70th Anniversary of the Dresden Holocaust


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Photos copyright Gordon Duff

Sometimes we tend to forget.  If you have seen the video above, now view some of those responsible below in the photographs.  This is the US military cemetery north of Cambridge in Great Britain.  Few go there.  This will be the best photographic evidence available that it exists.  Few are buried here, though numbering in the thousands.  The dead here are largely unrecovered from submarine warfare in the Atlantic.  Others were picked up, a bone here, a rag of clothing there, from fields across Luxembourg, France and Germany.  I have been on those expeditions.

However, more innocent civilians died in one night in Dresden than American war dead from the entire bombing campaign or the disastrous Battle of the Bulge.

Before the wall came down, I would often visit Nuremberg for Christmas.  Depending on finances, I would get a room in a hostel or a suite in a grand hotel.  Nuremberg had been a fairyland, a magical place, a medieval walled city of incredible beauty.  There were no war industries near the mitte.  Even the Nazi monuments were many miles away, standing virtually untouched today as they had in 1936.  Seeing what remains and imagining what was there, the disaster hits you.  Germany was an incredible place at one time.

We could begin asking questions about history and what is really true.  Suffice it to say, World War II was not a “good war” and had no more to do with saving the Jews than the American Civil War had to do with freeing the slaves.

I first visited Dresden in 2000.  I had driven up from Prague, past 50 miles of prostitutes lining the road, one of Europe’s other secrets.  There were no roads from Germany to Czechoslovakia as it was known then.  The former border between East and West was still something of a “no man’s land.”  Reaching Dresden, the center of the city, one stands in a grand open park, 3 buildings restored are all that is there.  Peeking out through the grass you see an occasional shard of brick or imagine it might be bone.  This was Europe’s most beautiful city.
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Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. 2nd world war, started by the so-called ‘good guys”.
    Roosevelt has his pet jew John Bulitt running all over Europe trying to start the war. No one hears about this today. Today, the victor has written the history, and it is a stinking pile of lies.
    Roosevelt had his staff draw up an 8 point plan to pull Japan into a war. All 8 points were followed, and it ended up with Pearl Harbor, the surprise attack that was only a surprise for the dead sailors left to the Japanese torpedoes, mere collateral damage in the important work of starting another war. From Japan came the war on Germany. Nobody noticed the sleight of hand.
    Gosh, those good guys just must have their own ticket to Heaven, you say.
    Yeah, war with Japan to get at Germany, to destroy the fatherland and the race just for that middle eastern demon the misguided think is their God.
    The genocide continues today, wider in scope, no less virulent.

  2. Thank you Gordon for reminding your readers about the Holocaust that actually happened.

    Isn’t it interesting not 1 major politician attended a memorial for the Holocaust that happened, but dozens of politicians attended memorials for the one that didn’t? This speaks volumes as to who actually controls the western world.

  3. What can we make of this event 70 years later in which in the midst of human devastation a pilot takes time to chase down and kill a giraffe? Well, killing the giraffe was also a demonic act. The persons who authorized the terror bombings as well as the pilots were transformed, transmogrified into demons for the time and perhaps never entirely in their life times regained their humanity. Vice was it own punishment. The Dresdan citizens died; but those responsible lived with hell in their subconscious minds, ever reminded of their actions whether they acknowledged their memories or not. This is the way it is. As virtue is its own reward, so vice is its own best and harshest punishment. Had the perpetrators been punished it would have been a kindness; they would have been relieved in part of punishing themselves. As it was this went on silently and continually. I think we can be certain that Churchill’s Black Dog bit deeply and painfully into his victim. Perhaps after lapping up the blood of innocent German children!

  4. So this was genocide in a most exemplary form. And the “greatest nation in the world” was an avid participant. My goodness. No wonder we play down history in the USA and hope for those patriotic historians who will smooth over atrocities and twist the truth sufficiently.
    Still now with those kinds of memories in the National Collective Unconscious we gain a better idea of how easily we have destroyed, maimed and killed from Afghanistan and Iraq to Syria . . . perhaps now Ukraine as well. Nations are demonic and with technology now diabolic to the nth degree. Can we put our hand out and stop an avalanche or hold back a hurricane? The furious confusions and profound fears that lurk in the American psyche look to greater opportunities for catastrophe. And we are pulled into this nightmare willing or not until perhaps the end of life on this planet happens.

  5. These bombing expeditions greatly motivated the Nuremberg Trials so as to hide the deeds of the good Allies behind the evil Nazis’ doings. And those Trials were largely hoaxes with paid witnesses. Voila, the Holocaust got a wonderful start! I just am still amazed at how many misdeeds Truman accomplished. He had a real knack for picking out disasterous ideas. Vietnam was one of them. The two Chinas another. Israel a third. In his game he was a winner. Diabolic.

  6. Nice rant!

    I send my top 3 mas-murderer list to all Dutch parlement, so they should now who did MH117: Poroshenko/Yatsenyuk.

    Not discussed in the MSM (Mainstream Media), where only hatefull cartoons are important, Charlie Hebdo hysteria, and NOT the deathcount of innocent civilians worldwide.

    Therefore my list of mass murderers 2014 TOP 3:

    1. Barry Soetoro (Obama): King of the Fighter Drones in Pakistan/Yemen/Africa/Middle east. The continuing Irak and Syria carnage and now the Ukraïne slaughter
    2. Benjamin Netanyahu: the GAZA slaughterer. Israël acts on it’s own, it has bought US congress.
    3. Pjottr Poroshenko/Arseny Yatsenyoek, the Donbass mass murderers of civilians. They act as a US puppets for Obama’s bankers Goldman Sachs criminal syndicat

    They need to be brought to justice by the ICC, if a real International court would exist. Which ofcourse it does not. Also the ICC is politically shaped by it’s financiers, and the US congress promised to invade The Hague if American soldiers were indicted.

    I hold every Dutch member of parlement today accountable of being an accomplice of crimes against humanity, when they still support the EU commission and NATO in attacking Syria/Irak and the Ukraïne.

    Wallstreet/Goldman Sachs wants world-wide controll over capital resources, using US/NATO/CIA military force.
    They are the real ennemies of today’s humanity.

  7. At least the word Holocaust should be used for any atrocity on any race: no Jewish monopoly here! LOL.

    The Native-American Holocaust by White European peasants and criminals
    The Russian holocaust in WW2 by NAZI-Germans and Stalin.
    The German holocaust in WW2 by US/UK Zionists
    The Chinese Holocaust by Mao Ze Dong’s “Cultural revolution”
    The Indonesia Holocaust by Suharto, planned by neo-nazi CIA “Final solution” planners.
    The Vietnam Holocaust by Kissinger/Nixon
    And more…

  8. In the UK almost no-one is aware that the Dresden bombing (like many others) was a joint USAAF/RAF operation, the Lancasters, guided in by Mosquitoes, hit at night and the B-17s by day. Here the appalling destruction is blamed solely on Air Marshall ‘Bomber’ Harris and Bomber Command of the RAF. The fact that all three Allied powers had a hand in it has passed virtually unnoticed.

    I know the victors write the history, with the ‘good’ bits divided between them in the case of WW2, but at least with the technology we have now, along with bloody minded individuals like Gordon and the team here, more of us can see ‘beyond the page or faded photo’.

  9. Tks for the video, which if it doesn’t by itself disabuse one of American exceptionalism, nothing will. The myth of America being the shining city on the hill is utter bilge, going back to Wilson’s implicit rejection of Christianity and unambiguous dedication of the presidency to social Darwinism, where catchwords like democracy and freedom are just so many pretexts for waging unending wars for survival of the fittest–that is, for the one percent.

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