Coup Plotter List in Post-Netanyahu America?



…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Audio report classified and will not be identified.  Listen at your own risk

It is not unreasonable to assume that a conspiracy to murder President Obama is currently underway.  Note the weasel words used here, part of the lessons learned after the imprisonment of Michael Shrimpton. 

No sane person would pass on any information to a law enforcement or intelligence agency without full immunity.

That our information involves deep parallels with the threats Shrimpton informed the British government of is no coincidence.  We are of the belief that a series of EMP based weapons have been deployed within the US.

Only weeks ago, we came upon intelligence indicating that a key part of 9/11 involved taking down America’s stock markets and banking system by destroying key junctions in Fort Lee, New Jersey, on the George Washington Bridge and in the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels using massive conventional explosives, some as truck bombs.

Our assumption is that, with what we now know to have been the failure of 9/11, Gore disgraced, Lieberman in the White House, war with Iran, Pakistan and Turkey in the same meltdown we are seeing in Libya, most of Africa and Asia in total collapse, our “friends” are going to try a shortcut.  Blocking them is Kerry, Dempsey and Obama and folks few might believe, like Diane Feinstein.

Intel is pouring in over the last 24 hours.  “Intel” is another term for “unsubstantiated rumor,” we all have to admit that, particularly since the Bush/Blair years of lies and treason.  However, withholding some material is irresponsible though it is impossible to identify an “authority” capable of understanding or dealing with threats against the United States.

With the downfall of the CIA and the ludicrous alphabet soup monstrosities, the US is helpless in the face of a very real conspiracy.  Here is what we know or think or feel or whatever.

The group we have identified includes:

  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his interesting group of “friends”
    • The Bush Cartel/Jeb Bush and the Colombia Cartel
    • The Romney/Salinas Cartel
    • The Dallas Mafia and Hunt Family (s)
    • The Fox/Murdoch media group
    • The New York Times
    • GE Capital
    • Bechtel
    • The Jamestown Foundation
    • PJ Media
    • General Breedlove
    • Benjamin Netanyahu
    • Lieberman/McCain/Graham
    • Scott Walker
    • Supreme Court Justices
    • the United States Secret Service
    • and a list of energy, transportation and insurance corporation executives

We have a high probability that a coup is afoot in the United States and have strong reason to believe that one was attempted in Russia. When the Russian coup was stopped, good guess who planned to take over is now “out of the picture,” our NATO friends saw the writing on the wall.

Israeli intelligence is totally aware of all of this and, on this odd occasion, on the right side of the fence.  We wish we could say that of others in Israel.

We have confirmation from Russia that they are moving against NATO and the US, economically at least, with huge inroads with China and other regional powers in the last 72 hours.

America, or what the America’s criminal cabals represent, is going to be frozen out of Asia for generations.  Just because Fox News and InfoWars won’t report it doesn’t mean it isn’t true and, frankly, the best possible thing for the American people.

If anything happens to President Obama, look to this list as those responsible, or so we are told.

Do we believe it?

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  1. Addenda,

    Much of the Canadian hanky panky is linked to Great Lakes shipping and Unions. I would like to know the links if any between for former Canadian PM Paul Martin and the late Willy Obront. Willy Obront, a Montreal Jew, was Myer Lansky’s lieutenant in Canada. Myer Lansky created Murder Incorporated, killing 500 to 1,000 people and allowed Willy Obront to operate a nightclub within his Miami territory. These names all become linked – Myer Lansky, Willy Obront, Jimmy Hoffa, Hal Banks, Paul Martin, Gerry Schwartz, Maurice Strong, Pierre Trudeau, Hugh Hambleton, Jean Cretien, Fidel Castro etc… and the allegation that Pierre Trudeau was a child molestor.

  2. This Cuba connection is very interesting. Here are lots of dots to connect. The Hungarian/American gangster Bernie Cornfield hid out there. He was the boss of Gerry Schwartz who later became bag man for Canadian PM Paul Martin. Paul Martin owned Canada Steamship Lines, which the Canadian tax payers bought for him, and a ship he named after his wife was apprehended with a huge stash of illegal drugs from South America. Liberal Pm Jean Cretien protected Laval professor and spy Hugh Hambleton from arrest by the RCMP but the Brits arrested and convicted him. Hambleton’s sister worked for Pierre Trudeau and made regular trips from Ottawa to Mexico city and then on the Havanah to meet Castro and it was during this period that international Jewery got a headlock on Canada. Trudeau’s appointed privy council buddy was Maurice Strong who invested money for Jimmy Hoffa, was the father of Global warming and bolted for China when he was named for accepting a $1 million bribe in the UN oil for food scandal.

  3. Gordon, I am an avid reader of many news sources, but Veterans Today is the site that I feel I can trust the most. In such have you read any of David Hodges work, and do you consider his writings to be fact based? If he is a credible source, has VT considered adding his work to the already fabulous line of writers already part of VT? Thanks for all the great work!!!!

  4. yup, I’m not alone about “obama” as some kind of hero.. he’s a CIA manchurian candidate who removed all his personal info from public records, then appointed multiple felon-traitor hillary as secretary of state, claimed to have gotten Bin Laden who’d been DEAD over 10 years..
    stands by the 911 official lie, Sandy Hoax, Boston Marathon con-job, gee what a hero!

    no arrest of bibi, no arrests of the 47 felony violators of the Logan Act (letter to Iran), no arrest of insane McCain consorting-supporting mercenary terrorists in Syria, and this short list doesnt even begin to scratch the surface. worrying about “obama” is like worrying about Pinochhio or whether the Easter Bunny is going to poop chocolate eggs on your lawn this year, prettymuch.

    • there are two backgrounds for hillary

      consider this: If she shuts down Wall Street and starts jailing mobsters…which is what we know she will do….why would it be so important to attack her?

      she is the only person with powerful backing…

      there is absolutely NO ONE to stand up for the American people


      sheep need to be sheared, lambs butchered

      not “stood up for”

      this is what Washington exists for

  5. Netanyahu is not waiting for any election results and is trying an end around statue of unliberty play that has been smelled out for a big loss. What is obvious is that the crimes against humanity boys are in fanatical desperation downfall bunker situation as they are being surrounded. Anything goes in their last days as the NAZIs are confronted with Deja Vu. Even the Vatican can’t/won’t save their sorry asses this time. Expect more leaks as lines are being crossed and uniforms exchanged.

    • Mons Vaticanus has been purchasing “Old Jerusalem” for some time. This is verifiable. Do your own research. F. Tupper Saussy et al suggests (with high plausibility) that Rome created Islam in the 7th century. For the specific purpose(s) to take and secure Jerusalem. [Frankenstein’s monster apparently didn’t cooperate] Look for the essay, “Designer Villains” by Saussy, written shortly after 9/11. Filter statements/info re: Col. Osmon via Amb. Wanta ..

  6. Gordon, the over-representation of Zionists in key positions of the fedl gov by factors ranging to 25 times; on Wall St by 35 times; similarly in the unions making up two-thirds of institutional campaign donations; and, among individual donors where leftist Steyer’s dwarf Adelson’s by a factor of ten speaks for itself and can be verified with a handful of searches. He who pays the piper calls the tune in American politics and the SSG, not the bunch of apparatchiks you’ve singled out on the putative right.

  7. I am working with confirmations. I think the understanding of what “zio-jew” means is misconstrued. Preston James has been playing with it a bit.

    It is very difficult to stick to definitions when they don’t work.

    I can only pick out bad guys, based on evidence, pick out plots as I see them and work with others to establish historical context.

    No easily expressed hypothesis is useful in this process.

    In fact, “the enemy,” such as it is, has learned to use this to its advantage.

  8. The List – finally! It needs to be extended with photos, personal characteristics, addresses, behavioral profiles, hobbies, habits. As much data as possible to track them down. Qualified patriots will know what to do when the time comes.

  9. This excellent article connects a lot of dots and some astounding conclusions about organized crime infiltrating American Politics are now in order. It is time to clean hose and arrest all these slime-balls and restore the Rule of Law. Nobody else provides this kind of actionable Intel like VT. Thank you Gordon Duff.

  10. Meditation Upon A(nother) Coup d’état

    Upon a light ‘s shining, darkness flees,
    Leaving but shadows behind, empty
    Of all harmful aims and objectives.

    In Plato’s cave, we watched transfixed
    Evil doers and their minions on TV.
    Still we watch, each outside twin cities,
    Transforming to salty figurines.

    The Matrix, as a spider and its web,
    First entrances, invites, then intoxicates.
    Death ensues, eugenics realized.
    Pity the children who never had a chance,
    Ones who never knew, never knew, and
    Ones today alive who will never know.

    Puppets punch, bash, and strut,
    Stages across our globe shudder..
    Pits from Pandora’s box (some say Hell),
    Low if not occult science, and Evil incarnate
    Converge to bring ruin to cities and people
    Unless all but the dreadful few capitulate —
    And soon.

    acd 15 March 15

  11. You’re right. The only reason Mossad would be advising against murdering our president is because they knew too many knowledgeable people would pull the string back to them this time ( unlike the coup in ’63, USS Liberty attack and 9-11 )…

  12. Ignoring any spin or disinformation – there are a few certainties to work with here:

    ‘zio-intelligence’ – lets call them the ‘pharasees’ – are up to their necks in this. All attempts to allude otherwise can only be a manifestation of deception and guile.

    This attack on the world – to bring about a real and cohesive world domination entity – can ONLY have been brought about by a group that is A). Internationally based – i.e. embedded in every country. B). Inter generational – as all this cannot possibly have been achieved in just one generation of diverse criminals but would need to be centuries in the making – and have an overlapping masterplan. This narrows down the list of potential culprits considerably.

    The perpetrators of this plan/plot for some reason need to move fast now. There could be a number of reasons for this. One might be that their tried and trusted methods of creating wars and false flag instigating tools are no longer working so effectively – and are being regularly debunked despite controlled media support. Another might be that a huge false flag event is about to take place – to start a war with Russia and China perhaps. These are their weaknesses. Something big is in the wind.

    • They may anticipate another financial implosion and bring it forward simultaneously with one or more FF’s, relying on research that the “cascading” of such calamities causes mental paralysis and heightened reliance on official pronouncements, such as a declaration of war against Iran or even Russia.

  13. What a list, looks like the starting lineup for the Evil Empire to me, although i didn’t know about Walker but I guess they need a ballboy. We can expect the Bushes to bat cleanup with Breedlove pitching and a desperate Netanyahu to lead off. The Hunts will be calling the plays from the dug out. They have the experience for this sought of thing. I would want Gordon Duff on the mound for this one and I would want General Dempsey to make out the rest of the lineup. lets hope Mr. Duff has both his fastball and his curve working…

  14. Just curious why the Clintons are not on the list? HSBC/UBS/Clinton Foundation? Hillary’s hidden State Department emails connect her to former Bain Capital managers. The hedge fund Castanea Partners and Bain have worked together in the recent past. A analysis links Clinton’s IP address to Castanea Partners, a $600 million fund based in Newton, Massachusetts:

  15. The Secret Service has had multiple suspicious incidents lately. Two drunk agents crash into a White House barrier interrupting a suspicious package investigation? Fence-jumpers, one reaching the inside of the White House with a knife? Persistent placed stories in the press about concern over drones flying near the White House? Agents in Columbia dallying with prostitutes during a summit meeting of world leaders. Agent passes out in an Amsterdam hotel hallway in the wee hours ahead of a Presidential visit. Agents wrecking a car in the Florida Keys during a Presidential vacation.

    Sounds like the entity has gotten ridiculously out of control or it is laying groundwork for a “breach” cover story. Whatever the case, Obama better get some people in there he can trust.

    I’ve long wondered about the transparent race-baiting incidents hyped non-stop by MSM – Zimmerman, Ferguson, frats, etc — and whether a big psyop involving an Obama assassination or faked assassination was planned to set off manufactured race riots so DHS could get its martial law it wants so badly.

    I sure hope High Intel and the Oath Keepers we keep hearing about get their jobs done soon before the S really HTF.

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