Israel was right, sort of: Denialism Will Kill Us



By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

More and more are coming to understand that Veterans Today is being tasked, more and more, with debunking more and more conspiracy theories.

That said, a painful mouthful it was, we will take a short look at the most insidious of all, global warming denialism.  The HBO video is accurate, scientifically dead on and balanced.  What am I telling you?

Addiction to conspiracies without discernment and judgement has made millions of poorly educated, most with university degrees earned from Khazarian controlled diploma mills, is going to kill us all.  Millions of Americans think global warming is a liberal conspiracy thought up by George Soros to bankrupt the kindly and loving coal, oil and nuclear industry types who pay millions a year to bloggers, pseudo-scientists and Sheldon Adelson’s GOP whores.

Simply put, there is no scientific basis for global warming denialism

Thus, anyone who supports this, meaning media types and pundits, are being paid.

What can be gotten out of this is invaluable.  Find people who deny global warming and you can easily find crooks and idiots.

It has never been as simple or cheap.

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. See you on Mars Gordon. One must presume you believe that “human activity” in the form of rovers caused temperatures on that globe to rise and fall in lockstep with Earth. But those of us that have studied these subjects in earnest, and for a long time, are perplexed with that presumption since the first pair were solar powered and the current rover is a nuke . . . no additional CO2 there.

    In any case say hello to your talmudic friend Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe:

    “I would like to say we’re at a point where global warming is impossible to deny. Let’s just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers, though one denies the past and the other denies the present and future.”

    Ellen Goodman, THE BOSTON GLOBE, Feb 9, 2007

  2. Science is at its best when understanding and inventing mechanical systems. Science is at its worst when it attempts to expand the scientific method to include whole systems. Still, in regards to climate, there are some things we can take directly from science.
    Whole systems are living systems, and the interaction of life upon life is not simply a mathematical equation. Simply put, the scientific method gives us a rational, objective method for measuring phenomenon, but the devil is in the interpretation of the data.
    It should be intuitively obvious that synthesizing compounds and elements not found in nature, and then dumping them into the atmosphere, earth, and oceans will result in an uptake of toxicity that will compromise the aforementioned living whole system. The climate debate focuses on CO2, but where is the focus on pernicious and relevant events?
    I have yet to find anyone with any backbone addressing the ecocide currently occurring with forests around the globe. No one seems to notice that plankton has taken a 40% nose dive in 5 short decades. Not one stinking word about the role of drought and the severe disruption of weather patterns.
    Its almost as if some great blind spot has been conjured to hover right over where anyone might look for clues.

    • Ultimately, there is evidence, through specific heat and density, that aerosols can indeed have a direct effect in warming the lower atmosphere. We also know that the demented plan of HAARP and over 18 similar installations around the world is to recklessly heat the upper atmosphere-thats what it means to create plasma clouds in the ionosphere. No one can honestly say that these efforts are not having effects, including consequences unimagined. However, to claim that the complete unraveling of natural systems we observe around the world is solely due to these programs, and that the black skies of Beijing and Delhi, the mad chainsawing of Borneo and the “public” lands in the USA, or that the expansion of fossil fuel squandering vehicles have no effect smacks of almost complete naivete.

  3. There is correlation between CO2 levels and temperature, but a correlation is not a proof. As the oceans warm up the heat forces CO2 out of solution, like the bubbles in a warmed up soda. So you could argue that CO2 has risen BECAUSE of global warming.

    Also the theory does not fit all the known facts. There were low levels of CO2 during the medieval warming, and most of all when the ice age ended and temperatures really shot up, by as mich as 20c.

    The Jury is still out. I think that man has maybe slightly affected the climate, but most of the changes are form the sun, which puts 10,000 timed more power onto the earth than mankind does.

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhh, so there “is correlation between CO2 levels and temperature”?? Really? You seem to be claiming that it is positively correlated. And then, in that same paragraph, you seem to contradict yourself.

      In any case John, post here for all to see your value for R^2. Make sure you tell us what the time period is. Indeed, give us several examples if you like.

      But make sure you give us the number, because as anyone that has studied this subject in earnest knows, the value for any credible time period is NEGATIVE.

  4. While I really like Gordon Duff for many reasons, it’s not unusual to find people as informed as he is to have their “blind spots.” Gordon’s blind spots (in my opinion) are:

    CO2-caused “Climate Change”, and

    The true nature and function of Barack Obama

  5. There is correlation between CO2 levels and temperature, but a correlation is not a proof. As the oceans warm up the heat forces CO2 out of solution, like the bubbles in a warmed up soda. So you could argue that CO2 has risen BECAUSE of global warming.

    Also the theory does not fit all the known facts. There were low levels of CO2 during the medieval warming, and most of all when the ice age ended and temperatures really shot up, by as mich as 20c.

    The Jury is still out. My view is that man has maybe slightly affected the climate, but most of the changes are form the sun, which puts 10,000 timed more power onto the earth than mankind does.

  6. Great article McDuff. I teach this stuff and find it positively amazing how purportedly intelligent people think the savvy opinion will follow the bought and paid for opinion sponsored by Exxon, Koch brothers and raving maniacs like Imhofe. Yet it is not surprising given the abysmal levels of confidence we have in our POLITICIANS who we think of as “the government” when the government also includes NOAA and other agencies that actually DO science. The POLITICIANS do anything to help their moneymen (true constituents) while going out every four years to throw bullshit at mere voters (who exist to be conned). When the Bush 2 administration instructed James Hansen of NOAA to stop speaking about global warming or they would fire him, they showed the true colors of politicians everywhere – when you can’t offer a cogent argument then use force. Hansen merely flipped them off and kept talking, and surprise, surprise he was too high ranking a civil servant to be fired by the president. So we see cherrypicked data (ignore everything that indicates warming) deliberately misinterpreted stolen emails, and bloviation by contrarians who really enjoy the attention, or professional con men with degrees who tried to sell us on the safety of tobacco or even asbestos as long as they could make money at it. All this stuff has great impact on people who don’t realize that their back yard is not the world written small. Had to cut the screed because of size limits.

  7. On morning of September 11th, 2001, employees of Cantor Fitzgerald were murdered in the nuclear demolition of the world trade center. Canton Fitzgerald held the patent of the unique software for global cap and trade of carbon credits, worth trillions. Somebody must have seen this as a threat to their investment. I wonder who that might be?

  8. I like solar (especially passive), I like wind, I like water, I like renewable energy in general. And I have used them all. But let’s use common sense. Climate fluctuates over time. When I was a kid in the 50s and 60s, we had mountains of snow every winter, a kid’s dream, and I have photos of me standing on massive snowbanks. And this was on the prairies/plains, not in Buffalo! In college in 1973, the experts gave us dire warnings that we were sliding into a new ice age, even as the snows had ALREADY become minimal. 30 years later, now we are told that global warming is a fact (the weasel phrase is “climate change”) even as winters have ALREADY started to become much colder by the year. The scientists and the government tend to be way behind the times.

    In the meantime, the ordinary “unwashed masses” like me have been freezing their asses off all winter in the good ole USA. I would LOVE to believe in global warming. Bring it on! But the reality is that I will be moving, further south, because I’m sick of the cold. I’ve had an extra 2 months of bitter cold this winter, with the heating bills to prove it, and I’m throwing in the towel pdq. By the way, the robins agree with me. They are a month late, finally just showed up. They are so late, that they will probably only have time for 1 brood this year instead of 2.

  9. In a summary, the HBO video uploaded here makes the following four points: (i) witness of ice breaking (or melting) here and there, (ii) testimonies or expert statements on recent sea level rises, (iii) talking about global warming, and (iv) connecting global warming to human activity involving CO2 emission.

    I wouldn’t spend much time to go over each of these points and their presumed/claimed connections. VT readers already have made many relevant comments. Suffice it to say that this one is is an average video on the subject matter that provides an average level of reasoning and arguments (that is, persuasion designed for average audiences) and carries the usual cliché with a political flavor (namely, for manufacturing consensus).

    Gordon, may I ask why you put up the video here?

  10. So when the Unïversity of East Anglia (UK) was caught in that huge scandal faking lots of ‘climate change data’ to preserve their ‘global warming financial grant money’ they needed to fake data because …?

    In Europe climate reports go back many centuries to the Middle Ages … long before the industrial era, at times it was much hotter than now … & other times much colder than now, with huge famine. Climate is always changing … 11-year sunspot cycles … sure we are wrecking the earth with pollution … but man-made global warming is a tough sell to VT readers! ‘Scientists’ used to ‘recommend’ cigarette smoking too … Tho I believe in the ‘health properties’ of a good cigar – too bad Yanks still can’t buy Cubans in their ‘land of freedom’!

  11. Sure is telling about the deniers isn’t it (this article)? Soon they will be saying that expelling carbon gases from their sputtering Lincolns is good for the environment, blah, blah blah…..Sigh, and I thought we we’re making headway, dismantling humanity’s self serving idealism. Fact is Gordon, we’re not the first generation to become aware of human caused climate change. Even Hitlers Germany became aware of this a decade or so after WW1, thus cleaning up their act and their industry. Of course this was before they drank the kool-aid

  12. When it comes to defiling the environment i really don’t believe in debate, what I think is its about time we started putting boots to the face while we still got a planet left, evenly a badly fouled one that will take years to clean up. just give me two minutes with the Koch brothers. I’ll have them going door to door soliciting funds for Green Peace…

  13. After watching the piece by vice I recommend people watch the movie “rapa nui”. Or rather watch the movie “alive”

  14. People believe that kerosene on fire can melt the steel foundation of a 100-stories high building, so imagine what it would do to a cloudy milky-white fluffy ozone layer and white cloudy icy sheep.

  15. All that is needed to know there is too much pollution is to look at the sky and air of Beijing, Los Angeles or Sydney. I do not like or respect the work of the “climate change establishment” because they refuse to look at the whole picture. They never even mention the massive geoengineering programs that are taking place right now is an obvious example. They only look at their little picture and recite their little mantra, pretend there is no ,massive chemtrail program and therefore I consider them to be total liars and part of the problem despite making some valid points.

    • The climate science community woke up to that in 2006 with NOVA – Dimming the Sun and realized that it was masking the effect of warming (making it appear that warming was not happening) and was also screwing up their models. Actually the most recent IPCC report suggests exploring chemical spraying (geoengineering) which has been found to reflect enough sunlight to slow warming. There was a lot of discussion of that in some British newspapers, American news sources are abysmal as per usual. The problem is with the chemicals being used and the IPCC report did not pay attention to that, but when you spread chemicals that kill forests people tend to get pissed. Not surprisingly it is being used along with other methods also. When the IPCC report came out in 2013 all copies of “Dimming the Sun” and “Global Dimming” (BBC version) on youtube got scrubbed due to “copyright restrictions” after they had been on there for 6+ years. They are no longer available for purchase either. Climate scientists are on the video blowing the whistle, coporate America and similar ilk want to keep people dumbed down and stupid. Figure it out.

  16. Not to mention Zionist made weather modifications, creating the disaster in Japan and so on and so on and…… Duff, we out here are slowly watching even the so called “alternative media” being slowly and insidiously being infiltrated by this ancient pestilence. “The one thing that is constant is change”. “The more things change the more they remain the same”. This entire realm is one of war and conflict. Attempting to eradicate this pestilence will only create more of the same. Ever try to ride something that was not meant to be rode?

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