UK’s Muslim Manifesto and the roots of Islamophobia




By Shabana Syed
As the quagmire of hate and discrimination becomes deeper, faced with marginalization at all levels from unemployment, wealth, education, poor housing, and growing numbers in Prison, Muslims in Britain have ‘democratically’ decided, not to join ISIS as the media would have us believe, but rather play a more active role in the political process to make their voices heard.


It is against this background that an important event viewed as a turning point in the dormant relationship of British Muslims in the political process took place at the House of Commons on 23rd February 2015.

The Muslim Manifesto consultation process was launched and hosted by Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham, amongst the community leaders who attended were MPs and peers including Andy Slaughter, Labour MP for Hammersmith and Shadow Justice Minister; David Ward, Liberal Democrat MP for Bradford East.

It was a historic move where Sunni and Shia organisations representing at least 2.2 million British Muslims gathered to outline the needs of their community ahead of the General elections in May.

Lord Ahmed speaking at the launch of “Muslim Manifesto” said “I have been in politics for 38 years; I have never come across the Muslim community actually trying to set their own agenda, to see what they need.”

A draft manifesto of 33 points, around which community consultation is being based, was presented to the delegation. Some of the points aim to address inequality, such as reducing poverty, currently estimated at 50%, while other points call for a “commitment to ethical foreign policies which uphold human rights of all people.”

The Muslim Manifesto’s motto “Our politics – an ethical Britain for all.” Is a demand for politics that uphold shared universal values, rights and equality of all people regardless of religion?

The organising force behind the Manifesto initiative, Mohsin Abbas said: “I want to unite people; I want to bring people on to a clear, common platform”.

Abbas argues that Muslims have been stuck in a reactionary phase, reacting against attacks on hijab; cartoons about the prophet; foreign policy; he believes that they need to be proactive and participate in the electoral process to change their situation. “This initiative is a catalyst for a more proactive Muslim strategy for a more ethical Britain”.

The established Muslim organizations like MCB or MEND, through a combination of funding based on ‘no ruffling of feathers’ have not been able to hinder the government’s Prevent strategies that has targeted the Muslim’s as a suspect community enforcing draconian legislation.
The Islamic Humans rights Commission (IHRC) which has immense credibility amongst Muslims refused to participate in future government talks on anti-terror legislation, claiming their contributions to policy are being overlooked and “in fact the final policies were always a foregone conclusion.”

Under the new terror laws introduced earlier this year Muslim toddlers now will be spied on to see if they espouse any anti- foreign policy, anti Jewish or anti gay feelings and if they do their parents will be questioned, they may be put on the anti terror watch list, maybe also threatened with their citizenship being revoked.

The criteria to determine extremism will be based on how many times one visits the mosque, or what one feels about 9/11 7/7 or Palestine or as one 8 year old French boy called Ahmed discovered to his detriment when he refused to say ‘Je Suis Charlie’ in class, the boy had his hair pulled by the teacher, he was prevented from checking his insulin levels as he was diabetic and was then questioned by the police, the video can be seen on 5 pillarz website.

According to the security services there are 3,000 extremists who are being monitored in the country, however with the new criteria in place it appears the numbers will dramatically increase, and the question arises, where will those extremists be finally held, in Muslim only camps?

The Muslim Manifesto hopes to influence change and as it is a grassroots initiative, the movement for ethical Britain is gaining momentum, through social networking sites like facebook, whatsup, twitter and word of mouth, community meetings are being held everywhere.

The Manifesto has only one main demand, ‘ethical politics for an ethical Britain’, a fact which may be impossible to deliver, when the Prime Minister of Britain has already declared he is a Zionist and ‘will be good for Israel’ and most MPs both Conservative and Labour are members of the lobbying group, Friends of Israel.

For Muslims the main concern is what impact will the Manifesto make against a background of powerful interest groups fuelling Islamophobia through government policies and media, repeating the same tune ‘ Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims’.

In 2006 Professor David Miller cofounded ‘Spinwatch’ in 2004 in order to investigate if Islamic terrorism was real or just spin. According to Spinwatch Islamophobia was not just a result of the aftermath of 9/11 and 7/7 but rather a systematic campaign instigated by right-wing Neo-cons linked to powerful interest groups.

According to research by Miller and Tom Mills, there were individuals who had set themselves up with no prior experience as “terror experts,” and fed fabricated stories to the media, creating fear and hatred of Islam.

Arun Kundnani author of “ Spooked: How not to prevent Violent Extremism “ outlined in an article “How are think tanks shaping the political agenda on Muslims in Britain” highlighted how Policy Exchange, the Social Affairs Unit and the Centre for Social Cohesion has been the new driving force behind the political agenda on Muslims in Britain, and how writers journalists and policy makers associated with Policy Exchange had taken up key positions in Boris Johnsons mayoral team and Cameron’s government.

The Former Secretary of State for Education and close adviser to Cameron, Michael Gove is also founding member of Policy Exchange; in his book Celsius 7/7 Gove defines Islamism as an ideology that is similar to fascism and argues in a war against “Islamism” it will be necessary for Britain to carry out assassinations of terrorists suspects and a ‘temporary curtailment of liberties’.

Another groundbreaking research by David Miller and Tom Mills “The cold war against Muslims” traced the funding behind these think tanks and found they were being supported by powerful Zionist organizations and individuals, many linked to Israeli right wing groups.

Combine the government’s Islamophobic strategy with a pro Israel media, is it any wonder the situation regarding Muslims is deteriorating.

The BBC’s reputation has worsened after its Director General Tony Hall took over in April 2013 and within two weeks had installed a line-up of hardline Zionists at the top of the world’s largest publicly-funded news organization.

He installed James Harding as the BBC’s new director of news and current affairs, an ex editor of The Times, the right-wing pro-Israeli paper.

In 2011, Harding spoke at an event organized by The Jewish Chronicle and told his audience: “I am pro-Israel. I believe in the State of Israel. I would have had a real problem if I had been coming to a paper [The Times] with a history of being anti-Israel. And, of course, Rupert Murdoch is pro-Israel.”

This may explain why pro Israel supporters ganged up on George Galloway on BBC’s Question time accusing him of anti Semitism, according to Galloway in the whole audience there was not one Muslim just pro Israelis, Galloway later accused the BBC of a ‘set up.’

Last year Galloway who has always been vocal about Palestinian rights was viciously attacked by a Jewish man for supporting the Palestinians.

Ex Israeli Gilad Atzmon, whose genius is ignored by mainstream media had his concert at The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester cancelled as the College could not ensure “the safety of all involved” after extreme intimidation by The Zionist extremist group North West Friends of Israel.
He writes: “In the last two months, UK Jewish leaders have repeatedly complained about an alarming rise of anti-Semitism in Britain…..Paradoxically, it confirms that Zionists, like their opponents, support and believe in cultural and academic suppression, they just don’t like to be boycotted themselves”.

If the Muslim Manifesto is asking for ethical politics, it had better ask all those self proclaimed Zionists in the government if this stance compromises their position in a British democracy, or maybe it’s just that they all agree with the grand dame of Zionism who said:

“There is no such thing as a Palestinian people… It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn’t exist.”
— Golda Meir, statement to The Sunday Times, 15 June, 1969.

According to David Ward MP at the launch of the Manifesto: ‘this Manifesto I don’t see anything Muslim about it, it is a Manifesto for all groups’.

It is interesting to note that the Muslim Manifesto is in stark contrast to the one presented by the Jewish Board of Deputies, whose concerns are not to do with poverty, underachievement and marginalisation but rather as author of ‘Radio Free Palestine’ Stuart Littlewood points out their main concern is Israel’s security and a demand to ‘Boycott Hamas, Brand Hezbollah as terrorists and Don’t trust Iran.’

The Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond stated that Muslims returning home after having gone to join ISIS could be held for treason, if that is the case, should not British Jews who have gone out to Israel and joined the war against Gaza and trained with the Israeli army also be held for treason?

According to estimates those who joined ISIS is about 500 out the 2.2 million Muslims, the fact is that most were recruited right under the noses of the British government.

Ahmed Nafeez an investigative journalist in his research ‘The Circus: How British intelligence primed both sides of the ‘terror war’ the group Al Mahijroun’s leaders Anjem Choudhry and Omar Bakri have links to the security services and on their behalf they recruited and sent Muslim youth to join Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. It was only last year that Al Mahijroun marched in central London with placards demanding Muslims should go to fight in Syria,
The media frenzy finally dies down about the unmasking of Jihadi John, the British Islamist featured on ISIS videos released by a US Zionist organisation run by Mossad agent Rita Katz, famous for producing videos with Osama bin Laden lookalikes and badly photo shopped videos of jihadists beheading westerners without any arterial blood flow.

According to the official narrative the world would have believed that another Muslim had become an extremist had it not been for the reputable advocacy organisation CAGE who managed to take the steam out of government narrative, that Jihadi John was radicalised as a result of being an Islamist, when they presented email and recorded interviews as evidence that Mohammed Emwazi (Jihadi John) was infact harassed by security services, his life made impossible because he declined to work for them as an informer. How he ended up in Syria needs investigating, as according to his family and Asim Qureshi, Director of CAGE, Emwazi had tried many times to go back to his home in Kuwait.

In the meantime watch this space for an attack on maligning Qureshi’s character in the media, a price to be paid, for destroying the official government narrative.

It has been British foreign policy to arm groups fighting President Assad’s regime and as a result along with US and Israel have been training mercenaries and Takfiri militants in training camps in Jordan as revealed by Jordanian officials in 2012.

Also in a recent interview US General Wesley Clarke, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander between 1997 and 2000 told CNN that ISIS “is an Israeli project which they created in order to defeat Hezbollah by proxy.

If ISIS has been created by Israel as one US General points out, and western governments along with Israel has been training mercenaries to fight proxy wars; and a French newspaper highlighted Edward Snowden’s leaked reports that stated that ISIS’s leader Abu Bakr Al. Bagdadi was in fact Sam Elliot a Mossad agent. Which explains why Israel had field hospitals set up to tend to wounded ISIS fighters, where even Netanyahu visited. These facts are just a few amongst the growing evidence that the conflict is instigated by western governments led by Israel.

Combine all these facts against the background of western government rhetoric of Muslim terrorism threatening western nations, it is a wonder that Muslims still have enough faith in the system and feel that by uniting and playing a more active role in the political process they can influence change.
The vilification and attack on Muslims can now be seen played out on Russia, the new victim, as both government and media collude to malign Putin as some evil dictator, bullying the EU to impose sanctions on Russia, while west sends arms to the neo- nazis government it helped into power in Ukraine.

Russia’s main fault was that it hindered the attack on Syria and Iran, something that is very important to Israel, which is why Netanyahu ran post haste to US Congress to stop any deal occurring between US and Iran over Nuclear talks.

The wider community had better wake up to the fact that Islamophobia is also targeting them, as more fear and hatred is evoked, the easier it will be to take away their rights and freedoms.

All this Islamic terrorism rhetoric has achieved nothing else but more wars and conflict, making the bankers and the elite richer, while the majority suffers poverty and austerity measures, with a loss of civil liberties heading to an existence of subjugation governed by Orwellian governments.


  1. I was in the UK when Enoch Powell was still an MP. What is labeled as Islamophobia, isn’t. For the last 50 years the majority in the UK have been opposed to the mass 3rd world immigration that started in the early 1950s. The fact that Muslims have made up a large chunk of the mass immigration is co-incidental.

    There are gaps to this story. We live in the times of a culture of victimhood. The Muslims feel they have been victimized in the UK, in spite of receiving housing ahead of native Britons, welfare, and free medical care that native Britons set up and paid for. I could add preferential hiring programmes, but that is a story unto itself. Where are the “ethics” in “an ethical Britain for all”, when the wishes of the majority have been and continue to be ignored? Of course it doesn’t help with cause when the gangs grooming young native Britons for rape and prostitution happen to be Muslims. It also doesn’t help that Muslims insist on changes to education and other things that offend them, like lunch programmes, that are completely acceptable for native Britons. Phobia has nothing to do with it. It is simply a dislike of being told what to think and do in one’s own home.

    At the end of the day, the manifesto is just another form of identity politics which is played so well by the organized Jewish “community”.

  2. Any religious sect that preaches its own supremacy over non-members of that sect will inevitably come into conflict with their hosts in any country in the world. This will happen despite ‘taqiyya’ rules to avoid the detection of your real intentions. Eventually that attitude of hatred and disdain towards ‘non-believers’ will OUT itself and the group will come into conflict with the surprised indigenous people – who initially welcomed them in.

    I am sad to say that this applies to both judaism (where non-members are fit only for slavery, manipulation or slaughter) and islam (where non-members are fit only for slavery or slaughter). It manifests itself in the mass paedophile gang rapes against young British girls by THOUSANDS of Muslim men. You wonder where THAT bad press comes from?

  3. Excellent article! The increasing hostility toward Muslims is tangible.
    Please, please do an expose on Louise Mensch. Former Conservative MP, now married to a Jew & domiciled in US.
    Her Twitter presence is truly menacing. By nature, she targets individuals & launches sustained campaigns against them. Her spite knows no limits.
    Previous (& return to) target is Muslim, Mo Ansar. Wholly unprovoked.
    Currently, she’s sustaining a hate campaign against George a Galloway, & the Cage group in your article.
    She today announced she would be retweeting all “anti Semites” & Holocaust Deniers – “as a public service”. She arbitrarily determines – in an instant – who is, “anti Semite”. Naturally, she has a high profile. She enjoys her freedom of not being under jurisdiction of British Libel Laws.
    Her every target, is retweeted. Then the Zionist Jewish Twitter mob take over.
    Unbelievably, she wears the badge of “feminism”, but doesn’t mind the appalling, vile “sexual nature” attacks, of Jewish mobs, her retweets incite. This includes “cunt” & “abortion explosion” (can’t recall if “explosion”, but have tweet).
    She reminds me of a horror film I once watched, called “Klute”.

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