NEO – America’s “Blacklist” Conspiracy of Silence


“High level sources within the US Department of Justice tell us that every major investigation undertaken since 1990 — financial fraud, terrorism, narcotics, espionage — all have been quashed, all involved silenced, removed, discredited and even killed.” … Gordon Duff

– First published … February 6, 2015


The seven golden domes in St. Petersburg
The seven golden domes in St. Petersburg

[ Editor’s Note: This is another Gordon classic that did very well at New Eastern Outlook. The timing was interesting, as I just published the CIA torture whistleblower story on John Kiriakou getting out of jail yesterday, and it has over 4000 reads on it at VT.

We don’t wish to be the only media source to publish material like you will read below. We have become so mainly due to default, with mainstream media being so in the bag on the “big” issues. They will never live down how they rolled over on 9-11, forever disgracing any legacy of American free press.

Our military sources continue to confirm that military and Intel contracted-out projects continue to be untraceable as to what the money really gets spent on and who is accountable. The firewalls are there for all to see, and Congress seems to be not too concerned — or corporate media for that matter.

What could cause so many to just bend over to what is patently a parallel shadow government operating with public funding but not accountable — one of the biggest stories of our time?

It is the kind of non-action one would have expected to see after the Bush regime 9-11 coup, and we did, but why does Obama let it continue… and General Dempsey, too? Inquiring minds would like to knowJim W. Dean ]


NEO – America’s “Blacklist” Conspiracy of Silence


Shadow governmentLast week the Pakistani government told the media that the ISIS leader they captured in December had a US-based paymaster, something neither confirmed nor denied by the US, though the press release indicated that Secretary of State John Kerry was briefed on this revelation.

There is a reason for Kerry’s silence. If ISIS is funded by the US then the black C130 aircraft that resupply them are American too.

Given what we now know, it is not unreasonable to assume that Victoria Nuland, on orders from “somewhere” ordered the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 while her “betters” managed the press response and the phony half-hearted Dutch “investigation.”

This hypothesis, hardly a conspiracy theory, supports one inexorable fact; the rumors of a “Secret Shadow Government” are more fact than rumor.

High level sources within the US Department of Justice tell us that every major investigation undertaken since 1990, financial fraud, terrorism, narcotics, espionage, all have been quashed, all involved silenced, removed, discredited and even killed.

All investigations end because all real investigations stumble on the same players and come to the same conclusions; America is ruled by a multi-generational crime cartel that includes the biggest names in American politics. Yesterday, an American television show got it exactly right, as “fiction” is the only outlet for truth in a world turned upside down. The show was Blacklist and we will be discussing how much they got right.



The Torture Report

Recent reports of CIA torture and abuses omitted a key fact, the CIA “black site” prison system — a worldwide gulag hidden on abandoned oil platforms, in underground storage facilities and psychiatric hospitals or, most often jails or prisons on trumped up charges, or on American military bases — contains more American “whistleblowers” than terrorists.

Susan Lindauer was “black sited” in a psychiatric hospital on an American military base; Lee Wanta was “black sited”, as was Chip Tatum, Victor Bout and Dimitri Khalezov.

Gwyneth Todd escaped assassination by Bush operatives in Bahrain, but Roland Carnaby, Chris Kyle, Helric Fredou, Dr. David Kelly, Michael Connell, Vince Foster, Ron Brown and John Wheeler III died mysteriously.

US Senators Paul Wellstone, Mel Carnahan along with candidates Sonny Bono and John Ashbrook were murdered, two air crashes, a “skiing accident “and accidental ingestion of crushed glass. I could add a hundred names to the list, keeping it “recent,” I would start with John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King and, when I finished, it would be enough names to fill a stadium. Do you see where this is going?


Bridging the Gap Between Drama and Reality TV

Bilderburg1An American TV drama, as is sometimes the case as with the quickly cancelled and quite excellent Rubicon, which exposed US complicity in 9/11, has broken new ground.

Most are aware of America’s rendition program and CIA black site prisons. Blacklist show regularly covers these issues. It also openly admits that the CIA routinely executes prisoners.

They actually show the method, prisoners hoisted in the air by electric winches, chains around their necks strangling them, something that a skilled operator can use for both interrogation and “termination with extreme prejudice” or, as they call it now, “depersonalization.”

Where the “new ground” is broken is the admission that black site prisons are where America buries its secrets, not its enemies. The TV show “Blacklist” openly exposes, albeit fictionally, a deep parallel with the reality behind 9/11 and so many terror attacks, and the virtual army of silenced witnesses and investigators who were too valuable to be “suicided or killed,” too independent to be threatened with gag orders and too moral to be bribed.

Too often, fiction trumps reality. Last night was no exception. Yesterday was a historic day by American standards; it was “Superbowl Sunday,” now a holiday celebrating watching television and drinking beer. Nothing could be more appropriate to follow than the new season of the TV show “Blacklist.”

Let me explain. Blacklist is a TV show about a fugitive billionaire arms dealer who makes a deal with the US government to help him kill his enemies, who are, for the most part, also wanted fugitives. The character is based roughly on Victor Bout.

Salon, in an article from February 2010 explains a bit about Bout and the arms trade, an article that strangely has no listed author:

“First, the substantial Jewish investment in the global arms trade permits Israel to support rebel groups worldwide through mafia channels that otherwise would be credited to Israeli government policy.

For example, Russian-Jewish mafia figures are financing the Darfur separatists in Sudan (though the agency of Ukrainian-Jewish boss Viktor Bout), and the Colombian communist FARC rebels through the agency of the greatest boss of them all, the Israeli Simon Mogilevich, who bought the Hungarian anti-aircraft factories in the early 1990s…”


Gagged and Silenced

Thousands of Americans — members of the military, police, judicial, legislative, regulatory and intelligence services and agencies — are currently gagged and silenced from reporting crimes against the people of the United States and the world at large.

Whistleblowers have revealed more than just classified material. They have described the enormity of what is an even greater threat, how “national security” and phony investigations are used to gag witnesses and cover up crimes.

Currently there are secret grand juries across the US that have no other purpose than to corral witnesses and threaten them with prison. No indictments ever come out of these legal monstrosities including and especially the Houston based Federal grand jury covering the Able Danger/9/11 related crimes.

In the TV drama, Blacklist, the secret to be protected wasn’t a terror plot, but rather a list of government officials who were complicit in covering up crimes. “If the public finds out, if they get ahold of this list — they will hang every one of them.”

The witnesses who could and should be testifying against many of America’s top generals — members of congress, the entire Bush (41) administration, not just for torture but drug running, espionage, fraud and murder — all are silenced.

Inside the “Beltway,” the road surrounding the US capitol, insiders share the spoils of worldwide crime, protected by a legal system used to protect only the worst criminals, while supposedly warring on imaginary terrorists.

The only laws consistently enforced inside the United States are those that silence those who would report complicity in treason and terrorism by the “highest in the land”.


At 2:05 — a reference to tracking devices embedded in neck.
These are sometimes done surreptitiously, at night, and the targeted individual
does not wake up during the procedure.


Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War who has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues, and is a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today; especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


  1. Although The Blacklist has a lot of useful and revealing information, I detect a definite “Police State” slant in the writing. Any show that has Mossad agents working within US agencies – like this one and NCIS – is suspect as far as I’m concerned. When I see a crouched SWAT team and hear the Martial music revving up, I know I’m watching Police State conditioning and propaganda.
    Person of Interest is still the better written show, has more relevant information – and is more balanced.

  2. Drawing Lines in the Sand – The Blacklist Highlight
    by The Blacklist , Published on Nov 4, 2013 :
    “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
    Sorry about that.”

    Maybe someone can download this one and upload on a different EU accessable YT account ?

  3. An tiny implant on a link with a TV-set is a convenient way to make anyone like/dislike or believe anything.
    Small hardly noticeable changes in “feel good/feel bad”-chemicals or “feel good/feel bad”-signals (i.e. vagus nerve in neck) synchronised with the showing of a person/concept on TV, very quickly changes a persons likes and dislikes in a compledly stealthy way.
    Same thing can be done with places or IRL-persons.

  4. These may have all been black-sited, but I thought you said in an earlier article about Khalezov, that Viktor Bout was actually guilty? “Susan Lindauer was “black sited” in a psychiatric hospital on an American military base; Lee Wanta was “black sited”, as was Chip Tatum, Victor Bout and Dimitri Khalezov.”

    And the 2010 Salon article [referenced above] that says, “Russian-Jewish mafia figures are financing the Darfur separatists in Sudan (though the agency of Ukrainian-Jewish boss Viktor Bout)…” Salon has it wrong about Bout. He is neither Ukrainian nor Jewish, although his buddies were. He was born in/near Dushanbe, in the same town as Khalezov. His parents were from the Stalingrad/Volgograd area, where people were mainly of German descent, and of various Christian denominations. Stalin moved them and many other ethnic Germans to the Dushanbe area, when Hitler invaded.

  5. In answer to Jim’s question, the only thing that could make virtually everyone tow the SSG line would be a demo of some power whether earthly, extra terrestrial tech or even of the spiritual realm that is utterly omnipotent. And I guess Gordon is aware that he has made the Point of the Spear guy’s Shitelist since he had his pallid little squid PJW do a hit piece on you the other day. I‘d say it’s another feather in your bonnet IMO

  6. Blacklist won’t be fingering American Haredi arms dealers from Brooklyn.

    What grinning mockery, effectively gagging whistleblowers and probably most in congress with intel briefings on “national security” that are trumped up lies to begin with.

    I haven’t seen more than the video clip above, but it looks like this fear-lingering predictive programming for the sheeple embeds assent to their gov and FBI’s clandestine lawbreaking for the sheeple’s greater good. I take it for granted, based on the female lead and soap opera-ish tone, that the target audience is women, who generally will choose supposed security over freedom without giving it a second thought.

    • No, no statistics, Emma, just my observation of whom those in the know about viewer demographics–the advertisers–target their commercials to on these fear-mongering, big-brother-to-the-rescue, men weak/women strong primetime soap operas. Can’t really say about this show since I let cable lapse, but my non-statistical take on network and cable news comes up the same. Do you doubt as a general principle women are more inclined to trade their liberty for perceived security than men?

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