Censored: War College says Army Filled with Liars and Cheats (restored for download)


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“Untruthfulness is surprisingly common in the U.S. military even though members of the profession are loath to admit it. Further, much of the deception and dishonesty that occurs in the profession of arms is actually encouraged and sanctioned by the military institution. The end result is a profession whose members often hold and propagate a false sense of integrity that prevents the profession from addressing—or even acknowledging—the duplicity and deceit throughout the formation.” Taken from the censored February 2015 report.

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The Army War College study released this week tells us nothing new. Several news sites carrying the report have been hacked through Shockwave, disabling browsers and placing malware in computers. When Veterans Today tried to save and publish the document, we were, within 5 minutes, hit with “copyright infringement” charges. The problem, of course, is that this is a public document paid for by the Department of Defense, declassified and in the public domain.

The hacks included the UK Daily Mail and other news organizations. The Army instigated open cyber warfare against not only Veterans Today but other news organizations around the world, hoping they could somehow control what we expect will be a story they will never be able to contain. They problem is, they tried.

The information will get out. We put a link which still works so far and left up their cheesy attempt to silence what little honesty has gotten out of the bloated and corrupt Pentagon.

Our experience as journalists working with the military for these many years had left little room for doubt. Nearly every day, one issue or another proves the military to be living in its own little world of bribery, perversity and espionage. When General Dempsey accelerated the cleansing process, kicking crooks, buggerers, child molesters and, in particular, a satanic coven that spread across the army, part of the Pentecostalist takeover of the chaplain corps, screams from both the right and Israel lobby became deafening.

The leader they deserve
The leader they deserve

America’s military is defined by its failures, not just the ‘joy stick warriors’ but the bombastic special operations goofs, glory hounds like the now dead, we believe murdered so he wouldn’t be stripped bare on the witness stands during the Jesse Ventura case, Chris Kyle.

The imaginary world of TV, as close to real war as Washington or the Pentagon gets, is now duplicated in our military budget where our failed wars can simply be rewritten and fed to Hollywood and the unsuspecting like the humiliating American defeat at Na Trang was turned around by Mel Gibson is his ultra-fictional “We Wuz Soldiers.”

The American military is the hiding place, the careerists certainly, for the weak minded, the ignorant and the dishonest, perhaps all except those who wrote this report. We hope they are safe. We have already been warned.

Then again, we don’t give up easily: The article restored by VT after a bit of arm twisting.

Lying To Ourselves, Dishonesty in the Army Profession


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  1. A great wedge is being quietly and deliberately driven between the generations in society. This applies not just in the Army – but Police, Local government, Business and indeed the FAMILY UNIT itself. Every institution is affected – or should I say INfected.

    What the architects of this demonic and divisive ‘wedge’ wish to prevent is the passing on of any good, helpful and practical advice from the ‘old timers’ like me (and I suspect many of the readers and writers on VT for example) to the younger generations. The bad guys want the next generations for themselves. Young people are to be carefully robbed of a proper education, indoctrinated with the MYTHS and fables of the great deceptive plan – and fed into a new world order where they are unable to have any real relationships or anchor points. History will be increasingly rewritten to fit the narrative and once the continual wars, orchestrated to destroy all and any resistance to this order, are completed – nowhere on Earth will provide an alternative or escape from it. They want our descendants as slaves in every sense of the word. Thus the talmud will have been fulfilled.

    Perhaps some of those learned academics might address THIS impending scenario – Oh – I forgot. Such ‘debates’ are a no-go area.

  2. This kind of nonsense has swamped the entire modern world. For example – in Britain forty years ago only huge firms and institutions had the luxury of a ‘personnel’ department. Their role was simply to interview and take on staff – nothing else.

    Today even small firms have a ‘HR’ department (something we previously managed to do without entirely). These departments start to become a little power area all of their own – using absurd, politically correct ‘laws’ and regulations to bolster their importance – and indeed their very reason for their existence. These non-producing cost areas of business will pontificate from afar to the hard pressed money making areas of business about ‘best practice’ and cover their own arses by sending vast lists of compliance requirements to busy staff – who do not have a hope in hell of completing the check lists in a month of Sundays. “Please find compliance checklist enclosed – and confirm by end of trading today that all these have been done …”

    This leads to the culture of all the boxes being ticked but none of the checks actually being made (like fire alarms for example). Once the staff that are actually doing all the work realise that everything is just a facade to cover the ‘HR department’ then every other activity is regarded with cynicism and disdain. We also see the rise through the ranks – not of the most capable employee – but the one who is best able to lie and cheat their way through the facade.

  3. I can assure you all that this phenomenon is not unique to the U.S military.

    I have seen this in several western forces.

    Even the Soviets were smart enough to not buy a Lada that was built near the end of the month.

  4. Things aren’t so different in the average public school district in the US. They are top-down hierarchical career-focused systems that reward administrators for imposing more and more untested “good ideas” on the schools and teachers, without removing the prior ineffectual ones (all of them), which often have entrenched mid-management personnel defending “their” programs and jockeying for approval from the superintendent and school board. An effective way of running a school district is a bottom-up approach, sometimes called PLC’s that put power at the classroom and campus level. Many school districts “tried” these, as they were the big rage a few years ago, but in their fear of letting go of any power and authority, school administrators implemented them top-down, thus they were DOA as the concepts were distorted such that only the “jargon” remained. Top-down systems are ineffectual and seem to always decay into corrupt systems.

    • I agree totally. I spent many years dealing with the East Grand Rapids school system from corrupt administrators to some incompetent teachers, some flatly insane.

      Others, I will admit, were outstanding people. Some programs, football, chess, band and others were actually run, for the most part, “for” students.

      Where there were great teachers, the best of them were persecuted by mediocrities. Who I felt sorry for were the students. I remember running the chess team town to national championship. I had the secondary group with me. We stayed at what was my mothers farm, now permanently mine it seems. She had been making fried chicken for hours and we filled a house with kids.
      Some of us, teachers included, spent years trying to undo the damage, supporting activities, and working directly with throw-away kids (of the rich quite often).

    • Windyw, are you familiar with the Underground Grammarian, Richard Mitchell? You might enjoy his hilarious newsletters that skewered these incomprehensibly incompetent, freeloading troublemakers until his death in ’02, still relevant as ever, and as well to the bureaucratic deadwood enervating our military and major corporations. The newsletters and all his anti-educationist books avail free at Sourcenet. Great laughs at these buffoons’ expense, which should be required reading in the Pentagon.

  5. The Federal is certainly a beast: From the WH down through the chain of command, complex levels of deception and treason. Rotting from the inside out for the “greater good”.
    America, you are chained to the beast.

  6. Mr. Duff gave us a mighty fine essay,complete with an excellent bibliography.This article ties in heavily with today’s main story line,”Evangelical Treason Rips America”,Then cross-reference Mr. Alexis’ excellent writings.The results are an explosive history of ‘Judeo-Christianity’ and how it undermines all facets of world history as we understand it.My eyes have been opened so wide and I have only been exposed to a small bit of the duplicity and criminality.If my eyes open any further they will be covering my anus which might be a good thing as it would be a double check on the amount of crap that I throw out at times.

  7. It is not comforting to learn that the World’s most powerful military is filled with liars and low life. So if the military cannot be relied on to protect the Constitution then we are really up the creek without a paddle. I suppose that next we will hear that the government has been infected as well. Oh carp! They already are!!!!!!

  8. The US military is in a state that renders it pretty useless should a real war arrive on it’s doorstep, it is only “Good” for warfare against countries that are clearly way “smaller” in capacity like Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and even those they can’t win, factually USA has not won a war since it lost in Viet Nam.

    I guess they know they are defending ‘shit’ and so they are weak. Would USA’s Government including it’s Congress and Senate, knowing the low standard of it’s military, start World War 3, where they would have to fight the military of Russia, Iran and China …. ? Probably not… for all their rhetoric .. probably not… Why of course USA has ISIS fight it’s war in the Middle East and the useless paltry army of the NAZI regime in Kiev fight their own people in Eastern Ukraine and Israel fight the poor Palestinians. When and how the people of the USA will wake up and stop this non-sense ? I guess the whole of the USA will implode first, as the lying and low morale also pervades the financial sector with Banks, derivatives, petrodollar, IMF and World Bank that know they have very little actual power today and are very close to the black hole.

    • The SSG rulers know that [ winning ] means ” the show must go on ” indefinitely where the profiteering MIC owners start to lose only when there is nothing left to show which would happen as soon as all enemies have been defeated ; then the MIC would collapse and open the gate for revenge of the enemies . Ergo , the show must go on .

  9. It’s sad to say that the foreign subversives who have infiltrated our sociopolitical institutions are now diluting or subverting our military with their foreign coreligionists who are anti-white protestant and anti-christian….Pure Treason!

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