Busted: Kiev MPs try to fool US senator with ‘proof’ of Russian tanks in Ukraine



 –   First published  …  February 12,  2012  –


A man out of his league
A man out of his league

[ Editor’s Note We expected to see more Russian invasion stories popping up after the latest Minsk agreement, which Kiev and Poroshenko were walking back the first day they were back home.

The Candy King was quick out of the gate by saying the general amnesty would now not include the militia leaders, and the nationalist brigades have already said they do not feel bound by the agreement and will continue the fight.

Dear Poroshenko, neither have we given you amnesty for your nuclear missile attack on Donetsk.

This 2008 South Ossetia war photo has been in the public domain since that time, the original photo service company now out of business and the hi-res one was found on a 2012 posting of the Houston Armor Club.  But even worse, the photo have been used over 900 times, all logged into Google images.

Senator Inhofe claims that he was “taken in” by the visiting Ukrainian delegation enjoying a Washington junket while they of course brought their faked images to get Congressional financial support which they did.

Once these Congressional sockpuppets are on board the spin program they never do any checking on anything. The phony evidence is for the public consumption only and if later exposed do they play victims themselves like Inhofe is doing now.

But if they are conveniently going along with false evidence being use to bring American troops into combat for the services of a foreign power, as part of an espionage operation, then that is a serious felony.

But there is a funny part to this, as RT sourced the story from the Washington Free Beacon, which a quick look at them has a profile as a NeoCon-Israeli Lobby front, surprise surprise, headed up by none other than Michael Goldfarb, who goes back to the original PNAC crowd.

Michael Goldfarb...who is he really working for?
Michael Goldfarb…who is he really working for?

I am doing profiles on the rest of the staff now… which look like the usual suspects. You just can’t make this stuff up…yet so many think that they can, particularly those who feel they are beyond prosecution.

Senator Inhofe has done a strange dance on playing the victim on the original photo hoax, something a high school photo club kid could have unmasked in a few minuter.

Inhofe now says the past mistake no longer really matters because he had new photos from this past summer proving the Russian invasion.

I just called his office in DC and got voice mail. I am dying so see how he attributed these new photos when everything that Kiev has produced so far has been debunked, and the US and NATO, while making the claims, will never show their evidence.

But they all got trumped by John Tefft, the US Ambassador to Moscow who debunked the Russian fighting troops hoax, and the hyped numbers. He said the Russians are contributing command and control personnel to run things like communication intercepts and to operate high tech equipment and training, just like the US, NATO and EU have been doing with Kiev.

We will probably have an update on this story after I have talked to the Senator’s office and gotten to see the new photosJim W. Dean ]


… from Russia Today,  Moscow


America's wonderful new allies
America’s wonderful new allies

MPs in Kiev hoodwinked a US senator, presenting his office with photos of columns of Russian military hardware allegedly roaming Ukrainian territory. The photos turned out to have been taken during the conflict in South Ossetia back in 2008.

The photos were “presented to the Armed Services Committee from a delegation from Ukraine in December,” told The Washington Free Beacon Senator Jim Inhofe’s communications director Donelle Harder.

The Americans planned to publish the photos with credits to the Ukrainian MPs, and “they were fine with that,” the spokesperson said.

Yet, after thorough checking, images of the Russian convoys turned to be taken years ago, in 2008 during Georgia – South Ossetia war.

“We are currently making calls to our sources,” Harder said.

“The Ukrainian parliament members who gave us these photos in print form as if it came directly from a camera really did themselves a disservice,” Senator Inhofe said in a statement.

“I was furious to learn one of the photos provided now appears to be falsified from an AP photo taken in 2008,” the lawmaker wrote.

At the same time the revealed forgery “doesn’t change the fact that there is plenty of evidence Russia has made advances into the country with T-72 tanks and that pro-Russian separatists have been killing Ukrainians in cold blood,” the US senator maintains.

The list of members of the Ukrainian delegation that attempted to fool Senator Jim Inhofe does not include high-ranking Ukrainian officials, with probably the sole exception of the commander of the Donbass volunteer battalion Semyon Semenchenko, who visited Washington demanding arms and training for his servicemen.

READ MORE: ‘Secure West Point training’: Ukrainian battalion leader lists US tour plans

The Washington Free Beacon said it “regrets the error,” and claims it has obtained new “exclusive” photos of “Russian military forces have been more involved in the arming and training” of the eastern Ukraine self-defense militia. The new photos, allegedly “taken between August 24 and September 5 in the midst of a Russian-backed incursion into Eastern Ukraine … clearly display Russian troops entering Ukraine with advanced military hardware and weapons.”

Senator expressed the hope that the new, particularly graphic images, could “act as a wake-up call to the Obama administration and American people” and push the US Congress to back up Senator Inhofe’s bill to supply the Ukrainians with American lethal aid.

Having compared Russians with Islamic State (also known as ISIS, or ISIL), Senator Inhofe said that Ukrainian troops “don’t have anything to defend themselves against these [Russian] tanks,” and called on Congress to give “them the equipment and the weaponry they need.”

“The Obama admin is so slow to recognize” and identify the problems “taking place around the world,” Inhofe said. “They just don’t want people to believe these things are happening,” he acknowledged, adding: “There’s no better way to do that and draw attention to it than letting people see these pictures.”

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  1. Willful ignorance may be a crime but ignorance per se is not . The banksters in particular , whom owned all of the major media of the day , kept inflammatory and controversial information about one of the biggest financial scams in history ( known as the USA 1913 Federal Reserve Act ) out of the media and thus out of public consciousness from 1913 to year 2008 when the free internet revealed the scam to the world ; altho most people are not interested in financial crime forensics — they soon will be .

    The equally financially ignorant education establishment has also been under the ziojew bankster’s thumbs .

    Please do not blame the victims — the world public — for the bankster crimes of the suppression of truths which ultimately results in mass deaths and economic destructions .

  2. Senator Imhofe, Michael Goldfarb and Talmudic clan continue in the style of NAZI Josef Goebbels, the bigger the lie the easier for the stupid to believe it. When the size of the crowd that worships of the George H. W. Bush family – puppets rushing to the box office of American Sniper – is viewed, we see that the big lies pay off in dollars and cents for the owners of Hollywood and armament companies.
    Who would benefit from the death of Chris Kyle? Follow the money trail to the movie and the book sales.

  3. Nothing Inhofe could say now will prevent his execution for treason when order is restored. Why don’t you just shut up and enjoy it while it lasts Jimmy boy? Next time they will give you photos of the Battle of Kursk…

  4. I’m in Oklahoma, so I will have to call Inhofe next week to ask why he is embarrassing me and my fellow Oklahomans. I think it should be required of all elected who make war decisions to have at least one child in the military who would be on the first plane to that war if they made that call.

    • You are assuming the govermob cares about their children – other than for photo-ops and personal advancement. Some of the smart mob-kids get depressed, resentful and drunk, others immerse themselves in the psychomania and do worse as revenge. See Bush clan for examples of each.

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