New York Times Welcomes Netanyahu


NIAC-NYT-Ad-full-385x700_zps5afdc37aBy Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

For the first time since America went gaga over the broken down actor, Ronnie “Raygun,” there is a realization that the very real security threat of Israel can no longer hide behind Schindler’s List and the ADL’s swastika spray paint brigade.

There is a carefully edited video of Netanyahu meeting with a family in Haifa.  He asks for the camera to be turned off and goes into a rant about how he is going to hammer the Palestinians into submission by killing all of their children.  As the edited and mistranslated diatribe goes on, he is asked how he is going to get past the United States.

His answer, as quoted in the video his backers edited and leaked seems to say “The United States is easy to move, President Clinton was a strong backer of the Palestinians and I got around him.”

What Netanyahu actually said is:  “I had him taken care of.”



  1. they made sure Gadaffi was executed but they wont arrest booboo for war crimes..
    “his” izrahell that supports terrorists in Syria and elsewhere, slaughtering thousands..
    I AM PRO-SEMITIC (what?!).. Semites happen to be “Palestinian”, in fact.
    anti-Christ-anic liars are claiming to be “Semites” while killing real ones.

  2. People are waking up to the atrocities committed by Israel, even with their total control of our media (says much about how well alternative sites are doing). They also are not buying the Anti-Semitic BS hurled at them for calling them out for war crimes. Times they are a changing!

  3. The Good News _ There will be International Demonstration to STOP Netanyahu & CLOSE AIPAC!

    THE USA CONSTITUTION __ It is Unconstitutional __For any of the (3) Branches of USA Government to meddle in a “Foreign Country’s Election.”
     Article I __The Legislative Branch __ The Congress__ They make laws, not involve in FOREIGN SERVICE. John Boehner inviting Netanyahu to address The Congress was __ “UNCONSTITUTIONAL”
    1. It should land him in Prison for Treason.”
    2. USA is not “The Banana Republic,” we have to follow International PROTOCOL
    3. Since Boehner likes Obama, either he was Blackmailed by Netanyahu, bought & Blackmailed by his spy & buddy the Evil Zionist Eric Cantor, who tried many times to be The Speaker of The House, until (R-VA-7th District) kicked him out in 2014.
     Article II __The Executive Branch _ The White House _ The President is the “HEAD OF GOVERNMENT”
    & CHIEF of STATE. Inviting Foreign Dignitaries, it is the “Responsibility of The Executive Branch.”
     Article III __The Judicial Branch _ The Supreme Court__ (1) Chief Justice & (8) Associate Justices __ They Interpret the Constitution

  4. Gordon.. I think we are the only country in the world with two presidents. The one we elect here in the US and the other is the one elected in Israel. Same true for our Congress… true we vote these Israel First into office with our votes, after that Israel and its agents take over and rule our “American Knesset”.

  5. Good luck USA and Godspeed. If USA would stop selling and re-selling weapons at will maybe the rest of the world would feel some affection like in the age of great discoveries. I hope there will be an election date in this century where American people will be able to choose among non-already-(s)elected-candidates.

  6. DANGER, DANGER, DANGER !!! It is simply ABSURD that a sofa salesman is being allowed to address both houses in direct confrontation with a POTUS. Remember , Libya was bombed immediately after the mic “satanyahu is a liar” was deliberately left on, con. Sarkozy has given away the same game with his recent renewed utterances against this 911 perp melikowski.

    THIS IS ALL A PLOY! If I were in Iran, I would have my bomb shelter ready.

  7. in a face-off that all nations feel the affects of … if you are not in the US anyone from any country can sign this petition …let President Obama feel support surrounding him…if you haven’t supported him before, its time to now
    I voted for him in my heart when he was running for President…. I don’t believe I was wrong…it doesn’t matter where you’ve been, its where your going now…its now time

  8. Gordon,
    Thanks for keeping the information hammer pounding.
    How about posting a list on VT of all of the representatives that you guys know are duel citizens. Let’s get all of them out there. Congressmen, senators, judges, everyone down to the local levels. It can be a work in progress but cut them out of the clubs and committees by naming them as individuals. Let’s start identifying these individuals that have an allegiance to a structure outside of the US. These folks aren’t going to remove themselves yet it’s time for them to go.
    Unfortunately not every POS is a duel citizen but it’s a good place to start.

    • It would be easier to list the ones who haven’t sold their soul to the Zionist devil occupying Palestine and controlling DC.

  9. Consider that your alignment with Netanyahu and the Neocons is treasonous and incredibly stupid. Also consider that everything you know about Obama, you were told by a lying asshole and you never checked on any of it, even if you passed it on as though it were the word of god.

    Now, this may well not actually describe you but if it does. and it may, what are we saying here?

    I’ll bet you hate Hillary too, how she pushes socialism and gun seizure and rigged the 2000 election and blew up Benghazi?

    Then again, if this might well be what you think, and is sounds like it is, where did you learn what you know?

    Got any real sources other than Zionist neocon emails?

    Are you starting to grow a pair yet or are we going to fast for you?

    • dont know who that was a reply for, but hillary is a multiple felon and obummer appointing her secretary of state is still criminally impeachable IMHO.

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