Netanyahu’s farcical fear mongering

runner up, Mussolini Look-Alike Contest
runner up, Mussolini Look-Alike Contest
runner up, Mussolini Look-Alike Contest

… by Alan Hart

My Chambers dictionary defines farce (a noun) as “comedy of extravagant humour, buffoonery and improbability”; and farcical (the adjective) as “comical, risible, ludicrous. ridiculous.” Those are my terms of reference for this very short article on Netanyahu’s address to the political whorehouse known as the Congress of the United States of America.

His portrayal of an Iran on course to possess nuclear weapons for the purpose of annihilating Israel, plus the standing ovations and the applause his performance received, might well have pleased enough brainwashed Israeli Jews to vote in ways that guarantee he will emerge from Israel’s upcoming elections in a position to cobble together the next coalition government and serve a fourth term as prime minister.

In my view that was his prime purpose in soliciting the backdoor invitation to address Congress.

His other purpose was to inspire enough members of a Congress – a two-thirds majority is required – to override a presidential veto on new legislation for more sanctions on Iran. His sales pitch to Congress included this. “If Iran threatens to walk away (if Congress brings in legislation for more sanctions), call their bluff. They’ll be back.

They need a deal more than you do. You have the power (with additional sanctions) to make them want it more.” Contrary to what he said, Netanyahu knows that more sanctions would cause Iran to walk away and stay away, thus killing any prospect of a deal and a new beginning with Iran that President Obama and the other P5+1 leaders really want.

What Netanyahu really wants, as do more than a few of his deluded allies in the Republican party and all the neo-cons, is war, an American war, on Iran.

To understand why Netanyahu’s fear mongering is farcical it’s not necessary to get bogged down with the question of whether or not Iran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons. (It isn’t and all Western intelligence agencies know that. Israel’s own intelligence agencies also know that and some former Israeli intelligence have said so publicly).

The answer to just one question is enough, more than enough, to expose Netanyahu’s assertion about the threat Iran poses to Israel’s existence for the propaganda nonsense it is.
The question? Even if Iran did possess a few nuclear bombs, would its leaders be mad enough to launch a first strike on Israel?

Answer? Of course not because to do so would invite the complete destruction of their country.

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  1. Alan,

    Good to see you writing. Thanks as always, there are people like me that look forward to your work and contribution to all our welfare.

  2. BB has been peddling this garbage for decades and he has no reservations about going to war with Iran as long as its the US doing the fighting and dying and good Americans, young men and women, are doing the dying and not his coreligionists. 1992: Israeli parliamentarian Benjamin Netanyahu tells his colleagues that Iran is 3 to 5 years from being able to produce a nuclear weapon – and that the threat had to be “uprooted by an international front headed by the US.” This quote from a Christian Science Monitor article entitled “Imminent Iran nuclear threat? A timeline of warnings since 1979.” A good read and worth bookmarking for future reference. It gives a good history of Jew lies about Iran and its lack of nuclear capability for the last 35 years.

  3. One small barking dog is enough to drive a herd of frightened cattle around.
    That’s what I saw today.
    And then people wonder why they call us goyim.

  4. Anyone who had new neighbours moving in down the road – like Netanyahu and the israelis – would surely need to have a nuclear bomb at the ready in self defence. In a sensible world any country in the middle east finding itself threatened by the israeli cuckoo entity should be supplied with state of the art nuclear weaponry to provide balance.

    The israel entity is merely a judaic version of ISIS – land seized by deranged terrorists – although much more unhinged and dangerous.

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