All the World’s a Stage…for false flag terror



by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts…” – Shakespeare, As You Like It

In the Golden Age of Western Theatre – the century or so spanning the not-quite-overlapping lifetimes of Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) and Molière (1622 – 1673) – stagecraft was such a disreputable enterprise that actors were buried in unhallowed ground.

Don't miss this event! In our age of celebrity-idolatry, this seems odd indeed. But back then, when Western civilization was still rising, something seemed spooky, even borderline-demonic, about people who spent their lives feigning, lying, faking it, pretending to be people they were not.

Today, the distinctions between reality and illusion, news and entertainment, history and myth, have been annihilated. We are living in the Society of the Spectacle so presciently predicted by anarchist philospher Guy Debord.

Today, anyone who learns about a riveting public spectacle through corporate mainstream news channels, and believes the event actually happened as advertised, is quite literally clinically insane.

Such a person is like an audience member who climbs onto the stage to stop the murder of Julius Caesar, believing the assassination is actually happening before his eyes; or like a person in a movie theater who claws through the screen in an attempt to enter Middle Earth or the Starship Enterprise or some other alternate-reality-on-celluloid.

The people staging false-flag terror spectacles repeatedly get caught red-handed, and even confess after-the-fact. But that doesn’t stop them from fabricating more and more such events at an increasingly rapid pace. “The show must go on.”

Updated List of ADMITTED False Flag Attacks

More and more of our smartest commentators understand this – and are gaining the courage to speak out. Listen to Naomi Wolf (who in The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot wrote sympathetically about my academic struggle to expose 9/11 as a staged spectacle):

The Boston Bombing, of course, was not a real bombing at all. It was a terror drill that went live, complete with fake blood and amputees playing the role of victims, broadcast to the public as a reality TV spectacular.

The Charlie Hebdo affair in Paris also betrays elements of stagecraft, such as an alleged AK-47 shot to the head from point blank range that has no visible effect except where the blank round’s wad kicks up some dust.

The Sandy Hook school shooting also appears to have been a drill that was filmed and broadcast as if it were an actual event:

“And one man in his time plays many parts…”

Such made-for-TV terror spectaculars are designed to entertain as well as instruct. They divert the sheeple from the meaningless humdrum of their daily lives and immerse them in a mythological realm full of excitement, violence and gore.

The entertainment also serves a hidden function: By blurring the line between fiction and reality, the terror circus’s ringmasters destroy their audience’s ability to think critically, understand the world and then act on that understanding by defending their own interests and values.

It is the sheeple who believe what they see on TV, not the “conspiracy theorists” who do not, who, in the immortal words of Zionist mind-manipulator Cass Sunstein, are hobbled by a “crippled epistemology.” And it is propagandists like Sunstein who are doing the crippling and mutilating.

Reality TV shows in the form of false flag terror events can happen anywhere. But quite often the producers, just like other Hollywood filmmakers, choose a locale with special flavor…


Downtown Manhattan was the perfect scene for the greatest disaster movie ever filmed.

The Charlie Hebdo shootouts on the streets of Paris, with the crisis actors yelling their scripted lines “Allahu akbar” but screwing up by thrusting their LEFT index in the air (which no Muslim would ever do) will be remembered by everyone who has ever wandered the streets of Paris, whether in reality or in cinematic illusion.

From a Wisconsin Islamic leader:

I just first saw footage of the attack in France: those attackers were not Muslims. My certainty is based on a fine detail that is known among Muslims but would be easily overlooked by an outsider: the fact that those actors were putting up their left index finger while yelling Allahu Akbar. I realize it seems insignificant but Muslims would traditionally raise their right finger. Subtle but significant details like this can be seen in other portrayals of supposed Muslim acts; such as gold jewelry worn by the male actors… Look through some of these fabrications and you will see this phenomenon. As a litmus test know that Islam truly is about peace and the way of Muhammad is mercy. All else is suspect.

Apparently our false-flag terror theater producers cannot afford to hire Islam experts to go over their scripts and eliminate the mistakes. One of the most egregious screw-ups was “Mohammed Atta’s last will and testament,” supposedly miraculously discovered in one of his two magic suitcases.

“Atta’s will” begins: “In the name of God, myself, and my family…” Any Muslim four-year-old could tell you that the correct bismillah is “In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate.” “Atta’s” version is ludicrous, blasphemous, and wildly un-Islamic.

But hey, if they’re going to hire a Hebrew-speaking pork-chop relishing hard-drinking coke-snorting pink-haired-stripper-dating casino-loving psychopath to play the role of “Muslim extremist Mohammed Atta,” they’re obviously not too worried about verisimilitude.

The latest “theater of terror” is the desert between Syria and Iraq, where a colorful gaggle of  mountebanks-posing-as-Muslims are staging a spectacle called “Islamic State: The Reality TV Show.” In an attempt to increase ratings, the producers are turning it into a Sam Peckinpah style gorefest, complete with beheadings, burnings-alive, buryings-alive, child murder, sexual abuse…the whole nine yards.

The special effects are being provided courtesy of SITE Intelligence Group, a Mossad spin-off, whose mise-en-scene expert, Rita Kaatz, keeps churning out B-grade islamophobia videos whose production values are right up there with Nakoula Basseley Nakoula’s.



Just a few decades ago, the big screen was a symbol of unreality: It seemed significant that JFK assassination patsy Lee Harvey Oswald was captured in a movie theater; while Thomas Pynchon chose a cinema as the setting for his masterpiece Gravity’s Rainbow, in which we are all waiting for the nuclear missile that is screaming across the sky to begin its silent descent, faster than the speed of sound, and blow us up before we hear it coming.

Today, Zionist Hollywood is stepping down off the big screen, kicking down the walls of the theater, and blowing up our world with its Unreality Bomb. It’s as if Shakespeare’s theater company stormed off the stage, massacred the audience, burned the theater to the ground, and started scratching and clawing the earth with their bare hands in hopes of annihilating the very ground on which we stand.

The  collective psychosis that passes for public discourse today is a symptom of the death throes of our terminally decadent civilization. As the big tent of lies collapses all around them, they are trying to prop it up with more and ever-flimsier lies.

But when all the lies and illusion pass away, Truth will still endure.

This article is dedicated to Anthony Lawson, who employed his considerable cinematic skills in the battle for truth. Anthony’s son Ashton writes:

Anthony Charles Ashton Lawson passed away on the 8th of January, 2015 in Phuket, Thailand, at the age of 79 due to colon cancer.  He was born on March 31st, 1935 to Lionel Lawson; a violinist and leader of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and Queenie Ashton; a renowned soprano, radio actress.  In early life he sought work in the field of radio, making a name for himself as one of the best radio editors in Australia, later moving to the UK where he progressed into camera work, eventually becoming an award-winning commercial director and producer, having shot advertisements across Europe, in the US and in Asia.  He moved to Hong Kong to take up positions as creative director, and also lent his voice to various commercials; most notably to Cathay Pacific and Star TV.  Having always enjoyed tinkering, he turned to invention, moved to Thailand and created a food mixer known as ChefMaker, which did not see success due to the global shock that was 9/11.  Having always valued the truth and having always taken a stand against injustice throughout his life; traits passed down to him by his mother, he spent his final years using his vast experience to shed light on the events of 9/11, and the terrible world events that have since followed.  He is survived by two sons and a daughter.

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  1. “Harley Guy” was Mark Walsh.

    “Psycho” was working for Fox “News” at the time.

  2. The most obvious detail of the produced beheading spectacles of ISIS are the fact that the same two colors are repeated over and over ad nausea – black for the perp and orange for the victim. This is a very obvious scripted attempt to increase mnemonic gravity – it is not an outlandish statement to call this a “component of a spell”, because that is precisely what it is. They did the same thing with Ebola – green T-shirts on dark skinned men. A similar device, but of a phonic nature, is the fact that ISIS is called ISIS. That’s a mnemonic homage to the deity Isis. Also, 9/11 and the towers were a giant eleven. It goes on and on – it’s right in front of us all the time.

    • The bad guys are way into symbology,
      and mind games..
      Please find Carl Jung “Man and His Symbols” (a book).
      I missed the Joseph Campbell “Myths” series,
      I was a techie and saw no particular interest.
      I hope that resurfaces.
      The unseen world, off worlders,
      all possible.
      Our origin to the best of my knowledge
      remains a mystery.
      It would be profoundly arrogant for us
      to dismiss out of hand
      a lot of stuff we might have met
      but do not understand the workings of.
      Many will dust themselves off and forget the whole thing.
      We are not alone.


    • I think you can find the same mind games
      in “Professional Sports” (and the Olympics).
      Not innocent, and no, the monkeys do not know.
      Elevated far beyond its station.
      The Egyptians just had a ballgame,
      and a few of them killed each other.
      At the ballgame.. just a convenient place?..
      some people take their sports seriously.
      (and some people bet on the games!).


  3. Dr Barrett – I respect and value your work a lot. But with this ‘Camera runs away from oncoming dust cloud’ video and your comment ‘Downtown Manhattan was the perfect scene for the greatest disaster movie ever filmed’, do you imply that all these 9/11 images we saw on TV and various truth videos were all CGI and actors? WTC 7 too? This is blowing my mind! But then why the 7 hours time discrepancy with the BBC announcer?

  4. There are many powerful people in this nation. Many still in Washington, D.C., and many are ex-insiders such as the traitorous Bush family, and of course the charlatan Bill Clinton. Both of which need not be back in Washington under any circumstances.
    But my point is, of all these arrogant self-centered leeches we keep comfortable NOT one has ever stepped up and demanded the truth about everything from JFK killing to these amateurish hoaxes. Not one. They are all guilty of conspiring to conceal crimes against the people off which they earn their sustenance. They are all guilty! Unless we begin speaking out in mass with a collective mind and plan, they will continue to think we don’t care about our home or the future for our children. Each day we just get by with this lying president in office. He lies without remorse, or regret. We the People, are in deep doo-doo as we near the end of this guy’s administration. He has lied so many times, about so many things it is no longer funny. A young man is on trial for this hoax bombing on Boston, and he may lose his life. Since many know this was a hoax a movie set directional bomb planted by those khaki-pants-black-jacketed thugs with that skull on it and not either Tamerlan or Dzokhar Tsarnaev (who now can’t talk ironically,) why is he on trial and not the black-haired man who was suddenly without his backpack right after the bombing?

    • Don’t the Sports Fans notice?
      A country of upwards of 100 million adults,
      some of whom behave as such.
      And some pundits are saying
      “A Bush / Clinton race would be the ticket”!
      This is not the best we can do..
      time to quit taking them seriously,
      except for the other stuff.


  5. “All the World is a Stage”..
    if ever there was a line for the times,
    and all thespians too.
    Not limited to anything in particular,
    a lot of stuff (including all of us)
    is On Display, for all to make of what they will.
    A Stage Indeed!


  6. I reckon the reason these false flags are so badly done is to give themselves cast-iron proof that we are dumb as they think we are.

    • I see it in a slightly different light. I think that “they” take great delight with their deceptions.

      Take as an example, the final “Osama” video:

      “Let’s put a black beard on this fake Osama.”
      “Can we get away with that?”
      “Of course, we can. Either they’re so dumb that they won’t notice, or they will be too scared of what other people will think about them or of losing their jobs that they won’t say anything.”
      “Wow – this is really fun!” [big laughs all around]

      Yes, “they” are that evil.

  7. It is so unfortunate that most people are fueled by fear, having to choose sides with madness almost to the point of curse. We do not know our limits and are frightened to discover them. Frightened for not having enemies anymore, like samurai’s were dishonorably discharged because they were left with no real enemies.
    There are definitely some evil forces abounding this world and all cannot be coming from a man or from any corporal being. Paranoia is not a normal state of mind no matter how high you stand in the hierarchy.

    Since we are doing Shakespeare I will add a quote from one of my most favorite characters, Edgar from King Lear
    Scene IV

    This is the foul fiend Flibbertigibbet: he begins
    at curfew, and walks till the first cock; he gives
    the web and the pin, squints the eye, and makes the
    hare-lip; mildews the white wheat, and hurts the
    poor creature of earth.
    S. Withold footed thrice the old;
    He met the night-mare, and her nine-fold;
    Bid her alight,
    And her troth plight,
    And, aroint thee, witch, aroint thee!

  8. An issue I run up against in trying to inform people about these very real things, is the postmodern argument “well man, well just never know…” That may be true for some things, but they fail to understand how these issues contain much depth, history, and meaning…so it seems that people opposed to such truths may just be inclined to deny any responsibility to seek knowledge….my two cents fwiw. Great article.

    • Well said~ I was just told told by a New Yorker recently after I asked him his thoughts on 911: ‘Oh, you know, man, people just wanna forget it now and move on….’. I was flabbergasted, but what can one say in response to that kind of attitude? The so called ‘sheeple’ personified for me, anyways!
      …..The kind of thinking that was obviously predicted in advance by the planners of 911 and the subsequent cover-up. Let’s face it, they don’t have much to fear from a guy like that. Scary.

    • I think “Have a Nice Day” would about cover it.
      I have met with this too,
      if they are not interested it is not our province
      (nor would it work) to set them straight.
      Makes me think it dangerous riding on the same rock
      with some people, but the bounds are clear.
      One of the big disappointments..
      I never expected the bad guys to show great appreciation,
      but I did not anticipate getting shot in the back
      by those one would preserve.
      Only a Flesh Wound.
      But to find people will in many cases do the ‘head in the sand’,
      and ‘go away kid you bother me’.
      They have Nothing to loose (but their misconceptions)
      by taking a moment.
      Not one of my favorite human behaviors.


  9. 3 things that forever rain down on us … which we understand much better thanks to Veterans Today:
    (1) False flags big & small in an ‘Operation Gladio’ world, as VT puts it, VT pointing out how most hyped ‘terrorist’ incidents are gov-sponsored
    (2) False media stories & lies, with media control overseen by CIA-Google manipulation & Cass Sunstein’s fave toy, CIA-Wikipedia, followed by mainstream – lamestream media, and then also psyop gate-keeping fake ‘alternative news’ & websites to deflect & herd the rebels
    (3) False, ever-sprouting-up ‘controlled opposition’ parties, governments & politicians, along with fake ‘dissidents’ & ‘radicals’ (e.g., anti-9-11-truth sock puppets Assange & Snowden pumped by Rothschild media tools)

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