ISIS in a World of Liars (videos)


… by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Editor’s note: The videos are key in understanding what has and hasn’t been said.  The failure by many to simply pay attention has been our downfall.  We let liars and cheats interpret and twist what we are too lazy to listen to.  That has to change.

Today Netanyahu is before congress, lying.  He lied in 2002 about Iraq’s nuclear program and he lying now, according to his own intelligence agencies, according to the IAEA, the CIA and everyone else.  Netanyahu is a liar but hardly the only one.

Yesterday, Press TV in Iran published an article about a recent talk by General Allen, the US coordinator for the war on ISIS.  Press TV quoted him as saying the US planned no fly zones over Syria and was planning to arm “moderate opposition” against Assad and to supply air power in support of their war on Damascus.

Press TV lied, they made it all up, not for the first time.  It wasn’t just another of their recent hoax headlines or their Zionist inspired viewpoints supporting Netanyahu against Obama and, in doing so, perhaps helping Iran play the victim.

Or is it something worse?  Are there divides in Iran as there are inside Syria and Iraq?

What we are learning is this:  The army the United States spent 25 or 26 billion dollars training, that plus a missing 1-2 trillion dollars in graft along (in addition to the missing trillions prior to 9/11(with missing containers of real and counterfeit American currency), that army, that Sunni led army, that Takfiri -Wahabist army, what of it exists, is largely in Anbar Province and Mosul, riding around in vehicles.

They are ISIS, the core of ISIS.  Others are Jihadists trained by the CIA in Jordan or thousands more transported through Israel and Turkey, supplied there, given state of the art weaponry that the US says they plan to give their new “opposing force” to be trained in Turkey.

What the US hasn’t said and where Press TV lied, is that this force will be used against Damascus or that those operations would have US air support.  Press TV made that up.  Why did they do it?  This is no innocent lie, not when timed to Netanyahu’s speech in Washington.

This kind of bad faith, we may well call it fraud or treachery, discredits Iran and shows them to be an unreliable bargaining partner to a nuclear agreement, one that is tearing the United States apart. This is sabotage.

What we do have and what General Allen makes clear to a large extent is a Sunni Iraq nobody is willing to talk about.  When Petraeus was tasked by Bush and Cheney to stabilize Iraq, he was asked to do a “dark and dirty.”

What Petraeus did was fund the re-emergence of the Baathists, Saddam’s Sunni extremists, pay off the militias that had been fighting the US for years, and build what has turned out now to be the real core of ISIS strength. 

The Sunni tribal groups spreading from Anbar to Tikrit with the core of the old Revolutionary Guard of Saddam, aided by western intelligence agencies, floods of Saudi money and an endless stream of foreign fighters, fuel and weapons from Israel, transiting Jordan with full approval of the King, trucked in through Turkey, this is what has now gotten out of hand.

This is what Netanyahu opened the door to in 2002, he and his monkeyboy Bush.  Why do so many pro-Israel retired military or sitting politicians travel illegally into Syria to be photographed with Al Qaeda/ISIS/Al Nusra killers?  Is this what is needed to get a paycheck from Sheldon Adelson?

Then again, what drives Press TV?  We know why Netanyahu lies. View the entire Atlantic Council video below:

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  1. I am probably one of the “patriot idiots” out here medicis speaks of, but consider this. Pictures of these young boys, teenagers and adults with their weapons, riding in trucks and military vehicles (we’ve probably left over there,) more than likely these are people who think of themselves as “patriots.” Patriots from their own country attempting to preserve, protect and defend their own countries from the onslaught of this U.S. government’s elite failing leadership. The Bush/Clinton/Bush/Oblunder cabal of traitors has ignited and continues to enflame people as this while seemingly enjoying the constant financial burden heaped on We the People. When you cannot afford the appropriate medical care for your own maimed and disfigured military, lies need not be told to validate another war. You don’t tell your citizens we want your guns, then ban the access to the ammunition they will need to defend themselves when the inept government cannot defend their citizens against groups of foreign “patriots” as shown in pictures of ISIS, ISIL whatever they want to call themselves. Think this group is a little pissed off about America’s murderous rampage and destruction of their culture, homeland, parents, siblings, friends, etc;, etc;? Congratulations Bush/Clinton/Bush/Oblunder. Blowback is going to be costly and a pure hell? This the “rule of law, not the law of the jungle” BS Poppy!! What leadership you all have provided!!

    • Attacking the 2nd Amendment, and wanting our guns while telling how dangerous this group is shows this administration has no concept of what they are doing. If the retiring Attorney General Eric Holder, as he has stated, regrets his (only failure according to him,) inability to get our guns, then he is comfortable in leaving millions of Americans without the ability to defend themselves against some pretty young, vicious, and murderous rebels who have made numerous threats to the people of the U.S. of A. Makes no sense. Today, the police officers seem to be the ones shooting people they fail to deal with as human beings, as what recently took place in L.A. ISIS may be a little errant and misguided towards who they retaliate against, but when looked at like we do these cops shooting incidents, We the People need truly study what this government leadership has brought us (other then the massive debt.) There are many of us and few of them. As long as we have our weapons, they cannot subdue us. ISIS doesn’t really want to tangle with an armed society of Americans. Why does this American government want to leave us defenseless from these “patriots” protecting their own homeland from the same government that wants our guns?

  2. Gordon, all jhaines does is post previous written articles on her site, does this amount to liar?

  3. Allen lacks fire. He is not incompetent but I sometimes wish I would occasionally see signs of leadership.

    The Marines have had leaders in the past, Chesty Puller, Smedley Butler, more. That tradition is dead. They have become a tea and literary society.

  4. CIA spies like the head of the former “bin laden unit?”

    I am going to have to spend some time explaining the CIA. You can get no information from anyone from the CIA because they know nothing about anything. The CIA can’t inform, they can only disinform and they don’t even to that very well.

    • There are some great people there. The Press TV presenters do a great job for sure. I would probably blame Emadi, who seems to be a power mad incompetent, but it seems to go deeper than that.

      Who would want to fail?

  5. sabotage lurks in and around every camp including VT…as long as the filthy flag to Baal sits overpowering the Star Spangled Banner there will always be more than cause for concern, suspicion and imputing wrong motives.. especially when you’re on the receiving end of the evil manifesting through it
    interviewer asks” complicated issue where you’re not just focusing not only on ISIS but you also have an issue with Assad…Is it possible to draw a line between those two conflicts?”
    General 1:09 “In Syria you have the challenge of the synchronization of the counter ISIL strategy with the reality on the ground that those elements with whom we would seek to whom we would like to empower and with whom we would seek to create a capability , the moderate Syrian opposition…Syria is a very complicated issue, its not just an issue of dealing with Daish its an issue dealing ultimately with the political outcome in Syria and I think within the coalition there is broad agreement that there is no military solution ultimately to the outcome in Syria certainly the military solution sets potentially the conditions for other things to occur, but a productive, political, diplomatic track will be important over time and the US policy is that we would like to see a political outcome… not include President Bashar al Assad…The question isn’t the outcome, its not the ands it’s the ways and the means of getting there, the timeline of doing it and the ultimately of Bashar al Assads departure”.

  6. Mannerisms, facial and word emphasis reminded me of Barney Fife doing hilarious parody of such an authoritarian, frightened jerk.

    Moderator deflected the lady’s probing questions to filibuster to the end of the program.

    Chasing down the non-existent “causes” for
    “extremism” is an excuse for homogenization of world opinion and thought, aka pure Orwellian population suppression.

    Establish “message centers” in countries targeted for dominance by the US, aka “coalition partners” increases the spread of western interference via propaganda. It pushes forward in the news of the world battles, “the voice of islam”, led by Fraudi-arabia Wahabbism.

    I listened to the whole NWO, Orewellian newspeak and heard and observed traces of the presentation characteristics of the radio “evangelical christians”.
    Maoist thought and society control is veiled in searching for the conditions that bring the “rise of extremism” such as Daash, Isil, whatever name this week. Which means any signs of being “at odds with social norms” is a potential birthplace of “extremism”.
    And repeatedly the “general” referred to anywhere in the world, citing a list of false flags as “evidence”. He gave me the impression he had NO thoughts of his own.

  7. I noticed that too. Clearly when the US people said no to war against Syria, they just found another way–manipulation at a grand scale. I think they are just trying to burn much of the world to the ground.

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