Does Sen. Menendez bust involve drugs & child sex slaves?



By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, for Press TV

(Editor’s note:  Jeb and Menendez
Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder just announced the indictment of Senator Bob Menendez. Few understand what this implies and how Menendez is tied, not only to Medicare fraud but the 9/11 cover-up, and congressional pedophile ring and ties Jeb Bush to a list of crimes as long as your arm.
This week, Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey is facing indictment for a number of crimes tied to his involvement with his lifelong friend, Dr. Solomon Melgen. Both are accused pedophiles. Melgen is supposedly a Medicare cheat and Menendez is said to have interfered with investigations against Melgen for this and tax evasion. This is a childish facade. Holder is really after Jeb Bush.
Melgen along with former cocaine cartel head, Hank Asher, founded Seisent, the company that developed the Matrix software that helped the government find all the wrong perpetrators when solving the riddle of 9/11. It gets better.
Asher’s, the infamous druglord, now dead, was the best friend of Florida Governor and presidential candidate Jeb Bush.
Melgen and Asher, devoted members of the Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, founded Seisant, now owned by Lexus Nexus, a company that provides database services for not only the FBI but police around the nation, services used primarily to track pedophiles.
That Melgen, Asher and silent partner Bush ran a pedophile blackmail ring is only a curious coincidence.)


“Charging a man with murder in Vietnam was like handing out speeding tickets in the Indy 500.”

That famous line from Francis Ford Coppola’s film Apocalypse Now sums up the pervasive criminality of the US military in Vietnam, which murdered more than three million people, many in massacres like the famous one at My Lai. (The US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t much different.)

 Charging a US Senator or Representative with corruption is likewise like handing out speeding tickets at an auto racetrack. The whole system runs on legalized bribery, euphemistically known as “campaign contributions.”

But even in the road race of Congressional corruption, sometimes one contestant manages to distinguish himself by flagrantly transgressing the flimsy limits set by lame laws  – rather as Lt. William Calley and his men managed to distinguish themselves at My Lai. Such a man is the Senator from New Jersey (sometimes called “the Senator from Tel Aviv”), Robert Menendez.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Justice Department will file criminal charges against Menendez for failing to report gifts and junkets lavished on him by a certain Dr. Salomon Melgen, an extremely wealthy Florida ophthalmologist with a reputation for connections to dubious characters of Cuban and Israeli ethnicity. The LA Times story does not look very deeply into Melgen’s background, nor into the background of the alleged Cuban-Israeli crime ring that may have been giving Menendez a whole lot more than the lavish gifts and free rides on private jets mentioned in the article.

To get a sense of what is really involved, consider the LA Times description of how Sen. Menendez used his Foreign Relations Committee post to help Melgen’s suspicious “business interests.” According to the Times, Menendez pressured the Dominican Republic to allow Melgen’s “security firm” to take over security – meaning drug screening – at Dominican cargo ports.

 Menendez claims he was “only interested in stopping drug shipping in the Caribbean.” If you crossed out the word “stopping” and wrote in “facilitating” you would probably have a more accurate sentence.

Consider another very revealing sentence in the LA Times story:

“Menendez also faced reports that he and Melgen consorted with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, some of them underage, but those reports were later discredited.”

The part about the reports having been discredited is what is known in the journalism business as an “obligatory disclaimer,” which functions in rather the same way as a “non-denial denial.” What it means is: “Menendez was nailed for consorting with child prostitutes, but if we open that can of worms, we will step on the toes of too many powerful people, so let’s just call it a ‘rumor’ and leave it at that.”

If any of my readers are new to this unpleasant but important topic, I urge them to watch the documentary “Conspiracy of Silence” on youtube.

They should also read Nick Bryant’s book The Franklin Scandal, which details how top American officials are routinely blackmailed for pedophilia by intelligence agencies and their organized crime partners, who set them up with children, film them, and subsequently “own” them for life.

Menendez cartel

The Cuban-Israeli cartel that apparently owns Sen. Menendez has its tentacles deep in the American political class. According to a series of investigative reports by Veterans Today, including my own article “LA Times: Romney’s a Drug Money Launderer,” 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been involved with the same cartel.

It is abundantly clear that Romney’s firm Bain Capital was only able to average a 173% return over a decade due to criminal activity. Even Ponzi schemes like Bernie Madoff’s cannot come close to that rate of return. As the LA Times articles suggested, and Veterans Today sources confirmed, Romney made his ludicrous 173%-per-year profits by laundering drug money through Panamanian corporations.

Romney’s amazing enterprise, and those associated with Menendez, appear to be linked to the same organized crime outfit – whose ultimate base of operations is the state of Israel and its worldwide network of assets. (Since those assets include most of the Western mainstream media, you won’t be reading the gory details in the corporate newspapers any time soon.)

How can you tell which members of Congress are “owned” by these organized crime elements? Simple: They are the ones who showed up for Netanyahu’s speech. The louder they cheered, the more Israeli-supplied cocaine-fueled junkets and child sex slaves they have presumably enjoyed.

US Congressmen cheered for their real boss, Netanyahu, in the same way workers cheer for their boss at a workplace pep talk. They are all on the Israeli payroll, one way or another.

The impending arrest of Sen. Menendez may represent an attempt to rein in an obscenely corrupt Congress, which has abjured its loyalty to the Constitution and the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America by demonstrating obsequious obedience to crime boss Netanyahu, the leader of a covertly hostile foreign state.

Will the forces of sanity in the Justice Department and Obama Administration, assuming they exist, expose the whole stinking morass of corruption enveloping Washington, DC? Will they try to take down the global crime syndicate whose front man is Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu?

Don’t bet on it. Look what happened to the Kennedy brothers when they tried. As Obama himself has reputedly stated, “I don’t want to end up like JFK.”

Instead, expect them to go after Menendez in hopes of setting an example to other Congressional Democrats: If you choose to betray your country and your Commander-in-Chief by pledging fealty to Bibi Netanyahu, you may end up paying a price. It’s a relatively mild form of discipline; and though it may cause some Congress-traitors to exercise a bit more care in the way they take bribes, the prosecution of Menendez is unlikely to drain the stinking swamp of corruption into which Washington, DC is slowly sinking.

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  1. Menendez came out hard against Obama on both the Cuba Opening, and on the Iran nuclear talks. This smells like ‘blowback’ to me. The Daily Caller brought this issue out last year and it died after a couple of news cycles. What does DOJ have now that they didn’t have last year?

  2. When are they going after all these people?
    Just listened to what is going on in England.
    Ir just makes you sick.
    When are all good men getting together and do something about this evil.
    All the talking don’t seem to help.
    It is many years ago when THE Dutreaux affaire came in the newspapers.
    And one if those monsters us walking again free.
    The world need to be frees from these monsters, not jail for à while and than back into society. These people can’t be cured.

  3. try the back cover of Eye Care Business magazine august 2001. It features a passenger jet missing a building in NY but because the building is leaning out of the way. the caption reads, wouldn’t it be nice if all metal was Flexon, then states ,..coverage begins Aug 23.

  4. I’m suprised VT hasn’t twigged to the possibility of a King Kill , may be even self sacrifice . The Illuminati can make the dominoes fall in many ways . Think Jewish Mind Slave shoot or CZ or Iranian the MSM could beat this into a frenzy . No luck with Ukraine WW3 , this would be another route to currancy collapse , world chaos and war . Notice congress building in shrouds , after Matial law and no congress ; perhaps they will even blow up the congress to eradicate its symbol . Don’t underestimate the evil eye . Those who don’t promote the NWO will be thrown on the pyre .So the management elite get desperate .

  5. What a tangled web these lucifer-loving dirt bags weave! Hopefully soon one dirt bag will fall and bring down another with him and another who knows something more, and soon it leads to spilling the beans on 911 and all the more! Grown men (Or whatever they are) up there in high places who are supposed to be supporting and working for us! Instead they murder us, cheat us, poison us, rape us, rape our children, (Bstar*dZ need to be Castrated!) send our men (and women) to unlawful wars to die for , contaminate our air and water, have powers in HollyWeird, (Showing 13 yr old boys kissing) and if you disagree with any group you are guilty of hate speech, and disagree with the Government, you are a dangerous Terrorist!
    GOD Help us soon!

  6. Missing in all the coverage of the Cosby case is it is being treated as an aberration…instead of the norm, like it is. Yet you have not seen one mass media writer pose, “Gosh, if Bill Cosby has been doing this for so many years, just think how many others are out there who have used their ‘above suspicion’ status to be predators.”?

  7. While running for Australian Prime Minister in 2007, it suddenly become news that Kevin Rudd, whilst Opposition Foreign Minister in 2003, had visited a strip joint in NY. He was accompanied by New York Post editor Col Allen.
    He claims he has no recollection of what he saw inside, but then he may best not mention. This club is no ordinary club, it has private viewing rooms etc. What was he exposed to, just for a second, long enough for a photo. Those photos would now be in a vault in Tel Aviv with all the other bribed politicians from around the world.
    A week after the ‘untimely news’ he starts bagging IRAN. What a surprise.
    Connect the DOTs and get a clue.

  8. At the beginning of the essay you mention Menendez’ crimes tied directly to Jeb Bush only essay ends offering this is likely merely to set an example to other Congressional Democrats. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out. I’d like to see the entire swamp drained!

    I just noted Rep Ami Bera attended Bibi’s speech 🙁 He used to be my doctor in the 90’s!

  9. The ‘vagina chronicler’ will either dummy-up and take his punishment, or he will become a ‘flying banker’.

  10. Excellent article Dr. Barrett! The MSM is complicit in covering up the truth about these crimes. You can add the Clintons to the list too. Hillary’s hidden State Department e-mails connect her to former Bain Capital managers. The hedge fund Castanea Partners and Bain have worked together in the recent past. “A GotNews analysis links Clinton’s IP address to Castanea Partners, a $600 million fund based in Newton, Massachusetts”.

  11. Don’t be too sure about that. Menendez is now in deep doo do and will be ruined by this. He may decide to sing to reduce his sentence and plea his way out, but he is still ruined. And he is going to take down quite a few others with him in the process. And perhaps some of his young victims will be brought back to sue him and asset strip him. This is the coming thing. Does it all lead to AIPAC and Bibi? We shall soon find out.

    Look at Cosby, nobody ever thought he could be touched. Now he still claims innocence against the credible reports of two dozen or more victims who claimed he used a date rape drug on them and raped them without any consent, and now his male secretary has come forth an says yes, it all happened. Cosby is now toast and no young single woman will ever drink anything when near him or even be near him ever again.

    The Internet is the New Gutenberg Press and all secrecy is ending. As the Internet overrides the Controlled major Mass Media the pedophile business by Israeli espionage fronts and the CIA is going to be completely exposed and diffused to the American public. Stay tuned because something big is going to break loose soon. This is another great article by VT Editor Dr. Kevin Barrett and actually a grand-slam home-run.

  12. I don’t even know what to say anymore, for most of us (I Hope) we cannot wrap our minds around the child abuse. Asking what is wrong with these people becomes fruitless. The people going after them are as guilty of crimes as who they are trying to indict. We have become part of the blackest horror of all times, and there is not a single individual to fix it. They play a game, go after this one, that one, when the next person could go after the first one…We cant protect our children, and that has no words. They all sicken me, but they laugh at these words..

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