The Dark Minds of the 911 Conspirators



By  Preston James and Mike Harris


We now have the secret Able Danger Report and the AEC Sandia Labs Report which lists all the Perps responsible for planning, deploying and covering up the attack on America on 9-11-01 which was nuclear.

The 9-11-01 Perps were so frightened of this Able Danger investigation that Rumsfeld and Blackjack lured them to the special newly reinforced Naval Intel Section of the Pentagon on the morning of 9-11-01 for an emergency meeting.

Yes, in a sense it was an emergency, but only for the 9-11-01 planners. The Able Danger investigators had been discovering too much information on how Israel stole 350 nuclear Pitts out the back door at Pentax in Texas, where they had taken them and what they were planning on doing with them for False-Flag terror and Samson Option installments on the nations of the World, including America. But the actual reason for the meeting was to lure them to certain assassination to keep from being discovered for their impending espionage and Treason set to begin that very morning.

Once they arrived and were securely positioned in a special designated meeting room, they were assassinated with a cruise missile accompanied by a large conventional jet that did a flyby over the Pentagon right before to confuse witnesses.

In this Pentagon attack, 38 of the 50 Able Danger investigators were killed, and the others were not there.

Colonel Anthony Shaeffer was missing that terrible day, but he has not been willing or able to come clean in the CMMM, especially Fox news where he has been a frequent guest, or just never got the whole Able Danger finding before most of them were murdered. He may have been kept away from the main part of the investigation by the Perps.

Perhaps Colonel Schaeffer is concerned of having the full 9-11-01 coverup mechanism brought down on him to speak out and fully disclose what he knows, or the fact that his secrecy clearance has been removed perhaps intimidating him to keep silent about the specifics he is aware of about the Perps of 9-11-01.

Yes, maybe Colonel Schaeffer doesn’t know the whole story that some Able Danger Investigators were tracking nuclear Pitts stolen out the back door at Pantex in Texas, taken to Israel to be reprocessed, brought back to America and then stored in near NYC at Fort Lee.

It is pretty obvious that any individual who would ever get deeply involved in the planning, deployment and cover up of this mass-murder event used to create a false pretense to trick Americans into fighting illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual wars in the Mideast, secretly for Israel, would have to be a psychopath (newer term used for this is sociopath). Most of these 9-11-01 Perps are remarkably Two-faced.

Some psychiatric and psychological researchers have claimed that individuals with these personality disorders may have frontal lobe damage, or may just lack any ability to empathize with other humans, an essential trait necessary for being a part of any community, an essential human trait. One would think that this type of psychiatric or Psychological disorder (as listed in all the DSM manuals, including the new and largely disrespected DSM V) would make it fairly difficult for any such individual to be able to be a sustaining part of a marriage and a family. yes, these individuals have notably high rates of marital infidelity which should not be surprising. However a true sociopath either ends up in jail at an early age or if intelligent enough rises up to be a CEO of a major corporation.

The most intelligent sociopaths are often very successful  financially and this often draws women who are gold-diggers, of which a significant portion are themselves sociopathic types, even if in normal ranges and not prone to criminal or anti-social like their husbands are. being a gold-digger can provide strong motivation to put up with a very rich and successful husband dalliances where he occasionally get caught and can give such a wife more power to get some new clothes or personal desires for consumer excesses met.

Pure Sociopaths?

neocons-320x256These very intelligent “pure” sociopaths that become industry moguls and CEOs of a large lucrative Corporations do have a trait which provides their ability to be able to do their secret sociopathic acts, like serial infidelities, sometimes even cheating on their main mistress with a high priced call girl or another mistress.

This protective trait is the instinctive ability to anticipate how to avoid getting caught or exposed in the public arena or how to fix problems before they get out of control.

This self-protective trait requires an ability to exercise some strong paranoid type thinking trends and the ability to almost instinctively anticipate how they could get caught and to pre-emptively make defensive moves or changes which will assure disclosure.

Of course this trait is motivated by the sociopath’s deep down internal fear of losing one’s wealth, power and public status and persona or fame. When the sociopathic top achiever feels exposure may come, this fear motivates them to do desperate acts of evil to prevent it and sometimes they exhibit poor judgement in doing this and this precipitates their very exposure. So it seems that the very moment they experience this intense fear of loss of wealth, power and public status, the high level of fear they feel deep down inside clouds their usual astute judgement and impairs their ability to effectively run a coverup that would work.

Are these *WZ/OCC Perps reacting to the quickly diffusing truth of their part in 9-11-01 by staging and deploying diversionary False-flags to draw the attention of the American Masses away from 9-11-01?

Instead these top Perps often overreact and make dumb, absurd or extreme corrections by going to far and going too far in their efforts to deploy a new distraction to enhance their coverup. This overreaction is like swatting a fly with a sledge-hammer and this often draws attention to them and the public starts doing some deep research on the Internet and finds many have already published what these sociopaths have been doing published on the alternative media websites such as veterans Today.

Now we discuss what the 9-11-01 Perps biggest fears are, how they have overreacted and what is perhaps on the horizon that is going to come at them and bring them to justice or drive them from America.

Part II: The effects of the Perps acute fear of being discovered, fingered as this information diffused to the masses via the Worldwide Internet and how they instinctively know that the World may come for them in many different possible ways.

We know that these Perps have become increasingly fearful, although this is covered up by tremendous hubris and a false sense of bravado and also numerous increasingly desperate acts to create distractions and cover and new cause celebres to motivate the masses to believe in their False-narratives and Big Government Lies.

They know deep down inside that every day more and more of the masses are learning who they are and what they did on 9-11-01 and they also know that if they don’t finish their take-down of America fairly soon it will be over for them. They have a good idea of how the masses can get them but may not fully understand all the specifics. They have  detailed studies by their own social and political scientists and Alphabet LE specialists on domestic terrorism and potential domestic terrorism.

Most of their experts are notably wrong because they do not understand or appreciate the strength of the human will or the power of the worldwide Internet to elicit a new incredibly powerful Populism which is going to be their greatest enemy possible and one they cannot yet fathom or imagine.

We will list what they have done as over-reaction and attempts to regain control over the masses. Then we will explain how they can be defeated and why it is likely too late for them and they should really leave our great Republic America now in peace and with their offshore staches of cash intact while they still can.


Overreactions by the 911 Perps enacted as False-Flags, designed to distract the masses away from the truth about 9-11-01 which is being diffused to the Masses by 9-11-01 researchers at the speed of light on the Worldwide Internet.

Astute covert researchers have figured out that these Perps have deployed a plethora new coverup “distraction” ops in reaction to the public  unraveling of their 911 covert op in the hope that this will realign the American masses and others around the World to create mass public support their Establishment and Big USG Lies and false narratives.

Here is a partial list of these covert ops deployed as distraction by the Perps who are Top Kingpins in the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC):

  1. 5678 The 7/7 London Bombing, a false-flag attack.
  2. The March 11, 2004 Madrid train Bombing (known as the 11-M bombing).
  3. Boston black powder puffer bombing with no casualties but only prior amputee and fake victim “Crises Actors” used with stage blood packs opened and used used as “crisis actors.”
  4. Sandy Hoax. A FEMA/DHS Capstone Drill run by the first essential all synthetic DHS assembled community. It’s easy to produce fake, synthetic, virtual mass shooting when the whole community including the local police, firemen and State Police and Governor are in on it.
  5. The Chris Kyle murder and movie to distract and make 250 million. Was it an MK-Ultra dupe used or is there even a remote chance Kyle is still alive and his death was faked. Gordon Duff has stated he thinks he was becoming an embarrassment. For example he stated that he had shot numerous Katrina victims as a sniper in new Orleans, a comment which creates anger toward FEMA and he lied about “knocking” former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura out in a Navy Seal bar in California, and his testimony was collapsing. After his death, Jesse won a 1.75 Million dollar award against his estate for the lie.
  6. The False-flag in Argentina in which the OCC used the Mossad to murdered a prosecutor and then planted false evidence incorrectly linking the President of Argentina to this murder. All this done because President Cristina Kirchner of Argentina ordered all Israeli-Argentine Dual Citizens out of Argentina.
  7. Footballgate wherein the Patriots were caught using an under-inflated football which is easier to pass. the Superbowl is the culmination of a whole season of NFL Football which is a great American Sport and proven distraction for the masses, a contemporary “Bread and Circuses.”
  8. The buildup of ISIL/ISIS/Daish using OCC Cutouts like Senator McCain, and American Generals McInerney and Vallely and a large portion of the Bush Crime cabal controlled CIA and American, Israeli and Saudi mercenary forces. ISIL/ISIS/Daish is basically a construct of the Khazarian Neo-Bolshevik Mafia part of the OCC, you know, the current Likudist leaders of Israel.
  9. The Charlie Hebdo False-flag “mass-shooting” in Paris. Currently under investigation on the ground by VT. So far we have no conclusive results if there were actually any dead victims, except that the so-called shooting victim on the sidewalk was shot with blanks.
  10. The ISIL/ISIS/Daish beheadings of captured journalists and others. Currently under investigation by VT as to whether any were real. We already know some were filmed in Israeli with very state of the art video sets, use of green screens and very expensive video equipment. We also know that many of the ISIL wounded have been taken to Israel for treatment.
  11. The Disneyland Measles False-Flag which is a great distraction but also has the dual purpose of serving as a big manipulation to scare the American public into submitting their children to poisonous vaccines which also contain covert population and mind-kontrol  substances.
  12. Burngate, the apparent ISIS burning alive of a captures Lebanese Pilot. This is televised pure, primal terror at its best designed to scare the sh*t out of the masses and motivate them to support another ground war for the Israelis and the OCC to destroy Syria and Iran as independent nation-states.
Part II: Here we will discuss what actions American may take against them as this truth of “who done it” diffuses and spreads to mainstream America.
Here is a list of what can go wrong for the Perps if too many of the American Public  come to believe that the 9-11-01 attack on America was nuclear and who the specific persons are that did it and how. Oblique knowledge that each of these is a real possibility is now severely stressing the Perps.
  1. High_Treason The activation some very tough former special op or mercenary loners who lost family member on 9-11-01, are having a tough time surviving in this tough economy and actually no longer have any vested interest or anything to lose which makes them very, very tough potential enemies of these Perps when they find out. Despite efforts to track and control these men, many are out there and if they decide to engage in wetwork independently, these men can certainly attain their objectives. This means secret assassinations set up to look like accidents, illnesses or suicides.
  2. Same as in #1 but involving special ops, mercenaries and wet boys that come to their senses, figure out they have been used to help asset strip and destroy of America. Obviously any of these “lone wolves” are far too resourceful to be stopped if they decide to act alone using their deep black covert skills. Either #1 or #2 may have already occurred in some cases of peripheral players or aides of the Perps as warnings to the Perps (perhaps Bankers in this case).
  3. The spontaneous rising up of the masses as the US economy continues to recede, certainly partly a response to the new BRICS Development Bank (backed by Gold, Silver and real commodities not fake Fiat Counterfeit “money”). This would involve urban rioting, burning and sniper attacks on police for their brutality after years of pent up rage. As the Police, military, DHS and Blackwater type mercenaries crack down and go door to door to confiscate and steal guns and art work like they did in Katrina with the same murders of innocent men, women and children, this would result and civilians to proactively shoot first with high powered deer rifles and shotguns. The bloodletting would get severe and at that point many of the Police, military, and DHS would turn on their officers and superiors and shoot them and join the Citizens. There are numerous individuals who know who the 9-11-01 Perps are and have been angry at them for years. These men would use that rioting as cover and an opportunity to administer instant payback by assassinating their choice of the 9-11-01 Perps they can get to and any local OCC collaborators. As soon as the average deer hunter or hunter sees this Police, DHA crackdown as a new Revolutionary War of We The People against the Redcoats, the civic response best referred to as the Solzenitzen Solution will be massive and overwhelming.
  4. At the point the bodyguards assigned to protect the OCC Kingpins and 9-11-01 Perps, many of those bodyguards will either abandon them and go YOYO (you are on your own, going home to protect their own family) and some will whack out these Perps for ordering the crackdown and mass-murders of the American Masses. Head shots from behind will be used in many cases, best called “surprise shots.” Once it’s on, the American fighter will be unmatched for ingeniousness and resourcefulness. When your armed American is furious with the Perps and has nothing left to lose because the Perps asset stripped it all, there will be hell to pay and it is likely all Perps will be assassinated in due time.
  5. A critical mass turning point is reached by the masses. Experts have claimed that a major turning point will occur when 12% of the American People have woken up and understand that the attack on America on 9-11-01 was done by Israelis with the help of American traitors in the Administration, Congress, the JCS, NORAD and the FAA who committed Treason, Sedition and Criminal and Civil RICO on that terrible day. As this critical mass turning point is reached, mass demonstrations occur and the American masses bring the Federal and State Government to a standstill. As the authorities try to strong arm the protestors, Civil War breaks out and many who are employed to serve as establishment and OCC protectors will break ranks and almost every single stateside 9-11-01 Perp will be hit. The US Military changes sides quickly and join We The People. Perps will be shot on site and any OCC Kingpin or Cutout who is recognized.
  6. The High Military Command has had enough and suddenly deploys the Provost Martials backed up by SOCOM groups to go out and arrest all OCC members in Congress and Israeli espionage front members serving as Israeli espionage agents, and all 9-11-01 Perps. Quick Militarily Tribunal Trials are held for Treason, Sedition and Espionage and many are convicted and hanged. Some who see this coming will provide secret testimony will be given immunity agreements and short sentences and will be rehabilitated.
  7. A renegade “Seven Days in May” strike force set up by disgruntled folks in the High Military Command or were in the High Military command or who run certain deep black unacknowledged SOG groups that are off the books. Due to some grudges for past unresolved issues coupled with the fact that these commanders wake up and understand how the WZ/OCC has infiltrated and hijacked America and is destroying it and decide to take out the OCC principals here in America using all the available Intel, names, addresses, where they work or have offices, etc.
  8. US Space War Naval Division Commanders take control and violate their treaty to stay out of politics and decides to fully deploy their ultra high tech weaponry and anti-gravity craft arsenal to deliver a crushing blow to the WZ/OCC all over the World with incredibly strategic strikes and the ability to disable to Israelis Samson Option planted nukes.
  9. The US Navy never forgives and never forgets, especially the WZ/OCC attack on the Pentagon Naval Intel Section on 9-11-01. A sub commander is able to disable the ultra top secret explosive charges which automatically detonate set off on unauthorized missile hatches and launches everything at OCC/WZ sites. Or a carrier commander deploys his full arsenal against the WZ/OCCs after communicating a very plausible cover story which is instantly accepted by his men.Once this starts the whole US Navy joins in.
  10. The Russian Republic and China feel that the WZ/OCC has pushed too far and unleash everything they have including Secret Space War weaponry, all of it somewhat superior to everything we have. The attack is very surgical and all WZ/OCC strongholds are eliminated. A negotiated truce is made and what is left of the US Military which is substantial, agrees to the conditions that all WZ/OCCs be tracked down and either KIA or arrested for instant trial by a military Tribunal.
  11. There is one unspeakable possibility related to Secret Space War that cannot be discussed at this time. Suffice it to be described as a large strategically and surgically targeted “Reset” which will eliminate any 9-11-01 Perps and all major WZ/OCC Perps who have not turned away and gone straight (that will be most unfortunately).

*WZ stands for World Zionists based in the City of London who use the Israel International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) and the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) as their main action-agents to do their dirty work. The IZCS and the BCC have become joined at the hip and work form the WZ/OCC (World Zionist Organized crime Cabal). Lately the BCC has worked out a special deal to make sure that the IZCS is blamed for 9-11-01 and cut-loose and destroyed by the WZs, a very crafty move which may backfire and result in both the BCC and the IZCS collapsing along with the WZs. There is another force on the horizon few know about which may then move into power. All contemporary Terrorism is a very large Organized Crime problem, nothing else.

Mike Harris is the Financial Editor of Veterans Today, a radio host, a former GOP Finance Chairman, Gubernatorial Candidate for Arizona, and a Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland. Mike is an expert in full-contact mixed martial arts. His long term expertise in such has gained him a lot of respect and the nickname “Iron Mike”. Mike was a part of the Veterans Today group that attended the Damascus Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism. Mike gave about twenty five televised interviews that were broadcast to millions of viewers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran. In these interviews Mike emphasized and supported the historical declaration by Keynote Speaker, Veterans Today Senior Editor and Chairman Gordon Duff that the real problem behind World Terrorism is a large Organized Crime Syndicate.

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  1. I used to get so upset when somebody was wrong on the internet. I have never seen one iota of evidence that points to Russian involvement in 911.

  2. “” once the seed is planted , it will grow into acceptance of the facts “”

    Not necessarily . The weeds — opposition propaganda — often snuff out beneficial seedlings . There is much work in growing fruitful plants to harvest . You will not have much to harvest if the counter-propaganda work is not done . Sufficiently unbrainwashing//reprogramming the masses away from nihilism is an enormous task made remotely possible only by the internet .

  3. Another very interesting article by Dr James. However, I largely disagree with your statement “Some who see this coming will provide secret testimony will be given immunity agreements and short sentences and will be rehabilitated”. Only in the most exceptional of cases should that apply. Justice for the main players, with all the death and misery these monsters have created, assassination and hanging is far too quick for these Perps. Many of them would welcome a quick death once caught. They need to be rounded up first, with special security to ensure they never escape. Then, they could be let loose in an enclosed forest with no means of escape, each one armed with a knife only. Then send in after them those people who have been their victims, armed with a cross bow or similar. The Perps need to feel the fear that that they have subjected us to, and the longer the hunt continues, the better. In ordinary circumstances I would never think this way, however the scale of their crimes is beyond humanity, and so their punishment should be too.

  4. City of London, yes. But what about Switzerland and the Vatican? It is no secret that Hirohito and Hitler, and then the US OSS/CIA gangsters and their collaborators and Marcos, all puts gazillions of dollars worth of stolen loot (the US stealing the stolen loot from the Japanese and Hitler and recovering it from hiding spots in Japan and the Philippines). The Donovan/Lansdale gang and their collaborator Santy (Severino Garcia Diaz Santa Romana, an agent for the Vatican) and the Marcos’s deposited their loot in banks in the US and Britain and God knows where else, all of which seemed to have disappeared into the black Sun many of these freaks worship.

    I really have to question, however, what is meant by Nazi in the context of this article. Many think that most of the actual Nazis escaped the actual holocaust that was waged against the German people by the USSR and Poland after the war. Like Douglas Dietrich likes to say, if Nazis ran the US government, it would actually be functional. Like Douglas says, the word “Nazi” has become just a pejorative term that Americans have been programmed to accuse one another of. So I would really like to see these labels defined in terms of what they mean.

    • It is my understanding that an actual Nazi government would have the government controlling corporations in order to serve the nation. What the US has is corporations that control the government to serve the corporations. And it even got a Supreme Court to agree that the Bill of Rights now applies to corporations, which in essence negated it having any chance of protecting humans unendowed with vast amounts of wealth.

      It is my feeling that we have to accept that the system is totally whacked, not just the opportunists who have exploited it to run roughshod over everyone else.

      IMO, the whole DC-Vatican-Crown enterprise needs be dismantled and corporations structured in such a way that they are held responsible just as we are for the consequences of their actions. Maybe a profit sharing enterprise or some such thing where the employees actually own and run the operation collaboratively.

      Corporations now have all of the privileges and benefits and none of the responsibilities for running the US and I think that’s what has got to stop. There has to be a better way.

    • Nazis have run the BCC and the CIA, but they have morphed over time. The Germans Army surrendered bu the Nazis never did. they survived and traveled all over the World to Australia, New Zealand, America, South America but continued their network. The Nazis were started by the City of London World Zionists and paid for by the Rothschild private central banking System including some large Wall Street banks. they always remained under the control of the WZs even today and that includes their base in America, the BCC.

  5. >>> In this Pentagon attack, 38 of the 50 Able Danger investigators were killed, and the other 15 were not there.

    Huh? 38 from 50 leaves 12, not 15. Is this just sloppiness, or a deliberate indication that there may be other inaccuracies in the article?

  6. Who’s that guy who is the CEO of USA Corp? I heard his name the other day but didn’t write it down. Maybe someone needs to bring him in for some questioning.

  7. Did you ever imagine that VT is under Cyber attack? Some articles I have made many correction runs because of this. It is a constant battle for some of us. Multiple spell checkers are used. That isn’t the problem, it is Fort Huachuca. By the way if you don’t like it, please don’t read them.

  8. Great article and great responses even in some division as a reflection of all in our diversity, howbeit encompassing overall in its strength that we must project and reflect this light to everyone so that its amplification can be made by our efforts in republishing same, in every venue and means available to us in our own networks, let us mirror, so that it does reach critical mass! We must keep trying and doing all what we can to this end, by whatever means to us.

    Let that be our strength for now multiplied by its truth and its light that no darkness can diminish from our hearts. As the world was created by the Word, let it be known that it was by the frequency of light and in the resonance of its truth that it was created, so to, let our voices rise in the light of truth together as one voice and may it reverberate against the very edifice of the SSG and let the walls fall and…. great will be the glory of it!

    Let us mirror VT so that it does reach critical mass! We must keep trying and doing all what we can to this end by waking up others, by whatever means to us.

    Strength to all !

  9. SEAL Team 6 was executed by these psychopaths when they started asking questions about the bogus Osama bin Laden assassination Psy-Op, which was conducted to give Obama some good media distraction and re-election propaganda when his joke of a Birth Certificate was released to the US State Propaganda Ministry 4 or 5 days earlier on April 27th, 2011. All of the SEALS would love to get a piece of these traitorous SOB’s who did 9/11/01 and are directly responsible for the deaths of countless soldiers and Marines, countless innocents, and especially their own SEAL brothers-in-arms. When they get through picking off the fleas here, send them to Israel to wreak even more havoc!

    Someday very soon, the head of the snake, the US Mafia Don, George H.W. Bush, aka the NWO Nazi spy, satanist, psychopath, infiltrator and one of the assassins of JFK, George H. Scherf, Jr is going to die of old age. The bastard’s 90 years old now, riding in a wheelchair, and has been hospitalized several times now. His days are numbered before his long overdue appointment with Satan. The powers that be will all be there for the grand Presidential “State funeral” with all of the usual US Mafia suspects in attendance in the District of Criminals. This would be an excellent time to arrest damn near everyone in attendance.

    • Yes, many special operators, seal and delta force men, active and retired are catching on to the complete treachery of how they are treated and then disposed of in many cases after critical operations. And yes the Navy Seals who took part in the fake shooting of Osama bin Laden (Col. Tim Osman) who was already dead in late 2001, were mass-murdered by the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) to cover it up. Just like the murder of 11 of the 12 of the spooky teams in South America. This is absolute treachery and significant blowback could easily break out as the truth about 9-11-01 spreads. And yes any state funeral would be a great time for the Provost Martials to arrest the OCC criminals.

  10. Number 11, and the Dr James’ analysis of that solution, for those who have been keeping up with VT, seems most likely. For the “man on the street” with his life of alcohol, prescriptions poisons and sports, it won’t mean anything unless he can’t get his Bud and Sunday game. For those who have watched, waited, done things unknowingly in the name of patriotism and awakened to the truth a “reset” of the whole system may seem the answer. When I look at all the potential social effects and the long term result of any such reset the picture looks bleak…unless there is a significant change in the level of responsibility of each individual for their own well being in all areas of life. If as Dr James suggests there will be a wonderful “Leader” then you can bet that person will be a tool as well. A tool to increase the control even more, more stripping of the ability for each individual to be. Jack as always spot on…like the Phoenix we will rise to hold high the spirit of vengeance

  11. The US Military tribunals and executions need to be televised, which, of course, means that the US State Propaganda Ministry must be completely taken over by the US Military. All other tv shows/networks will NOT be on air/televised at this time. The same goes with the idiot Talk Radio. All radio waves are to be seized and the proceedings aired on Talk Radio as well by US Military broadcasters with nothing else on the air but the trials and executions. The printed press at this time is to also be seized by the US Military during this period of Martial Law. NO lawyers other than military JAG’s will be allowed to represent the accused. All who dare to plead the 5th should be executed immediately. All of the perpeTRAITORS will be granted a Constitutional right to a “SPEEDY” military trial and an even SPEEDIER execution. The Dual Israeli-US citizen sayanim are to be executed for TREASON. The Israeli Embassy is to be emptied out and all Israeli citizens – single, dual, triple and otherwise – in the United States are to be immediately arrested, incarcerated, and deported to Israel as a matter of “national security”. All Israeli businesses operating in the US are to be shut down and their assets in US banks immediately seized or froze. Israel’s backdoor connection to the NSA is to be utterly destroyed. Diplomatic relations are to be ended with the Terrorist State of Israel.

    • You can’t deal with tyrants by becoming tyrants yourself. You say you isupport the Constitution, but want to execute people who invoke their constitutional rights? Martial law is what we want to avoid; a “truth and reconciliation commission” is what will be needed, as has been used in some other countries.

      I also question the frequent use of terms like “psychopath” and “sociopath”. The use of psychiatric diagnoses and faux “medical” labels against opponents is part of the strategy of TPTB, and we who oppose them should not buy into it. We should stick to the language of morality and ethics, of rights and their violation, not of pseudo-scientific labeling.

  12. OK, I’m on board….reporting for duty, Sir!
    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    2LT Dennis Morrisseau USArmy [armor – Vietnam era] retired. POB 177 W Pawlet, VT 05775
    802 645 9727 [email protected]

  13. Outstanding, Dr. James. Maybe your best yet. I like the proactive strategy in Part II 1 & 2, start picking them off one or two at a time. Then it will only be a matter of time before the surviving cowards crying “Mommy!” trample each other in a stampede toward the special prosecutors hoping to get a deal to save their own skin.

    Then again, #11 would be fine, too. They deserve no deals and no mercy for their unconscionable acts against humanity.

  14. I vote for 10 and 11, but then I always have, why waste time? And Martin Maloney tells you exactly why it’s a waste of time and collateral damage won’t be such a bad thing. Tunc autem, doctrinae filii, illa res igne indiget quousque illius spiritus vertatur et per noctes dimittatur, ut homo in suo tumulo, et pulvis fiat. his peractis reddet ei Deus et animam suam et spiritum, ac infirmitate ablata confortatur illa res… quemadmodum homo post resurrectionem fortior fit” – loosely translated it means the Phoenix will rise from the fires of destruction…

  15. Dr. James

    Following on Chandlers words, and others, these revelations keep peeling the onion. While the masses are not clear on what is happening yet, and while the vote for either party is only a beginning, the shift has begun. Chandler, it my get ugly, I agree, although if it has to be, then well, so be it. I visited with Chet, and my children are aware.
    It would be comforting if wanderer is correct, but so many Corporatists, are into Corpolitics, we just might have to collapse and rebuild. At the street level, everywhere I go, awareness is a bit higher. There are so many mid-level operators and possible small unit leaders. The sooner this opens up the better, mobility and current governments attacks ( as on Sheriffs ) are failing. Their only option is to double down. Doubling down, will fail in the end. Salvaging as much infrastructure as possible will be important.
    Dr. James, thank you, and Chandler, enjoy seeing you too. Keep well everyone, and keep safe.

  16. Another fine essay exposing the information behind the WZ efforts to control the financial ,industrial and governmental agencies of not only the USD but also the entire world.Time is of no importance.The Jews have been planning for this major conquest for several thousand years.Every time they get caught they pack up, do damage control and continue on to their intended their conquest..The average Jew has no idea other than the racial hatred preached by the Rabbinical Talmud which has replaced the Old Testament ,written by the Jews themselves.The goal of Judaism is also to destroy all religions that are outside the teachings of the rabbis.As a side note ,the Vatican has been so infiltrated by the Jews that the destruction of the Worlds largest Christian religion iks of a certainty.John Hagee et al will assist in killing the rest.Tis a sad world we live in and what is even sadder is that we are complicit in allowing it to hgappen,even with a smile and a hearty welcome.

    • Before I continue with this I should make it clear I am aware Mossad were operatives in 911 as well as many other falseflags. They are not the ‘head of the snake’. Zionists are foot soldiers of Rome. Catholicism is not Christian it is Pagan. Blame the Jews and you have not graduated past WWII propaganda. Who started the CIA? A Zionist Jew? No it was Jesuit ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan. William Joseph Donovan attended St. Joseph’s Collegiate and was a KNIGHT OF MALTA.

    • Is the 16 pointed star of the CIA Jewish, or directly from the KNIGHTS of MALTA? Who got caught trying to blow up the British Parliament in the famous “Gunpowder Plot”? Was it Jews? No, it was sections of the JESUIT ORDER. What Jews have claimed to be KING of the ENTIRE EARTH as the POPES have, and have established MARITIME & UCC laws to make it so? Who started the FALSE FLAG Reichstag fire that started WWII?
      Was it a JEW, or was in CATHOLIC KNIGHT of MALTA Hermann Goering?
      Who in the USA is the most famous for COINTELPRO OPERATIONS similar to those SOME PEOPLE are attempting here? Could it be J EDGAR HOOVER, a KNIGHT of MALTA, serving the VATICAN?
      Yes, it was one more JESUIT CONTROLLED VATICAN AGENT.

    • What JEWISH EMPEROR has come up with a theology known as “UNUM SANCTAM”, which claims that every soul and government on earth is pronounced a SLAVE to the PAPACY? NONE. Is it a JEWISH EMPEROR or the ROMAN EMPEROR that claims to possess “TEMPORAL POWER” over the entire EARTH, in the place of CHRIST HIMSELF?
      What organization funded the NATION STATE of ISRAEL in 1948?
      Weren’t the Jews completely destitute at that time, after the WWII holocaust? Yet they were ruling the world? How ridiculous.

    • Zionists Jews set up to run Israel were escaping Nazi war criminals. Let that sink in before you suggest that Israel cares about the indigenous Jews or that they are an American ally. How did they pull that off? “Oh the Jews are so persecuted they need a homeland” The Vatican sent otherwar criminals to the US through Op Paperclip (with the help of Jesuit Donovan forming the core of new SS) and the rest to South America thru the ‘ratlines’. Who is the RICHEST INSTITUTION on EARTH? ISRAEL,
      or the VATICAN, which established ISRAEL through the VATICAN TREASURERS; the KNIGHT of MALTA ROTHSCHILDS?
      What organization was responsible for the WWII holocaust, following a 1700 year tradition of persecuting Jews?
      The Vatican, that’s who…and this is according to John Cornwell, the Pope’s biographer who wrote HITLER’s POPE. Who was it that helped Hitler persecute the Jews and ALL other religions on the Russian Front? It was Jesuit Stalin. What religious sect was Hitlers SS modeled after? The Jesuit Order. Hitler said about Himmler (head of the SS) “I see our Loyola” (founder of the Jesuits).

    • What war was named after its religious crusader masterminding it? Spelly’s war (Vietnam). Was it Jews that masterminded JFK? No it was Cardinal Spellman and Jesuit General Baptiste. Was it Jews supervising the operation in Dallas? No it was HW another Vatican agent. Was it a Zionist Jew as POTUS during the most pathetic fkd up botched up excuse for an intelligence op in the history of subversion? No it was Papal puppet W Bush. How many of the past CIA Directors have been Jewish? Panetta Patreaus Brennan Tenet? ALL Jesuit. James Clapper Obamas first NSA? Yes Jesuit. Yes Obama did appoint his butt pirate buddy and Mossad Chief for North America as his WH COS yes its blatant treason. Yes Zionist Chertoff was the primary architect of the IWOT and CO authored the Pat Act with ROMAN CATHOLIC Viet Dihn. I could go on and on. ALL roads lead to Rome.

  17. “From the sun that ’round me roll’d
    In its autumn tint of gold-
    From the lightning in the sky
    As it pass’d me flying by-
    From the thunder and the storm-
    And the cloud that took the form
    (When the rest of heaven was blue)
    Of a demon in my view.”

    Edgar Allan Poe

    The “demon can be seen in the smoke in the 9’11 photo at top. Please take note of his long grey frizzy beard.

  18. Yeah, Captain Obvious, I agree and am of the same mind. I don’t even care if it was an average citizen that might have witnessed “something” and simply clammed up out of fear. If you were complicit in any way shape or form, you’re damn well going to answer for it. Fear and self preservation are worthless excuses IMO. It is also time to start directly confronting the deniers among us. Both in comments sections as well as out on the street. Nobody gets to hide anymore. Send letters to media outlets, even if it’s just a hometown news rag, informing them it has been noted they are spreading propaganda and will be prosecuted right along with our traitorous politicians and their corporate masters. I’m already in the midst of doing this. I am also sending a letter the nearest airforce base informing them that we are well aware of what they’re spraying in our skies, and that they too have been marked as traitors and will not be able to hide behind their orders when the time comes. Nobody is gonna sneak out the back door this time. And, though I hope I won’t have to use them, my deer rifles are sparkling clean, locked and loaded. The time for farting around is long past over.

  19. One way or anther it is my belief that “it” has already been decided that these perps are disposable cutouts as soon as the very top German based Old black Nobility (just several non-prominent men who do not want any public recognition and work in the background) feel they have attained what they have been used for. The super big boys probably have no real loyalty to anyone, even their main Cutouts they have favored and used for years to do their dirty work in America and much of the World.

    It seems apparent that their Babylonian Talmudic Fiat Banking System based on “money from nothing” and pernicious usury and debt-slavery was set up to make the whole world become disgusted with current governments (most owned by the Banksters) in the first place to reach a pre-engineered end point or total worldwide financial and economic chaos and breakdown due to far too much issuing and printing of USD. At this point the whole system will collapse and their new man will emerge with a new electronic real money system not based on fraud but on work units and actual non-inflatable values.

    I would expect that most worldwide corruption related to the WZ system will then be eliminated by very extreme measures with vast public support which will appease the people of the World and propel this man to world hero status at least for a time. Unless the various options above are utilized before it gets to that point.

  20. My family is well equipped. I have long been ready for the skirmish if it comes to that. Our big problem is this government won’t do anything to preserve, protect and defend the home country even with the bogus homeland security department sucking us dry. We may not survive but the mayhem on this end will be emphatic. I have been ready for many years just biding my time paying the bills minding my own business. I enjoy writing what I do here at VT. May not mean much. Probably contributes very little and not very interesting but I get it off my chest. I am embarrassed for my country that its own government is selling it out and betraying the American people. We are weak, divided, deceived, and they think they’ve just about subdued us. When it gets down to our level, it is not going to be very pretty. I trust my fellow Americans when the time comes, we will be the ones to save our country from domestic traitors and foreign buffoons. .

    • Excellent realistic comment from the heart by another very well informed astute VT reader and we know that we have many. And your comments do contribute to us all. Thank you.

    • Chandler, I don’t believe it will come to that. I think the power structure is so fractured now and literally coming apart at the seems. The loos alliance of the families, factions and minions are all deserting each other like rats and playing hot potato with the blame. It’s almost comical to watch… almost. Anyway, old boy, I think we’ve got the upper hand now, but, just the same, it’s not a bad thing to be prepared for the worst.

  21. everyone in any type of media still trying to push the “official story”, deserves whatever they get!
    same for all the “security guards” anywhere who “ever since 911” as their excuse, their “job security” depends on their determined ignorance and willingness to go along with TREASON.

  22. Great article. I can’t wait to see this kind of info in my crappy Zionist newspaper which is currently churning utter rubbish on the Ukraine situation.

    • Yes, all of them, big and small seem to run the Zio perspective which less and less will accept. All newspapers are part of the News Cartel, but once and a while they slip some Truth Nuggets through by mistake. VT readers in general are not fooled by these Cartel delivered Psyops and false-narratives.

    • I posted a comment in my local rag today answering a question someone posed apropos 2 million missing from their local school fund pot….I suggested that they had as much chance of finding it as the $2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon on 9/11… needless to say, my comment never saw the light of day.. c’est la vie.

  23. Excellent list for starters DaveE! A constant reminder is unfortunately necessary as long as these perps are given carte blanche to run buck wild while people’s memory and attention span is veeeery short indeed, unless constantly cultivated

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