The growing complexity of Alex Jones’ Israeli Connections



by  Timothy Fitzpatrick – (Link to Fitzpatrick)


[ Editor’s Note:  Ah, it’s almost Bibi time in Washington, a bit early for the cherry blossoms but not for Alex Jones. We have watched Alex for many years, back when there were a lot of evolving colorful characters carving out a presence on the Internet.

Alex always seemed to have guardian angel types behind the scenes, the kind no one else had. The Net was a free-for-all back then and you could spend your life trying to follow everything. But Bibi the Bombastic’s ploy to make an end run around Obama right through his Congress speech during the final stretch of the Iran nuclear talks put Alex back on the “look see” list.

The piece below is dated but a good one for openers, as there are many many players in Alex’s play pen. I even enjoy brother Fitzpatrick’s trip down memory road.

Some of our radio audience have asked if we were going to burn Alex Jones down? Sleeper agents, and even non-sleeper ones, are often put at risk of exposure during big events where their handlers consider losing them worth the potential gains. My reply would be that only Alex Jones could burn Alex down.  So we shall just have to seeJim W. Dean ]


So much has been written and said about Texas radio host Alex Jones’ whoring for the Zionist establishment that one could write a fair-sized book about it. If people haven’t yet been convinced that he is an outright shill and operative for the Jewish money power in this world, then I am not sure what will.

Even so, here are yet more compromising connections that implicate Alex Jones in this never-ending rabbit hole of counter-intelligence, and, coupled with the already damning information available on him, conclusively show that he is not a legitimate patriot fighting against the New World Order but a Zionist shill.

The Khashoggi Connection

Saudi billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi has been implicated in almost every major conspiracy in the last 50 or so years. The average person would never suspect a rich Saudi of being involved with Israeli intelligence, let alone being a paid agent of Israel’s sophisticated (spy) terror organization, Mossad.

But that’s exactly what Khashoggi is, according to at least one former Mossad case officer, Victor Ostrovsky, and two Jewish journalists, Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman. The Mossad has a term for people like Khashoggi—an Arabist, a Mossad field agent who poses as a Muslim.

Aside from these three sources on Khashoggi and the Mossad, most of the available information linking Alex Jones and the 9/11 Truth movement leadership with Khashoggi (and the Mossad) has been compiled by investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker.

Hopsicker makes the first connection through 9/11 truth leader John Gray (Texas born) and another self-proclaimed truth movement patriot in these October 2004 articles,

A MadCowMorningNews investigation into allegations that “Mars & Venus” author John Gray and Saudi Billionaire Adnan Khashoggi’s bankrupt has been used in an effort to spread disinformation about the 9/11 attack on the Internet uncovered evidence last week that the firm had numerous underworld connections….[I]

Here’s what happened:  Men Are From Mars was not an instant hit when it was first published. Almost ten months after its release, Gray’s flagship book had received little acclaim and climbed no best seller lists.

Enter Adnan Khashoggi and lieutenant Ramy El Batrawi, who, we learned, has also used the nom de guerre “Remy Al-Batswani,” while running an air carrier for Khashoggi used in illegal shipments of arms to Iran which was eventually placed on the State Department’s list of “unsavory” companies and barred from doing business with any agency of the U.S. Government.

“It took a year to get on the best-seller list,” said Jack McKeown, president and publisher of HarperCollins trade group, in an interview.’ John Gray is the beneficiary of a turbocharged marketing campaign, in which the author is an active partner.”

Illuminati agents-Jones-Khashoggi0-Gray

So John Gray owes his huge success and resulting fortune to Khashoggi’s “Saudi Genesis,” an intricate web of rapidly changing corporate fronts and dummy corporations with the word “Genesis” in their name, involved in wholesale criminal fraud that looks to be a textbook example of a Continuing Criminal Enterprise.

Saudi money picked up John Gray’s book (and Gray himself) and ran with it; creating infomercials that drove sales up until they became a worldwide publishing phenomenon. Michael C. Ruppert and the phony 9/11 ‘Truth Movement’ are defending taking money from someone who owes his fame and success to Saudi money from Adnan Khashoggi, provided through a company incorporated by Barry Seal’s attorney, the same man currently suing us for ‘emotional distress.’

No doubt this is just a freak coincidence.

Gray is even alleged to be involved, in papers filed in a major lawsuit in Federal Court in Minneapolis, in the recent $200 million looting the Genesis principals engaged in while on their way out of town. His trading account was used in the scheme, alleges the suit.

But apparently that doesn’t make him a close associate of Adnan Khashoggi…not at least for purposes of taking money from him. Not in Michael Ruppert’s book. But then proof is something the former detective appears to disdain, as witness his incessant pushing of 9.11 Red herrings from “Bush Knew” to “No Pilots” to “No Planes” to “Peak Oil,” his latest “the end of the world as we know it” pulpit-pounder.[II]  

Speaking of Michael Ruppert (Mr. Peak Oil), in his book Crossing the Rubicon (2004), he claims Deutsche Bank head Mayo Shattuck III was involved with Khashoggi in an insider-trading scandal just before 9/11. Deutsche Bank is a Rothschild bank that also has a stake in Zions Bank, which was involved in a failed Khashoggi venture in Utah in the mid-1980s.

Adnan Khashoggi, perhaps the best-known Saudi billionaire, controls his investments through Ultimate Holdings Ltd. and in Genesis Intermedia, which was reported to have been connected to suspicious stock trades around the time of the September 11 attacks.[III]

Ruppert, who became a prominent 9/11 “truther” around the same time as Alex Jones, has also had personally dealings with Jones.[IV] It’s troubling enough that the Mossad, through Khashoggi and Genesis Intermedia, were possibly involved in insider trading with prior knowledge of the September 11, 2001 attacks. But what about Alex Jones and his prior knowledge?[V]

Was it just an educated guess, or was Jones, and his handlers, in the know as well? And what about Genesis Intermedia and Alex Jones’ network Genesis Communications? Was Khashoggi and friends the Mossad informants who tipped Jones off? According to Hopsicker, possibly.

“From their base in Tampa Florida, Khashoggi and El Batrawi controlled a network of companies, all using the word “Genesis” in their name. The number of Khashoggi-owned Genesis companies we’ve found keeps growing. There is, or was, Genesis Aviation, Inc., Genesis Aviation II, Genesis Diversified Investments, Genesis Studio and Production Corp., Genesis Media Group, Genesis Properties, Genesis Intermedia;; Genesis Delaware; Genesis Florida… The list, it do go on. And on.”…

And then there’s the Genesis Communications Network. There’s actually two of them, seemingly unrelated, but they’re so extremely similar in the fraud department to each other and to “Saudi Genesis” that the relationship appears strongly familial. We’re still uncertain as to how close they all are; kissing cousins, at the very least.

The first GCN is a so-called “patriot” network hosting Alex Jones and Dave Van Kliest, the, ah, the individual fronting for the latest See the Flash extravaganza, advertisements for which are spamming the Internet at a rate that must be causing concern among conservationists of our digital landscape of ‘1’s and ‘ 0’s.’

VanKliest is our pick for Disinfotainer of the Year… an especial honor, considering that there was some fierce competition. Of course, “See the Flash Dave” from the powerhour, like Alex Jones, is part of the GENESIS Communications Network.

Hopsicker doesn’t give us anything really substantial here, and since the Khashoggi dummy corporations have disappeared so quickly, we may never find the proof linking the various Genesis companies. However, the dealings of Khashoggi’s Genesis dummies bear a striking resemblance to Alex Jones’ Infowars and PrisonPlanet infomercials, dozens and dozens of which belong to Jewish-owned companies.  (See Alex Jones’ Jewish Sponsors)

Hopsicker continues,

The “Saudi Genesis” companies specialized in marketing to the masses, through infomercials and on the internet. Everything from Plastic Surgeons Crème to ab-energizers to fraudulent get rich quick schemes like “Trade Your Way to Riches,”  created after Ramy El-Batrawi of Genesis approached Jake Bernstein at a seminar in Burbank, California about the possibility of marketing Bernstein’s futures trading products through the creation of an infomercial.

Jake Bernstein billed himself as the world’s foremost authority on pattern recognition and cycles and author of over 25 trading books. (He must be pretty good at recognizing when its time to leave town, at least, cause he hasn’t gone to prison recently.( Bernstein website )  “Jake found an easier way to get rich. Instead of trading futures he would trade on investor gullibility,” wrote a whistleblower.

Hopsicker points out that the same shady dealings of Khashoggi’s Genesis have occurred with Alex Jones’ Genesis and the John Joseph Gray (different from the 9/11 truther John Gray) and his family.

Christian Media has repeatedly sought to expose the treachery at the Genesis Communications Network for several years now. They stole their original equipment from another patriot network named Republic Radio. Fraudulently claiming they had purchased the network, the management of Genesis literally backed up a U-Haul, and loaded up the broadcasting equipment while the rightful owner was out of town![VI]

Hopsicker says the executive vice president at Genesis Communications Network in Minnesota is [email protected] (Midas Report) shares the same address as another website called “BRIDGES FOR PEACE,” where you can “VISIT ISRAEL WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR COMPUTER.” It appears to be a Christian Zionist organization.

Keep in mind that Alex Jones has admitted on air to being a Zionist and claims that his Jewish-born wife, Violet, is a Christian—obviously of the Zionist-based Protestant strain. Jones is surrounded by Jews in his daily life, whether it’s by his sleazy Jewish friends in Hollywood like Charlie Sheen or Joe Rogan, or his Jewish lawyer Elizabeth Schurig, who also represents the ultra-Zionist Bronfman dynasty, one of the most powerful families in the world.

The Bronfmans are also connected to Khashoggi in several ways, including through the Iran-Contra affair and Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold mining corporation, founded in 1983 by Khashoggi and Peter Munk (Jewish). Interestingly, Alex Jones got wind of the accusation that he and Khashoggi may be in cahoots. Foolishly, Alex Jones publicly commented and revealed some of his cards.

There is absolutely no way on God’s green earth that Jones doesn’t know who Khashoggi is. He is the conspiracy king, right? He should know who all the big players are.

Here’s a look at some of Khashoggi’s other disturbing connections. Is he not a big player?

  • Adnan Khashoggi’s father, Mohammed Khashoggi, was Mohammed Bin Laden’s (Osama’s father) family physician
  • Adnan Khashoggi attended college in Alexandria, Egypt, with some of Osama Bin Laden’s siblings.
  • Joseph A. Ball — the principal author of the Warren Commission report — represented Khashoggi in his 1980 divorce from Soraya Khashoggi. Author Michael Collins Piper, in his book Final Judgment, makes a good case for the JFK assassination being orchestrated by Israel and the Mossad.
  • After the death of her second husband, Jackie Kennedy was romantically involved with Khashoggi.
  • Khashoggi secretly contributed to Richard Nixon’s 1968 presidential campaign. He attended Nixon’s funeral in 1994. Remember that Nixon also attended the Bohemian Grove. Alex Jones first became famous allegedly crashing the Bohemian Grove and publishing video footage from one of the rituals.
  • Khashoggi was implicated in the Iran-Contra scandal as a key middleman in the arms-for-hostages exchange along with Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar during the administration of US President Ronald Reagan.
  • Convicted in absentia of fraud in Thailand over the 1996 collapse of the Bangkok Bank of Commerce
  • Khashoggi’s daughter Nabila, his former wife Lamia Khashoggi (formerly Laura Biancolini) and Ali Khashoggi are high level members of the Church of Scientology. Alex Jones’s PrisonPlanet website is a Scientologist term. He is also friends with Hollywood Scientologists like the half-Jewish Charlie Sheen (See: Alex Jones Promotes Scientology-Affiliated Leaders)
  • Theresa LePore was supervisor of elections in Palm Beach County during the disputed 2000 election. In the 1980s, when she was chief deputy supervisor of elections, she moonlighted as a “flight attendant” on private planes owned by Adnan Khashoggi.
  • Robert G. Morvillo was the lawyer who got Khashoggi aquitted for siphoning money to Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. (Morvillo was not so lucky with Martha Stewart). In the 1960s and 1970s, Morvillo served in the U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York where he mentored a young assistant U.S. attorney named Rudolph Giuliani.
  • While Manhattan U.S. Attorney, Giuliani once tried (unsuccessfully) to prosecute Adnan Khashoggi for fraud in connection with a real estate venture.
  • Khashoggi met with Richard Perle shortly before the American invasion of Iraq in 2003. Perle was a member of the Jewish-dominated PNAC, the Project for the New American Century, which is widely believed to have been intimately involved in carrying out the 9/11 attacks. (See 9/11 PNAC perps still whining for US to fight Israel’s wars)

Interestingly, there is even more associations between Khashoggi, the Israeli Mossad, and, as we shall see, Lansky crime syndicate, which incidentally murdered President John F. Kennedy. According to Dean Henderson, in The International: Oil, Drugs, Guns & Kissinger ,

Tibor Rosenbaum’s Geneva-based Banque de Credit Internationale (BCI) was predecessor of BCCI, skimming profits from Meyer Lansky casinos and drug deals to finance MI6 and Mossad skullduggery, including Permindex. [11]  Lansky got his start in organized crime with financial help from the Rothschild family.  Robert Vesco got his wings from the Rockefeller-financed Mary Carter Paint Company.  Santos Trafficante is their successor. (Ch. 18)

The Israeli Rosenbaum’s BCI was a predecessor of the BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International), which financed Khashoggi and his dealings. Rosenbaum, a director of finance and supply for the Mossad, was intimately involved with the Jewish Lansky-Permindex crime syndicate that conspired to assassinate Kennedy.

BCCI also inherited and vastly expanded Khashoggi’s use of money to influence and corrupt American politicians. BCCI’s Pakistani president, Agha Hasan Abedi, rescued Jimmy Carter’s Treasury Secretary Bert Lance from bankruptcy, and thereby developed a relationship with Carter himself. (Ch. 18)

To tie things up, it wouldn’t at all surprise if Midas Resources, Inc., headed by Ted Anderson (supposed owner of Jones’ Genesis Communication), were an offshoot of Khashoggi’s Barrick Gold Corporation.

Illuminati agents-Alex Jones Stratfor-Maroney


Enter the Israeli intelligence front Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting, Inc,), which purports to be a global intelligence company, founded and headed by Zionist George Friedman. It was founded in Austin, Texas in 1996.

Alex Jones, also from Austin, basically started his radio and TV career in 1996. On November 20, 2012, a YouTube account holder by the name of MsSherrieLea revealed that Alex Jones and Infowars had hired a former Stratfor intern named Molly Maroney as editor.

Several months prior to that, American journalist David Chase Taylor wrote a piece saying Jones was likely a Stratfor operative. Given Jones’ Zionist sympathies and his multiple Jewish connections, it’s difficult to believe that Stratfor isn’t more intimately involved in the Infowars media empire as well as with Gray’s 9/11 Truth movement, which also avoids discussing anything Israeli like the plague.

Taylor believes Infowars and Jones’ affiliates are not only spreading disinformation but also gathering intelligence on patriots and have been since Stratfor’s founding in 1996 (See Alex Jones Cancels Speaking Tour 3 Days After Exposure As Possible STRATFOR Double Agent). 

Needless to say, there certainly seems to be a lot of “patriot” leaders coming from the Texas area, a hotbed of Israeli intelligence activity since at least the JFK assassination in 1963. So, that raises the question: Is Alex Jones’ media empire a Stratfor honeypot?

Is his mission simply to monopolize and discredit the resistance with his widely publicized lunacy whilst harvesting IPs and other information from his followers? As one blogger observed in a Dec. 24, 2012 post, Planet Infowars admits in its privacy policy that it may hand your information over to government entities and other third parties.

3.2. “we may use your personal identifying information” “when complying with an order” from “..other government entity…”

3.4. “We us cookies, log files, and third parties to create a profile of our users and the information gathered is personally identifiable as belonging to you…”

3.7. Any information you disclosed to third parties on our Website or other websites becomes public information, and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose any personal information.

What’s more, I noticed this past summer a suspicious photo that Alex Jones uses on his website. The map in the background looks exactly like the map used in a photo with Stratfor chief George Friedman. See for yourself here.

Wikileaks release of emails sent from Statfor from 2005-2011 reveals exchanges between Stratfor and one Jamal Khashoggi, who is reportedly a cousin of Adnan Khashoggi. Jamal is the general manager and editor-in-chief of Al Arab News Channel.

In fact, Stratfor head George Friedman personally thanked Jamal Khashoggi for joining him in Istanbul for a Stratfor function. All of this tends to corroborate Hopsicker’s assertion that Adnan Khashoggi and Alex Jones are connected.

Israeli Mossad chief David Kimche

david-kimcheSo far, we have so called 9/11 truthers John Gray, Alex Jones, and Michael Ruppert all avoiding and denying the Israeli engineering of the September 11 attacks.

Now, thanks to the investigative research of Christopher Bollyn, we know that Alex Jones crony Greg Palast, a BBC reporter and 9/11 gatekeeper, is related to Israel’s Mossad spymaster David Kimche. Palast is a regular guest and contributor at Alex Jones’ Infowars media outlet. Bollyn writes,

GREG PALAST markets himself as an “investigative journalist” but he always misses the Israeli elephant in the room. Could it be because his father’s cousin was David Kimche, a “founding father” of Israel’s intelligence agency – the Mossad?

Greg Palast-kimche-Alex Jones

Looks like the Mossad has their little gatekeepers at every corner of the Earth protecting their dirty secret. And it’s no surprise that Kimche met with Khashoggi in Kenya on May 13, 1982. Both were key players in the Iran-Contra affair. Incidentally, Zach Roberts from Greg Palast’s office was caught feeding Stratfor with information in 2008. What a web these shills weave!

And guess who worked at least one special operation for Kimche and company? Adnan Khashoggi. According to Gordon Thomas in Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad (2005),

…Kimche assembled a colorful cast of characters to initiate the operation (Iran arms deal). There was Adnan Khashoggi, the Saudi petro-billionaire, with a habit of eating caviar by the pound and an eye for the current cover girls; Manacher Thorbanifer, a former agent in the shah’s notorious SAVAK secret service who still behaved like a spy, calling meetings for the middle of the night. There was the equally mysterious Yakov Nimrodi, who had run agents for Aman and had once been Israel’s military attaché  in Iran during the shah’s regime. (page 153)

Carl Icahn

The Jewish Hedge Fund Connection

Now things get even weirder and more suspicious. Seventy-seven-year-old Jewish billionaire Carl Icahn was in the press in April this year for defending a multi-level marketing company called Herbalife, which hedge-fund investor Bill Ackman called a “pyramid scheme.”[VII] Herbalife appears so similar in nature to Alex Jones’ Youngevity (Jewish owned) sponsor, it’s difficult to tell them apart.

As of February, Icahn owned approximately 13.6 per cent of Herbalife’s shares. In 2001, before the 9/11 attacks, Icahn gave Khashoggi a $100-million line of credit for the money-losing Genesis Intermedia.[VIII]

Icahn is also loosely linked to 9/11 truther John Gray, who is linked to Khashoggi, through the 1990s Heaven’s Gate Cult.

“The cultists threw themselves a final going-away-to-Hale Bopp party in January of 1997; they held the bash at Icahn’s Stratosphere Casino in Vegas, which he was then in the process of purchasing out of bankruptcy,”

Hopsicker says. Gray personally knew cult leader Marshall Applewhite, and Khashoggi’s networks may have provided internet service to Applewhite.[IX]

Thus the saga of Zionist shill Alex Jones continues. I expect there will be a lot more coming out on this topic. Recently, Alex Jones has been dropping hints that he may be ducking out of the patriot scene, like Michael Ruppert did. This will become more and more likely as the pieces of this puzzle fall into place.

[I] COINTELPRO 9.11: John Gray and Saudi Genesis

[II] COINTELPRO 9.11 pt III: Khashoggi, Cults, Cover-ups, & Mars and Venus Doing Lunch

[III] Michael Ruppert, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire At the End of the Age of Oil,, page 144, Gabriola Island, Canada, New Society Publishers, 2004

[IV] Ibid, pg. 198.


[VI] The Alex Jones Affair: A Christian Patriot Family Betrayed

[VII] Ackman, Icahn Hurl Accusations, Insults

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  3. Re Jones Profiled..
    Many are dirty as sin..
    The price of everything and the value of nothing.
    Mr. Jones has reached people we would not connect with.
    For what it is worth.


  4. To his credit, Mr. Jones has ‘awakened’ a lot of people.
    These might join a club and drink koolaid,
    but did we do that when we ‘found out’?
    (I did not).
    Multiple sources are mandatory, and then
    things sort, truth will out.
    Agendas aside, no one knows everything,
    and I for one have been ‘taken in ‘ a time or two.
    The forum on sites such provides a way
    for us to compare notes.
    This (cross pollination, osmosis)
    Is un-auditable (you don’t have a number on it)
    but it is a critical feature of why things are proceeding
    to inform a LOT of people.
    I do not know what will happen, old age before new age?


  5. Jones is a zio rat with a lot of zio connections. He’s a compromised, in the tank, scumbag. Case closed.

  6. Could we please get to some shrinking simplicity because for us and the growing in millions, if it came down to one broadcaster… all flaws and love. My first (as) MarkonVT comment on ‘Church of England’s hidden Zionist’ (VT). Includes my rebuff. Hence. Alex is fantastic and fair.

  7. BTW would love you to expose the Jones link to the Brofman’s relationship. Many readers would. If it is valid then many might rethink Jones bone-fide beyond the normal cautious treatment of all media.

  8. As someone said “sometimes you have to say a little truth in order to spread many lies”. AJ needs to maintain credibility, so that his operation would not look too obvious. I also think his controllers, The City of London and the gang, never thought their plan of full spectrum dominance after the fall the USSR would take so long to finalize. By now Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Argentina, Russia were supposed to be all conquered and AJ disinformation outlet no longer needed. There is too much cultural divide between China, the ultimate target, and the Western audience for assets like AJ channel to be useful at the end-game stage.
    Saying some true, sincere things helps him also to maintain his Plan B strategy in case his current controllers lose.
    I used to listen to him to sense the vibe of which side is currently prevailing.

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  12. Instead of listening to what Alex Jones says and does, it may be helpful to just examine a few things about his business. 1. In the newspaper business it is widely known that a minimum of 60% advertising is needed to break even; for radio it may be a similar amount. For most of Jones’ career his ONLY radio ads were for his own DVDs. He may have sold enough DVDs to keep his business afloat; or he may have been subsidized; one who subsidizes does not do it for nothing. 2. The names of his websites are obvious clues: infowars, in wars nobody tells the truth. prisonplanet, the losers of infowars may indeed find themselves imprisoned. 3. Much of what he says indicates he is a master of using a strategy I call DON’T LOOK HERE, LOOK OVER THERE. His words are intended to affect those who believe, and it matters not which belief is held. Those who learn to stop believing are not affected. Who is right and who is wrong is irrelevant to such an operative; the goal is to produce confusion, division and fear.

  13. He hasn’t awakened anybody, he is just misleading people to believe the “Vatican” or “the arabs” run Hollywood and finance warfare. You might as well call BBC or CNN an “awakener”.

  14. Alex Jones is like Rush Limbaugh, that’s what I think. You first start to like them (I did) and then after a while you just sense that something is terrible wrong: you see through them and then you move on. For me these two were the beginning of my journey after 911.


  15. I was just trying to think of Michael Ruppert’s name, with his peak oil nonsense, to use as an example for disinformation in a comment written in a piece by Dr. Bramhall published on another forum. Thank you for reminding me, I think… Well at least we can give him some credit for knowing about crossing the Rubicon, wonder who told him that? I guess the same people sponsoring him and actor Alex Jones. Zionists? Maybe. Jesuits? Most likely. Up to no good? Definitely! If it’s not on Veterans Today it’s perhaps of some entertainment value, just like supermarket tabloids, the New York Times and ilk and sporting events, but little else.

    • Michael Rupert help to expose the CIA Drug Ops. And Peak Oil was absolutely real as it was presented. Virtually everything is happening as predicted. It wasn’t posited that oil would just run out and the world would devolve into a energy starved civilization when the peak was reached. It was made clear that the theory posed “the end of easily accessible oil”. Shale oil and other non conventional sources were well know when King Hubbard theorized Peak. Guys Like Rupert and Kuntzler both were very close in stating how the move to the more difficult / expensive to extract hydrocarbons would strain the global economy to the breaking point with the world devolving into resource wars to control their needs. The Banksters have known this since the turn of the 19th century at least and are playing it exactly as their operating manual The Protocols dictates. Their nearly complete suppression of Free Energy does as well. They’ve become very good at what they’ve been doing for the last several millennia.

    • “Michael Rupert help to expose the CIA Drug Ops” He did? Oh that must be my bad then Gerry. I don’t seem to recall him dying in obscurity suicided with a couple of bullet holes in his head like Gary Webb. Nor do I recall him having his political career ruined and his campaign head quarters raided by a couple of hundred FBI agents after writing a book called Dope Inc that’s reputed to have given Henry Kissinger a nervous breakdown. That guy was Lyndon LaRouche. I don’t think he quit his job at ABC either because they refused to air footage, which yours truly was instrumental in compiling, of how it actually worked on the street. That would have been Geraldo Rivera. I thought he just jumped into the melee waving his badge around for credentials and spouting a lot of unsubstantiated hearsay. But what would I know I probably took to many nightsticks to the head from Ruperts colleagues for helping Geraldo. And about that oil, did Rupert happen to mention that combustion fuels have been obsolete since the days of Nicoli Telsa and the Third Reich? Did he even mention that the bottoms of the deep oceans are all paved with methane which could be used as a substitute on the offhand chance the oil actually ran out? But I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Oil makes a very convenient built in tax on industry…

    • Jack, He did die broke and in obscurity from a bullet to the head. There is no more evidence that Webb was murdered than Rupert. Although I do believe that Webb was murdered. I’ve personally seen a suicide with two headshots and several botched HS suicides that had they the intestinal fortitude more shots could have been used. One shot from a 38 in the mouth that came out the side of the face with a subsequent shot to the temple. Whether Rupert or Webb for that matter popped the cap himself or not, makes no difference. They were both under enormous pressure from the moment they started dropping dimes on the Corp Gov’s drug trade. Both of their lives were a mess in every aspect, and both ended ended in tragedy. As far as mentioning suppressed Tesla technology, He was a detective not a scientist. And if you haven’t seen it you’re only relating hearsay. Not saying I don’t believe it. But I, like I’m sure you, know people who wouldn’t believe even if they saw it.

    • Re Energy Business..
      Aside from the widely varying numbers re available (compared to what)
      an overarching thing strikes me..
      These guys have been suppressing superior technologies,
      and pissing away the time window for graceful accommodation.
      The Central Planners know energy is a ‘pinch point’.
      They are in no way essential.
      Much time and effort has been wasted on unproductive ‘alternatives’.
      Real Alternatives are evident (and actively suppressed).
      These guys are not acting in service, nor do they play fair.


  16. Alex “arabs control hollywood” Jones is such an obvious fake fearmonger that you have to be a child with <90 in IQ to believe his stuff. The zionist banking cabal elite you speak of, hiding behind their jewishness and the holocaust, deserve most criticism they get.

  17. My wife and sister-in-law stopped at the late comedian Bill Hicks’ grave in Lucedale, MS a few weeks ago. Imagine my chagrin when I find that none other than Alex Jones is actually… (drum roll)… Bill Hicks!

    What an insult to Bill Hicks. It can’t be true, but if by some weird cosmic fart it is, then how the mighty have fallen.

  18. Alex Jones reminds me of John Cleese in the Fawlty Towers skit where he says ‘Don,t mention the war!”
    In Alex,s case it,s “Don,t mention the J word!”

  19. “” but whos to say Veterens [ Today ] isnt in bed with the Jesuits…just saying. Cause you seem to avoid that topic way more than the jews.””

    Good question__ Happened . No doubt that Jesuits have been and are deeply involved ( by default if not otherwise ) in the ZWO OWG conspiracy since the 1776 founding of the ILLuminati , if not since before . However , the main root of Zionism goes at least back to the Old Testament era and that predates the advent of the Jesuits by many centuries . VT is known for grabbing-the-bull-by-the-horns that are on the head which is the ZWO//JWO OWG cabal aka OCC which apparantly is a division of the NWO cabal ( also called by its predominant characteristic the ZWO//JWO cabal — the head of the NWO cabal ) .

    Please note — the main root of Zionism predates the first appearance of ZION in the 14th century .

  20. We already had Jones profiled long ago. We know his handlers, and know Nuttyahoo is burning Jones in a desperate attempt to get as much dirt slung prior to his visit that NOBODY wants.

    When handlers had Paul Craig Roberts join with Jones, we nearly laughed ourselves to death.

    It is like a conjugation of phony opposition.

    My personal concern here is, after all this time, how many readers we have who just don’t get it.

    My goal is to encourage them to go elsewhere. We aren’t selling any male enhancement products and frankly, don’t need the traffic anyway.

    Go away, come back when being dumb starts making your head hurt too much.

  21. Where Alex Jones fails is his releasing of various truths in an emotionally charged context that could easily be manipulated and result in violent incidents. The exposed traitors and criminals could then turn the tables on the innocent and blame them for all their previous and future crimes.

    • Alan,
      I am of the impression that Jones simply makes it all up like Santillie, Henegan and the rest of them, total clowns.
      What exactly is it that he peddles that you are dumb enough to buy into out of personal weakness.
      Jones plays for one crowd, immasculated white men with delusions of grandeur.

  22. Chaff from wheat, guys. This is science and induction not mathematics and deduction. It is all appearance which means that one will never get the Truth through the waking mind . . . we have to be satisfied with hypotheses. VT is fairly clean — so far until someone gets intimidated, e.g. ” we will kill X”. So our demands must not be exorbitant. By using books, various sites, experiences of our own . . . we may arrive at the best current hypothesis. Ask no more. All bridges eventually collapse and fall.

  23. What Happened, the Jesuits and Rothschild’s(Zionists) are at the top of the pyramid. Not the Royals. Sorry to burst your bubble. All roads do not lead to London. The Zionists own the crown. And Alex Jones is a worthless shitbag. Your post is deluded and reaching blindly. Sounds like you really do like Alex and are just pissed they bashed your bro show. Not sure I believe your being honest about that. Sorry, but your post set off my BS alarm.

  24. Gerry, Bravo! You took words right from my own mind and mouth. Could not have said it much better myself. Too unfortunate that there are too many out there, that prove they are still too short for this ride. It is like we need some kind of “Matrix” like download program to get everyone else up to speed ..

  25. Cooper did as you said predict the following. In a first instance on his shortwave program in June 2001 he said he had gotten intelligence of an impending terrorist attack on the United States. He said that it was his personal opinion that it would be the World Trade Center since they failed in 93. Then in the show you mentioned he elaborated about Bin Laden being a Patsy. He also prior to these predictions had been complaining about AJ stealing material from his SW broadcasts and using it without attribution. Then came the claim by Cooper in July that he been given incontrovertible evidence that AJ was COINTELPRO. Next came 911, shortly thereafter Cooper’s assassination, and the rest they say is history.

  26. While there are the Monday through Friday commentaries usually by Alex Jones, there are also various articles on his site by respected journalists like Paul Craig Roberts and Jon Rappaport. He also manages quite a few interesting interviews with doctors and other professionals. Consequently I am not too concerned about his connections. I do not naively expect anyone with much money or popularity in this world to have squeaky clean hands. I try to be as discerning as possible and visit a number of sites for the same basic info. I find that works. Most of what he has to say seems reasonable and is not terribly different from what I find at VT. Whether he favours Israel is not something I have been interested in as the Middle East is way too byzantine for me. My interest lies more with Europe and Russia.

    • Who do we typically suspect of underhanded dealings and of being sneaky? The wealthy and celebrity or the lower middle classs family down the way? Of course we realize that upward mobility entails compromise and deals with people one once wanted nothng to do with! Why do you suppose monks of all religions which have them take vows of poverty? The Reformation had partly to do with rich members of the clergy and monasteries where life was libertine. I would simply say the Alex does enough good that his more questionable activies should be overlooked. He is not an elected official.

  27. My earliest suspicions began when I wondered why the IW’s investigations of 9-11 never questioned the israeli connection. It seemed such an obvious angle. Coincidentally, (maybe) the only comments I’ve had deleted there concerned zionism (and, no they weren’t ‘flaming.’)
    Additionally, Paul J. Watson is a very loud and vocal critic of VT. But I guess that could just be a coincidence as well.

    • We traced PJ Watson as an Israeli asset some time ago. Our Zionist brothers do so love the 3 name pissants.

      Watson’s primary crime is when he writes. The crime is murder.
      The victim: The English language.

  28. Maybe it is “ratings envy”?

    Agreed that this type of “Jonser bashing is tabloid shit and should be beneath you guys.” It stoops to the level of MSM. Best to just stick with your strength V.T., intel exposure.

    (Good point, perhaps we should expose Jones and his long relationship with the Bronfman’s, the ultra-Zionist Canadian gangsters cited for their involvement in the planning and execution of 9/11.)

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