Who Killed Boris Nemtsov?


Summary: In all likelihood, the February 27 assassination of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov is part of the CIA’s campaign of discrediting Russian President Vladimir Putin and destablizing the nuclearly-armed Russian Federation.


A few hours ago, on the evening of February 27, 2015, Boris Nemtsov (1959-2015), former deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation and a leader of the Russian opposition, was murdered, some 200 meters away from the Kremlin.  According to a CIA-sponsored publication that lost no time in updating Nemtsov’s biography, he had been “an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin.”

Was President Vladimir Putin behind this murder—or was it someone else?

To begin with, everyone agrees that Putin is a brilliant strategist and politician.  Against all odds, he has so far brought Russia from the brink of utter poverty, disintegration, and disaster.  One has just to watch him improvising a press conference, calmly, competently, and tirelessly, to realize that one is dealing here with a real, almost forgotten, specimen of a lost art: superb statesmanship.

So, we need to ask ourselves:  What could Putin gain from the killing of Nemtsov?  On first sight, it might appear that he had plenty to gain, for the two were clearly at odds about the future direction of Russia.  But with an 85% popularity rating—by far the highest of any politician on our war-ridden planet—Putin has no need to assassinate his opponents.

Moreover, according to the facts put forward by a CIA-sponsored publication, and despite attempts to lionize the likes of Kasparov and Nemtsov in the Western captive media, Nemtsov was a political small potato who posed no threat whatsoever to the immensely popular Putin.

Thus, Wikipedia tells us: “In the parliamentary elections of December 2003 the Union of Rightist Forces, whose list was headed by both Nemtsov and Chubais, received just 2.4 million votes, or 4% of the total, thus falling short of the 5% threshold necessary to enter Parliament and losing all of its seats in the State Duma.” 

Nemtsov didn’t even manage to get elected as mayor of Sochi, winning a mere 14% of the vote in the 2009 mayoral elections of that city.  Putin would have to be not only ruthless but insane to order the killing of such an obviously unpopular fifth columnist.

Putin likewise must have been aware of the assassination of the late Alberto Nisman (1963-2015), the chief prosecutor of the 1994 car bombing of the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires.  Did President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner benefit from that probable assassination?  Did she gain anything at all from Nisman’s death?

The obvious answer is that she did not.  Nisman was a mere irritant to begin with, a confidant of the American government in charge of investigating a tragic event that took place many years before the Kirchners assumed power.  Moreover, owing to Nisman’s death, Cristina’s position has weakened considerably.  The murder has led, among other things, to demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of gullible Argentines who listen, watch, and believe their CIA-owned mass media.

Given the Argentine experience, would an acknowledged grandmaster of political strategy shoot himself in the foot by ordering the killing of a minor irritant?  Does Putin need to kill a man who says that Crimea should effectively belong to Russia’s enemies and would-be disintegrators —despite the overwhelming votes of the people of Crimea, despite the arbitrariness of Crimea ever belonging to Ukraine, despite Crimea’s critical importance to Russian security?  Could a former advisor to Ukraine’s IMF-owned former President Yushchenko  ever pose a threat to the patriotic and popular Putin?

As well, and contrary to everything we hear in the Western CIA-owned media, it would be totally out of character for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to order the assassination of political opponents.

Over the years, Putin had to put up with any number of home-grown traitors, who had deliberately or naively forgotten the entire history of Western crimes against Russia, and who had been dead-set on resurrecting the disastrous, servile, Yeltsin era.   And yet there is no evidence, solid or circumstantial, that Putin had ordered the assassination of dissenting voices.

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Or to give another of many example:  In 2008, one suspects, Putin would have liked to continue serving as president of the Russian Federation.  And yet, despite his probable wishes, despite the fact that Russia needed him, he chose to play by the rules and ceded the presidency—and at least some powers—to Medvedev.  Does that sound like a man who would assassinate a misguided or bribed unpopular opponent?

So, even if no candidates presented themselves for the role of Nemtsov’s would-be assassin, it would appear highly unlikely that President Putin would have been stupid enough, and heartless enough, to serve in that role.

But our story does not merely end in the exoneration of President Putin, for a likelier assassin readily presents itself: America’s shadow government.  That government is either directly involved in Nemtsov’s assassination, or used one of its proxies to carry it out (the list of proxies is certainly as long as it is hideous, and includes MI6, Mossad, the Saudi dictatorship, Ukrainian Nazis, Muslim henchmen such as Al Qaeda and ISIS—none of which would have hatched such a plan without the knowledge and sponsorship of the CIA).

So let us begin our indictment by asking:  Who could possibly expect to benefit from Nemtsov’s assassination?  We have seen already that this murder could on balance harm President Putin and his project for Russia.  On the other hand, the men in the shadows who constitute the real government of the USA (one of these of men alone, David Rockefeller, has certainly more power, by far, than the combined executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the American government).

These bankers, generals, and spooks, are clearly pursuing world domination.  For them, Russia is what Carthage was to Rome’s Cato the Elder.  Russia under Putin’s leadership is acting forcefully, fearlessly, and yet moderately in world affairs, and has recently stopped the conquest of Syria and the transformation of Crimea into an American military base.

These shadowy figures clearly want Putin out of the way.  If nothing else works, sooner or later they will surely assassinate him, but such a step would involve some unwelcome risks.  After all, unlike Chile’s Allende, Italy’s Moro, Congo’s Lumumba, Venezuela’s Chavez, Indonesia’s Sukarno, America’s Franklin Roosevelt, Walter Reuther, at least six members of the Kennedy clan, and thousands of other friends of the people everywhere, Russia has an impressive arsenal of nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles.

Given this bloody, incontestable history of assassinations of world leaders, given moreover Russia’s nuclear arsenal, is it not likely that the masters of the CIA would try to bring Putin down in a more subtle way?

And the Men in the Shadows have nothing to lose from such a gambit.  Nemtsov’s assassins were almost certainly top professionals.  In the unlikely case of exposure, they could be readily liquidated.  And, in the still more improbable event of tracing the plot to the CIA, there will be no outrage in the West—because virtually all sources of information in that part of the world are controlled by the CIA and its allies.

To continue our exploration of Boris Nemtsov’s death, we can next turn to history.  Is America’s shadow government capable of killing their friends, agents, and servants when such cold-blooded murders serve its long-term objectives?  The entire historical record is chockfull of precisely such examples.  Here, let us focus on just three recent incidents.

With much fanfare, the American government and its servile media (and Boris Nemtsov of course) immediately—and with no trace of supporting evidence–blamed Russia or Novorussian freedom fighters for the tragic downing of a Malaysian airplane and its 298 passengers over Novorussian airspace.

Following an extensive and immediate baseless media barrage, it gradually came to light  that this was a CIA-orchestrated false-flag event,  leading the western media to drop the subject.  If the CIA can order their Ukrainian puppets to kill 298 innocent men, women, and children to advance their agenda of world conquest, couldn’t they kill their Russian agent Nemtsov to advance that very same agenda?

Then we have another CIA success story, the so-called Maidan coup of 2014.  Everyone knows by now that this was a CIA-sponsored event.  We even know the price tag: 5 billion dollars (we may note in passing that CIA fascist coups d’état are subject to inflationary pressures too—in 1953, it only cost $100,000 to overthrow Iranian democracy).

As well, to remove the elected president of Ukraine from power, the CIA had Ukrainian snipers killing their own paid protesters in order to successfully turn Ukraine into a fascist dictatorship—and a thorn in Russia’s side.  If they can kill their comrades in Kiev, can’t they likewise kill comrade Nemtsov in Moscow?

For another example of American spooks’ subtlety and willingness to kill their own agents in order to smear their enemies, let us again recall recent events in Argentina.  In the 1970s and 1980s, the CIA had successfully installed or strengthened vicious dictatorships in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia.

The list of atrocities of these American-sponsored thugs is chillingly long.  Besides tortures, censorship, and fake nationalism, the Southern Cone’s dictators ceded everything to Western interests and brought misery and unemployment to ordinary citizens.  By the turn of the present century, Argentines had enough and managed to kick out the lackeys, oligarchs, and traitors who ruled over them.

By 2003 these imperial collaborators were replaced, first, with President Nestor Kirchner.  After Kirchner’s untimely death at age 60, his wife, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner won the presidential elections and continued her husband’s policies.  Despite vicious Western-owned media campaigns against the Kirchners, despite oligarchic opposition at home, the Kirchners have managed to partially defy the Men in the Shadows, pursue semi-independent policies, and bring greater prosperity and liberty to their countrymen.

Things got really ugly when Cristina balked an American judge who ordered her, the head of a sovereign nation, to pay an odious debt to politically powerful American vulture funds.  Another example of Cristina’s defiance is provided by the renationalization of YPF, an oil company.  She crossed the line, and had to be removed from power by any means necessary.

So, to protect herself, to make her assassination a bit less likely, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner wisely gave an emotional speech in late 2014, telling her countrymen and the world that her defiance of America might cost her life.  That of course made it a bit difficult for her would-be assassins to do her in.

No one should ever underestimate the professionalism and tenacity of the Central Institute of Assassinations, who most likely came up with a diabolically ingenious stratagem to overcome Cristina’s disobedience.

The full story of this sordid Nisman affair must and will be told elsewhere.  For now, suffice it to say that it is highly probable that the CIA solved that quandary creatively and professionally by killing one of their collaborators and a minor irritant for Cristina, a prosecutor of events that took place decades before.

And as we have mentioned, that killing had the desired effect—aided by the Argentine prostitute media—of bringing hundreds of thousands of cynical or ignorant protesters to the streets of Buenos Aires.

Needless to say too, unscrupulousness is entirely in character for the American government.  Rulers that killed, say, over one-quarter of a century, 2.5 million Iraqis on false pretenses, brought total chaos to this ancient and proud civilization, and left behind, forever, an environmental wasteland, are capable of any crimes whatsoever.  They would kill 1,000,000,000 Nemtsovs to achieve their goals, without once blinking an eye or suffering a single sleepless night.

So, in my view, the probability that the Russian government is behind the killing of Boris Nemtsov is close to zero, while the probability of involvement of the CIA and its allies and stooges is well over 90%.

And this, right here and now, before the dust of the bullets that terminated the life of Boris Nemtsev settles, allows us to make two predictions.

The first prediction is this.  The captive Western media will go out of their way to demonize Putin and attribute Nemtsov’s assassination to him.  Day and night we shall be bombarded with stories of the defiant and heroic Nemtsov and the perfidious and murderous Putin.

By the time they are done, the average Westerner or Japanese will be almost as familiar with Boris Nemtsov as she had been with Lee Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Patricia Hearst, or Osama Bin Laden.  No real evidence will be presented against Putin, for these villains understand human psychology far better than their opponents—repeat a lie often enough and you would have succeeded in smearing your opponent and justifying your plan of murdering him.

The second prediction is this.  The CIA will orchestrate anti-Putin demonstrations the world over.  We shall have anti-Putin concocted marches not only in the port city commanded by Wall Street, not only in the river city commanded by the City of London, not only in the ancient city commanded by the Vatican, but everywhere the CIA can stir up trouble.  More importantly—and this is one probable reason Nemtsov was killed—there would be demonstrations by traitorous, naïve, ignorant, or misinformed Russians.

If these predictions come true, they would lend further support to the assertion that, most likely, the CIA is behind the assassination of Boris Nemtsov.


Moti Nissani is the author of Lives in the Balance: The Cold War and American Politics, 1945-1991.  His recent postings include analyses of recent false-flag events and of the state-sponsored assassinations or attempted assassinations of Aaron Swartz, Lucia and Leo Krim, Michael Hastings, and Imran Khan.



  1. The plot must have been hatched in Ukraine,using the girl as honey trap and Chechen bandits,that CIA now runs from Ukraine,as executioners.

  2. So in some ways, the assassination оf Nemtsov is a next stab against Russia.
    And the Western reaction is an exclusive endorsement of this.
    It’s no exception that European and overseas Russophobes are organizers of this bloody action
    – those who dream about shooting innocent people on Euromaidan in Kiev, burning people in Odessa and shooting down the plane…
    So, and now Nemtsov… as a links of the same chain… Poroshenko, Biden, Nuland are responsible for his death,
    they stay behind of his murder – all those man who try to bleed Russia with European countries
    and let United States to take a completely dominant position in the world.
    And now not only Ukrainian, also Russian opposition got into the furnace of «gluttonous democratic» fire.
    It is turn of the second side of the imposed conflict – Europe.

    • Good grief-are you forgetting that the CIA used the Mafia to try to assassinate Castro? This is no secret-do a little research. And while you’re at it, please note the amazing coincidence that the Russian mafia were almost all Jews. And then look up Kosher Nostra. Governments use nasty people to do their wet work-including the good ole USA.

  3. He got what he deserved.
    One more scumbag thrown under the bus to further an agenda. Nothing new here.

  4. Moti Nissani: True, Nemtsov murder plays a discrediting role against Putin and Nisman´s against Kirchner, but in the last case, also it is another Netanyahu card against any US-Iran agreement. Indeed, Putin knows that in the early nineties, the US reinforced its Russian intel cadres, with most local desinchanted and empoverished elements able to kill anyone for a few bucks or a green card. Proof to that its the simulated Snowden boarding the Evo Morales returning plane which was later intercepted in Austria by direct pressure from the US without any regard to the Bolivian president inmunity as a head of state, certainly, Snowden was no not in the plane, but someone in Moscow airport was deceived and inmediatedly contacted the local CIA station. As far as Nisman , he was an Israely totally biased asset assigned to the AMIA case by presidential order without any prosecuting merits and, as such and alive was a drag to the investigation but dead, was worth his weight in gold to accelerate the presidential downfall and an extra push to the local jewish and israel´s favorite: Mauricio Macri. Also let´s keep in mind that his death was close in time to Netanyahu US Congress speech.

  5. Alex in facebook. Leonard Nemoy is not a puppet for your propaganda. You insult his name with a character he played on TV and use it to propel you argument which by the way lands in the pig slop. Keep up the good work attempting to accelerate the hate when all your really doing is propping up the arguments you lash out against. Again, very nice work.

  6. No Kalin I have not read the book. Who is it by, before I may become interested?

    I was not referring so much to the Jews in the Soviet Union (which by the way no longer exists) who are complicit with the crimes of Diaspora Jews supporting the regime change efforts in both the Ukraine and in Putin’s Russia. Yes, they (the Jews) have lost influence because Putin has jailed the oligarchs who stole state assets rightfully belonging to the people. One of the reasons the Zionist West wants Putin out one way or the other.

  7. It is rumoured that Nemtsov was on the take, of course from foreign interests. Russia on the other hand, was working on BRICS bank in cohesion with other partners, and i wonder if Nemtsov, was more useful in creating a stir dead, than when he was alive. If i had to guess, i’d just look at headlines, and most of the headlines are about Nemtsov, but not many are covering BRICS bank being ratified already by two of its members. Ahem, Russia and India ratified just before this happened, and no news absolutely what so ever in western sources, except that a “Putin critic” is dead. I would not be surprised if this chap was somehow connected with some plans with respect to BRICS and to destabilise it..

  8. Notice how in the photo of the corpse, Nemtsov’s stomach is bloated. That occurs hours after the death, maybe days? And in winter like it was, that would take even longer. Perhaps he was killed elsewhere and dropped there?

    Also, didn’t the news say there was a blood pool? But I didn’t notice one in the photos. Maybe there is more to the story or some other strange things. Now Duritskaya, his companion, says that she didn’t remember the actual event happening. She herself sounds a bit weird, because didn’t she abort Nemtsov’s kid or something?

    I have no opinion yet except that it probably wasn’t just personal or financially motivated.

    • Oh and another weird thing. In the photos there is no snow next to the body. And yet a snow plow just happened to go by at that moment? Weird story.

  9. Your knowledge of recent Russian history does not equate with your Russian sounding names. That is not to say locals cannot be deliberately or innocently ignorant of the millions of Russians killed or starved for regime change that supports Jewish crime and extortion of billions of rubles from the people.

    Winston Churchill warned of the threat of Jewish push for a new world order in an article in 1920 which mirrors the actions of Jews in the Ukraine and Russia today. Please read and think.


  10. OK I guess I’m safe then, I have a FB account to keep in touch with old classmates and relatives and the discourse is non political – its very tame to the point of boredom. But the section above these discussions says *Face Book Comments*, and that always worried me. I noticed that a few people are highlighted in blue when they are logged in but I was concerned that FB had somehow captured my registration here.Its been bothering me because you aren’t always aware of what they are sharing.

  11. Who cares who killed him! In the end, the universe has ridden itself of another ignoble creature of the United Satanic Sates of America.

  12. Hopefully now, this will compel Putin to release every last bit of 9/11/01 TRUTH he has been withholding. Vladimir Putin, it is time to play the ace up your sleeve. The world is waiting with bated breath. There comes a time in the chess game when it’s time to go for the kill. PLEASE, CHECKMATE THE SONS-OF-BITCHES IN THE US MAFIA NOW!!!

  13. I noticed the news report here in the Netherlands. Two “experts” commented on it and both said Putin was either directly or indirectly responsible. Indirectly if some nationalist did it because he created an atmosphere of nationalism, or some security agency or department thereof carried it out without Putin’s involvement.
    Then they went on to say that it might unite the opposition and make them stronger and weaken Putin’s position.
    Which spells out a motive for a whole other side the perpetrators could come from. But strangely they forgot to mention that option in their comment, but only touched it as a possible consequence of the murder. For one of the commentators obviously the preferred result.
    All in all it was, again, a very biased report in our news on the state channel.

  14. Russia is next. This is the ONLY conclusion that any sensible assessment will allow.

    The great deceivers and liars have their ‘Putin did it’ story instantly ready and waiting in the wings to condition the pea-brained ones. When these types of things happen try switching around from channel to channel – and you will instantly see the narrative being deployed by the usual talking heads. Just like 9/11.

    • I hear you Dave. Perhaps the only reason for watching (or should I say observing) any TV offerings today is as an exercise in anthropology. What conjuring tricks are being displayed before the human zombie element as the latest effort of psychological manipulation. Some human zombies make lemmings look positively intellectual.

      It is becoming easier to spot the crocodiles at the Wilderbest migration pond.

    • So true about the TV’s war and FF narrative being scripted across the board with identical, propagandistic talking points, which goes unnoticed by a booboisie glued to whichever channel encapsulates Zio memes in their preferred domestic-issue rhetoric. Speaking of encapsulation, did you notice this article employs rational suspicions about this assassination being voiced everywhere in the alternate media for the primary objective of insinuating that the Vatican works hand in glove with the CIA et al in such events, and that this is the reason this evidence-free article was posted on VT?

  15. Four shots in the back during a drive by shooting? Sounds more like an inner city event. Putin would be smart enough to use a patsy to create complete deniability.
    There is another simpler solution. The Ukrainian model Nemtsov was with could have been the girlfriend of a jealous local oligarch – and that’s the only politics involved.

  16. I smell “wabbits”

    Why would the most popular leader in the world have an insignificant opposition figure whacked ?.

    He wouldn’t.

    Everyone is pointing at the CIA, Which has long been neutered.

    I am pointing at Mossad, They hate Putin with a passion.

    Regardless, Their plan is a non starter.

    I spent hours at RT’s comment section conversing and taking their pulse. It soon became obvious that the Israeli shills were using every dirty tactic ever made to persuade the masses to blame Putin.

    They failed miserably, The Russians aren’t buying it.

    No doubt Putin is really pissed off, I can see S300’s being handed out left, Right and middle(east).

    The middle east is about to get a lot hotter, And if i was a Ukie leader i would be soiling myself.

    The whole thing doesn’t make sense unless it was the Israelis, It fits their twisted logic.

    Things are about to get vewy vewy interesting.

  17. Its possible that an isolated group of pro Russian nationals saw him as a Western puppet working the same divide and conquer strategy that’s been used all across the middle east and the Ukraine. But my hunch would be the CIA…he was worth more dying a martyr’s death than a living anti Putin organizer.

  18. “That’s because you’re retarded…Putin is the most corrupt Russian Politicians since Stalin..he has NO intentions of “cleaning house” lol unless you’re talking about eliminating his opposition. You realize putin hasn’t done good…him raising the GDP caused massive wealth disparity. And while racism isn’t a huge issue there bigotry is a major issue.” LOL……and Boris Yeltsin was a savior.

  19. Was Chip Tatum not involved in a black ops when the project was finished the order was given to ‘neutralize’ the whole team?

    Totally agree that this is an Empire hit.


    • Navy Seal Team 6 was quite possibly “Pat Tillman-ed” on that old, lumbering Chinook, never otherwise used for a hot combat insertion. They would have been safer riding in on mules.

  20. One would have to be
    born yesterday to believe Putin had this communist executed. I’m sure the world leaders Are well aware that we and the Mossad are behind this. The question is……how much more bullying can they take ?
    Someone of backbone has to expose these pirates and thugs, before we face some kind of thermal nuclear war and it would happen on our soil, it might just be the CIA that destroys our nation in that way, just because they can and are evil enough to do it.

    • The question that really needs to be asked is, how much more bullying can we, the people of the United States, take before we stand up to throw out the members of the Congress of the United States and get some democracy in our nation?

      Our rotten government is saturating us with propaganda to whip up approval of a war against Russia. First lie they bombard us with lies that Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia shot down a passenger plane over Ukraine. They tell us every day that Russian tanks and troops are entering Ukraine BUT WE NEVER SEE AND PICTURES! Putin is evil and is a threat to us. All these lies, day after day.

      The only way we can hope to change the rotten corrupt government of the United States, is to never again vote for any Republican or any Democrat. They are corrupt and do not heed the voice of the working people of this nation.

  21. If Putin wanted this guy gone it would have been a car wreck, ricin, or even digitalis. The CIA and MI6 are beyond pathetic. I’m sure a think tank put this in motion, more self important idiots that think they’re clever.

  22. A good time for Russian media to recall 12 notable US national political figures, all found murdered or suspiciously dead – Senators, Congressmen, Federal Prosecutors, Federal Judge, Governor, CIA Director – after questioning corruption or disturbing US oligarch leadership – since the 1963 JFK assassination. The list makes clear the ongoing menace of murder of any US prosecutor or national judge or politician who does not serve US ruling political families. Especially note the recent, media-hidden shooting murder of US Federal (national) Judge Roll after ruling against the US regime, along with the ‘suiciding’ deaths of two US Federal Prosecutors Ross and Colbert … ‘hits’ which keep even the US Supreme Court and all US prosecutors in terror and behaving submissively.

    Murdered, suspiciously dead or ‘suicided’ – US Federal Judge John Roll (shot dead 2011); US Federal Prosecutors Thelma Colbert & Shannon Ross (suicided 2004); US Congressmen Wayne Owens (dead in Israel 2002), Sonny Bono (fake accident 1998), Larry McDonald (plane shot down 1983), Hale Boggs & Nick Begich (plane crash 1972); US Senators Paul Wellstone (plane crash 2002), John Tower (plane crash 1991); US Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan (plane crash 2000); CIA Director William Colby (fake accident 1996).

    • What would be even better would be the transcript of Justice Roberts being threatened over his illegally gotten children and how to vote for O-care.

  23. Of course, Mr. Nissani is simply computing probability, but if you were a homicide investigator that is exactly how you determine what doors to knock upon first. And I have to say that I too immediately came to the same conclusion. These people are brazen – which is disgusting – but also has a positive trait – it makes them clear-cut, absolutely worth vehement opposition. This planet is infested with vile, criminal, murderous and treacherous persons, and we’re going to collectively have to route them, prosecute them and hand out sentences until the message is clear – lie, cheat, kill if you want – we believe in freedom, but the price for doing so will be dire, permanent and potentially fatal. This is why it is out of control – because for far, far too long we have allowed ourselves to duped and have therefore allowed it to occur.

    As for the TV – I would gently and sincerely advise everyone I can – turn off the TV. I deliberately do not watch TV for any reason. All we ever watch is movies, and we are very careful and selective about that as well, because movies are full of mind sculpting and propaganda messages. In fact, I am having T-shirts printed up that say “Turn Off the TV” and I’ll be wearing them in public on a daily basis.

  24. When I first heard this story I suspected this was a CIA operation. Good job putting the pieces totogether.

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