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Caught: The Backstory on the Paris Anti-Semitism Hoax


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

In the run up to the controversial Netanyahu “uninvited” visit to the US, staging “persecution theatre” is keeping some “pro-Semetic” septuagenarians busy.   Even when caught “red handed,” the concept of “exceptionalism” doesn’t stop the lying.

This week a French national with ties to Jewish activist groups was arrested for spray painting “Juif” on 20 cars.  Despite the fact that a French citizen of Jewish heritage was arrested, US conservative websites run by Pam Geller and that dowdy blonde McCain girl, among dozens of others, are spinning the story without the real punchline.

Does this further prove, when added to the volumes of evidence, that the “Hep-Toe” attacks in Paris were staged?  Considering the flagrancy of what we are seeing, yes it does.

Google working hard to sell the fraud showcases one hoax article after another

Stormfront and the ADL had a field day with this one.  Stormfront loves publicizing whenever Jews are caught painting swastikas on things, which is fairly often.  No matter what actually happened, even when an ADL employee is caught, and they have been, the Foxman run organization sticks to its guns and call them “Nazis” even when its their own family members.

When we look at this story, a “perp” who spends his life it seems, spraying swastikas all over Paris, caught again and again, a virtual “one man holocaust,” we take note.

This is the story as reported in Metro News, Paris, yes, a real news publication:


Trivia – A 73 year old man was caught Monday trying to tag the word “Jew” on vehicles of the 16th district. The man and his wife, who are Jewish, had filed a complaint in July and August following antisemitic graffiti being discovered on their building.

The suspect painted the word "Jew" about twenty vehicles.
The (Jewish) suspect painted the word “Jew” about twenty vehicles. Photo: Twitter / Lycra

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  1. First, we must never forget this TYPE OF farce; I say ‘type of’ because it’s been going on for a LONG time:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t2jhAjMHiE (less than 2 minutes. use ‘Open in New Tab’ to play)

    Think of the above as a mini False Flag that eventually runs up to things like 9/11.

    Now this farce in France.

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  2. Over 7,000 US Vets committed suicide last year, due to lack of care and lack of caring.

    But will the American MSM cover this sad story and raise enough hell to get something positive accomplished to get these souls out of hell?

    Hell no, they don’t rate, their shelf-life is already past the due date, but the media never tire of the Holocaust™ stories.

  3. These nonstop fasle flags are sooooo annoying. The liberal, open-minded, progressive, sophisticated, fashionable, intellectual, blah, blah, blah French government must be crazy desperate to keep that goofy stunt propped up. They arrested a French teenager for posting a snarky response to the CH farce.


    That kid has more brains than all the vapid NWO water boys in Paris combined.

  4. Gordon… Salam and thanks… Like to remind every one of the planned “terrorists” attacks by the Israeli Mossad on Jewish center centers, synagogues, businesses, homes and schools in countries like Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt even Morocco and other North African countries… Israel was in terrible needs of Jewish immigrants, and the only way to prompt Arab Jews to immigrate and move to Israel is to conduct a campaign of terror to show them that their country of origin is not safe for them any more… Hundreds of thousands were enticed with money and benefits to move to Israel. There are many stories and documentaries to prove this. What happened in France is once again to show Jews do not belong any where but in Israel, where they have to kill every day to be safe. Mossad agents were paid to terrorize the Jewish communities in the Arab world. Same in France now.

  5. my opinion, perpetrators of crimes like these should be asset stripped and deported for trying to cause civil disturbance to the masses through the media, aka psyop propaganda. same punishment for any media publishing story knowing it to be false to “catapult the propaganda”.
    (to quote a great slip up -confession- by evil incompetent GWB around 911)

    • Absolutely. Same thing happened here in Florida, except the man was caught painting a swastika, on his own garage door. The police were called, and when the neighbor across the street saw the police, she went over to find out what was going on. When the damage was shone to her, she told the police that she had a video camera in her front window, that might show who did it. Case closed.

    • Not singling you out but, I get so tired of that “by deception” line. The actual phrase is: “By wise council thou shalt……….” It’s Hebrew and it calls for a sanhedron like meeting to best decide how to screw some nation, individual. Just like going to Temple on Saturday. They first ask around if there is a goy inside anywhere. Then they ‘talk’.

  6. Certainly sounds like the Kabbala is involved at some esoteric level. There must be a Kabbala Cabal.

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