But again, sure hope I’m wrong and that a modern-day Renaissance emerges to enable the people to shake free from this surveillance nightmare, war-mongering, debt-money, Orwellian culture.

    • I can see why you think this, however there may be some important things going on you do not have access to knowing. Because of what I have been told, I am hopeful.

  12. Preston, I sincerely would like your opinion on this, with remote viewing, the ability to view time-lines, why do you think the “internet” was allowed in the first place? I have struggled with that thing that comes to mind is the double double, triple back to you hoax, Obviously those “in charge”, the soulless ones, are intelligent, to see the effect of the internet just had to been seen. I agree with all of this article, that I am not disputing, but why allowed in the first place? to me its all been going on for a very very long time, they plan decades in why do you think it was allowed? another thought that comes to mind is some other very advanced beings are opposite fighting, somehow being able to allow this type of information getting out. Now if that is the case, that is very good news, and we are in a position now to truly go forward.

    • Because there are Cosmic Rules of play and these soulless ones can not ever advance unless they snatch the souls of humans who sell out to one or more of the “seven deadly sins”. If folks wake up and refuse to become addicted to money, status, power, drugs, alcohol, sex, porno, perversions provided by the WZs the WZs cannot advance. They must always obtain consent. Folks who wake up from their mind-kontrolled CMMM induced stupor can no longer provide consent and thus we are able to take more turf back from the soulless evil ones.

      There is a God Almighty ruler of the whole Universe IMO, and He mandates certain things that cannot be stopped by the WZs. Some have other names for him and call him Supreme being, Creator, etc. Many have seen his Hand work and received his love and protection against this WZ evil.

    • The worldwide internet ( not the original DoD intranet ) was originally developed by [ the rich ] so that they could invest money from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world at the speed of a keypress ; and ship jobs around the world . Our common use internet is just a by-product of the original greedy investor purposes which is boomeranging on the satanic world bankster rulers .

  13. “…the US Constitution gives our High Military Command the Legal Right to arrest, indict and prosecute many of the high OCC Kingpins in America under Treason and Sedition Laws…”
    I often post to General Dempsey’s Facebook Page, you can too…
    including about Chikungunya being BioTerror and a Threat To The Nation!

  14. So there is some truth to the aka name of “Scherf.” Several years ago published by a now defunct weekly newspaper, I read with much skepticism this story. The one doing the talking was Otto Skorzeny, a former German strong arm under the Hitler regime. Is there any where I can get more information on this aka name? Great stuff Mr. James. Thank you.

    • Do some detailed web searches. It used to be available. Check out the article, “Was Ronald Reagan the last Duly Elected President.”


      “…Otto Skorzeny claimed that the true identity of George H.W. Bush was “George H. Scherff, Jr., the son of Nikola Tesla’s illegal-immigrant, German-born accountant, George H. Scherff, Sr.” But this was not the only bombshell Otto Skorzeny delivered that day in late-1999. Skorzeny, producing a shoe box full of 60-years worth of his personal photographs, showed them to Berman, describing each one in great detail. The collection featured a photo of a young, majestic Skorzeny in full S.S. Nazi military dress, next to his Führer, Adolph Hitler. Then there were photos of Reinhard Gehlen (S.S. spy and assassin) Dr. Joseph Mengele (the “Angel of Death”) Martin Bormann (Hitler aide and S.S. assassin) and Adolph Hitler (photographed in 1997 at age 107)…”

  15. Dr. James, you nailed this one perfectly; I couldn’t have done better. The RICO Laws, Anti-Trust Laws, and Espionage Act are still on the books. None of them has ever been repealed; however, they haven’t been enforced, especially against their worst offenders – the OCC and their CMMM News Cartel.
    Since the American Judiciary has been thoroughly corrupted by the OCC, I believe that the best (and only) way to rid this nation of this treasonous cartel and its enablers is for the Military High Command to act on their Oath of Allegiance to the US Constitution and arrest all of these traitors/war criminals/thugs, prosecute them, and duly execute them in public, if convicted.
    Thank you, Dr. James, and the rest of the leading editors of VT, for keeping the truth alive.

  16. Morpheus – The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. … That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind…

    The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it…

  17. Karen Hudes is a licensed attorney has had a distinctive career as a World Bank Counsel. But she knows nothing about Lee Wanta, his vast fortune or anything else about what VT covers in its stories. If you read VT stories about Le Wanta you would know they are real. We have numerous documents proving it.

  18. How else could the WZ organized crime cabal get away with placing hardened criminals, thugs, treasonous cowards and mass murderers’, of the Netanyahu, McCain kind, on center stage than by controlling the steady flow of lying BS beamed into the living rooms of the once trusting and unsuspecting masses?
    They feign respectability, , hiding behind facades of benevolent titles in power positions of trust, deceiving and betraying in order to feed an insatiable appetite with a merciless greed…. they need us…we do not need them
    Preying on the basic, intrinsic goodness of humankind, they squeeze every last drop from cradle to grave….parasites infecting with lies through CMMM, lies picked up, believed, repeated and acted upon are given life…unsuspecting, trustingly we gave them power…we now take it ….they are caught out, their lies no longer tolerated nor their wars based on lies…brothers fighting brothers…..we, humanity, all have the same enemy, attention now turned on this criminal counterfeit hub with its evil eye on the jewel in the crown it will never wear … Jerusalem, the symbolic throne … NWO evil world rulership refused

  19. The article makes me ashamed I ordered the Charlotte Observer ( an agent of theirs was at Steinmart, a $5 gift card was part of it ) for 31 wks. ( Fri., Sat., Sun. )…Call me nostalgic . I know they can’t improve their reporting on important events and said “ok” anyway.

  20. Excellent article. Very upbeat. God bless VT. Personally I think the OCC/CMMM are pushing their luck. Backing Kiev in Crimes against humanity and War crimes. Pushing dangerous vaccines on infants and children. People see what the USA and NATO stand for–the destruction of nations. Whose next?

    • Who’s next? We all are. These creeps will start throwing their toys out of the playground when they think the game is up. They’ll be looking to start over on a new playing field of their making – or to stop anyone else doing the same.

  21. Too bad Benjamin Franklin’s warning to the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention in 1787 wasn’t heeded. Anyway, we used to discuss how to bust up or in some way overcome the news media during Ron Paul’s 07 campaign because we realized that they were not only a major threat to freedom and liberty, but that we could not win while they worked feverishly to defeat us at every turn. I’m willing to do whatever I can for this particular cause.

  22. Good article, Dr. James. It touches on the key elements of this mess and what needs to be done to remedy it.

    Governments are little more than gangs, like the Gambinos, Lanskys, Crips and Bloods. It’s the exact same set-up, only governments make their own rules all over the world, while turf for traditional gangs is more limited. Still, both run the same rackets. Like their street counterparts, government gangs run drugs (legal and illegal), engage in human trafficking, gambling (Wall St), funny money, money laundering, and rackets and nobody gets Made until they show their true loyalty by whacking a perceived threat to their gang. It’s no coincidence those in power have very dark pasts.

    The good news is gangsters get busted. They know they’re committing crimes and always have to wonder what’s around the corner. And like prosecuting the wiseguys, there will need to be some Henry Hills to sing and rat out some compatriots. It may be unseemly to have to let some of these scum skate, but that may be the cost of ending this tyranny. Besides, there is some satisfaction knowing that, relatively, they’ll have to eat egg noodles and ketchup and live like a schnook while waiting for that final click behind the ear.

  23. And don’t forget the lesser recognized media companies on the business rather than news front (there’s only four or five controlling pretty much the whole lot). These are the companies politicians call in as consultants, who run the election campaigns and who coach the politicians on how to talk without saying anything. They are international and below the radar. For an example check out:
    These are also the companies which feed the advertising and marketing funds to their allies, and withhold the funds from their enemies, and subliminally reinforce the messages of the CMMM. And they’re very good at it.

  24. Tony, obviously you haven’t studied this much. There are documents proving this from the National Security Section of the National Archives. Do some deep research on the Internet. You may find much of this evidence.

  25. Agreed. The OCC has big plans for us that no one will like if we allow them to continue operating their CMMM News Cartel unless we stop them. And yes Nick Kollerstrom is great.

  26. Please see the incontrovertibe proof of NO PLANES in the video below starting at the 2-hour mark (2:00:00)and promote this far and wide. This original footage of the US State Propaganda Ministry’s awful mistake that day is no longer shown to the American People. It was edited out and he shows that, too. I have shown this “Pinocchio’s Nose” footage of the plane hitting the 2nd Twin Tower and coming out the opposite end completely intact to several shocked audiences. I showed it once at my house on my big-screen tv and once in one of my college classes on an overhead projector. I have converted many supporters of the US Mafia’s Fairytale when they see “Pinocchio’s Nose” because they know it is cartoon physics then. The look on their faces when their mouths drop is PRICELESS…

  27. The US State Propaganda Ministry didn’t just “cover up” the State Terrorism Crime of 9/11/01; they were also complicit participants who played a big part in the crime of 9/11/01 that day when they aired the “live” and edited video graphics compositing footage of the fake planes hitting the Twin Towers after the “cut-out” bombs went off. The “live” video graphics compositing footage was the harder one to do because it had to be precisely timed with the perpetrators who were about to set off remotely the actual “cut-out” explosion for the second Tower, WTC-2. I’ll save you some research time on this; see the 2-hour (2:00:00) mark of this compilation video by the video graphics compositing expert, Ace Baker, who gives incontrovertible proof of NO PLANES (video graphics compositing) by the US State Propaganda Ministry. He catches them red-handed with “Pinocchio’s Nose” when he shows original footage aired with the plane coming out the opposite end of the 2nd Tower completely intact with the actual commentaries by the anchormen and commentators to that effect, which is utterly impossible. He shows that when the cameraman, Kai Simonsen, a video graphics compositing expert as well, on Fox’s Chopper 5 was panned out before the video graphics compositing shot, the 2nd plane was NOT EVEN IN THE SKY AT ALL and proves it.

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