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–  First published  February 9, 2015  –

“The Individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a Conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists” — J. Edgar Hoover, former FBI Director


BeFunky_colorizedReaganLast week, the government of Pakistan presented proof to US Secretary of State John Kerry that America was financing ISIS operations.

Account numbers were given, tracing back to conservative political donors and shady financial groups aligned with PJ Media, the Jamestown Foundation and a number of former military flag officers, several of whom regularly appear on Fox News and Alex Jones, the same names that popped up as planning the Benghazi attack.

The organization isn’t a new one, the basis for the Islamic State come from the Reagan presidency, the banking mechanisms used during Iran Contra when 123 Reagan appointees were convicted of crimes from Treason to Obstruction of Justice. ISIS is also a descendant of Gladio, the “stay behind” terror worldwide terror network controlled by Freemasons responsible for attacks across Europe and Latin America for over 3 decades.

Reagan’s real goal was taking down two enemies, the Soviets and Iran. His personal war on Iran, both economic and military nearly sent him to prison were he not able to prove he was mentally unfit for office while serving as president, as evidenced in his testimony at the Iran Contra hearings.

Terror Funding Origins

mccainThe financial network used to back the terror organizations, Gladio, Al Qaeda and their current incarnations, along with dozens of contrived “national fronts” began with Reagan’s moves against world banking, moves on behalf of the Rothschilds and their Federal Reserve “associates.”

In the US it began with the deregulation of “thrifts,” locally owned Savings and Loans quickly bankrupted through fraud, a move led by the Bush family and Senator John McCain but set up by the Reagan Treasury Department. 1.5 trillion US dollars were stolen from these financial organizations with only Charles Keating, close friend of Senator John McCain, and 40 low level operatives to go to prison.

McCain escaped prison and suffered only minor rebukes for his part in the Keating scandals.

Reagan’s domestic agenda rocked America, destroying unions, sent millions of skilled jobs overseas, ran up trillions in debt and destroyed America’s middle class. Reagan’s restructuring of the US economy eliminated over 5 million skilled labor and management jobs and millions of American families were set adrift, living in automobiles, sleeping under bridges and in makeshift “communities” much as during the Great Depression.

AFT Agent Brian Terry assassinated -- the Cartel's actions have never been adjudicated
The Cartel funds state-sponsored terror. The Cartel’s actions have never been adjudicated for ATF Agent Brian Terry’s murder

The closing of mental hospitals send nearly 500,000 patients into communities unprepared to deal with the influx. When you combined this population with the burgeoning “crack cocaine” epidemic begun by the Reagan White House operatives and CIA, America had become a festering hell hole.

The response was to begin a massive campaign of building prisons and a restructuring of the legal system with longer sentences for drug offenses and life imprisonment for petty crimes, making America the most imprisoned society in the world. Reagan did this.  “Conservatism” was redefined as a crackdown on victimless crimes with sentences tripled in many cases while “white collar crime” enforcement was virtually eliminated.

Post-Reagan America has been defined as a nation of frauds, hucksters and cheats.

With cutbacks in aid to education, the typical American home became multi-generational and home ownership was no longer considered the “norm” for an American family.

Many remember iconic issues, one in particular when school lunch programs needed to be cut to finance a tax cut for the wealthiest 1%. Rules were changed to change dietary requirements and condiments such as catsup and mustard were allowed to replace fresh vegetables and salads.

What wasn’t mentioned is that orange juice was replaced by colored water with corn sweetener and carcinogenic food coloring. Food safety became a thing of the past as a massive influx of undocumented workers from Mexico were allowed to enter the US, part of Reagan’s plan to kill labor unions. They took over food processing jobs first, particularly slaughterhouse and meat packing jobs. E.coli outbreaks began sweeping the nation.

More Progress

Genetically modified crops have killed millions of beesDangerous untested pharmaceuticals were released, killing thousands, industrial pollution of water and air was legalized and workplace safety measures were overturned. Reagan was a champion of “big agriculture,” and GMO became a national cause.

Vaccine safety issues now plaguing America largely result from Reagan’s “streamlining” process, trading safety, accountability and efficacy for profitability.

Thousands of other examples of government cruelty and corruption were buried beneath the trials and hearings over drug running and fraud.

Defenders of the Reagan government have blinders on and very short memories. Lauding the destruction of the Soviet Union, it was really America that died under Reagan. Paul Craig Roberts, champion of America’s right, speaks glowingly of Reagan.

He cites “liberals” as criticizing Reagan’s divisive policies and “trickle down” economics. I worked for the Carter administration and stayed on when Reagan took office.  What happened is clear, the crooks had taken over with lobbyists writing every law, industry stooges, big polluters, poisoned food and water profiteers writing every regulation.  This is what Reagan brought America.

The CIA and Organized Crime

The angel Moroni
The angel Moroni

A parallel version of the CIA was set up under Lt. Colonel Oliver North and members of the Bush family, and ratlines were created from the cocaine centers of Colombia, through Noriega’s Panama to the secret landing fields in Costa Rica and ending in America’s cities.

An epidemic of crack cocaine, aimed at America’s African-American population, as reported by Gary Webb and Mike Ruppert, financed Reagan initiatives, done in partnership with Israel, key Saudi figures and American organized crime.

Built during the Reagan presidency, the real Bush family "Homeland"
Built during the Reagan presidency, the real Bush family “Homeland” culminating in the son of a cartel kingpin being appointed governor of Texas in 1995 and President of the United States in 2000

Wanted members of the drug cartels bought up luxury condominiums in Miami and openly used CIA safehouses for meetings. CIA personnel were quietly “made aware” that things had changed, that a new administration had come to power and that drug cartels had become the close allies of the administration in Washington. Anyone that objected was threatened or worse.

Drug running was the “go to” solution for any black money shortfall during Reagan’s rule.

Increasingly, financial institutions,  beginning with those located in the breakaway Mormon communities of the South West, sought overseas partners for large scale money laundering operations. The highest posts in the FBI and CIA went to Mormons.  The Romney family brought their decades old relationship with the Salinas crime family to the forefront with NAFTA.  The Romney and Bush families, long operating from safe havens in Cuba, Bain and Zapata organizations, created an empire of corruption within the United States.

October 1992, NAFTA signing, a veritable convention of international drug trafficking kingpins
October 1992, NAFTA signing, a veritable convention of international drug trafficking kingpins

A “marriage” was consummated, tying these states, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and regions of Texas to the drug cartel run regions of Mexico, building on relationships begun by the Romney family during their decades long tenure in Mexico. Over the next 3 decades, county by county, town by town, state by state, drug cartels took control of government operations and financial institutions, eventually controlling several US Senators, state governors, prosecutors, sheriffs and countless judges. Those who failed to play along were killed.  Mike Harris tells this story with some regularity.


Middle East Policy

Iranian troops with gas masks -- Gas cannisters compliments of the Ronald Reagan administration
Iranian troops with gas masks — Their adversary, Iraq, was given weaponized gas cannisters compliments of the Ronald Reagan administration

Reagan represented an end to efforts to seek justice for the Palestinian people and stability in the Middle East. Reagan’s real focus was on Iraq and their war against Iran, a keystone to his foreign policy.

The Reagan administration’s goal was control of not just narcotics but world oil markets. The aftermath of the 1973 war had shown the power oil pricing had on the world economy. Oil could be used as a tool of war as much as any army and Reagan’s economic advisors pushed for seizure of Iran’s oil field as a lynchpin to that policy. To do that, Iran had to be destroyed. From Wikipedia:

Starting in 1982 with Iranian success on the battlefield, the United States made its backing of Iraq more pronounced, normalizing relations with the government, supplying it with economic aid, counter-insurgency training, operational intelligence on the battlefield, and weapons.

President Ronald Reagan initiated a strategic opening to Iraq, signing National Security Study Directive (NSSD) 4-82 and selecting Donald Rumsfeld as his emissary to Hussein, whom he visited in December 1983 and March 1984. According to U.S. ambassador Peter W. Galbraith, far from winning the conflict, “the Reagan administration was afraid Iraq might actually lose.”

To think America would go to war to eliminate weapons of mass destruction given to Iraq by the United States is no secret. From the 1970s onward, the partnership between Israel, South Africa and Libya, fostered by the Reagan CIA, would develop and test, in Angola and elsewhere, new biological and chemical weapons later to be used by Saddam against Iran.

The Reagan administration, in order to facilitate the destruction of Iran, made it possible to supply Iraq with anything imaginable.

In 1982, Iraq was removed from a list of State Sponsors of Terrorism to ease the transfer of dual-use technology to that country. According to investigative journalist Alan Friedman, Secretary of State Alexander Haig was “upset at the fact that the decision had been made at the White House, even though the State Department was responsible for the list. I was not consulted,” Haig is said to have complained.

The Intel Partnership

Rumsfeld met with Saddam Hussein in Iraq
Rumsfeld met with Saddam Hussein in Iraq

What Wikipedia fails to tell of the 1983 Teicher/Rumsfeld meeting with Aziz in Baghdad is that they were sent there by the Israeli government, not America. Teicher presented a letter from Shamir to Saddam which was refused by Tarik Aziz, Iraq’s Foreign Minister.

Howard Teicher served on the National Security Council as director of Political-Military Affairs. He accompanied Rumsfeld to Baghdad in 1983.

According to his 1995 affidavit and separate interviews with former Reagan and Bush administration officials, the Central Intelligence Agency secretly directed armaments and hi-tech components to Iraq through false fronts and friendly third parties such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait, and they quietly encouraged rogue arms dealers and other private military companies to do the same:

Wikipedia also fails to mention the “ratline” for, not just poison gas but, biological agents as well, the German companies represented by Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush’s older brother, Prescott, nominally an “insurance executive,” in reality the largest arms trader in the world, and their role in arming Saddam against Iran.

Donald Rumsfeld meets Saddām on 19–20 December 1983. Rumsfeld visited again on 24 March 1984, the day the UN reported that Iraq had used mustard gas and tabun nerve agent against Iranian troops. The NY Times reported from Baghdad on 29 March 1984, that “American diplomats pronounce themselves satisfied with Iraq and the U.S., and suggest that normal diplomatic ties have been established in all but name.”


Torturing history is perhaps one of the greatest failings of our era. The abuses of wartime propaganda or the ideological struggles of the Cold War now permeate every aspect of our lives, creating a mythological unreality sustained only through considerable effort. It has gone far beyond repeating past mistakes but has become an organic movement of contrived entropy fueled through systematic denialism.

The Reagan era in the United States is cited for a reason. An actor was elected president, someone who played president and in some ways did so better than anyone in the past, with tremendous success, was in reality a “play.”

Political theatricality had always been with us. However, it was once assumed that ideology and men of conscience would engage in meaningful conflicts, guns or ideas, but moving, once believed inexorably, toward human advancement. This is a failed hypothesis.


Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War who has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues; and is a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today; especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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  1. All well told except for one detail: There never was a “Regan Administration”. 1980 Marked the start of the first Bush administration. It would have been official if some idiot didn’t try to get too fancy and give Hinkley that stupid assed .22 with the fancy exploding bullets.

  2. This is better than the one about Putin’s plan to reveal the truth about 9/11. The world has reached a stage where George Orwell’s double speak is fully applicable to everything: right is wrong and true is false. Reality has become an illusion and illusion has become reality. Whatever main stream media says true one can be sure it means false……

  3. good writing. fine style, great flow. superb layout and accents. beautifully designed for web-reading. another piece at the top of your form, Gordon.

  4. Good article! Did any of you notice this paragraph from the article? “Wikipedia also fails to mention the “ratline” for, not just poison gas but, biological agents as well, the German companies represented by Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush’s older brother, Prescott, nominally an “insurance executive,” in reality the largest arms trader in the world, and their role in arming Saddam against Iran.”

    So Prescott Jr. worked with German companies to arm Saddam with chem-bio weapons. Well, well. Some of y’all might want to give Mr Shrimpton just a tad more respect.

  5. Much of the world will have difficulty with the shattering of favorite mythology… and there is no greater sacred cow than the savior/father complex… all presidents are prone to worship until we grow and accept personal responsibility for our sovereignty… the world is awash in hate and ignorance spawn by centuries of usury and the propaganda of scarcity… if we have learned anything it IS to question all leadership at all times… I for one am grateful to hear it like it is and or was !!! For a time some people will feel naked without a figurehead to idolize… That said… I and many other are witnessing the rise of true leadership and real facts upon the pages of Veterans Today… For that I am thankful… I do not expect perfection, but I apprecitate the efforts I see happening here.

    • agreed ,..about the savior/father complex, that is one they have banked on for centuries. which forks off in many “ideologies” given to the races.. for most Americans who have not truly woke-up, they still are clinging to the patriotism ideal, those may be hit the hardest if truth is ever given… it would be unthinkable to them that their “warring” was not that would just plain make them murderer’s. I don’t know where this is all going to lead, now Putin may put forth the 9-11 satellite “proof”.. even that is questionable. If war is what they want, and they do need the deaths, just do it and get it over with. Earth has been destroyed before, and I believe that is the masses fault for not waking up…but just once, it would be nice to beat them..

    • Re Mary’s comment>

      Watched The Best Years of Our Lives on Turner Classic Movies Monday night – released in ’46, the story of 3 servicemen’s return to civilian life after WWII. The latter part of the film contained a scene in which the ex-serviceman who had lost his hands (replaced w/ hooks & an actual veteran) was confronted by a civilian claiming he had lost his hands for nothing – that America had fought on the wrong side > conned & lied to about the real facts of the war. This occurred where the other featured ex-serviceman was working causing him to get involved & consequently decking the customer. How many people would think this scene was about real patriotism rather than real truth? It made me wonder about the scene’s inclusion in the film.

  6. And there are still people out there who think President Reagan was the best thing since sliced bread.

    It is so obvious to me that the whole system has failed and need a reset!


    • From our point of view it has failed. From theirs it has been a raging success. It’s getting to the point where I’m almost coming to blows with people on the street. Even my bosses I have been on the verge of strangling. Personally I’ve always believed politics were an out and out scam. If I had my way political parties would be banned. Force the gutless little pricks to stand on their own two feet with no party line/designation to hide behind. People think I’m nuts when I suggest that, but to me it makes perfect sense. But then, what do I know? LOL.

  7. Yeah. Reagan was a scumbag. It used to always piss me off when people referred to him as one of our greatest puppets, I mean presidents. Did they attempt to kill him just to prevent him from squealing? That’s all I could come with up at the time when the discussion would arise among friends. we were always looking for the angle, and that seemed to be the one that fit… but obviously you fellas have far more insight and intel than most of us do.

    • If Bush was the top boss behind the assassination attempt on Reagan , then Bush must be a hero if Reagan was a scumbag . Can anyone reconcile these political rhetoric dissensions ?

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