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Justice for some...but not for others
Justice for some… but not for others

[ Editor’s note:  We see this over and over. Big corporations utilize the courts and appeal system for years to litigate a case and never do they get short-sheeted on their due process rights.

That slim ball move is saved for the little folks whose rights are trampled so some federal agencies can crank out statistics on bringing in the bacon for Uncle Sam.

Our interest in sharing this with our readers is not to take a position on the tax issue itself as we don’t know, nor do we want to get into those details.

But when an appeal is pending and an armed seizure goes ahead anyway in this day and age where computers have that kind of information at their keyboard fingertips, that is clear abuse of due process for which the appropriate government officials should be censured.

Even if this guy if stalling because he does not want to pay…again, the corporations have done that forever and even the VA has a huge record of throwing case records out when they want to show better claims processing numbers, and also to just burn claimants out from pursuing their cases.

I have yet to hear of a single prosecution of a government employee for malfeasance when doing this. When one guy gets trampled like this it puts us all at risk. VT readers are familiar with this drill.

Ernst Zundle gets out of prison...finally
Ernst Zundel gets out of prison… finally

Ernst Zundel had retired from his political activism after marrying Ingrid Rimland and moving to her Tennessee hills to enjoy painting in this new artist studio.

But Germany want him for holocaust denial, so a plot was hatched to have him picked up on a technical violation which could then be used to hustle him out of the country.

The trick they used was “failure to appear” at an immigration hearing that neither he or his attorney had been notified about, which triggered an arrest in his case, but rarely happens in others. A time zone screw up had him held up in NY City, where his lawyers got a delay on the German extradition.

The Feds then used their plan B to pop him back to Canada where he spent 18 months in pre-trial solitary confinement while Canada cooked up a Patriot Act type violation where the evidence could remain secret and never show publicly.

Ingrid has done an award-winning documentary on their long struggle, which you can see here.

Ernst ended up doing hard time in Germany. He is out know, but unable to join his wife in the US because his record shows a security risk conviction, and Canada still says the evidence used against him will remain secret. So that folks is one hell of a ream job. So we salute this new sheriff and wish we had more of them… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published  …  February 9, 2015  –  


New Mexico Sheriff Scott London
New Mexico Sheriff Scott London

CARLSBAD, N.M. (KRQE) – A New Mexico sheriff stood up against armed U.S. Marshals in a land dispute in Carlsbad. “I wasn’t doing it for fame or glory,” Sheriff Scott London[1] said. “I just did it because I’m trying to do the right thing.”

It was just after 9 a.m. two weeks before Christmas when U.S. Marshals armed with automatic weapons tore through a Carlsbad home. Inside the home were 20-year-old Wilson Baughman and her 1-year-old baby.

“There was extremely loud banging at the door and I could hear other people surrounding my house,” Baughman said.

The feds were trying to evict the mom and dispose of the property, claiming the home was going to be auctioned off because the owner had not paid his taxes. According to court documents, the owner had appealed the case but never had his day in court.

“We certainly cannot be selling or disposing of property until due process has been exhausted,” Sheriff London said.

Baughman’s parents called the sheriff. Sheriff London then confronted the Marshals. “I was aware that the case was pending and in appeals,” Sheriff London said. Marshals threatened to arrest the sheriff, but he stood his ground.

“It’s my oath. I took an oath to support the constitution of the United States as well as the constitution of New Mexico and I felt bound to my oath,” Sheriff London said.

Eddy County sheriff

“I’m very proud of him. Not very many people have the courage to stand up against an organization that’s as large and powerful as the IRS,” Baughman said.

The appeal is still pending, but in 10 days the IRS intends to auction off three of the owner’s homes in Carlsbad. The sheriff sent a letter to the IRS requesting the agency cancel the auction, but he hasn’t said what he’ll do if the IRS says no.

Baughman has found another place to live.



New Mexico sheriff foils IRS attempt to seize resident’s property – report

… from Russia Today,   Moscow


A sheriff in New Mexico physically stopped US Marshals from enforcing Internal Revenue Service orders at a residential property, later calling on the IRS to halt a public auction of the premises until the tax-owing homeowner’s court appeal is heard.

According to, Eddy County (N.M.) Sheriff Scott London risked arrest by the US Marshal Service to intervene on behalf of county resident Kent Carter, who allegedly owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS for decades of tax bills earned through his construction business.

On authorization from the IRS, the US Marshals reportedly entered Carter’s property in mid-December to arrest or evict anyone on the premises. Risking his own arrest, London stood between the Marshals and Carter’s property.

Sheriff Scott London
Sheriff Scott London


London later sent a letter to the IRS saying the sale of the property would be suspended until Carter’s appeal was heard. Yet, according to the US Department of the Treasury, the public auction for Carter’s property is still scheduled for February 19.

Carter says he’s fought the IRS for decades, as he has challenged their accounting methods, adherence to their own tax code, a lack of proper deficiency notices, and what he believed to be an unlawful dissemination of personal information, according to He said his bill increased a few hundred thousand dollars after each of his challenges.

Carter said he now owes the IRS $890,000 — an amount that “doubled with the stroke of a pen.”

The New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department has ordered Carter to stop “engaging in business in New Mexico” until his tax debt is paid. Carter appealed the injunction, claiming it to be unconstitutional since it disallowed him to make a living and barred him from “carrying on or causing to be carried on any activity with the purpose of direct or indirect benefit.”

“The IRS is a lie. The income tax is a lie,” said Carter. “Why should they be able to take anything? They’re worse than the mafia.” His properties currently have liens placed against them. He also claims all of his monthly Social Security benefits have been unlawfully seized.

“Many officers have stood up over the years for the rights of citizens being victimized by the federal government,” Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, said, according to “But Sheriff London is the first one to stand up to the IRS since the early 1990s.”


2014 Campaign Radio Interview…

  [1] Scott London is a United States Air Force veteran.


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  1. I disagree a lot with Zundel, having lived under German occupation when i was à toddler and already experienced the horrors.
    Al these people who are giving comments and have not lived through it.
    I still hear THE stories of my 97 year old mother.
    Heard the stories of my father who was forced to work to work for
    My grandparents house was bombed away.
    We nearly starved to death in the hunger winter 1944/45.
    All these idiot false stories.
    Why did the German army have to invade my native country and BOMB THE HELL out of THE city of Rotterdam.
    People dragged out of their houses and tortured.
    Nails being Pulles out, throwing down THE stairs etc.
    Just like the stupid denying of the Holocaust.
    From the Netherlands more than 90.000 Jews were killed in different ways or disease.
    Stop your lying

    • Not only that, as if that is not enough too, but my comment was about our tradition, our American tradition, of a man being able to say whatever he wants to say. This is a typical Zionist tactic of misdirecting a topic when they know they have been caught red handed in a criminal act. Its called Dissemble and they are masters of it. They are taught to do it from Yeshiva on. Whether you agree with Ernst Zundel or not, any so called American who had anything to do with his incarceration or his life long persecution for speaking his mind is no American at all but the very embodiment of Cicero’s traitor within ( And there is only one suitable punishment for this kind of treason because just as Cicero says in his Coda line “A murderer is less to fear.”

  2. Dragging a mother and child out of their shanty bungalow and tossing them into the street because she owes money is reprehensible no matter who she owes the money too, let alone a federal government that brokers genocide all over the world on the tax payers dime. Sheriff London would have impressed me a lot more if he and his deputy’s had opened up on the thugs with badges that showed up to do it. Nothing but a lot of talk when a lot more than words are warranted.

  3. Now Ernst Zundel is a different story altogether. There is a man who is not afraid to bleed for what he believes in. My father was 101est airborne and proud of it. He was a Semi finalist in the Golden Gloves and fought in Madison Square Garden. He voted for George Wallace and considered Nixon a liberal. I remember driving through the streets of Brooklyn with him when I wasn’t yet 10years old. Every time he saw a long haired hippie type in the street he would pull up to them in his pink Oldsmobile, roll down the window and scream “quick somebody kill it with a stick!” I remember watching the Vietnam protests with him on TV and I also remember how surprised I was when he became incensed when they were attacked by construction workers. he told me right then and there “I may not agree with what a man has to say but I will die for his right to say it.” What has been done to Ernst Zundel is in violation of everything America once stood for. There is not one among us who calls themselves an American who should allow the perpetrators to live one more day amongst US…

  4. The entire system is bogus. Check out, “The law that never was” Documented proof of the charade. Read about straw man, and how we all became collateral for the nation’s debt back during the ’40’s.
    Everyone can think what they want but it is all a scam operation. Taxing you is done without authentic legal authority. The system of taxation was never approved by the majority of states as you will see the actual documents from every states own records at the state capitals.
    The IRS is operating a fraud, and there is not much any of us can do about it and they know it. We cannot get organized, we can’t come together to present much of an opposition and very few lawyers have enough testicular fortitude to take them on. Then again, these courts in this nation have become prostituted so chronically that a fair trial across the board in any state at any time is a roll of the dice. IRS has been beaten and soundly before. I don’t mind paying taxes for the betterment of this nation but the manner in how the corrupt and deceitful IRS does business, who wants to pay anything to them except a good fist to the mouth? Check it all is there for all to see. Illegal Revenue Suckers.

    • Remember this man’s name. The sheriff in Waco could’ve done the same thing and stopped Janet Reno’s murderous thugs before they took out an entire family by burning them out of their home. But that sheriff didn’t know the law. The ATF knew where Koresh was every Wednesday night but took the dramatic action of tanks and helicopters, flamethrowers and inept group of ragtag thugs who trespassed and terrorized a religious sect who hadn’t broken any laws.
      Sheriff’s are our backbone and one of last lines of defense before the feds come barging in to strong arm innocent citizens. This man’s name should be remembered for what he did was a most courageous act. We all need to stop the IRS, as a agent named Bannister did when he asked them for the law giving them permission to do what they do, and the IRS, his employer could not produce the paperwork. He, thus resigned for what he was doing entering people’s homes taking their property was illegal!! Check it out!

  5. My understanding at this point is that “income” as defined by the tax code is money received directly from the government. Contractors, federal employees (yes, that includes IRS goons) and the like owe income tax but private citizens doing work for other private citizens do not. On top of all that, as Aaron Russo pointed out in his film “Freedom to Fascism” , THERE IS NO LAW! So, the IRS is guilty of racketeering in millions of cases.

    • The legitimate purpose for the existence of a government is to secure by law enforcement the people and their affairs against inevitable trespasses//conflicts//violations of rights//disharmonies//violence//crimes . The government at all levels must be financed to fulfill its obligations . The securities implied by government are always and everywhere ( in its jurisdiction ) operative and are based on a law enforcement capability that includes courts and all of their associated operations of law — all of which must be financed ultimately by taxpayers . Your standard of living would be close to stone age level without a government . The global human population would be about one percent of the current estimated total of 7.5 billion ( in spite of governmental population reduction activities including wars ) without governments . The argument against taxation — paying for government — of nongovernmental private income is bogus and has no grounds for validation . Financing dysfunctional governments is a separate issue .

  6. The Sheriff is the top law enforcement official in any county, even above the Marshall. If anyone can be arrested, it’s the Sheriff arresting the Marshall, and not the reverse

    • absolutely and it needs to happen a lot more often..
      as an easy example: a state that has legalized medicinal marijuanna isnt stopping feds from raiding its citizens, feds who should be arrested for operating outside their jurisdiction and in contradiction to what has been declared legal within that state, is a criminal operation.

  7. Sheriff London Sir! I am grateful to your wisdom, followed by right action! Standing as an Officer of the Peace for the People in this situation is both: a great use of your shield to aide those directly at risk, and also serves as a timely model for our Country that Rule of Law does exist yet works best when applied. Thanks again for doing your job and in a fine manner. The People are at your back. A Stander !!!

  8. Cheers to a real American! This is a great story and worthy of the coverage it’s getting across the net. This guy gets Sheriff of the year. Maybe good folks are no longer standing aside and doing nothing. Refreshing to see the hint of a shift. I’d like to see this kind of action get some wheels and encourage more sheriffs and deputies to flex their oath. I don’t think too many of the good ones know their real authority. They’ll need to get those oath muscles pumped up to arrest the same folks that are seizing properly unlawfully.
    Cheers Sheriff London!

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