My debate with “Jewish & Israel News” reporter on 9/11



The murder of three young Muslims in North Carolina by an Islamophobic atheist terrorist was horrific. But these were only three of the more than one million Muslims murdered as a direct and intended result of the 9/11 false flag operation. This is one of the worst genocides in human history, and it is still accelerating.

Watch my debate with Maxine Dover on Press TV

I wish Maxine Dovere, a New York based reporter for Jewish and Israel News, were more like Maxi, the heroine of Thomas Pynchon’s 9/11 truth novel Bleeding Edge. The fictional Maxi, also Jewish, is a professional fraud investigator who is street-smart, savvy, reasonably ethical…and noticed the 9/11 cover-up immediately, thanks to the notorious put options – an unmistakeable sign of massive insider trading by the real 9/11 criminals.

Maxine Dovere, as a real-life journalist, is also supposed to be a professional fraud investigator.  But unlike Pynchon’s Maxi, Ms. Dovere appears to lack either intelligence, ethics, or both. How else to explain her reaction  when I asked why she hadn’t reported on the obvious controlled demolition of World Trace Center Building 7?

Interestingly, just as I waded into the 9/11 issue, the connection between the WISC-TV studio in Madison and Press TV’s studio in Tehran was suddenly and inexplicably cut off. I am told that this was extremely unusual…at least in non-politically-sensitive satellite transmissions.

So it appears that here in the so-called land of the free, not only has Press TV been banned from all satellite and cable TV channels, but the NSA (or their Zionist friends) won’t even allow an uninterrupted satellite uplink with Press TV if you say anything they don’t approve of.

Before being so rudely interrupted, I had explained to Maxine that Larry Silverstein (the mobster friend-of-Netanyahu who bought the condemned-for-asbestos WTC two months before 9/11 and doubled the terror insurance) has confessed TWICE to demolishing Building 7. In response, Maxine kept repeating how disappointed she was in me, and stammered something about Building 7 just falling down like that because it had been damaged by debris from the Towers.

So which is it, folks? Is she stupid? Or criminally complicit in mass murder and high treason?

Here is Press TV’s description of my debate with Maxine Dovere:

Press TV has interviewed Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth from Madison, and Maxine Dovere, a New York-based reporter, to discuss the murder of three Muslim students in the US and the way Washington is going to deal with the rise in Islamophobic sentiments.

Barrett says hate crimes like the death of the Muslim youths in North Carolina are the direct results of the Islamophobia campaign followed by US main stream media in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks. 

Dovere, however, believes that the murderer of the three Muslims was an atheist who reportedly hated people of all religions, including Christians and Jews, adding that the crime had nothing to do with Islamophobia.

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  1. she’s definitely criminally complicit. “I’m disappointed in you” is laughably disgusting. as if SHE is some type of authority to pronounce a judgement?! IF she were ANY kind of responsible journalist she’d be up to date about the towers being NUKED, WTC-7 “pulled”, and for concerns about her own future stepping up to the plate saying so.. she’s not very bright.

  2. I think it’s great you have these debates with these zionist propagandists, press TV is giving them a voice is the best way to debunk their lies, people are not stupid and see through these psychopaths. They are doing a great job discrediting their cause and themselves.

  3. Stop letting them get away with this WTC7 debris crap! Tell them this: If you are going to support the official fairy tale, then here’s your dilemma:WTC 1 and 2 went down in the the morning of 9/11/01. WTC 7, which is about 1 football field length away from the nearest WTC tower, went down after 5pm of 9/11/01, from being hit by debris from the other
    tower which started fires, according to the official fairy tale. Now, how did that debris get thrown laterally for a whole football field length from a purely gravity collapse? Last time I checked, gravity
    only pulls down, not sideways! Maybe in your alternate denial universe, it pulls sideways. Now, if the debris was not thrown across that football field by explosives, to start the fires in WTC 7 which supposedly caused its collapse, then what did start the WTC 7 fires? Do you suppose someone playing with matches? Which is it, explosives throwing debris, or intentionally started fires?
    I await your cogent, coherent, and rational answer with anticipation. —- When they use the debris fairy tale, they are admitting controlled demolition so call them on it!

  4. Excellent Mr Barrett….hold their lying, fully complicit feet to the fire and watch them spew drivel and squirm

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