America’s Ethnic Cleansing Attempt in Donbass – Documentary


Donbass Under Fire: On the Roads of War

…by Maxim Fadeyev


Death in Donbass
Death in Donbass

[ Editor’s Note: I have been watching a lot of Donbass video clips this week — way more than usual because I finally found some websites with English translations.

After all this time, I needed the “in your face” visuals and to also hear the people who are fighting have their say with no filters… especially the civilians who have been targeted.

What was easy to spot right away was the “neo-Israeli method” of punishing the civilian targets when the military opponents are hard to get at. The West, and especially the US, has been ‘ho hum” about the atrocities in Gaza because US weapons are used, and the American taxpayers are footing the bill.

The Hamas “rockets” look like firecrackers compared to what the Ukie military has inflicted on these civilians, without a word of protest from our government or military.

The US public continues to get robbed via a cheap hustle, which sadly includes some of our military brass of questionable loyalty, where they set up a strategic weapons reserve in Israel, when we already have numerous bases in the region. Since Israel never wanted any US bases there… we in effect put them completely in charge, including handing over the keys.

This lets them use what they want, delivering munitions to third parties while we have deniability, and allows the Zios to steal and sell off whatever they want, to whomever they choose… like ISIL for example. Everyone knows there would never be an investigation about it.

The Ukies shelled civilian areas with no concern, because they were ethnic Russians
The Ukies shelled civilian areas with no concern, because their targets were ethnic Russians

I have never put up an hour long video, but this really is a series of mini documentaries by this small filmmaker crew, who are literally wandering around in the combat zone to catch whatever crosses their paths, exactly what I would have done, notwithstanding the language firewall.

If you only have an hour to invest into what has happened to these people… why, and how what they think, straight from the horse’s mouth — this is it. What you are about to see is the US support of a terror war on these people, pure and simple.

Instead of the Mideast ploy of using Jihadi terrorist proxies in place of US troops, thus avoiding all the public blowback, they created this new tool of rolling Nazi terrorists into the Ukrainian military to use for a proxy army against Russia, to slaughter the Donbass Russians and to bait Moscow moving in to protect them, and hopefully nailing them as aggressors.

No war crimes investigations have even begun yet. Our corporate media whores do not utter a word about them, nor does the phony United Nations. State-sponsored terrorism has gone mainstream, because that is where the immunity from punishment is for now.

So I will tell you straight out that if we do not begin a counterattack on diplomatic immunity for this kind of mass murder, it is only going to get worse. These people you are about to see constituted zero threat to Kiev. They wanted to protect themselves from what the US and EU proxy coup-meisters publicly stated they were going to do to them.

Yulia Tymoshenko... the "Nuke em all" lady
Yulia Tymoshenko… the “Nuke em all” lady

Remember Julia Tymoshenko’s phone intercept about nuking all the ethnic Russians in Donbass?

“Tymo the Terrible” was the darling of the McCain NeoCon terrorists, who are essentially our own American ISIL with suits on, and who, in the slaughtering contest so far, make the ISIL folks look like girl scouts.

Think about that. We are paying the salaries of people we have elected to do this, just like Donbass was sending pension taxes to Kiev, but Kiev used the money to kill them, and then reneged on the social payments that were due.

That is the caliber of our allies now, as we back remorseless murderers against a people who just want to be left alone. It was never the intent of the Donbass people to take over Ukraine.

This is not a debate of Western leadership having a morality problem. It is worse… a morality vacuum. And you will notice this never even rises to being a campaign polling question. Whose fault and failure is that? Who can claim such a structure is really a democracy? Our Founding Fathers would be shocked to the coreJim W. Dean ]

– First published on YouTube …  February 21, 2015  –

To be able to follow along be prepared to use your pause button to catch the translation as the visuals without the transcript do not tell the story. I was taking a lot of still shots out of the video to build an archive on some of these gem comments. This is worth the time watch, the only hour long video I have watched in months… Jim W. Dean

My apologies for somehow posting the Russian version. I never watched the Russian version so it is a complete mystery as to how I could have put the url in.

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  1. This message was sent out last night:
    NAME = Satya
    EMAIL = [email protected]
    COMMENT = 22nd February 2015, city Kharkov (North-East Ukraine), occupied Kharkov republic
    Phillip Ekoz’yants, representative of the Kharkov partisans:
    “This is an urgent statement of the Kharkov partisans. We, Kharkov partisans, leading a guerrilla war against the Kiev junta on the territory of Kharkov and Kharkov region, haven’t had hand in an explosion during a march of the ATO supporters on the 22nd of February, 2015. We, Kharkov partisans, didn’t plan and don’t plan to arrange our actions in places crowded with peaceful civilians regardless of their political views. We think that many ordinary Ukrainians are fooled by the mass media of the Kiev junta. And as we’ve stated many times, we will not put their lives at risk. Moreover, we have reliable information that the column of peaceful participants was blown up by order of Avakov [present minister of internal affairs of Kiev junta] in order to launch an anti-terrorist operation in the Kharkov region. Residents of Kharkov! One year ago, monsters, sadists and murderers came to power in Ukraine, which offer ordinary Ukrainian people in sacrifice in order to achieve their aims. And we all are simply like coins to exchange in their dreadful game. We will win. This was the urgent statement of the Kharkov partisans.”

  2. This film was sent to me too. I never watch whole hour long video’s unless I’m going to use them as a source for something I am writing but I watched this one. It demands its viewers full attention from the old woman made homeless struggling down a road to nowhere till the interviews and combat scenes of the rebel soldiers. We gave 5 billion dollars to that Ashkanazi whore Victoria Nuland to start this. Now every American needs to take a good look at what their tax dollars have bought. What is sown must one day be reaped. Remember that America and remember that a few years ago the Ukrainians were just like us; just trying to make a living in an industrialized nation. This war is coming to us all…

  3. Infact this is 1948 all over again. The same method.
    1st: Coup d’état (foundation of Israel was nothing but Coup d’état in Palestine)
    2nd: ethic cleansing through campaign ot terror against racially and politically “unwanded population” (Deir Yassin massacre,etc) so the most of them will run away in horror
    3rd: killing everybody who dares to resist
    4th: establishing “democracy” (as most of “unwanded population” is nowhere near to vote against these fascists and terrorists digged in power)

    – another example: Georgia 2008
    1st phase: Rose Revolution (from that moment US and israeli advisors run the show)
    2nd phase: A massive shelling of Cchinvali by artillery and MLRS on the very first day of invasion(over 1000 dead) to force most of ethnic ossetians flee in horror to Russia
    3rd phase: failure because of Russian counter attack

    -Ukraine 2014 :
    1st: Coup d’état(Maidan, jewish oligarchs with a help of US advisors run the show),
    2nd: Odessa massacre,shelling cities of Donbass and Lugansk to kill as many people as possible (plus over 1 million people fled in horror to Russia )
    3rd: again failure

  4. Jim,
    What did you think of the first time you heard that phrase anyway? Ethnic Cleansing.

    I accept your lack of understanding as ignorance. Otherwise, I look forward to all you write and share. I’ve never had a good friend who I haven’t argued with at one time or the other anyway.
    My impact in this world is not dependent on this or any other site, so I can take it or leave it, just as you could take or leave my comments.
    I end the talk about linguistic bullshit here. I will not respond to your lack of understanding as it takes away from exposing the truth of Genocide….which is what this report of yours is all about. THANK YOU FOR IT.

    The rest of this Orwellian discussion should be held in another forum devoted to the words we use and how they have been twisted.

    I apologize for taking any of this off topic. Please excuse me.

  5. Boy you didn’t get that at all Jim. I agreed with the post of yours entirely, except for the use of that phrase. I expected some introspection and discussion, not that shit you wrote. Step the f… off of your high scholarly horse and take a walk with the rest of us down on the ground.

    If you now say that the murdered innocents call themselves ethnically cleansed, then the Orwellian linguists have won. Yes, changing the connotation of a word is ONLY done by those who manipulate speech to hide the severity, the inhumanity and the truth of a deplorable activity that they, in their deceptive ways, are morally culpable for covering up. When I see honest journalists and scholars use the same terms I lose respect for their writing and notice the lack of introspection and insight deep enough to speak from the soul.

    • Thanks Stormy, the emails were in my inbox this morning about it. I had never watched the Russia version of course, so had no idea how that version’s url got up there. Weird things like this happen from time to time but readers always let us know when something has gone haywire.

  6. Dear School Marm Hotfoot, you are boring the readers to death. Our readers are here for what we give them, not for what we don’t. They don’t sweat the typos, ane we don’t bebate gramma. We do this while working seven days a week as volunteers, and often when we are exhausted, as I am now at 11:52 pm. Endless ideological banter also bores the readers. People don’t come here for their daily chat room fix. They want good information, as concisely and straightward as possible, warts and all to help defend themselves. They are not interested either in people wanting to run blogs out of the comments boards, which is why we don’t allow it.

  7. Jim,

    I agree with your article entirely, as I do with most of the revealing articles here at VT. What’s even better is the fact that trolls get their asses handed to them in short order when they put up some pseudo-counter to the truths printed here. That is the sign, no… it’s the FACT of a site based on telling the truth..

    I do have a problem with anyone calling Genocide, ethnic “cleansing”. I saw Gordon do it in a recent article. Think about it. Please be aware of the Bernaysian Bullshit Creep. You are better than that. Unless we are to consider opposites to be the same thing, those two joined words do not accurately portray the truth of the horror of what happens when any group, be it governmental, overtly racist or contractually employed (political) murders any other group of innocent civilians, as in the southeast of Ukraine, etc.. This is not a site that Frank Luntz should ever feel comfortable in, especially for the presence of one phrase he probably has tattooed on his ass, next to “Global Warming”.

    I did say I should write an article on the abuse and misuse of the truths we all know as one thing, turned into quite the opposite. If I were to share it anywhere it would be here. I’ll write one a day, compile them and then send ’em your way for comment and critique.

    Thank You and all of your amazing staff for their courageous work on behalf of us all.

    • “I do have a problem with anyone calling Genocide, ethnic “cleansing”. I saw Gordon do it in a recent article. Think about it. Please be aware of the Bernaysian Bullshit Creep.” Well, you shouldn’t have a problem with it. This is in the realm of editorial decisions as we live in a world of people hyping their issues to the max to get more attention. You are telling us that when the Donbass people don’t view it as a genocide we are to use your term or we are skewing the story, even though the Donbass people have already negated your argument. I don’t mean that you can’t view it that way, as such things are arbitrary a lot of the time as people draw their own red lines on these things. You will never see me write anything saying that after all that has happened to the Donbass people, that they don’t know what has happened to them. They use the term ethnic cleansing, and not genocide…and silly us we just went along with their terminology. These people know a lot about death and destrucion. The word genocide has been so abused that it needs to have specific framing to have any impact. It even has subtitles to it now, like “cultural genocide”. Our success over the years indicates that that we have done well in the context department.

  8. These people seem to have forgotten their past history where the Khazar or Mongols on one side and the Ottoman on the other side invaded. Maybe these people should have the past repeat again for them to unite and push back these invaders.

    I watched an episode on Battle Detectives that the British had their Navy ships in Crimea Sevastopol port with the invitation of the Ottoman; than the British Churchill invade the Ottoman. What they call this, The Great Game.

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