While U.S. Main Stream Media continues to fail and provide “We The People” anything of value to confirm and buttress our democracy, today Free Speech TV frankly kicked their ass taking huge giant leap forward for democracy and justice airing America’s # 1 prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi’s documentary “The Prosecution of An American President“.

Famed and esteemed U.S. Veteran, Charles Manson prosecutor,  and New York Times bestselling author Vincent Bugliosi makes the most powerful, explosive and thought-provoking argument of his storied career.

In The Prosecution of an American President, Bugliosi presents a meticulously researched legal case that proves George W. Bush took our nation to war in Iraq under false pretenses and is therefore, under the law, guilty of murder for the deaths of 4,500 young American soldiers who fought and died there.

Bush’s unlawful war also cost the United States more than a trillion dollars; alienated many of our allies; caused the deaths of more than 100,000 innocent Iraqi men, women, and children; and pushed a previously tranquil nation into unending civil war, atrocities and chaos. (some estimates say the deaths are closer to over 1,000,000)

As a prosecutor dedicated to seeking justice, Bugliosi delivers a non-partisan argument based on hard facts and pure objectivity. This searing indictment also outlines a legally credible pathway to holding our highest government officials accountable for their actions, thereby creating a framework for future occupants of the Oval Office. Ultimately, Bugliosi calls for the United States to return to the great nation it once was.

Best-selling author Vincent Bugliosi has written the most important and thought-provoking book of his prolific career. In a meticulously researched and clearly presented legal case that puts George W. Bush on trial for murder after he leaves his presidency, Bugliosi delivers a searing indictment of the president and his administration.

With what he believes is overwhelming evidence that President Bush took the nation to war in Iraq under false pretenses – a war that has caused great loss of life, cost this nation close to $1 trillion, and alienated most of our allies in the Western world – Bugliosi argues that it is George W. Bush who must be held accountable for what Bugliosi considers to be monumental crimes.

In this groundbreaking book, Bugliosi, in his inimitable style, presents a powerful case against the man in the oval office.

Free Speech TV is proud to announce that they will be airing Prosecution of an American President on the following, upcoming dates.

This is MUST SEE TV and should be required viewing for every school in the nation and the world.

So make sure to tune in two nights in a row to see the film in its entirety. For additional dates and times, check out the Free Speech TV schedule.

  1. Tuesday March 17th – PART ONE ONLY at 8:30pm ET
  2. Wednesday March 18th – PART TWO ONLY at 8:30pm ET
  3. Thursday March 19th – PART ONE ONLY at 8:30pm ET
  4. Friday Match 20th – PART TWO ONLY at 8:30pm ET

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  1. If, we the people can get Condi in court on charges of maleficence in office and cut her a deal, she will sing like a hummingbird spilling her guts. As for ‘baby ass Bush’ ? “We The People” have plans for him, like real justice!!!
    “We The People” know what was done, who done it, how it was done and we know their addresses.

  2. Have you been to Sloan Kettering? Hiding behind the comfortable surroundings are practitioners and experimenters whose professed good intentions give sanction and cover to some of the most questionable and toxic treatments imaginable. A prominent surgeon at a major hospital used the word “killed” to describe SK’s tests on several dozen women to observe the effects of stem cell therapy a decade or so ago, and a senior orthopedic surgeon at another hospital told me that in his opinion the oncologists working at his hospital were “ghouls” in it for the money.

  3. Good point on the Manson/Tate case. There was SO much more there, that was left on the cutting room floor.

  4. I see a HUGE Constitutional Crisis coming and it’s this.

    The plotters of 9/11, the Wars, and all the other sordid details, murders, see the end coming, their apprehension, trial, conviction, sentencing, punishment.

    Knowing this, Obama will be relied upon to grant Presidential Pardons to all the plotters, and through Executive Order nullify extradition. He will do this knowing that to NOT do it would mean certain demise for him, his family. The citizens will NOT accept this outcome. The bought and paid for 5 Supreme Court Justices will uphold Obama’s actions on this.

    Then what?

  5. From what I understand there are important features, powers, given to a “Citizens Grand Jury” NOT available elsewhere in the legal system here in the U.S.

    If VT could have one of the writers outline these KEY benefits, attributes, it would be helpful to the readers who want to take action without running up a huge legal bill.

  6. Since 9/11 was the springboard for the pre-planned WARS and was certainly engineered by this same group, it should be a featured part of any case against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the neocons.

    I didn’t see mention in the trailer or article, of 9/11 being part of the plot.

  7. wjabbe; I don’t know who you are but I thoroughly enjoy your comments. You always leave such educational information, and interesting reading. Keep it up. I’ve learned a great deal from you despite the fact that I feel so inferior. I go on my gut instinct and leave trivia. I look for your posts, as well as the articles VT prints. Thanks! Ever think about writing a book on what you know? For whatever its worth to you, Chandler.

  8. send it to Belgium or any other country that prosecutes mass murders regards less of venue (I’m not joking)

  9. Indictment of a U.S. President for Mass Murder lot of people cannot access this Freedom TV ? he FilmOn feed is viewable on many mobile devices including iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android phones, tablets and music players. You can also check our affiliates listing to find out if FSTV is carried by your local public acess station.
    THIS IS NOT SO …….So now what do we do ?

  10. State interference with federal officials, via state criminal prosecutions, would quickly be “removed” to federal court–even as Patrick Henry predicted it would be at the Virginia ratifying convention. With “removal” to federal court the certain fate of state criminal prosecutions, what state prosecutor would bring them? Although, I agree the case against the Bush administration is there and should be pressed–by someone.

  11. Bugliosi has a point, but then again Obama is just continuing policies Bush started, so why not go after Obama also. He could add fraud if he included Obamacare mandates.

  12. Years ago I read this book knowing no one was going to do anything to the precious lil ol’ Georgie boy. No one or nothing. The Bush clan is truly above the law. Very good book.
    Then, I read the book he wrote about JFK assassination and I am not so sure how he can go from brilliant to stupid in one book but he did.
    Then I read his book on the Supreme Court and the election of 2000. He told everyone this once proud and dignified Court had no jurisdiction over the election and violated the law stepping in awarding the election to the lying idiot who is responsible for killing and maiming and disfiguring hundreds of thousand if not millions of people.
    No one will do anything to any one in the Bush family despite their traitorous and treasonous behavior. We all may be born equal but what happens after that depends on your own integrity and your family societal standing. I don’t know what to think of this man. Thee is so much objective evidence to show Oswald did not kill anyone on that dreadful day. Why such an intelligent man protecting LBJ and his henchman Wallace and his rich oil maggots,er, uh magnates is disappointing.

  13. I think Bill Clinton and George H. W. would also need to be prosecuted for similar reasons. Jimmy Carter? I wonder if any of the top brass chose to retire rather than participate in any of these actions? Also Bush’s aids as well as Dick Cheney. Several hundreds would certainly need to be in the dock. Perhaps simply a symbolic trial will do some good?

    • They both need to be prosecuted for many things but We the People’s court systems as well as the multitude of cowardice prosecutors preferring to pick on the poor for their notches on their conviction gun handles. I despise both Bush’s and Clinton’s yet many hold them high on pedestals as if they are gods. Why can’t they see the damage they’ve done to our country? Since 1988 when the traitorous Poppy Bush got into office, our country has been headed downhill.

    • Under Clinton we had the Oklahoma, Murrah Building attack where they found several UN-exploded military devices inside the remaining structure.

      The holes in the “Official Narrative” leak like a sieve. It was/is a clear case of murder of American citizens, no statute of limitations.

      There ARE so many of these cases, murders, intrigues, false-flags, wars, attacks on foreign countries based of contrived, falsified evidence, that need to be rectified, but HOW?

  14. Bingo, here we go for a perfect Class Action Lawsuit already laid out. Trace down Sante Fe Cross Drilling, April Glaspie the American Ambassador to Iraq who informed Saddam Hussein that the Kuwaitis were cross drilling into and assured him America would do nothing if he invaded Kuwait to take land which was historically Iraq’s back. The British used to always chop off sections of a nation to set up future wars like they did with Pakistan and India. This is part of the Khazarian Mafia’s age old Divide and Conquer strategy.

    • The problem is Statism: Americans lied to about being so exceptional will as always listen to their “Dear Leaders” and their “Party Affiliations” lie and lie and lie to them. Then like clockwork RUSH out to re-elect those liars who allegedly represent them?

      Seriously.. I have for over 5 decades watched the MDA, Cancer Society & others say they were (This Close) to a cure while bilking Billion’s from gullable Americans. Much like the lies that get Veterans to enlist their sons to repeat the same actions they did while they in the first place was lied to about THE ENEMY.

      Like watching an alleged Al Qaeda/ISIL/IS firing a AK-47 that has a range of 250+/- yards & that they are a threat to the USA from 2,000 – 9,000 miles away. Or.. that those alleged “Evil Moslim’s” are any different then a predominately “Christian Military” that since WWII has killed Millions!

      Nothing will change because Americans WORSHIP their Politicians and their Political Party.

    • Yes, Kuwait was “Directional Drilling” under the border with Iraq and sucking out Iraq’s oil reserves through a reservoir that belonged to Iraq, selling their oil and keeping the proceeds. What was Iraq suppose to do, allow it indefinitely? Maybe there was another way to handle it but Gallespi gave Saddam the “all clear” go signal. The rest we know, 10’s of thousands dead.

  15. Malaysia has experienced quite a few transportation [planes] problems since they convicted Bush of ‘crimes against humanity’. But I’m sure that there is no connection, right?

  16. maybe Bugliosi should read here at VT how 911 was done with nukes to usher in a paranoid non-productive police state to replace the economy his daddy deliberately sabotaged? handing all the “security contracting” to izrahell (who helped do it!) is the icing on the yellowcake?

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