De-fund Homeland Security Now !



by  Preston James


Right now there is a quiet battle in Congress over the re-funding of Homeland Security which is set to expire February 27, 2015 and it is time to completely de-fund it, break it up and destroy it forever.

So far legislation to re-fund it has been blocked by Republicans over their unwillingness to approve portions of the bill which will supports President Obama’s Executive Actions supporting amnesty and a path to citizenship for many illegal immigrants.

Homeland Security (DHS) is a criminal organization with no official mandate. It is unconstitutional and even worse it is an private foreign based occupation army inside America deployed to surveil, harass, abuse, tyrannize, disarm and eventually to intern and then progressively mass-murder all Americans.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was set up by the Khazarian Mafia using Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual and Triple Citizen Traitors.

Now is the time to face this horrible reality that our American Congress was essentially bought by the various Israeli espionage fronts like AIPAC and the like, who basically bribed them to pass the bill authorizing this criminal, Unconstitutional organization DHS in the first place.

The Samson Option was used by Khazarian Mafia Kingpins to Blackmail the Bush2 Administration into pushing this illegal, Unconstitutional, unmandated legislation conceived in hell and delivered in hate.

It was noted investigative Journalist Seymour Hersch that disclosed the Khazarian Mafia’s use of nuclear Blackmail on the US Administrations as well as other nations of the World to get the kind of new laws they wanted in order to complete their infiltration and hijacking of numerous governments.

The Bush2 Administration was informed long in advance of the 9-11-01 nuclear attack on America by Cheney who was in on the plot and communicated the cover story that the Administration had to go along with this and capitalize on the terror aspects to gain more  power, or otherwise there would be more Cities nuked.

The cover story (Big Government Lie and False-narrative) used to push Members of Congress was that various American Intel knew of the plot basics ahead of time but did not coordinate Intel enough to figure it out enough to stop it. Some members of the House and Senate Intel Committees knew the full story and actually were a part of it.

These members of these key Congressional Intel Committees as well as some others key members of Congress have been alleged to have been paid 20 million USD payments as “set-aside allocations” in regular installments by the Khazarian Mafia to assist with the massive coverup about the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01 by the Khazarian Mafia aka the Rothschild World Zionists and their Babylonian Talmudic Judaic Likudists and NeoCon Cutouts, quite a number of which were stateside and are Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors.

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This of course is Treason, Sedition, RICO and a plethora of serious and capital Federal and State crimes including espionage by a foreign power against the United States of America. If you want to see a rogue’s gallery of who are the main perps of the nuclear attack on America examine this now classic article here. And if you want more actual proof taken from a formerly Top Secret AEC investigation released in 2003 to House and Senate Intel Committee Members, see this. Or see this for a quick video summary.

A recent Congressional study has shown that the DHS Fusion Centers have uncovered and prevented no incidents of terrorism inside America.

All DHS has done successfully is engage in illegal spying on Americans on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia. DHS was set up by former head of the East German Stasi, Marcus Wolfe who was hired as a consultant. He died mysteriously two years afterwards (or had a fake death with a new identity like Leonard Milman the apparent current head of the Khazarian Mafia who now resides in Cuba as his base of operations).

A few other supposedly deceased Khazarian Mafia Chieftain live there too about 40 miles from Havana, including one very wealthy liquor magnate who also supposedly died. Those who want to know the actual names of most of the top “Circle of Twelve that become thirteen” Khazarian Mafia Chieftains can visit VT Columnist Stew Webb’s website or view his articles on VT.

As many now realize thanks to a Federal Lawsuit that was actually reported on briefly in the news but is now ignored, DHS was set up to be managed by sexually inverted females that sexually harassed top male management and moved their offices into the male lavatory.

when-didHomeland Security has been working hard to militarize the American Police.

A primary function of Homeland Security is to Militarize the American police and transform them into cloned, mind-kontrolled “agents of the state” rather than public servants there to “protect and serve.”

DHS has been working very hard using ADL assets to transform the American police to view the average innocent American as an “Enemy of the State“, a potential Enemy of the State, a Domestic Terrorist or a Potential Domestic Terrorists.

DHS publishes and distributes nonsense list of domestic or potential domestic terrorists to Police Departments and one of their latest ones list the first three as Catholics, Evangelical Lutherans, and Veterans.

Khazarian Mafia Lieutenant and Chitown Mayer Rahm Imanuel has just been exposed for running a Black Prison Site for the Chitown Police who have been substantially militarized.

DHS Terrorist watch Lists are fabricated lies designed to spook Local Police in order to justify surveillance and harassment.

enemy-of-the-state1 (2)But their TSA  “No-Fly” lists and their FBI “No-Work” lists are purely tyrannical and have been ruing thousands of the lives of honest upstanding American whistle-blowers who have stood up and tried to do their job as law abiding citizens.

These lists are complete bunk, propaganda designed to spook the  police into being afraid of everyone and for local Police Intel Units to feel justified working with DHS to spy on any dissidents or whistle-blowers who want the USG corruption cleaned up. The damage the DHS perverts, goons, liars and Khazarian mafia controlled traitors who run it are doing to America and We The People is monstrous and must be immediately stopped.

We can not allow a foreign based Organized Crime Cabal Assets and Cutouts to run rampant inside America corrupting politicians and covering up the massive crimes of the Khazarian Mafia while oppressing, tyrannizing and murdering Americans. Now is the time to bust up and destroy DHS, the most criminal, perverted foreign based espionage front that ever penetrated America besides the private Illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System of Counterfeiters.

The FBI is functioning as a RICO criminal organization that is un-chartered and has no right to legally exist at all.

CaptureThe FBI has no legal charter and is functioning as a RICO criminal organization which has periodically engaged in acts of terrorism inside America such as Waco, Ruby Ridge, Murrah, the first trade center Bombing. It has aided in the coverups of the JFK, MLK, RFK and many more assassinations such as Gary Cardori, Senator John Towers, Governor Carnahan and Senator Paul Wellstone.

Lately its specialty is covering Khazarian Mafia crimes inside America and paying “not to worry” shakedown visits to Members of Congress to encourage them to stay within their allowed parameters and to write their own search warrants and National Security Letters in order to engage in illegal spying on innocent American Citizens.

Of course let us not ignore the long histories of the FBI and the BATF entrapping mentally deficient or mentally dupes to make them into domestic terror patsies. They always get exposed but their patsies still get convicted go to prison for long terms. What should really happen is that any Police Officer or FBI involved in such an entrapment should be the one charged with conspiracy to do the crime and should be convicted and sentenced to a long prison term.

Right from the very start the FBI was set up illegally. It has no official registered charter according to the US Library of Congress and has no legal right to exist. Nonetheless it has existed for many years because it was set up as the action-agent or enforcer for the Federal Reserve System (aka Banksters) who themselves are the money manufacturing and distribution arm of the Khazarian Mafia (aka Babylonian Talmudic World Zionists or also known as the Rothschild World Zionists or Moneychangers).

The FBI’s current job is to harass Whistle-blowers and cover up Khazarian Mafia Crimes.

Any Whistle-blower who contacts the FBI to report crimes of course is likely to find that instead of the FBI investigating what they are reporting, the FBI instead comes after them bringing down the full power of the USG upon their heads, often harassing them, abusing them, putting them on “no work lists” and unless things have changed only recently, sometimes even murdering them using division 5 button men (“wetboys”).

Besides all that there are still some very good, honest and ethical FBI agents. Many who try to do their jobs on these Khazarian Mafia crimes quickly find their investigations taken over by the Washington Field Office and buried forever with no action. Why is this? Because the WFO is directed by Khazarian Mafia Cutouts.

Sadly there have been many who tried to investigate the Khazarian Mafia crimes such as their international pedophile/child sacrifice satanic network end up giving up and resigning, considering it a lost cause to try and go after crimes which are participated in and protected by the Khazarian Mafia.

Can the FBI be cleaned up and do an acceptable, just or even heroic job enforcing Federal Laws fairly across the board even going after Khazarian Mafia operations? If done properly by men and women with integrity this can be done.

If DHS is not eliminated now, what’s next? Will they deploy an Unconstitutional medically fraudulent and dangerous to our health mandatory vaccination program which will be used to inject mind-kontrol and population control compounds into We The People?

Doctor Does Injection Child Vaccination Baby
Provided by the incredible artist David Dees at

Or will DHS provoke a Civil War and go door to door seizing guns, murdering innocent civilians and taking the rest to their 750 FEMA “re-education, re-settlement camps” where they will be progressively and systematically exterminated?

Fema Camp re-educate yourself (2)


Now is the Time to completely defund Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its Fusion Centers and its TSA are basically Israeli Police State operations inside America on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia. It is realistic to view DHS as a private Israeli occupation Police State Army inside America doing Israeli espionage and covert warfare against America and “We The people.”

Not only is this a slap in the face to any decent American, it is a violation of our US Constitution and Bill of Rights and all American RICO and espionage laws outlawing any foreign entity from infiltrating and conducting espionage and large scale organized crime inside America.

It is time to completely defund DHS and destroy it forever. Some of the basic Alphabets can be reconfigured and cleaned up, getting rid of any of the corrupt criminals in high positions and all of the Khazarian mafia cutouts and assets. Any good agents can be transferred back to the agency they came from if it is still left intact.

All fusion centers must be eliminated  as must the TSA and its irradiating, gene-splitting Xray and dangerous scanners and all airport security must be reassigned back to each Airport Commission as before the criminal TSA was set up. All VIPR teams, as well as all sniper teams set up by craft with their silenced .338 Lapua magnum sniper rifles must be eliminated.


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  1. This Thought Experiment has been performed.. the results?
    Given Money is no object (never mind they usually come cheap)
    Turns out they ‘enjoy their work’.
    Anyway, if can you hire enough thugs to etc
    Yes You Can.. On a Cold Day.


  2. This National Security has done absolutely nothing for THIS Country from the day Sharon started advising Bush how to prepare for the “long war” they planned starting with the Patriot Act. So lets give our security back to the FBI and our military forces. And hire AMERICAN 100% Patriot for any new “system” we introduce to obtain info. Check that Silicon Valley closely. All we are getting now are false info.If Washington has not recognized that we need a new Congress. Sorry Rubio showed how he is Lentinen’ baby on his speech. We should demand a public release of financial record off all Congressional people.

  3. As seen from here, de-funding (not that it occurred)
    is a cheap trick.
    The folks who are beefing about defunding it have a point,
    and I suspect that is where we part ways.
    Meanwhile they did just what we knew they would do..
    Put on a big show and then do as they damn well please.
    (this time for a week, but do you really believe that?)
    They are hell bent on destruction
    that and riding the cottage industry gravy train.
    It works both ways..
    the only way marijuana got legal,
    is that all the gangsters got ‘cut in’.
    Industrial Hemp is where the real trouble starts.
    I digress.


  4. Great article as usual Dr Jim. Let Mr Duff know in his run for president to please do it as an Independent, and I will do all I can for you as a member of the Independent party here in New Mexico.

  5. You’d think that of the nearly 4,000 “Jews” who got the Odigo message at about 8:00 AM on 9/11/01 that at least one of them would have warned the “gentiles” of the impending doom on that day.

    After all these were their co-workers, friends, fellow human beings, that they saw each day, how could THEY NOT warn them? How is that possible?

    Betty at the coffee shop, Manny the janitor, Steve in security, Paul the window washer, Alice in the restaurant, Bob at the next desk over from you?

    Someone, any one of them, even try to save their (fellow man’s) lives, prevent their children from being orphaned, the grieving of families, brothers, sisters? It’s inconceivable to me at least.

    • Good point. What would one expect from a group that suffers from a paranoid racial delusion and are filled with fear and hate for Goyim? Some say these are the Cain Bloodline if they have Khazarian blood and are thus soulless. If they are parasites with no soul, can we expect them to have normal consciences and care a whit about their fellow men, women and children? Of course not.

      These are parasites and beasts that must be put in their proper place and restrained from any positions in Government, LE, Intel or Corporate Boards. These 4,000 who have broken the law must be fully prosecuted, many must be deported. Not informing authorities of an impending attack is misprision of a felony and a serious felony in every state. damages must be paid, assets of these Perps must be seized.

    • Well if you look closely at what you said, “fellow human beings”, to these zionazi’s all non-jews are not human beings, just Goya aka lower life forms, and the more of us that are eliminated at any given time the less they have to content with later. They don’t have the same opinion of humanity in general that most of us “others” have. That very lack of sharing the warning proves their lack of concern for the well being of the Goya and this should give you a new or enlightened view point of those who did get such warning.

  6. If we look at what happened in Russia in 1917 onward you’ll see what they have planned for Christians in the U.S.

    It wasn’t enough to kill Jesus Christ, they want to do away with us all, and leave NO trace of our existence.

    If you study the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty you’ll see the cold, heartless means they use when they think NO ONE is watching their actions. That attack was to be never discovered, only through bravery and ingenuity did the ship and some of the crew survive.

    Only through a miracle, was the “Liberty” story ever told. Thank God, it’s given us a unique insight into what we’re up against. It’s NOT to soon to panic at the prospects for everyone under their boot.

    • Yes, DHS is run by Khazarian Mobsters, Neo-Bolsheviks that want to tyrannize and then mass-murder 90% of all Americans. This is their secret agenda and they have been working hard to transform America into GAZA II and make all Americans the New Palestinians to genocide as a mass human sacrifice to their god Lucifer.

      These top officials were involved in the planning and deployment of the nuclear 9-11-01 attack on America and must be tried for Terrorism, Treason, Sedition, RICO, murder mass-murder and espionage against America. DHS was also set up to gain access to massive contracting to rip off many more millions of American taxpayer funds and bring many Israeli defense contractors into prominence financial standing and also to provide Intel access to all American Intel so Industrial secrets could be stolen and resold.

  7. Is this not another, wait till the last minute, then with much media attention, they end up funding it, like all the other hyped up budget last minute funding.

    • You are probably correct, however we all must do our best to apply pressure against these Congressmen who are Traitors to the Republic.

  8. Hi Dan, Just to clarify, I do not listen to npr anymore, not for years as I have realized what liars and how controlled they are. I was in someone else’s car.

    my point was, they were being obvious in trying to shove down our throats why more intrusion is needed from DHS/ which could also be an attempt by them to shut down the internet…

  9. Could you imagine how fast a Congressional committee of the Founding Fathers would put these jokers out of business? An entire committee of Ron Pauls would be their worst nightmare. I just don’t know if we have enough lawmakers with the nerve to stop these criminals. It would help a lot if they knew the majority of people were backing them up.

  10. I heard on npr radio that dhs wanted to provide a type of cyberspace security. It was stated on npr that they want to do this to engage in internet “security” due to all the hacking. The radio presents it as hacking is a threat ..the entire segment was slanted to how we need this. example given of all the breeches of companies lists of credit cards information etc.. And that somehow DHS taking this over can thwart all this cyperspace hacking. this has to be an attempt to squash the internet.
    . is not exact words, but close enough. I can not recall the name of the women who was being interviewed, but she was pushing this. what is really going on here?

    and why the pretend stance of the republicans to be against it? when they are of course part of the deception…..

    are they putting forth this “fight” between the parties to cover the taking over of “cyber-space” security by the DHS?. that is worrisome.

    • Hi, Mary. Can’t believe you have the stomach to listen to NPR, the voice of organized Jewry in America. After about forty years I finally de-registered as a Republican as I agree they’re hypocritical traitors to nearly everything the party used to stand for, now bought and paid for by the same Jewish cabal that’s owned the Democrats since at least Truman’s admin–as both parties’ financiers and staff appointees prove. It’s all mockery of us at this point, with a sun-lamped, thumb-sucking fruitcake as speaker who obeys orders from Adelson’s stooge Dermer in the house and evil midgets like McConnell and McCain running the senate.

  11. I can understand Congress being bum-rushed into signing “the Patriot Act” after false flag 911 and the following false flag anthrax threat. it’s been over 14 years now, they ALL have had plenty of time to read every damn page of it, yet they continually re-authorize the POS!!

    they ALL need to be charged with incompetence and treason, immediately.
    obummer appointing multiple FELON hillary as secretary of state, is criminally impeachable.
    it could be used to UNDO everything he’s done, going back to his first day in office.

  12. YES. If we don’t eliminate this threat against every American, they will eliminate us. Bottom line.
    Next stop – Feral Reserve!

  13. How much money (Most likely yours and mine$) have these traitorous scum spent on ALL the BILLIONS of hollow point bullets? And the Monster Military Vehicles??

    If they’re running short of cash than maybe the S.O.B’s could try selling some of it online, say, at Ebay?…. OH, that might not work! Then they would have to investigate themselves for selling AMMO online! They might fall under the category of -Suspected potential Terrorists! 🙂

    • Yes, these thieves of the hard earned wages of American Taxpayers must be put out of business for good. And all multiple citizenships of those involved with the Khazarian Mafia, DHS, FEMA, Congress, the Judiciary, the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01 and the coverup must be cancelled of any American Citizenship and immediately be deported.

  14. Actually the raison d’être of this paramilitary force of overweight Barney fife’s is 9/11 and since they have not made a move to arrest either Dick Cheney, the Bushes, or even Ozzy Osborn there is no reason for their reserved table at the donut shop. Time for a bunch of genetically defected “men” and “woman” who are seemingly unable to produce anything, outside of flatulence, to go out and find gainful employment elsewhere. This is one bill the American tax payer need not be footing…

  15. Thank you for a fine article, and a crucial initial step —defund DHS completely. Maybe then our
    representatives will be able to awaken to the fact that the Israelis and our neocons did 9/11, control our news, and all is a step toward our destruction and enslavement (if not murder) on their route to world rule. DHS is evil in every corner and all over the place and completely sick. Remove the criminals from command and positions for terror and destruction. Excellent point.. .

    • Correct, it’s time for all Americans to realize that the Israeli Likudists did the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01 and used assets and Traitors inside the JCS, USAF, NORAD and the FAA to assist them. And yes your are correct that DHS is completely evil.

    • James, not to quibble, but more than ninety pct of congress are “theirs,” not “ours,” as has been every admin for decades. Reagan encapsulated his sell out in conservative rhetoric, and almost 60% of Clinton’s top appointees were Israel-and-Wall St-first Jews. It’s been downhill ever since. Not all statistics lie, and their gross over representation in the events of 911, in the Treasury/Fed’s counterfeiting dollars by the thousands and thousands of billions to enrich their ilk and fight wars of Zio racist supremacism, to undermine the social fabric, etc, has a near-zero probability of being random and that only conspiracy can rationally account for. Considering that the books, videos, and essays by Michael Jones, Kevin MacDonald, Michael Hoffman, et al. prove beyond any reasonable doubt that organized Jewry is and always has been at war with the rest of us, then it follows so are their bought-and-paid-for shills in congress, many of whom openly declare their treason by displaying that flag of America’s greatest enemy in their office with pride.

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