Daniel Estulin, Scott Bennett: Why VT is the real deal

Daniel Estulin, the man who put Bilderberg on the map

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Daniel Estulin, the man who put Bilderberg on the map
Daniel Estulin, the man who put Bilderberg on the map

Daniel Estulin is one of the biggest names in alternative media. Author of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, Daniel has done yeoman’s service alerting the world to the existence of a covert, ruthless, parasitic bankster elite that dominates the world and does not have our interests at heart.

When Daniel Estulin needs to discuss a sensitive topic, where does he turn?

To Veterans Today – where else?

Daniel recently contacted me about a problem at Russia Today (RT), the biggest alternative media operation in the world. He had seen Gordon Duff’s piece on problems at Press TV, and being a huge fan of Veterans Today, he wanted to check in with us and compare notes.

Daniel Estulin’s Desde la Sombra (“From the Shadows”) on Russia Today was drawing seven million viewers per week, making it one of the world’s most popular alternative TV shows. But when Daniel did a show on how the Zionist banksters are buying up Patagonia – the best undeveloped land on the planet, and the safest place to be in the event of nuclear World War III or a planetary economic/ecological collapse – RT suddenly canceled his show and pulled the offending episode. Did the Zio-bankster elite lean on RT? Or did the Argentine government, anxious to hush up the secret land sales, tell RT to quash Estulin or lose its license to broadcast in Argentina?

In today’s Truth Jihad Radio interview with Daniel Estulin, we discussed the RT issue, as well as the Bilderberg group and its relationship to the covert global power structure; the plusses and minuses of existing alternative media; the unfortunate fact that Putin and his anti-NWO allies do not have much influence on RT; the recent rash of false flags; and other hot topics.

Listen to my Truth Jihad Radio interview with Daniel Estulin (the paywall will come down the day after broadcast)

I was happy to hear that Daniel Estulin considers Veterans Today the best in alternative media. VT’s strategy of bringing together talented people who are not for sale and will never be for sale, from a variety of nations, backgrounds, and outlooks, and turning them loose to produce open source intelligence, has worked out well. It certainly doesn’t hurt that certain VT insiders have skills and connections to keep us alive and working.

VT has become the go-to outlet for real whistleblowers – people like  Scott Bennett, U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command) and global psychological warfare and counterterrorism analyst. While at Booz Allen Hamilton, Scott discovered that his boss, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, appeared to be complicit in channeling US deep state funding to “Islamic terrorist” groups.

Now why would an ordained Rabbi be funding ISIS?!

Zakheim, you may recall, was the Pentagon Comptroller on 9/11 who “lost” 2.3 trillion dollars, and whose Flight Termination System (FTS) may have captured and landed the “hijacked” commercial planes, probably at Westover Air Force Base, where selected passengers and stewardesses were forced to make cell phone calls. (The stolen planes then became part of Zakheim’s huge inventory – one of his companies buys old passenger aircraft and refits them as refueling tankers.)

When Scott Bennett quit working for Rabbi Dov Zakheim and joined the VT team, he got into REAL counterterrorism.

Real vs. fake counterterrorism analysts, real vs. fake alternative media, real vs. fake whistleblowers…the post-9/11 “whole new world” is a hall of mirrors.

Could a real whistleblower garner coverage at the New York Times? And if that happened, would the journalist suddenly drop dead? That’s the question posed by David Carr’s recent NY Times interview with Laura Poitras, Glenn Greenwald, and Edward Snowden. Shortly after the interview, David Carr suddenly “passed away” – one of  Four American journalists dead within 24 hours.

What’s the significance of this interview, and Carr’s subsequent demise? Was there more to this interview than meets the eye? Let’s ask a real counterterrorism expert!

Report on the Carr interview with Snowden, Greenwald and Poitras

by Scott Bennett, former U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command)

Scott Bennett
Scott Bennett

I have just finished reviewing the interview between Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and NY times journalist David Carr.  For the sake of brevity, I will bullet point my analysis:

 –This interview, in my opinion, is quite a unimpressive, boring, regurgitation of already known technical facts.  It failed, or was intentionally designed to fail, because it did not do what Americans wanted and are expecting–and that is quite simply “INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS”.

–Rather than “intelligence analysis” of the Snowden and Citizen Four materials, and how they explain the disposition, operations, and predictions of the United States government-intelligence-military institutions and activities, this interview was a dull, sleepy, depressing defeatist type of confused complaining.

–No specific identification or consultation of the biggest story circulating around America–the real America–and that is the “BLACK FLAG, self inflicted 911 attacks upon the Pentagon and World Trade Towers on Sept. 11, 2001.

–Snowden also does not mention the key players that are part of this drama:  Joe Nacchio, President QWEST Communications who was imprisoned by the Justice Dept. and NSA because he refused to hand over custsomer data to NSA-CIA; Brad Birkenfeld, who Snowden observed as a target in a CIA sting operation in Geneva Switzerland; Scott Bennett, Military Terrorist Finance analyst and Booz Allen Hamilton contractor who was imprisoned for Terrorist Financing investigation he was doing, as well as the reporting of Brad Birkenfeld’s Union Bank of Switzerland-Credit Suise and HSBC banks funding terrorist through Saudi and Gulf State donors; Susan Lindauer, and Barbara Honegger, and John Kirakou, and others associated with this intelligence material;  the connections of Benghazi attacks to Birkenfeld, and Snowden’s inside knowledge of CIA-NSA tactics at counter-intelligence, black propaganda operations upon the American public; the international participation of other countries in these NSA spying activities, as well as the victimized countries who were spied upon for economic espionage; Ukraine, ISIS, and Yemen issues.

–Direct exposure of the House and Senate Intelligence, Armed Services, Homeland Security, Judicial, and Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations participation in the cover up of the additional NSA related stories of Birkenfeld-Bennett-Julian Assange, and connections to the Government Accountability Project, the law firm Kohn, Kohn, and Colapinto, and Jesselyn Radack (Snowden’s lawyer).

–Exposure of the illegal activities and contractor fraud of Booz Allen Hamilton at various client sites and illegal Israeli Mossad activities and personnel at Booz Allen.

–No plan, no recommendations, no “PART II”, no call to action for the American people (and international community) to do, to demand, to investigate, and to analyze in order to move forward and protect their freedom, and improve their future.

I realize good leadership is as rare as an eclipse, and few men have the natural temperment, experience, or knowledge to empower followers and people thirsting for truth and direction, but these people must at least be told to try….only with practice, and pushing their limits, and moving beyond their current lives, can they discover their deeper selves and hidden talents.  These people, Snowden, Poitras, Greenwald, and everyone else associated with this ongoing saga–which is coming to a rapid climax–must see themselves as “oracles of truth and knowledge” for the American people to absorb, and be much more aggressive and creative and bold in their efforts to help enlighten our population, and thereby enhance our country. Otherwise they are showing their true agenda is simply to maintain an “unenlightened/dumbed down population, and degrade and weaken and imprison our country like a frog boiled slowly.

This is my brief opinion of this interview.  I hope they take the hints and improve, if they are really genuine and real in their claims.  Otherwise, maybe they are deep cover agents.


* * *

And speaking of deep cover agents…get a load of this hideous propaganda stunt by the Zionist infiltrators that infest RT!

Jewish journalist taunted, spat at in 10hr Paris walk (VIDEO)


The RT story begins:

As anti-Semitism continues to rise in Europe, one Jewish journalist decided to replicate an experiment with his own twist: to walk around Paris wearing a kippah. He incurred insults, threats and was even spat at by one passer-by…

Well, DUH! Due to anger over the genocide in Occupied Palestine, dressing up in Jewish garb to strut around a working-class Arab neighborhood is like dressing up in a Ku Klux Klan robe to strut around an African-American neighborhood. Good luck with that.

The people responsible for this story KNEW the results before they even tried the “experiment” – just like we know what would happen to a guy in Klan robes strutting around Harlem or Watts or the South Side of Chicago.

Daniel Estulin alerted me to this ludicrous staged PR event designed to reinforce the Paris and Copenhagen false flag attacks. The “journalists” at RT responsible for this story appear to be working with the Israeli-linked Operation Gladio terrorist team that pulled off the Charlie Hebdo and Copenhagen shootings, which were designed to spread the “nasty, nasty anti-Semites” meme and convince European Jews to move to Israel.

France needs to identify the people responsible for this RT story, investigate their backgrounds, and (if the investigation turns up what I think it will) arrest them as agents of a foreign power, participants in the 9/11-triggered Zionist genocide against Muslims, and suspects in the Charlie Hebdo and Copenhagen false flag operations.

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  1. Too many ‘alternative media sources are of the ‘apple skin’ variety: They circle around the truth, but never quite get to the core.

  2. Kevin – I have to say that whilst I enjoy watching certain programmes on RT – it is still rather tiring to watch their strict adherence to the ‘don’t blame the jewish agenda’ mainstream media rule.

    Crosstalk is a good example. It certainly provides a new and fresh view on world events – which varies enormously from the mainstream western narrative nonsense. Crosstalk likes to bask in the glow of its righteousness and truth telling of events – but the discussions become difficult when allotting blame to the real culprits. Peter Lavelle and others make excellent points that ‘Washington’ and ‘the west’ are pursuing insane and criminal agendas that threaten global war and do nothing for either American or European interests either – but they then fail to make the final step and point the finger at the jewish banking cartels following talmudic supremacy doctrines. They dare not. Ultimately this is cowardice as bad as the utterly compromised western media. I do not believe that they are stupid. Their exasperation is clear – but how can they conclude that the west does not know what is good for itself – and then NOT show who it IS good for and why?

    RTs criticism of israel is refreshing. All they need to do is openly make that final connection. What is stopping them?

    • Kevin – there was a contributor to the programme some months ago (aptly enough called Mr Shakespeare!) who began to connect the zionist geopolitical agenda link and the war in Ukraine. He was quite quickly shut out by Lavelle – and not referred to again for the rest of the programme. I have not seen him since. This demonstrates that they are still compromised on the final – and most important presentation of real news coverage.

    • Having done daily survey too many times to count,
      I will attest.. they ALL get the Talking Points Memo..
      RT, AlJazeera (original and bubble gum flavor)
      all the alphabet soup, DW, Japan? (not sure on that,
      we only recently got a feed for their media).
      Many of the outfits are state organs, some openly.
      They will not tell tales on themselves (intentionally)
      but they will tell tales on each other.
      IT is left to us, some assembly required.
      Now, to get ahead of the lies this time, and the word out,
      so they are busted before they can start WW III.


  3. Greenwald is not looking out for anyone’s best interests but his own. Take that for what its worth from someone who is intimately acquainted with the staff on Salon. I will give you one for instance. Salon is supposed to be a liberal democratic publication. i don’t mind saying so for myself; my waterwars pieces were the best thing written about the 2014 elections at the State Representative level for both Ohio and NY. I contacted one of Greenwald’s buddies and told them they should publish them knowing that crucial NY state senate seats were up for grabs including the one my own sister was running for. I was ignored. VT published the pieces and so did Joe Sigur up there (the NY one had over 10 thousand hits for him). My sister lost a very close election to a republican criminal who deals drugs for the Bushes (in my opinion) one that Salon with its large NY readership could have swung. Since that time all the criminals, mind you who actually deliberately poisoned the water supply for close to a million people, i turned the light on in Tiny Monsters have been arrested, including that piece of crap with eyes,Sheldon Silver, who wasn’t in the piece but made sure the Democratic party gave my sister as little support as possible after asking her to run for them. if you want to listen to anything Greenwald or his little trained CIA parrot Snowdown have to say be my guest but I’ll tell you right now I wouldn’t trust either one of them in my living room unsupervised…

  4. RT is Jewish, hidden in Russian clothes- it caters to Jewish interests-remember the WWE event with the Jewess walkout and Abbey martin Leading cheers against the Russian supposed invasion of the Ukraine? This is also a demonstration of Jewish power still in Russia (Russia just made it criminal to challenge the holocaust) Ed Snowden doesn’t talk about 911, nor does Greenwald. Hello people-they a 3rd tier ops- they get goodies to hand out to keep the audience from going for more real game!

  5. RT story is very important because it shows clearly how stupid regular people are. They use collective responsibility, a satanic tool, instead of organizing altogether a solidarity movement and strike the nests of evil in the City of London, NYC, Brussels and elsewhere. Attacking innocent Jews is a waste of time, attention, opportunity, energy, emotions and possibly other resources. That’s what the world cabal rulers expect the commoners to do.
    I do feel sorry for that Jewish journalist (unless the reactions were staged).

    • Superb observation except that it is not the stupidity of regular people so much as organizing large aggregates of people for political action requires a highly specialized lead group ( ie. more than just one person ) . The 1776 revolutionary USA Founders , the ILLuminati provocateurs of the horrific 1788 French Revolution and the 1917 brutal Russian revolutionary communist Bolsheviks are just three salient examples of very special and highly motivated groups that made the revolutions possible and successful in attaining their goals ( not the same as the [ ends ] which includes the results of everything they did — such as exterminate a lot of people other than just soldiers ) .

  6. I know why, but won’t tell – everybody has to figure it out by oneself. It’s pretty obvious for a careful observer of recent Russia’s moves.

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