Obama Forced to Address Israel’s Oil Smuggling



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According to Bloomberg’s, on Feb 10 the UN Security Council adopted a binding Russian resolution threatening economic and diplomatic sanctions against countries and individuals that help ISIS and other terrorist groups profit from trading oil, antiquities or hostages. As the US vetoes most Russian Security Council resolutions, this was an historic event.

The resolution requires governments to ensure that they aren’t engaged in direct or indirect trade with ISIS and al-Qaeda-affiliated groups such as the al-Nusra Front in Syria. According to Bloomberg’s, the resolution will significantly impact Turkey and Syria, which allow the purchase of oil from the militant group.

Facts the article omits are probably more significant than the omissions.

First Bloomberg’s neglects to mention that the US initially opposed the resolution and spent three days frantically trying to counter and/or change the draft language.  Presumably this relates to inconvenient truth that Israel is one of the main destinations of the smuggled oil.

Second it fails to comment on an extremely odd scenario in which the Assad government is purchasing smuggled oil from ISIS:

Thirdly it (deliberately?) leaves Israel and unnamed EU nations off the list of countries buying oil from ISIS.

The text of the resolution, which stops short of threatening the use of force, urges governments to share information on ISIS  financing networks, bans exports of all antiquities from Syria and reiterates the call on countries to prevent ISIS from benefiting from political concessions or ransom payments made to secure the release of hostages.

It also requires countries to block aircraft, auto and truck traffic, including oil tankers, traveling to or from areas in Syria and Iraq where the extremist groups operate.

ISIS earns about $1 million a day from oil sales.

In addition, according to a recent BBC investigation, ISIS also receives substantial income from looting and smuggling of antiquities from Iraqi and Syrian historical and archaeological sites. The primary market for the stolen objects is Europe and the Gulf states. Ten-thousand-year-old artifacts can fetch as much as $1 million each. An Iraqi intelligence official told the Daily Mail that ISIS earned £23 million in early 2014 alone by selling 800 items stolen from the ancient city of Al-Nabk near Damascus.

In 2014, ISIS also brought in approximately $45 million in 2014 from kidnapping for ransom.

The resolution doesn’t spell out specific penalties for countries found guilty of helping ISIS. It would require the Security Council to debate whether any violations have occurred and what punitive measures it would order. The resolution requires all 193 members of the UN to report within 120 days on measures they’ve taken to comply with it. The UN’s existing al-Qaeda sanctions committee will monitor and report on any progress.

All in all, it looks like a pretty shrewd move by Russia. Obama now has 120 days to report back how he plans to sanction US allies Turkey and Israel – or face a UN Security Council resolution calling for sanctions on the US. While the US would surely veto such a resolution, it provides an excellent opportunity for Russia to embarrass Obama and Israel by exposing their financial and military ties to ISIS.

This past week, the US also backed a Russian resolution to the UN Security Council supporting the Minsk Ceasefire.

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  1. This is an example of the next trend (which has already begun) – the gradual turning up of the volume on demonizing Israel and Jews. (I’m not defending either one, but I am saying that behind all of this, there is a deeper, more well concerted layer of agents provocateur whose job is to eventually engineer a massive hatred of all things Jewish as well. What would be the best way to create the greatest amount of animosity against Jews? To control Israel and to have Israel do monstrous acts at the foreign policy level. And we all know nothing like that is happening. Then as that unfolds, you come back and gradually start “revealing” the idea that the Jews have been the oppressors all along and that Jews are all secretly a more than a little racist.

    And what’s the best way to have that narrative be believed? Well – if it’s a little true of course! (Anyone or group with a defacto superiority complex by definition has an inferiority complex)

    Once both hammers are well primed with tension, the final group will be the Christians. Once sufficient tension has been built up, then they will let the hammers loose.

    The question is… will we thwart it or not…

  2. ISIS is real and is not real at the same time. The top of their leadership pyramid are the paid agents. The vast majority of the members are truly disenfranchised (sadly unstable) persons who believe that they are both fighting against the Western power in an existential struggle by virtue of being Islamic. But more directly, it’s just a function of being a member of a demographic that is increasingly faced with an existential threat. And…of great importance – it is a pay check. The powers that control the banks have been strangling those local economies for decades via speculation, rate control, currency control, and most especially the petrodollar. The net effect is an 18-25+ demographic with no hope of ability to support a family. Then you add a leadership pyramid of seasoned contract agents who know the region and the culture (and some support from Johnny McCain and his friends) and you’ve got – Instant ISIS!!!

    Then you can air-strike them (the leaders can always know where the air-strikes will be) and take out as many minions as you want. Look everyone – the Circus is in town!

  3. USA court orders Palestinians to pay Israeli attack victims more than $218M
     USA jury on Monday ordered the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority (PA) to pay more than $218 million for providing material support used in shootings and bombings in the Jerusalem area more than a decade ago.
     The verdict in Manhattan federal court added a new dimension to the long-running Middle East conflict, as American victims sought to use USA courts to seek damages under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

    “A Supreme Court case involving a 12-year-old Israeli boy has put the USA in a difficult position as it seeks to project credibility as a neutral peacemaker between Israelis and Palestinians.”
     The USA has refused to enforce the law ever since it was enacted in 2002, and the legal question at hand is whether or not following the law would infringe on the president’s exclusive right to recognize foreign nations.
     While the USA and international community recognize East Jerusalem as occupied Palestinian territory that Palestinians want to make the capital of their future state, Israel claims the entire city as its “eternal, undivided capital.”
     Negotiations over the status of Jerusalem have long been seen as key to any potential peace settlement between Israelis and Palestinians.

  4. This is all just wonderful news Dr. I am left speechless with joy. Now the price of a gallon of 87 octane can go back up to four dollars where it belongs and the hopelessly corrupt “governments” of the middle east can go back to cooperating with their eternal masters in the empire to cover up mans history. I hope the price of gas goes up to ten dollars a gallon and next they tell you civilization began with Walt Disney or maybe the birth of Charlton Heston…

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2h-fIG9TnM

    Its not the US’s problem, its Turkeys. The US could abide by the law and sanction Turkey for buying oil from ISIL on the grounds its stolen from Syria, and then sanction Turkey for harboring and training ISIL, but it wont. Russia’s resolution was a no brainier. Saying no to the conditions within the resolutions would be admitting complicity or blatant ignorance by allowing ISIL to flourish when its an enemy the US has promised to vanquish.

  6. Smart move by Putin. Now he can prove to the blind sheep here exactly how much our government supports terrorists.

  7. I’ve never really experienced a president as this one. To me he is a traitor deluxe, and in dire need of impeachment so he can’t live off the taxpayers for the rest of his life. He deserves an extra does of nothing from any of us. He is useless as breast implants on a nun. Johnson was a criminal, Nixon was deeply troubled. Ford a lucky sort of gloat. CArter a lsot ball in high weeds. Reagan made it look good, and was dignified, but he was shot by his V.P.’s good friend’s son. Bush was a chameleon shyster, liar, conniver, and greedy son and so. Clinton an immoral arrogant playboy chronic liar and likely, like Johnson Had people murdered so he could advance his career. Bush spoiled, wandering mentally challenged servant of Skull and Bones, and now this one Oblunder. Doesn’t care about this country, it is people, and any of its laws and traditions. He goes through the motions like a marionette. Has no foundation that coincides or benefits this nation in any way. All and all, we actually did worse than the Bush boys. Congratulations America Now lest go forth and elect another Bush. or may be a Clinton! What say? Impeachment proceedings need to proceed five years ago.

  8. UN are being exposed in what their true image looks like = the image of a corrupt neo-colonial anglo-american front for picking up valuable resources of agression-striken nations and territories. UNSC feeds off of people’s misery and tragedy and every often destroys whole nations through its muscle guy the NATO alliance. UN was a brilliant idea of the British elites to conquer territories and resources of the less organized countries after the Commonwealth empire’s influence began to cease. The world needs another UN or this UN removed from the web of these humanity rapists from London and New York. Otherwise it will never serve the purpose to attain peace, and its world will endulge in chaos.

  9. I can barely wait to see how this plays out! Perhaps the curtains will be drawn so we can all see the emperor wears no clothes.

    Perhaps our Prez will break through the shackles binding him with the support of the true patriots in the US Military High Command. O has given Bibi the proverbial finger with the upcoming March 3 visit to Congress so put the nail in his coffin and be done with it!

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