Evil with a Nice Face – Part II


… by  Preston James


This US Department of State news conference by this slick very attractive lady who is lying through her teeth is one of the best examples of “Evil with a Nice Face” one could ever imagine.

Her little State Department performance actually sets a whole new standard for Evil with a Nice Face, and is a perfect example of that which was presented in Evil with a Nice Face Part I.

Yes, this very attractive US Department of State spokesperson is such a happy phony, good looking, slick, two-faced liar on behalf of the USG and the NSA, that no typical uninformed American News Consumer could never imagine that her command performance is designed deceive and conceal.

They are Obsessed with punishing Snowden for revealing their espionage and crimes against We The People.

The NSA and its partner in RICO crime and espionage, the US Department of State is obsessed with punishing and shutting Snowden up forever in a deep underground super-max prison. They are obsessed with getting Edward Snowden back in the US where he can be tried in a Kangaroo Court also known as a “national Security Court” with a hand-picked incredible biased Jury of either mind-kontrolled USG Koolaid drinkers or individuals adequately dirtied up.

These dirty “stacked” Juries are the type so often used by crooked US Prosecutors, many of whom themselves are known perpetrators operating as part of a large US Department of Justice RICO Crime Syndicate.

The US Department of Justice has been scared witless for years about Juries ever finding out about any Juror’s Constitutional Right of “Jury Nullification.” This is his/her right to vote not guilty if he/she thinks any law is morally wrong or the prosecution is unjust for any reason at all. When activists attempt to pass out Jury Nullification literature to folks entering or leaving Courthouses (which by the way is their Constitutional Right) they are almost forced to leave by Police threatening arrest or then are actually illegally arrested.


Jury Nullification is a Constitutional Right and soon all potential Jurors will know.

Soon the public knowledge of this Constitutional Right of Jury Nullification will be spreading like wildfire all over the Internet and every Juror will know about it even though all Judges prevent any attorney from mentioning it even though they are breaking the law to do so. No Jury of peers that was not cherry picked by dirty prosecutors would ever convict Snowden of anything if they knew their right to “Nullify.”

In the not too distant future, NO convictions of any Snowden or recreational drug user will be possible.

Soon due to legalization of recreational pot use and the spreading of knowledge about the right of any Juror to use his/her nuclear option Jury Nullification, few recreational drug users will be able to be convicted at all. And this process will become even more salient as the public becomes informed of how many USG officials and the NSA are operating as a part of a large international Organized Crime cabal and also as a RICO crime syndicate, and must be brought to justice.

This is why our criminals in Congress and the USG worked so hard to get the illegal, Unconstitutional Patriot Act passed, so they could eliminate any right to a trial by Jury and just kidnap and incarcerate folks at Black Prison sites, never to be heard of again. Of course these Perps do not want this done to them, but maybe it should be at least for a while to give them a taste of their own sadism.

Snowden is not the Perp here who should be prosecuted for espionage, it’s the NSA!

Instead of being obsessed with prosecuting Snowden for whistle-blowing, how about getting obsessed with bringing all the NSA top Officials responsible for all this massive illegal Unconstitutional NSA spying and espionage against Americans to justice and final judgement with prejudice? This State Department  spokesperson is expressing incredible hypocrisy and must be exposed for these “in your face” blatant lies and deceptions on behalf of the NSA and her controllers.

Yes, how about the US Department of Justice being cleaned out of its corrupts rats and then prosecuting the NSA Kingpins for massive espionage against Americans, and for their Treason, Sedition and RICO, all done on behalf of a foreign entity, the large Organized Crime Cabal, the Khazarian Mafia?

What was the real truth this State Department Spokesperson was concealing from the American People with her bald-faced Big Government Lies, Propaganda and False-narratives?

Actually she was spinning nonsensical absurd arguments about Edward Snowden’s disclosures and re-labeling his whistle-blowing of serious NSA crimes as a crime against America while also trying to shift blame to him and keep it away from the NSA and the USG where it should be addressed by every American that loves America and hates USG corruption and its secret war against mainstream America and Americans.

If this State Department Spokesperson ever answered questions truthfully at any news conference, that is if she varied from her talking points radically and truthfully, she would be fired within minutes, would everything she ever worked for, and would find herself on the “No Work List”, on the TSA “No Fly List”, and on the “Domestic Terror Watch List.” Obviously this can produce a very strong motivation to be a “true believer” and being willing to drink the USG Koolaide comprised of Big Government Lies, Propaganda, and False-narratives.

Partners in espionage and crimes against America and the American People on behalf of a large Organized Crime Cabal.

And be certain of this both the NSA and the US State Department are partners in a secret war being waged against the American People and have been committing some of the most serious crimes ever committed inside America since 9-11-01 which was initiated by the large international Organized Crime Cabal that actually pulls their strings.

It can never be a crime to report these serious crimes against Americans which include espionage, treason, Sedition and RICO on behalf of a foreign based Crime Cabal which has infiltrated and hijacked numerous USG Agencies. And in fact Snowden should be highly commended and rewarded for serving America and We The People.

The NSA and its little puppet the US State Department are in a tizzy-fit over Snowden.

The NSA and its little puppet the US Department of State are in a tizzy-fit because they got caught with their pants down lying through their teeth. they are furious that now all Americans and the World know that this agency the NSA and the US Department of State are puppets for the most evil group on individuals that ever existed in history.

Yes, she was doing all this to conceal and deceive the American people and the World on behalf of the NSA and those who own it and control it, a group of malignant Judaic Tribalists best described as the Khazarian Mafia but also known as the Rothschild World Zionists private Fiat Banksters operating out of the City of London Financial District, a separate nation with its own ambassadors like the Vatican.


Yes, this State Department Spokesperson was spinning and lying to to help the NSA keep some of their incredibly serious crimes against We The People and the World covered up forever because the real truth about them is their complete Achilles Heel (in spades).

And what is this Achilles Heel of the NSA and those Twelve men who really control it from from the shadows?

What is this Achilles Heel of the NSA and their owner and controller the Khazarian Mafia (KM) when completely disclosed will eventually cause the disassembling of the NSA piece by piece and the discontinuance of its secret war and Treason, Sedition and Espionage against We The People, which has been the most egregious violations of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights ever conceived or perpetrated?

Their main NSA Achilles Heel is that the NSA illegally and Unconstitutionally surveils and spies on all Americans (and the whole World) to steal all military secrets and intellectual property to give to their own Kingpins and Cutouts, especially Israeli communications, technology and defense related businesses, giving them a strong economic and technology edge and severely harming American business and product development.

This massive Intel is also used on behalf of the Khazarian mafia and its main action-agent the Israeli lobby (Israeli espionage fronts inside America) to use to human compromise and blackmail American politicians and Supreme Court Justices if necessary.

The other purpose is to use this illegal, Unconstitutional NSA Intel against “We The People” and everyone else in the World to keep total control and enforced tyranny.

All NSA raw data is directly downloaded to Israel via satellite and used by the Khazarian Mafia (KM) in their massive war against American, Americans and the rest of the World.

Shadow governmentIt is high time the whole World gangs-up on this incredible Criminal Enterprise from Hell, the NSA, the destroyer of freedom and the creator of mass bondage, which is owned and controlled by Khazarian Mafia (KM) and is its obvious tool.

So we now know for certain that stolen NSA Intel is used to deploy terrorism and engineer wars in order to produce incredible amounts of mass painful human death, human suffering and destruction of whole cities and nations like Iraq and Pakistan.

And why is the Khazarian Mafia (KM) so obsessed with doing all this? There are actually esoteric reasons which have been disclosed in a prior article, but beyond that the KM has an age old agenda to take down the whole World and mass-murder approximately 90% of the population using a variety of sinister, covert and incredibly evil means.

We now know that Terrorism is pre-engineered and deployed by the Khazarian mafia (KM) to serve as a justification to the masses to fight illegal wars on behalf of the Khazarian mafia, the World’s largest Organized Crime Cabal which is empowered by the criminal and inhuman Rothschild private Fiat Banksters, best described as the World Zionist Malignant Judaic Tribalists.

Of course it has now been discovered that not only are these WZs/KMs pretending to be Judaic Converts, they are really hard-core Luciferians that run a Worldwide Occult Network of Evil comprised of other soulless Kingpins and Cutouts.

What exactly is the Khazarian Mafia (KM), where did it come from and what is its secret history which the KM has carefully excised from the history books?

The credit for this discovery of the Secret History of the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and much of the background regarding this evil malignant Tribes background must go to Veteran Today’s own Financial Editor, Columnist and Talk Show Host Mike Harris, who has done a magnificent job uncovering the hidden history of this evil Luciferian Cult.

It turns out that the Khazarian Mafia (KM) has a long, notable and incredibly evil history going all the way back to the notorious nation of Khazaria. This nation became incredibly evil, was known to be populated by thieves, liars, murderers and was noted for having no known religious beliefs.

Khazarians became known for being road warriors, robbing and murdering travelers and then stealing their identities and impersonating them whenever possible. The problem became so bad that neighboring nations, especially Russia rose up against them and gave their King an ultimatum.

In about 700 AD, they told the Khazarian King that he must select one of the three Abrahamic Religions (Christianity, Islam or Judaism) as the official Khazarian religion and the populace must be raised with it and practice it or else Khazaria would be attacked from all sides and destroyed. The Khazarian King chose Judaism for his national religion, but only on the surface and kept practicing ancient Babylonian Talmudism and encouraged his elites and court to do so in secret.

The Khazarian Mafia (KM) is motivated by secret Luciferianism which is actually a horrible Malignant Judaic Tribalism, also appropriately called Kabbalism.

This secret Khazarian religion which the king and his inner court kept practicing is best described as Luciferian Kabbalism or frank Satanism and also involved periodic child sacrifice blood rituals using kidnapped non-Khazarians. Obviously this Luciferian Kabbalism was incredibly evil and produced a malignant Tribalism which hid behind a phony form of Judaism some experts have labelled “synagogue of Satan.”

This Malignant Khazarian Tribalism (phony Judaism) produced a massive paranoid racial delusion in its converts which was of course solidified and increased by the WZ engineered Nazi work camps in Germany in WW2 where hundreds of thousands of Judaics in Europe were kidnapped at gunpoint and taken to work camps to work as slaves for the Rothschild Banks and the large international corporations like AT&T, IBM, Ford, Standard Oil and Union Bank.

The Khazarians did not change their ways and in fact became even worse robbers, thieves, murderers and began to specialize in identity theft and name changes to conceal crimes. It go so bad the surrounding nations including Russia which was the catalyst invaded Khazaria in about 1100-1200 AD, extracted justice where possible and sacked and destroyed Khazaria as a country. This resulted in surviving Khazarians leaving the area and scattering to other nations.

The United States of America has been plagued with Khazarian mafia infiltration since 1913 when the federal reserve Acts was illegally and Unconstitutionally passed into law on Christmas Eve with no proper quorum. In recent years numerous False-flag attacks have been instituted in America by the Khazarian Mafia, its Associates, Cutouts, Assets and Sayonims.

The Khazarian Mafia (KM) is a sinister, incredibly anti-human evil Luciferian cult that specializes in human sacrifice and deployment of mass murder to extract as much painful human suffering and death as possible.

But the Ruling Class Khazarian Cabal continued their Satanic practices and claimed to be empowered by Lucifer directly in exchange for their willingness to murder and bleed out children and infants as blood sacrifices to Lucifer to obtain what they claimed was Lucifer’s “teeming power.” And they plotted to someday extract revenge from Russia and those who destroyed their nation Khazaria.

Using the Black arts of Secret Assassinations, name changes, impersonation, identity theft, infiltration and Babylonian Money-Magick, these Khazarian super-elites became the European Moneychangers and learned to secret and craftily extract wealth from those who used their banking services. But at the same time they also developed the use of pernicious usury and the miracle of compounding interest to even secretly extract more wealth from their users.

Then as their secret wealth grew and their secret espionage skill developed to a high level of sophistication, these Khazarian Mafia (KM) were able to infiltrate and hijack England by installing Oliver Cromwell who made it safe for the Moneychangers to hijack the British Monetary Production and Distribution System and actually take over control over the whole nation of the UK.

It is important to note the fact that Khazarians are not Semites at all, in comparison to the Sephardic Judaics which are Semites like 80% of the Palestinians. This is born out by the latest peer reviewed genetic testing at John Hopkins.

England gets infiltrated and hijacked by the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

Under the Khazarian Mafia’s rule, England became a World Naval power and had the most colonies. But the Russians assisted America in their successful revolution and this began a loss of Colonial sea power for Khazarian Mafia (KM) ruled England. It would turn out that the KM would never forget this and would harbor a grudge to extract revenge against Russia.

dope in4The KM heard about Turkish opium production and that it could be smoked and was incredibly habit-forming. These KM Banksters of the City of London had been angry at China for all their Gold and Silver they had to pay for Chinese spices and silk. So they decided to use Opium as a weapon of economic war against China to get it back. And they were incredibly successful by selling opium in China.

But eventually the Chinese went to war over this on two occasions., now referred to as the Opium Wars. Ever since this time the KM has specialized in international narcotics trafficking and have shown their soulless nature, lack of any human consciousness and frank sociopathy. And if anyone want to understand more about this KM addiction to illegal drug profits, read the classic book, Dope Inc.

And this is exactly what they did because the KM started and financed Bolshevism and used it to run the Russian Revolution, murder the Czar’s family, bayoneted the Czar’s daughter through the stomach and then proceed to use its KM Bolshevik henchmen to torture, rape, gut and mass-murder 22 million Russians initially and then continue for years onward until over 100 millions Russians were mass murdered.

Thanks to veterans Today Senior Staff the World now has been informed of the Khazarian Mafia’s large Organized Crime problem.

3d230d44-320x285The Veterans Today Senior Staff has been instrumental in disclosing the Khazarian Mafia’s sinister Organized Crime plan to deploy staged Terror to start wars from which they can extract incredibly large profits form lending money to both sides and extracting tax payer money for their partnered Defense Contractors and Corporations.

And thanks to the major earth shattering disclosure for the very first time anywhere by Veterans Today Senior Editor and Chairman Gordon Duff at the historic Damascus Conference of Combating terrorism and religious Extremism which sent and continues to send shock-waves around the Whole World, we now know that the root problem of Terrorism is best described as a very large Worldwide Organized Crime problem.

Is there even more behind the smiley-faced deception of this US Department of State Spokesperson’s ?

Let’s go take another step behind this very attractive US Department of State spoke-person’s smiley face and examine the Big Government Lies, the USG Propaganda and False-narratives of the US Department of State on behalf of the NSA and those twelve international criminals who own and control it.

What else is driving these smiley-faced lies and deception upon We The People?

Ever since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA’s illegal, Unconstitutional spying on Americans and most of the governments and people of the World, the NSA has been in a tizzy fit because they have been caught being involved in a covert war against every American Citizen (excluding Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens) on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

criticize (2)

Edward Snowden’s exposure of the NSA’s crimes and Secret War against We The People is upsetting enough to the Super-elite Deviant Pedophiles, the Khazarian Mafia (KM), also known as the World’s largest Organized Crime Cabal.

The KM is known to be comprised of what is best described as “Malignant Tribalists” that have infiltrated and hijacked the American Monetary production and Distribution System and the whole American Political System through Israeli espionage fronts like AIPAC, JINSA, the Defense Policy Board, the Joint in NYC, the ADL, Bnai Brith and the like.

But there is more, oh so much more to this sordid story of the World’s largest Organized Crime Cabal infiltrating and hijacking the NSA. Yes, there is so much more to this story of unfathomable, unimaginable evil which so nasty that it is almost incomprehensible even when exposed to ordinary individuals.

Yes, thanks to the Snowden disclosures of the massive Treason, Sedition and RICO of the NSA, it has now alos been exposed as having declared and deployed a covert war against America, Americans and the rest of the World too on behalf of this same Khazarian Mafia (KM) also known as the City of London Rothschild World Zionists (WZs) and their Worldwide Network of henchman (Cutouts, Sayanims and assets).

It is now known that the Khazarian Mafia (KM) created Israel in 1947 to use as its private thief-dom and base of operation to take down America and the whole World.

And yes, the ruling party the Likudists are now functioning as the KM’s main action-agent and thanks to Edward Snowden’s disclosures is now directly linked to the attack on America on 9-11-01 which was wrongly blamed on Mideast Islamics and used to justify illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, perpetual and unwinnable wars of aggression in the Mideast.

And what is the secret goal of this Khazarian Mafia? It is an multi-generation old attempt to institute Bolshevism in every nation and take down the whole World to create their long desired “Greater Israel.”

But there is even more that the Khazarian Mafia Chieftains (The Bloodthirsty 12) are afraid of We The People learning about their Khazarian Mafia and their Neo-Bolshevik game plan.

And that is their incredible fear that that We The People will learn that they did the Attack on America on 9-11-01 and that it was a nuclear attack using decommissioned and reprocessed W-54 Pitts stolen out the backdoor of Pantex in Texas.

6corps-320x3163Because all Major Mass Media in America are controlled by six Khazarian Mafia owned and controlled criminals pretending to be law abiding citizens, this incredible evil has been kept from the We The People.

However Snowden’s massive Intel dump on the crimes of the NSA which is also owned lock stock and barrel by the Khazarian Mafia (KM) has blown this wide open and brought the actual documented facts about this incredible crime against America and We The People into the Public Domain for the very first time ever.

How does the NSA act when it is caught lying through their teeth and engaging in a secret war against America and Americans on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia?

Well, they just lie more and send US Department of State two-faced puppets to spin more lies to try and get them off the hook for their Treason, sedition and massive espionage against the American people on behalf of their owners and controllers the Khazarian Mafia, a bloodsucking parasite conceived in Hell and which just happens to be the greatest mass-death and human suffering machine in all of history.


The main reason that the KM and their puppet the NSA is so frightened of Edward Snowden’s disclosures is that they will become fully exposed for their nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01 and their massive surveillance, espionage against all Americans and the World, and once this is understood by We The People, mainstream America and the American Military will extract incredible revenge on the Khazarian Mafia (KM) wherever they are including the America, the City of London, Israel and the wherever they have craftily infiltrated.

And the only stopgap are their six owners of the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which are now losing control over the News because the Worldwide Internet is the New Gutenberg Press of the World and is publishing and broadcasting incredible amounts of Truth Nuggets all over the World.

The strange working relationship between the International Zionist Crime Syndicate and the Bush Crime Cabal who became joined at the hip because they both work for the Kazarian Mafia (aka Rothschild World Zionists WZs), one is the right hand and the other is the left hand.

And for the first time ever after the Bush/Scherf Crime Cabal assassinated JFK and rose to ultimate power it joined the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (aka the IZCS or Kosher Nostra) and became “joined at the hip.”

The Bush/Sherf Crime Cabal infiltrated and hijacked the CIA and now specializes in hiring mercenaries, sheep-dipping them as terrorists in order to start wars, and makes trillions in black funds from international narcotics and weapons trafficking. And we now know for certain that the BCC was created by the Khazarian Mafia (KM) to serve as their main Stateside action-agent and protector. The IZCS was the operational arm of the KM/Rothschild Banksters of the City of London.

In a strange twist of fate, it now seems that the BCC appears to be undergoing a major leadership change. It now seems that the BCC has decided to expose Israeli Intel and its Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens for its role in 9-11-01 and for its creation of the massive debt-slavery now plaguing Americans by asset stripping Americans through there phony  Fiat Counterfeiting System called the Federal Reserve System.

Perhaps the BCC believes that if it manages this disclosure properly it can remove their main rival as well as the City of London Khazarian Mafia and its Stateside Malignant Judaic Tribalists all in one big operation, putting them in the catbird seat where they always wanted to be.

The best result would be for We The People to gain a full understanding of all this, to rise up in American Spirit and fury and then completely disassemble both the Kazarian Mafia (KM), their International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) and the Bush/Scherf Crime Cabal (BCC). And unless the KM/IZCS/BCC can censor or stop the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, it is likely they will be eventually doomed since we now know for a fact that all secrecy is now ending.

Recently in a very interesting development, the Russians placed a story on Pravda for internal circulation only which was not published. This story claims that Russian satellite Intel proving that the USG has been lying about the 9-11-01 attack on America and that they may be publishing this data which will prove beyond doubt that the USG was complicit in the attack on America on 9-11-01 which was nuclear.

Any major Russian disclosure with actual photos to the French or Italians who will certainly publish it in their mainstream media will likely cause major problems for the NSA and it secret owner and controller the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and its illicit stepchild the criminal apartheid state of Likudist Israel.

High_Treason (2)

This kind of major blockbuster disclosure will of course fully expose those traitors in the JCS, USAF, NORAD and the FAA at the time the 9-11-01 False-flag, Gladio-style, inside-job attack on America was initiated, and this will include all the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens, PNACers, Top NeoCons, that were the main planners of 9-11-01.

The bottom line is this, Edward Snowden is a great American hero. He was well within the law to expose the NSA’s illegal, Unconstitutional RICO crimes and espionage against America on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia. No one can legally be prosecuted for anything as long as what they expose is Treason, Sedition, Rico and just plain Unconstitutional with one cavet. As long as no launch codes or operational Intel from ongoing battle operations are released, which Snowden did not do.

None of these matters exposed by Snowden should ever be allowed by the NSA or any other American Intel Agency and everyone at the NSA and above including those in the KM, the IZCS or the BCC who ordered and directly participated in this mammoth Treason, Sedition and RICO must be fully prosecuted for these capital crimes, no exception.

Perhaps some leniency deals can be cut for those that surrender to the nearest US Magistrate and sing like canaries. If justice is done in regard to this a lot of high USG and NSA Officials will be hung along with numerous Dual Citizen Traitors and infiltrators. And if the American People ever fully understand who actually did the 9-11-01 attack on America and that it was nuclear and how the crooked judges covered it up, it will be the certain end for the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

How interesting it is that every bit of what Snowden has was stored and disseminated all over the World in various data caches which Russia has full copies of. A good bet is that eventually every single thing the NSA has been doing to oppress, tyrannize, mind-kontrol and murder Americans will eventually be made public, all of it. And the more the NSA and its minions push to stop the process the faster it will likely occur.




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  1. As Detlef Reimers points out, we’re living in a dying age, one in which pathological lying is policy and no where more so than at the US State Dept. Jen Psaki’s shtick, overdone, cutesy little-girl demeanor and good looks can’t wave away the fact she’s a pathological liar working for worse.

  2. “” it is us, humans they really need for without us there is nobody to serve them and they would not have any fun without anybody to abuse.””

    Please do not fool yourself about how many sheeple they need for servants . We need to convince the ashkenazis talmudic zionists that they need us all ( good luck with that ) and that [ abuse ] does not mean exterminate and is not fun regardless of what it means . The sheeple have a major survival project to engage .

  3. Yes, if she varied from her script in a major way she would be out of a job very quickly. Assume that she drank the World Zionist Koolaide a long time ago and is socially cloned to be a “true believer.”

  4. “The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism.” (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 143-144).

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn,
    “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They Hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse…More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their blood- stained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of its perpetrators.”

    • Esau/Edom, and the Trail of the Serpent – VI – Bible Believers

      …..Thus, Esau/Edom was absorbed by marriage into the Canaanite race. ….. the Ashkenazim Rothschilds, whose name means “Red Shield” signifying Edom, or the …

      JEW™ A three letter word, that has been a ‘block of stumbling’ to the worlds understanding, since the 18th century. SEE Also SEE With many years of study, research and OBSERVATION I have found that, that word is part of a far reaching Diabolical Plot, and that word has been one of the most effective tools in achieving the Goals of those that want to bring about Global Despotism, aka. The N.W.O. In fact, that word, with all of it’s built in deceptions, led to the N.W.O.s Crowning Achievement, the State of ISRAEL! http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/bb981014.htm ://edomsthorn.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/edom-the-story-of-jacob-and-esau-is-not-just-a-stor/

  5. I gave up after five minutes of listening to the lady of “Evil With A Nice Face”….seen her before, rank amateur, kudos to the questioner he seemed to know his objective……or am I back to naivety and being sold a pub again.

  6. Dr James, readers of VT, I am currently concerned about my state of Missouri, a prominent death on Thursday, a “suicide”, a very strange one. As usual, the guy isn’t even depressed. The guy is the state auditor, and he called the St Louis Post-Dispatch and set up an interview at his house. Then less than 7 minutes later, a gunshot is heard, an apparent suicide (The 911 call after his death, was made 7 minutes after he made his appt.)

    I don’t buy it. Nobody sets up an interview with 2 press agencies, and then kills himself a few minutes later. From the Feb 27 (yesterday) Post-Dispatch, “Tom Schweich, Missouri’s Republican state auditor and a leading contender for the governor’s office in next year’s election, died Thursday after apparently shooting himself in his Clayton home… A 911 call was made from Schweich’s home at 9:48 a.m., seven minutes after Schweich had left a voicemail requesting an interview with a Post-Dispatch reporter. Schweich was taken to Barnes-Jewish Hospital where he was pronounced dead, Murphy said.

    The Post-Dispatch interview, which was also to include an Associated Press reporter, was set at his Clayton home for later in the day. The subject of the interview, according to Schweich’s comments to the Post-Dispatch’s editorial page editor, was Schweich’s belief that a top state GOP official had spread false information about him.”

    • He was the state Auditor, so it could be hanky-panky involving money. But I wonder if it might have anything to do with a proposed law that does 2 things: 1. prohibits the state from requiring police officers to have body cameras, also cameras on their vehicles, boats, aircraft, etc used on the job. 2. states that any such camera footage is NOT public info, and can NOT be released by the police, except by court order. (Does this mean that citizens of certain towns should wear their own cameras for their safety?)

      The proposed law:
      “Current Bill Summary – SB 331 – Under this act, any footage from a camera worn by a police officer or attached to a police officer’s vehicle, watercraft, aircraft, or other device is not a public record and may not be released by a law enforcement agency except upon court order.
      This act prohibits the state from requiring peace officers to wear cameras or attach cameras to their vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, or other devices. The state is also prohibited from requiring law enforcement agencies to provide such cameras to their officers.”

  7. Dr James, in addition to the info Mike Harris uncovered (does he have a book?) I found a lot of historical detail in Christopher Story’s mammoth book, The New Underworld Order. He was working on a 2nd edition at the time of his assassination.

  8. Godof book is satan. Judaism was created by banksters to solidify their clan. I don’t understand vt obcession with khazarians. They took this religion because it fitted their lifestyle.

    • There is a whole lot you are missing in the Khazarians hidden “bandito” history. VT is not obsessed, but
      Mike Harris and I have been working on the origins of the Khazarian Mafia. he has finally discovered some
      important history and now we know a lot more about it. This article contains those discoveries.

  9. I appreciate vt efforts but blaming kc amounts ti misguiding. Judaism itself was created by banksters and that should be starting point. Though banksters predates Judaism and they used to control most temples. Religion by book them have better control.

    Also, we should not foget other two continents that were free of book God (actually satan) – incas and mayans. One cursory comparison and you can see who were ruled by God (no book required because God is self evident) and who were ruled by satan.

    Ofcourse satan murdered all the God people. And here we are today to see both side and make a decision – are we going to follow God of book (satan) or are www going to follow God?

  10. Rothschilds all-seeing-eye NSA spy ..centered within their NWO “capstone”…. zero to do with“enlightenment” and more about pilfering the planet while destroying humanity…..top-down evil, cunning mixed with insatiable greed, common thievery, deceit, human blood-lust …capstone in archaeology = “a large flat stone forming a roof over the chamber of a megalithic tomb”…. let their planned measure for us be turned upon them with a divine vengeance

  11. A broader look at the perpetrators is a study I found called The Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy (How the bankers took over the World). Unfortunately it looks like the US, having been birthed essentially by the Illuminati (excluding, of course, the original Puritans who were Christians) has been involved in the daemonic for a very long time (how else would one describe the intentional genocide of the Native Americans?). Manly P. Hall: “Not only were American founders Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe, which helped them to establish this country for a peculiar and particular purpose known only to the initiated few”. Hall further suggests that Franklin was among those initiated few, but unfortunately he does not specify who was that secret and august body, or who controlled it.” “American Freemasons followed the same ideology that emerged in Germany from Jewish intellectuals and spread through secret societies” — The Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy

  12. From jewishvirtuallibrary :

    Hebrew University scholar and historian Professor Shaul Stampfer dedicated four years to researching this topic in depth and thoroughly from 2010-2014 and found that “the conversion of the Khazars is a myth with no factual basis”. He came to this conclusion after analyzing sources from various fields and finding that there was no reliable material or historical evidence of a mass conversion to Judaism by the Khazars. He found no mention of a Khazar conversion to Judaism in any contemporary sources from the Byzantine empire, Egypt, or any other historical source.
    Wide acceptance of this thesis could cast doubt on Jewish ties and claims to the land of Israel.

    This seems reversed to me. I thought the jews had no ties to the land because they were khazars, not because they were not?

    • Khazarian history has been carefully excised so this researcher’s false conclusions are understandable.

  13. Dear Mr. Preston James, thanks for this article. It it first of all provoking in itself, the essence might be – for some casual readers – be provoking, but nevertheless it’s telling the hard to believe truth about some of the most important leaders of world affairs.
    Since the time of the Hessian anti american – pro english – mercenary forces (backed through german and english banks with the active work of launedering of god father Rothschild, the first from Frankfurt) we’ve been wittnesses of ongoing banker wars, of sometimes complete destruction of former civilized areas of Europe, only to serve money and more and more unlimited money power.
    The servants of the states resisted first, then they learned about their masters, from bad experience, and then they simply gave up. Following them is now a generation of well choosen, absolute incompetend, bribable and sociopathic characters (more and more from both sexes and equally bad). To get a position as an influential managerof a private firm is only possible by totally agree with all the policitalcorrect postions, otherwise you’ll become a laughing stock. The same action has long been on the way in politics. No one of us should wonder to see unpersons like Tony Blair or Junior Bush becoming chiefs of state, not knowing how to add 13 and 25 or where Algeria can be found.
    This is part of a dying age, please don’t be too much surprised, you’ve all only been watching quietly without real concern, because private affairs seem to be much more relevant. Until, may be, it’s beeen too late. Thanks Mr.

  14. The free market seems to be owned by the Federal government if they can steal the next best thing in technological advancement and manipulate the revenue from that tech in a manner that prevents an open market system from actively engaging in job growth and higher incomes.

  15. Actually Dr. James two can play at this game. You have given me an idea. Anyone who wants is welcome to friend Jack Heart on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jack.heart.102?sk=wall). Don’t be concerned that it says George Esposito. Facebook refuses to host Jack Heart. There they will get to meet and exchange political opinions with some of the most exotically beautiful and ruggedly attractive people in the world. We try to always carry the latest posts by Jim Dean, Gordon Duff and Dr. James, there you can read them and exchange opinions on them with people who aren’t afraid to show you what they look like, exactly who they are and tell you just what they think. Everyone is welcome. I censor nothing and turn down no friend requests. We have committed Zionists and National Socialists posting on the same wall. All I ask is courtesy toward each other…

    • While we don’t always agree Jack, I do respect you and your work and you are a stand up man who has the guts to speak up.

    • Jack – I hope you are including Madame Rothshite aka Ellie Katsnelson, in your exotically beautiful and ruggedly attractive people in the World……. 😉

  16. This statement makes no sense because the essence of Judaism is the Babylonian Talmud, ” The Khazarian King chose Judaism for his national religion, but only on the surface and kept practicing ancient Babylonian Talmudism and encouraged his elites and court to do so in secret.” I add 2+2 and get 4 sorry.Also, did you know that England legalized slavery in the colonies 6 years after the Jews were let back in? 1661. I am the only one I have read or know about to make the obvious connection there. I bring it up because you always do sleight of hand not to blame the Jewish elites for what is going on.Number 1 the “khazzarians are today’s Jewish elites. You can quibble if they really are Jews but the Jews think they are Jews

    • Sorry but I don’t understand your point. This is an ancient Luciferian cult that keeps changing its presentation but the family lineage remains the same as does the psychopathy. This cult infiltrated and hijacked the City of London, gained control over private Central Fiat Banking and the England, intermarried with the nobility and took complete control.

      Look, the Jewish elites are impersonators who practice a Luciferian perverted form of Judaism and never were real Judaics anyway. This is age old Luciferianism aka Black-Magick Satanism going all the way back to ancient Babylon. Because they acquired so much wealth and power they could distribute the top professional positions and high ranking occupations to their fellow Tribal members in order to mind-kontrol them with Malignant Tribalism, in this case a paranoid racial delusion.

      Khazarians are not Semites like the Sepahardic Judaics and 80% of the Palestinians according to the latest peer reviewed genetic research. Some researchers believe Khazarian Mafia Chieftains are from the ancient soulless Cain bloodline.

    • Joe and Preston, it does matter too much for what offical form of ideology an influential group is preferring at any time. Relevant is the essence of their ideology. Sadly, to my knowledge there is not a single ideology that has ever served for the benefit of mankind, all have totally failed (because this was intended from the beginning) and caused massive and totally destruction of whole countries of (as in the actual case of the US) the long draining and dumbling down of a country, and at the same time telling the people they live in a real democracy. Edward Bernay would laugh in his grave if he saw the current state of political affairs in most of the western countries. Degrading the most influential people of a country to laugheable and shameful criminals makes a whole country sink into growing political agony.
      What I would add is this, it’s not only an active business of influential jews, who do this. The world is full of born sociapats, which normally are controlled or isolated by a functioning communtiy. Today, they are the basis of our perverted – dept and fraud based – economies. The social engineering is only an additional aspect to all of this. Religion plays no part in it, it’s only ideology and that’s bad.
      Detlef Reimers, Ph.D.

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