Donetsk republic – More than 2,300 Ukrainian servicemen killed over past 25 days

Militia fighters in eastern Ukraine

Militia fighters in eastern Ukraine

© Nikolay Muravyov/TASS

MOSCOW, February 11. /TASS/. More than 2,300 servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have died in the war-torn southeastern regions of the country over the past 25 days, Eduard Basurin, a deputy commander of the corps in the Defense Ministry of the self-proclaimed unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic told a news briefing on Wednesday.

“Over the past 25 days that have elapsed since the resumption of hostilities, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have lost a helicopter, 179 tanks, 149 armored personnel carriers and/or infantry combat vehicles, 135 artillery guns, and more than 2,300 servicemen in killed,” he said.

The number of casualties since Tuesday afternoon is 82 servicemen. Also, the pro-Kiev forces have lost five tanks, two armored personnel carriers and infantry combat vehicles, seven artillery systems, and two general-purpose cars, the Donetsk News Agency quoted Basurin.

Populated localities in the DPR underwent artillery shelling on the part of pro-Kiev troops on more than thirty occasions on Wednesday. In part, gunfire was targeted at Donetsk and its suburbs, as well as the townships of Peski, Vesyoloye and Spartak.

The shelling left six civilians dead and another twelve civilians, wounded,

“All in all, some 172 people have been wounded over the past seven days and 114 of them are at hospitals,” Basurian said, adding that all these people were civilians.


  1. It seems obvious to me that this “war” was intended to kill as many Eastern AND Western Ukrainians as possible. Am I the last one to figure this out? I feel really dense.

  2. The Talmudists selected Mr. Poroshenko due to the singular requirement that Talmud followers have sought in a leader since 4,000 BC. He is much taller than average. That´s all. The MOSSAD does the rest.

  3. No wonder Kiev and the west want a ceasefire. Never heard a truthful statement out fo Kiev neither has Poro kept his word in the past, spring is just around the corner and I would not be surprised if McCain and gang will make sure it escaltes.

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