NSA disables alternative news show


 By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Cass Sunstein, Obama’s former Information Czar, famously urged the US government to “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories.” Apparently the NSA – or their Mossad partners – is following Sunstein’s advice.

Today’s False Flag Weekly News broadcast was delayed and “disabled” by a Big Brother agency with NSA-level capabilities, according to No Lies Radio producer Allan Rees. (Watch the archived version of the show above, and consult the list of stories we covered, to get an idea of which topics may have been “too hot to handle.”)

False Flag Weekly News runs on a Google Hangouts platform. Today, for the first time ever, Google denied access to the show hosts (Jim Fetzer and myself). When we attempted to connect, we got a 403 error, which is equivalent to a blanket ‘NO’ by the Web server – with no further discussion allowed. Since Google is basically a branch of the NSffwn-censoredA, what is surprising is that it took them this long.

Then again, it might not have been Google. According to Allan Rees it could have been “some NSA infection on your computer or hack of your internet stream thru your provider.” But since Jim and I have different internet providers, yet got the same 403 error, whoever did it is no run-of-the-mill hacker, but someone with the capabilities of a state security agency.

It also could have been NSA’s Israeli partners (some would say “masters.”) To see who’s really running our surveillance state, check out the Guardian article NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans’ data with Israel.

This is not the first time that NSA-level capabilities have been used to “disable the purveyors of truth ‘conspiracy theories’.” Information sciences expert Elizabeth Woodworth caught them red-handed using search-engine suppression to prevent RT’s terrific documentary 9/11 and Operation Gladio from going viral and drawing tens or hundreds of millions of views. Woodworth even found that many people who had sent emails containing the url of 9/11 and Operation Gladio saw their emails fall into a black hole in cyberspace, never to emerge. (Check out my interview with Elizabeth Woodworth.)


According to Allan Rees, the NSA may have blocked not only the False Flag Weekly News hosts, but also some of the viewers: ” I also suspect some viewers were blocked as our viewership from down 50% from last week.” If you experienced problems trying to watch the live broadcast, please contact Allan at info(at)NoLiesRadio(dot)org.


  1. I was having some fun with another Marine veteran tonight. He’s in Oregon while I’m on the East Coast. I mentioned the NSA in derogatory terms and within 60 minutes, our cell connection was terminated. These ‘clowns’ are spending our tax dollars tracking down terrorists? Give me a break. We’re in deep do-do, if we have to depend on the NSA to ‘protect’ us from anyone.

  2. Tell yourself the same thing i do Mr. Barrett, its all part of the price to be paid. Their taking down the whole Open salon site, where am i ever going to find servers like that again? They were on the top of every Google search. The guy who usually wins an equally matched fight is not the best fighter. He is the guy who will take whatever his opponent throws at him so he can land his own shots…

  3. Yep, Fukushima occurred 3/11/11 or 3/12/11 depending on time zone. Sott’s carrying an article entitled “Cops assassinated by sniper in Ferguson, MO – ‘rhetoric’ blamed’ ” – which makes me think that this could be NSA/Mossad attempt to get their race war going since it’s fizzled so far – and/or to get the populace to turn on the police in all-out street fighting/anarchy – “as planned”.

    I live for the day that the televised propaganda/programming suddenly goes ‘scrambled’ and the following message appears onscreen>


    I’m hoping some intel cowboys can pull this off in the very near future.

    Kevin & Jim> Love you guys! Keep stickin’ it to ’em!

    • @RA>
      Family surname/maiden name decidedly German; grew up believing my ancestry was German but later learned ancestors were from territory that subsequently became Switzerland. Secret Swiss bank accts that have enabled/financed the evil cabal (listed above) forever puts a black mark on that country for me.

      Astute persons know WWI & II were purposely brought about to target/annihilate the German people & serve as springboard for world Zionism & their phony victim Holohoax. Nuremberg trials were kangaroo courts used to execute Nazi officers for crimes they were forced to confess to but were innocent of. Iriving outed Churchill & his ruthless real holocaust of Dresden; Eisenhower’s horrific death camp for German POWs now exposed; & truth re FDR’s role & Stalin’s horrific genocide against Germans & own people well known.

      Hitler’s fanatical extremism had at its root a STS base which made him the preselected tool/patsy of the nefarious forces that have had a death grip on humanity for eons > 4DSTS hyperdimensional entities – cosmic interlopers using the psychopathic elite nexus to decimate world population w/ the remaining remnant to serve as “containers”.

    • By contrast, Julius Caesar actions had at their root a STO basis – what he realized he couldn’t achieve politically left him no other option but to achieve militarily. His unprecendented military genius, valor, bravery marked his victories as Miracles! And yet, he lavishly displayed before unknown principles of forgiveness and
      benevolence. He was the JFK of his day and his brutal assassination was more shockingly felt than JFKs. Even his nemesis Cicero realized in time that his death was a tragic mistake afterall.

      JC served to elicit “karmic balancing” and his underlying goal was to ultimately reduce killing. The ruling oligarchs realized what a threat he was to their status quo and so had to take him out. The subsequent display of his lifelike effigy upon a Funerary Tropaeum is the cross of Jesus Christ we are all so familiar w/ today > Jesus was Caesar – w/ additional amalgamations thrown in later on to create the entire myth.

      The evil faction of the Nazis still exist today and they are aligned w/ 4D STS – as is the top echelon of Mossad. VT and not Alex Jones in re to Nazis in the Ukraine. Feel free to believe or scoff as you wish.

  4. Excellent as always Dr. Barrett.

    I wonder what happened to Daniel Bushell’s The Truth Seeker! All of a sudden the show was no longer on RT with Bushell being relegated to a regular beat journalist. Must have been too much truth for the elites that control RT. I do value RT does allow divergent opinions only it’s apparent to me they have at least light control.

    • I asked that question on Twitter and he just followed me – as if he were prevented from going into detail.

  5. Isn’t March 11 some sort of satanic holiday? Or do I have the wrong date? Maybe they were just paying their respects to the devil.
    Kevin, did you get buzzed by any low-flying aircraft a couple days ago that left a weird, metallic/foundry type smell in the air?


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