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"Phoenix"...a female volunteer from Moscow, a tough lady
“Phoenix”…a female volunteer from Moscow, a tough lady

[ Editor’s Note:  This is some good news, despite having some continued shelling which is being reported and dealt with, none of the parties are claiming an agreement breech.

The most shelling is still from Debaltsevo where breakout attempts are expected so the Ukies are using the artillery ammo they have left.

I just watched a militia news video report showing Ukie breakout attempts that have been chopped up on the roads. You could hear the shelling in the background. They had come out to collect the Ukie dead, not as unpleasant a job now as in the summer.

They said they have been ordered not to respond with heavy counter battery fire as the leaders wanted to log in all the Ukie violations today. Needless to say command and control of the Ukies in the pocket seem to be degrading into an “every man for himself” situation. There should be some trial of the command personnel after this.

The Ukraine blogs are filled with news of foreigners who have been getting priority getting out of the pocket, many disguised as civilians when they were passing through the lines. They are from many nations including the US.

Merkel, Hollande and Putin were on the phone today talking about Debaltsevo, I suspect to stay ahead of the situation there not turning into the bomb that blows the whole ceasefire deal. But the militia fighters in the video also said that for all their people who died to box the Ukies up, they are not about to let them break out nowJim W. Dean ]



 –  First published … February 14,  2015  –


The ceasefire in eastern Ukraine was being generally observed despite local incidents, which were quickly resolved, said France and Germany’s joint statement, issued by the Elysees Palace on Sunday.

The statement was published after President Francois Hollande and Chancellor Angela Merkel held a telephone conversation with President Vladimir Putin and President Petro Poroshenko. The Normandy Four leaders are also set to continue talks Monday, according to Ukraine’s presidential website.

Earlier in the day, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Euro, who observes the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, confirmed that it had been substantially implemented in the last 12 hours, with the exception of certain areas in Debaltsevo and Lugansk.

Ukraine mission head Ertuğrul Apakan added that the OSCE monitors failed to enter Debaltsevo, and called on both sides of the conflict to enable access to all territories in eastern Ukraine.

The roads out of Debaltsevo are littered
The roads out of Debaltsevo are littered

The number of OSCE monitors will be increased to 350, according to the OSCE spokesman for the monitoring mission in Ukraine, Michael Botsurkiv.

He added that the mission will also use drones and satellite images to monitor the holding of the ceasefire.

The spokesperson of Ukraine’s Joint Staff, Vladislav Seleznev, has confirmed that all shelling of Ukrainian positions has stopped at 3 AM local time. “The military posture is fairly stable,” reported Donetsk region’s police chief Vyacheslav Abroskin.

The Donetsk militia representative Eduard Basurin that in the morning the rebel forces “selectively” taped the enemy batteries in response to provocative fire and that they would continue responding as promised earlier.

“We will start to withdraw heavy weaponry in accord with the Minsk agreement and [by the] time set,” he added.

Another militia leader Denis Pushilin denied that Donetsk officials had received any requests from OSCE to enter the Debaltsevo area.

Despite the sporadic shelling that marred the morning, residents of Kramatorsk felt relieved with the coming of the ceasefire.

“I cannot say that optimism prevails… At least there are no sounds of shooting now,” journalist Kerstin Kronwall, who is in the city reporting for Yle, said.

Debaltsevo trap

Tochka ballistic of three used on just one village
Tochka ballistic missile…one of three used on just one village

The blissful silence in the morning, according to the rebels, lasted for less than an hour, as Ukrainian troops inflicted several mortar and artillery strikes on rebel forces guarding the perimeter of Debaltsevo mousetrap.

An estimated 5,000 Ukrainian task force is running out of munitions and ordnance while making attempts to break out.

The locked Ukrainian troops shelled settlements of Yenakievo and Gorlovka, as well as the territory of Donetsk airport, no so long ago handed over to the militia forces after months of severe firefight. But the living quarters of the city of Donetsk this time remained intact.

You have to hit your pause button to catch the translation, and keep looking up and down to get this, but worth the effort…Jim Dean

Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) head Aleksandr Zakharchenko said on the eve of the ceasefire that the entrapment near Debaltsevo is situated on the territory fully controlled by the rebel forces. This is interpreted that Minsk agreements on separation of the warring parties do not apply to the encircled Ukrainian servicemen.

“Please pay attention to the fact that there isn’t a word about Debaltsevo [entrapment] in Minsk agreements. That means that Ukraine has simply betrayed those 5,000 people in Debaltsevo trap,” Zakharchenko said, stressing that no negotiations about the entrapment is currently underway with Kiev.

“Any attempt of the Ukrainian armed forces to unblock Debaltsevo will be regarded as violation of the Minsk agreements, such attempts will be suppressed, adversaries will be eliminated,” he added.

The blockaded Ukrainian troops have been offered to turn in their weapons and surrender, but very littler number of servicemen has followed the call due to retreat-blocking detachments of Ukrainian nationalists guarding the troops in the rear of their positions.

Commenting on the remark made by Zakharchenko, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said that the accords underpinning Ukraine truce must be “unconditionally observed.”

“All the sequences of actions have been mentioned in the package of measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreement. All those terms have to be observed unconditionally,” Dmitry Peskov was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Kiev authorities have been consistently denying the very existence of the Debaltsevo entrapment. Yet Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has told Ukrainian Joint Staff that the peace process is under the threat of failure because of the situation at Debaltsevo. “I’ve warned you on that,” Poroshenko stressed.

Will ceasefire hold?

A 17 year old militia woman, taking exams during the fighting
A 17 year old militia woman, taking exams during the fighting

In the meantime France’s TV5 Monde aired the disastrous humanitarian catastrophe the Donbass locals find themselves in. The people there trust no one and do not believe a peace with Kiev is tangible.

“They have proclaimed ceasefire many times but never respected it,” a local woman told French reporters.

That was exactly the case with Ukraine’s Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh, who said his radical movement rejects the Minsk peace deal and that their paramilitary units in eastern Ukraine will continue “active fighting” according to their “own plans.”

After the truce came into force at 2:00 GMT, Yarosh made a statement of National Guards official website, saying:

“Two of mine finely armed and equipped battalions continue offensive near Debaltsevo and have serious achievements militarily.” Several hours later the statement was deleted from the website.

The rebels have informed that they need all of the territory of the Donetsk region under their control, not just the area they fully control right now.

DPR’s head Aleksandr Zakharchenko said that the rest of the region is regarded as “temporarily occupied” and will be liberated politically or militarily.

Political way is preferable as it helps save human lives, but if politics does not succeed, “we’ve already drawn attention to our capability to solve issues militarily, and not once for that matter,” Zakharchenko said.

Germany, Russia send humanitarian aid to E.Ukraine

In the meantime two convoys with humanitarian aid from Russia are under customs clearance right now on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Once cleared, the white trucks of Russia’s Emergency Ministry will go on two routes: to Donetsk and to Lugansk, delivering food and medical supplies to citizens of the besieged cities.

Simultaneously with this, a shipment of 28 tons of medical supplies has arrived to Donets from Germany. The supplies were bought using donations collected in Germany by initiative of a group of German MPs and the shipment became the very first humanitarian aid delivered to Donbass from the EU.

The delivery was made through the Russian territory because Kiev failed to provide Berlin with transit authorization. Four trucks from Germany delivered medical supplies to Donetsk, Lugansk and Gorlovka.

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  1. Gennady, I am tiring of your endless aplogies for the Holcaust going on in Ukraine. You should know better. We are getting on the ground journalist reports with the Ukies shelling, which of course the militias return with counter battery fire. This has gone on for a long time. You forget that we are an intelligence website. This was not hard to confirm, so you have become a troll here at VT. We have hard Intel on all of this, from multiple sources. We don’t allow shills and propagandists a forum here.

    • Might I offer a suggestion of a perfect remedy for keeping such vexatious trolls at bay? That is, to post your latest very concise and excellent wrap-up entitled “The Western Holocausting of Ukraine” (which currently appears at NEO) right here at VT, either by linking or appending directly to this piece, or headlining at a well deserved niche of its own,, (with more current pics perhaps). Can’t imagine any good reason, other than some niddling technicality, for failing to do so, and I, (as well as ‘Jack Heart’, who highly recommends it), will surely be most disappointed if you don’t, (…100% troll extermination guaranteed if you do!)

  2. If he did exist he wouldn’t get a chance to get anywhere. Our ONLY chance is for the rest of the world to thwart the murderous moves of the Synagogue of Satan.

  3. Thanks Jim, Good reporting and video… we are waiting out with the militia… in the safety our homes… but nevertheless … the militia guys
    are wonderfully competent and sane.

  4. Political Jewish governmental regime of Ukraine today: President – Poroshenko – Jew, President Turchinov – Jew, Prime Minister – Yatsenyuk – Jew,, Minister of Finance – Alexander Shlapak – Jew, Secretary of national security and Defence – Andrew Parubiy- Jew, Vice Prime Minister – Vladimir Groisman – a Jew, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov – Armenian Jew, Minister of Culture – Sergei Nischuk – Jew, Mason – Director of the National Bank – Stepan Kubiv – Jew, Head of the Administration of President – Sergey Pashinskiy- Jew.
    Is it any wonder the Ukraine is in the state it is?

  5. The motto of the Israeli MOSSAD is the basis of function of the MOSSAD/CIA puppet president, Petro Poroshenko: “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.” Puppet Poroshenko will do as the Israeli-NATO leadership tells him to do. As previously, he will agree to a ceasefire in order to re-supply the MOSSAD-NATO mercenaries, while special forces among mercenaries will continue destruction and subterfuge. Such groups will be identified by Kiev as “break aways” over which Kiev “exercises no control.” The containment lines of the entrapment near Debaltsevo, controlled by the rebel forces, will be assaulted by sneak attacks by MOSSAD commando types leading NATO mercenaries. Only if OSCE monitors are on the containment lines of the Debaltsevo entrapment will the MOSSAD commando types leading NATO mercenaries be “slowed down” in their sneak attacks, and OSCE observers can plan to lose their lives in the process. Of course, the Kiev-Poroshenko puppetry will deny any responsibility in such violations of the Minsk agreement. It is only logical to predict that established patterns of MOSSAD-CIA-NATO subterfuge will continue. Perhaps, with brief interruptions, until re-supply and new plans are completed by the israeli MOSSAD and NATO leadership.

  6. Very even handed analysis, not often that’s been seen in this conflict.

    I don’t share the pessimism of some. I think the Minsk Agreement is a Putin blinder. He has reduced Russia’s ‘isolation’ and is now onside with France and Germany, the most important countries in the EU. He knows that he can’t force Poro to do anything by himself so is now in a three on one group that does have a chance. F and G really want peace because they do not want to give the US the opportunity to ship weapons, which would make the situation worse, with the EU, not thousands of miles away America, having to pick up the pieces.

    This is why there seem to be daily Normandy Four conference calls keeping up the pressure. How long the ceasefire lasts is anyone’s guess but there seems to be now, unlike last Autumn, serious international intent to keep it going, as evidenced by no-one getting on their high horsed about the fighting that is still going on.

    • Good point, and if anything, the Russian have shown that they are flexible and pick their shots very carefully. Thus, provoking them into over reacting has been a dead on arrival game for the West. Out of frustration for Putin and Lavrov never taking any of the bait, we saw the West show it’s behind even more with the endless silly charges of the Russian invasion, to the point of making themselves a laughing stock and embarrassing the military rank and file who watch the brass spout out lie after lie.

  7. Those US-backed Kiev troops trapped in the Debaltsevo ‘cauldron’ are ripe for a False Flag, like a huge bomb, even a tactical nuke set off by the usual suspects, then blared around the world–think of FOX’s resident weasel Shep Smith–smirking non-stop into the TV camera, blaming Putin, along with the rest of the syphilitic pack of ‘reporters,’ a real game-changer.

  8. They always come to the table and talk ceasefire when Kiev forces are being soundly beaten.
    They have never kept their word, only to go back to rebuild to attack again, and make no mistake, they are brutal in the way they do it. War crimes don,t mean a thing to these rabid Zionist perpetrators.
    With more money and Arms on their way this is only a brief pause because these bastards will not stop unless something major happens to stop this madness.
    If they get heavily armed with additional troops from who knows where, then it will become Palestine Mk. 2 unless Russia decides to act in some way.
    There is no way you could believe Merkel, Hollande or Poroshenko,s talk of settlement.
    It will get a lot uglier.

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