The End of Netanyahu

Furniture salesman makes good: Can Netanyahu live on commissions from supplying mattresses for Asian whore houses?
Furniture salesman makes good:  Can Netanyahu live on commissions from supplying mattresses for Asian whore houses?
Furniture salesman makes good: Can Netanyahu live on commissions from supplying mattresses for Asian whore houses?

… by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor

High ranking Pentagon officials openly joked about shooting down Netanyahu’s plane.  The Israeli National News (Aruz Sheva) claimed Obama had ordered the US Navy to shoot down any Israeli war planes in range, an order they claim still stands.

Hundreds of “rising stars at the Pentagon,” deeply flawed incompetents rapidly promoted after Bush and Cheney’s mass firings both before and after 9/11, have been removed, most court martialed for fraud and sexual abuses.

Legal experts agree, Netanyahu’s visit to the United States, as a “foreign diplomat” without State Department approval was illegal.  Moreover, Rep. Boehner’s invitation as a private citizen, as he has no international standing and has no right to represent the US with foreign powers, misused public funds and violated US law.

This is nothing compared to the real backlash, inside America’s Jewish community and the majority Democratic Party.  Netanyahu will never be officially invited to the United States again, he can’t, he has burned down that bridge.  Anyone meeting with him or any American leader traveling to Israel while Netanyahu is still in office will not be unscathed by yesterday’s fiasco.

Left to defend Netanyahu is a rogues gallery of blogger and conspiracy sites, all that is left after the downfall of Fox News.


One of the senior members of the House of Representatives, elected now decade after decade is Toledo’s own Marcy Kaptur.  Marcy is a Catholic girl, liberal Democrat and lifelong supporter of Israel.  Marcy is quoted in the Toledo Blade as calling Netanyahu “Crass.”  This is what she said on the floor of the House of Representatives where she is among the most senior members:

“Mr. Speaker, the planned upcoming speech before Congress by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been mishandled from the start. It is being brought forward in a manner that is in total contravention of important diplomatic protocols  that exist to support America’s strategic interests, and frankly, Israel’s.

“This speech was agreed to unilaterally by the Republican speaker of this House. He provided no courtesy nor prior notification to the executive branch as is the standard course of protocol with foreign leaders. This is a fundamental violation of our national unity on foreign policy, and our Constitution assigns the office of president the right and responsibility to negotiate with foreign governments.

“To circumvent this imperative and to invite a sitting head of state with no notification to the executive branch does harm to our national interest and our standing throughout the world. At this time, while our executive branch is pursuing sensitive and promising nuclear negotiations with Iran, why would our speaker behave so cavalierly? Shouldn’t our nation’s executive and legislative branches be unified in matters of foreign policy with such grave ramifications beyond our shores?

“As this pending visit comes two weeks before the Israeli elections, it appears that our Congress will be used as a campaign backstop and backdrop for Israeli election politics. How unfortunate, how wantonly crass and insulting to this Congress, and the Constitution we are all sworn to uphold.”

What is more important is that there are two primary media responses to the speech that few if any have had the stomach to read and almost no one listened to:

  1. Netanyahu’s 2002 claim that an attack to oust Saddam would have only positive consequences, something Netanyahu has been trying to bury, has come home to haunt him.
  2. Universally, Netanyahu is exposed as a liar, debunked prior to the visit by his own intelligence agencies.


Nancy Pelosi’s take, from the Washington Post:

In a statement, Pelosi said she was “near tears” throughout the speech, “saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the United States . . . and saddened by the condescension toward our knowledge of the threat posed by Iran and our broader commitment to preventing nuclear proliferation.”


To Veterans Today, this is a huge win.  We have been at war with the ADL and AIPAC for nearly a decade, taking a middle ground, informing the public and standing, stalwart against the endless smear attempts, childish and amateurish.  VT editors, publishers and writers have been threatened, phones hacked, garbage cans stolen.  Imagine an ADL “regional executive”finding himself with 50 pounds of used kitty litter.  As Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make stuff like this up.”

As VT’s core is retired military and intelligence, with nearly half employed by defense firms, many of which partner with Israeli companies, the “pushback” from Foxman, Jones and an endless stream of petty “hasbara shills” has been a joke.

As a point of honor, VT has waged a rather clever psychological war against groups cited as treasonous to the US and destructive to world stability, a war that has been handily won, as the current world narrative shows.  Groups like the ADL and SPLC, for years the bane of misguided supremacist groups are now exposed for their work in espionage and treason.

Yes, the US is clearly in an constitutional crisis, it has been for a long time.  Only now, the real issues are defined and those choosing to stick to the “new speech,” reiterating the cheap propaganda and half-baked coverups of the past two decades, are clearly “hoisted on their own petards.”


Only trained intelligence officers could discern between cranks, disinformation agents, legion in number, and the rare whistleblower.  The real ones are quiet, generally clever and are not weighed down by personal baggage and bitterness.  They are there and supply VT with endless intelligence, little of which ever goes to print.  Fear of prison is one reason for not publishing operational intelligence.  Responsibility is another.

However, with full access to not just operational but policy documents from key nations, the end result has been the formulation of chaos theory models allowing VT to tell the future with uncanny accuracy and make a difference.

The destruction of Netanyahu, which we have just seen, is to a great extent, the work of VT and its affiliates, so many only a few are aware, inside the US government, the Pentagon and intelligence services, there and around the world.

VT could teach “Ronnie” about teflon.  The answer is simple, when you craft a message for the real elite, the few who have any voice at all left in a society where the majority have lost all discernment and political voice as well, you win.


What is needed in the US, as recently proven beyond doubt, is loyal opposition.  Challenging paid liars, petty thugs for organized crime and the pedophile gangs at the center of power in the US, yes they really are Luciferian freaks just like Stew Webb and Preston James say, is something the public loves to hear about.

What is worse, however, is that unlike most other scandalous news, this is true.  How we yearn for the days of Bill Clinton and his “bump and tickle” affair with a chubby little sneak hired by the Defense Intelligence Agency “secret agent,” Linda Tripp:


The name will stick.  Netanyahu is to America today what Saddam was in the 1990s, a piss-ant tinpot dictator, the paid lobbyist of Sheldon Adelson, gambling boss and accused sex trafficker.

What Netanyahu wants, most of all, is for people to forget what he has done.  Shelly Adelson insulated by cash and a trove of blackmail files got Netanyahu into this.  Nothing can get him out.

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  1. THANK YOU Gordon for an excellent article! I hope we are well rid of NUTTER-YAHOO!! ONCE AND FOR ALL!! HE JUST SUCKS!

  2. There is a jewish tradition of trying to fool the goyim during the purim fest (now). Bibi tried to win the grand prize with his congress speech…but…bit off more than he could chew… so ..yyyyyyyyeh…thank you for playing ….but no cigar…

  3. The ziojews can act without public approval indefinitely by applying their mind-control technologies ( which they do employ and includes propaganda technologies ) to get approval soon after the fact to avoid the development of large gaps between public approvals and prior actions . The satanic rulers know this .

  4. How come every time I see a picture of Netanyahu I am struck by how at home the man would have looked seventy-five years ago playing cards at three o’clock in the morning in a candy store at the corner of Saratoga and Livonia Ave in Brooklyn waiting for a phone call from Albert Anastasia? Bennie the Bugs little speech, in a sane world, would not only be the death knell of his political career but that of the republican party in America. They all like so much to wave their flags around but none of them think twice about entertaining and supporting a foreign emissary who is in opposition to their own president on a matter that just might catalyze WWIII. Their actions are blatantly contrary to what is in the best interests of their own constituents except for a few from a very vocal 2% minority of questionable allegiance. How do you say treason any better than that? Warrants for the arrests of every man and woman who attended that meeting in an official capacity as a representative of the United States of America need to be issued immediately by a military tribunal. Moving forward the assets of every media outlet broadcasting within the borders of the USA need to be stripped for failure to inform the public an overt act of aggression against them by a tiny terrorist nation that only survives on the money of American tax payers and the blood of American soldiers…

    • Only fools and traitors will vote for the fools and bought-and-paid-for traitors who attended the Israeli War Rally hosted by NuttyYahoo.

  5. That picture makes me think Uncle Shelly should hang out on the beach at Haifa with Bibi a little more. The adrenaline laced juvenile blood must be loosing it’s zing.

  6. I know that Fox News is a complete
    and continual embarrassment,
    but what do you mean
    “downfall of Fox News”?

    Other than this site and a few others,
    cave-dwelling is the extent of my outreach.

    • Wishful thinking aside and considering organized Jewry aka Likud America’s iron-clad grip on every congress and admin since Reagan’s at least, political theater is the only rational supposition at this time. Since Netanyahu’s been crying wolf for 15 years now, and since a treaty would postpone war past the positively inevitable collapse of the dollar, the urgency lies elsewhere and may have more to do with the cabal’s estimation of the collapse of the dollar, making it impossible for the Fed to keep counterfeiting dollars by the thousands of billions to pay for another war dwarfing those so far many times over. The Heritage Foundation infamously claimed such a war wouldn’t even affect the price of oil, when in truth it would utterly destroy America for generations to come. The only thing that isn’t faked theater is 90% of this congress’ capitulation the other day to this Armageddon scenario.

  7. Nothing like some ad hominem bovine stomach. If it doesn’t suit your agenda why not hang out with some talented Hasbara Trolls and learn how to effectively engage your enemy with a cogent argument.

  8. Interesting timing:
    Lord Jacob Rothschild has warned investors that the world is mired in the most dangerous geopolitical situation since World War II.Rothschild said that “a geopolitical situation perhaps as dangerous as any we have faced since World War II” has created a “difficult economic background” of which investors should be wary.Rothschild blamed the fraught climate on, “chaos and extremism in the Middle East, Russian aggression and expansion, and a weakened Europe threatened by horrendous unemployment, in no small measure caused by a failure to tackle structural reforms in many of the countries which form part of the European Union”.
    What Russian aggression & expansion? Weakened Europe? Translation: Austerity = restless natives with pitchforks!

  9. Netanyahu is only the latest incarnation of Zionist Chutzpa. They run the same GT simulations through their computers too. It’s was certainly not unnoticed that his speech was going to be a clusterfluck to say the least. I believe this is his falling on the sword moment where it will give the Zionists a plausible deniability to dump him for someone more moderate who will just be another Rothschildian / Zio / Luciferian distraction from their relentless drive for world domination. If I’m wrong expect a False Flag since the Neocons won’t go without a fight.

  10. No one at VT has broken an arm patting themselves on the back as of yet. It is known that the Brookings and Trilateralists are far ahead of petty rumors and standing orders at the pentagram……sadly.

  11. Luckily, the bigger operation is just to oust Nuttyahue as decides by the men behind the curtain at SShin Bet.

  12. Is there any truth in Tony Cartalucci’s story that this is all theater outlined in an 2009 brookings institute paper?. “The path towards Persia ” it outlines even the story of threatening to shoot down Israeli planes if they went on they’re own. According to him most of what’s happening is in this document. Say it ain’t so!

    • Cartalucci makes a living selling articles that aren’t too serious and sound like they are sourced. I have never found an original idea in any of them. Hey, he can write what he wants, it is just that there is no reason to take things into consideration from people who have no sources.

    • “Think Tanks”: the cause of and solution to all of our problems. In this case, a ‘source’.

  13. So, the Mainstream Media has played their hand and proven to be lackeys for the Israelis and tried to side with Bibi. It’s become increasingly clear that the MSMedia cannot be trusted on important issues and that’s why people ARE turning away in droves. Let the breakup of the Big 6 commence, sooner is fine.

  14. I want to believe this is the end, or the awaking. It is hard to do, have anyone from VT visited FB pages like conservative daily, or tea party? They get huge responses to the exact opposite of what you report on. It’s a little scary, I mean they absolutely hate the Left and Obama. (antichrist) I would like to consider my self a big Truther, but even I’m skeptical of a lot of things lately. Sorry but morale is down. Keep up the good work.

    • Oh, crazy people have plenty of time to be on Facebook. What they don’t have is influence and power in the real world.

      Frightened people with sexual inadequacies and limited intelligence, people with medullas’ the size of grapefruit love posting on Facebook.

    • It began to be impossible to talk to that type of neocon zombies ( for me ) in ’03. They get all their news from Fox, their local paper and neocon yackers on the radio. They get a little dumber every damn day. What can you do for deluded dumbasses like that?

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