Jeb Bush backs brother’s NSA surveillance program ‘to keep us safe’


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Presidential contender says of NSA dragnet ‘this is a hugely important program’, in sharp contrast to Republican rivals for the White HouseJeb Bush in Chicago. Bush described surveillance as a necessary part of a ‘long-term commitment to fight this battle’ against terrorism….Tom McCarthy in New York

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush delivered a full-throated defense of government surveillance programs on Wednesday, expressing a resounding faith in techniques pioneered by his brother, George W Bush, and staking out a position in sharp contrast with other prospective 2016 presidential candidates.

Dragnet metadata collection by the NSA and similar programs were necessary to keeping US citizens safe from foreign terror threats, Bush said – unprompted – during remarks laying out his foreign policy vision as a prospective 2016 presidential candidate.

“For the life of me, I don’t understand – the debate has gotten off track, where we’re not understanding and protecting,” Bush said in a major speech at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Jeb Bush attacks Obama’s foreign policy and insists: ‘I am my own man’

Bush made passing reference to civil liberties concerns attached to the programs, which critics have warned infringe on constitutional privacy protections.

“We do protect our civil liberties, but this is a hugely important program to use these technologies to keep us safe,” Bush said.

Fellow members of the prospective 2016 presidential field from both parties have warned that the government went too far after 9/11 in expanding surveillance without sufficient legal grounding or privacy protections.

“I believe what you do on your cellphone is none of their damn business,” Kentucky senator Rand Paul told a conservative gathering last year. Hillary Clinton, who is expected to lead the Democratic presidential field, has said of surveillance: “There is no doubt that we might have gone too far in a number of areas.”

Bush described surveillance as a necessary part of a “long-term commitment to fight this battle” against terrorism. “That requires responsible intelligence gathering and analysis, including the NSA metadata program, which contributes to awareness of potential terror cells and interdiction efforts on a global scale.

Efforts to pass legislation to rein in NSA surveillance fell short late in 2014, at the close of the last Congress. Debate is expected to pick up again in advance of the expiration in June of key provisions of the USA Patriot act, the George W Bush-era law providing legal support for the metadata collection program and others.

Long before the Edward Snowden revelations, the administration of Jeb Bush’s brother used warrantless wiretapping to sweep up communications by US citizens without legal cover. That program and others, including the NSA’s phone metadata collection program, were made legal in retrospect by a series of Bush-era laws and legal opinions.

Jeb Bush on Wednesday described a broad need for American interventionism around the world as a way to keep US citizens “safe”. “If we withdraw from the defense of liberty elsewhere, the battle will come to us anyway,” Jeb Bush said.

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  1. When a free society becomes a closed society; the card of fear is always played. When fear has been accepted, then “keeping us safe” becomes the next hand to be played. Surveillance is put forth under this guise, and the drag nets of the impending fascist society have now been put in place. Jeb Bush is a Nazi Spawn, a true believer in the fascist state as his farther, and grandfather are/were. His grandfather a traitor seeking the overthrow of the US Government in the Roosevelt years. How is it these absolute opposites of what are needed for civil rule, get and keep hold on the highest offices of power? It is time for an article 5 convention to expose these traitors and their crimes, take back the judicial system, and imprison them. Seize ALL the assets from every Bush family (and like kind) member, their spouses, children, grand children, business associates, etc. Only after this purging of our society of this cancerous growth can we get the ship of state back on course.

  2. Oh, I think he’s gonna regret saying such. Not that it matters much to his campaign, as no doubt he’ll be in jail or executed by the time 2016 rolls around.

  3. Jeb Bush cannot escape the inarguable fact that he is a Bush, and can’t do much about it. He may be his own man but he is his own man within a family of traitors that has systematically disemboweled this country over the last 50 some years. His grandfather Prescott was deeply involved with overthrowing the government when FDR first took office in early 1930’s. Many know this but it bears repeating. His daddy GHW has a history that is nothing but pathological. By now I would think, lawsuits would’ve been filed if it was not true. His name is factually associated with too many major political and societal events for a coincidence to exist. No man is this unlucky and still obtain the White House. So Jeb is a Bush, and he can’t deny it. So why would any candidate say this even if this family had a perfect past and been a perfect president? Our man fear is domestic NOT foreign, and he knows it. Surveillance by those who poses the most danger and threat to us? Jeb, you are not fooling anyone. You are a Bush, raised by a Bush, brothers are a Bush and so being your own man is not something to be proud of Jeb Bush. You and your family are traitors to this nation and its people. The election of 2000 tells it all about you and your “own man” claim.

  4. As bad as oBOMBa is you won’t see me on the “dump on obama bandwagon.” The trick is to make you hate one thing so bad that you will gladly accept something worse to replace it with. That’s how they worked it with Bush…people hated him so much that they didn’t even bother to question Obamas policies or ask him exactly what hope&change really meant. I would almost rather cut my hand off before voting for this POS rino maniac.

    • Well you obviously misunderstood. I’m saying I’m not jumping on the self-defeating bandwagon not that I don’t hesitate to speak the truth concerning what he’s done. There’s a difference.

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