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Mensas come in an amazing variety
Mensas come in an amazing variety

[ Editor’s Note: If you have to read this twice to absorb everything that is in here, do not be embarrassed, as most of us had to. We are fortunate to have a few mensas at VT — Lee Wanta and Mike Harris, along with Gordon.

His photographic memory and a huge number of hours of post grad courses at MSU at his fingertips with total recall enables him to write a piece like his “free form”, with no stopping to look anything up.

It is also what makes him a world famous briefer… especially with his legendary “How the world really works” entre which will be remembered forever. By a good stroke of luck, I found myself standing right beside him in Damascus as he gave a version of this at the Counter Terrorism conference in December, and you could have heard a pin drop.

Even the translator knew it was an historical moment, as no one there had ever heard anything like it. And yes, it opened some doors, and some minds, too… which we continue to work on with more bridge building.

Creating trust is a step by step process, not unlike working your way through a minefield knowing that one mistake can erase all the good work up to that point. So enjoy some reflective moments with Gordon below. This will be among his top ten pieces for the year. You won’t get anything like this anywhere else Jim W. Dean ] (Ed note 2:  The list of “smart people” at VT is quite a bit larger than Jim lets on.  Of course, I work to stifle that.g)


BushGoreIn 1990, a plan to take down America was hatched in a Jerusalem bar. American counter-intelligence, Hanke, Higgins and others, had been following the progress of the group.

Two nations were in their sights — the US and the Soviet Union.

The group planned on starting a nuclear war, one they would be able to control the outcome of, with the US being the loser. This plot failed but it wouldn’t be their last.


Lieberman, the Chosen Person

Classified investigation notes tied to the Abel Danger investigation of nuclear weapons theft, Israeli espionage and, eventually, the 9/11 attack open a new look at this time period, 1990 – 2015.

Though it is popularly assumed that 9/11 was planned by Bush and Cheney, investigative notes reveal that Al Gore was the intended winner of the 2000 election. Gore was intended to win, but not to serve as president.

Lieberman and Gore
Lieberman and Gore

His nominated vice presidential candidate, Senator Joe Lieberman, was, according to investigators, to assume the presidency after the long-planned 9/11 attack.

There are two versions of this scenario — one that cites Gore as a “scapegoat” that would be forced to resign — another where “President Gore” would be assassinated by Iranian agents on 9/11.

The event itself was to include not only the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, making billions for its owners in insurance claims, but to crash the US banking system, along with the bond and equity markets as well — opening an opportunity for not just massive profit-taking, but virtual control of the US when trading was restored.

Explosive laden vans driven by contracted Egyptian, Saudi and Israeli operatives, long affiliated with the CIA, were to destroy fiber optic pathways on the George Washington Bridge, Lincoln and Holland Tunnels — an action estimated to keep America’s markets, including the Federal Reserve and SWIFT system, offline for up to 3 months.

Additionally, the secret NSA/FBI intercept site at Fort Lee, adjacent to the George Washington Bridge, would be taken offline. All American counter-intelligence functions would, at that moment, simply cease.

The end result would be astoundingly worse than the Bush – Cheney disaster, which in itself was 8 years of financial looting, illegal war and police state oppression. This is what was envisioned:

  • Lieberman would assume the presidency either on 9/11 itself upon the death of President Gore or soon thereafter based on a carefully orchestrated campaign to force Gore’s resignation;
  • Iran was to be blamed for 9/11 and an immediate war would commence;
  • Senator John McCain would be nominated as the new Vice President;
  • The crash of the financial markets would disrupt electric utilities, transportation including food processing and distribution and gasoline supplies, disrupting many governmental functions as well;
  • The Department of Homeland Security would be created with immediate powers of martial law in order to deal with riots caused by a freezing and starving population, a population ready to go to war with “no questions asked”.


Fink’s Bar

Monstrous gold-medal hypocrisy expresses itself easily in conspiracy
Gold-medal hypocrisy translates with apparent ease into a conspiracy of monsters

Much of the following scenario was outlined initially in 1990 in a discussion at Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem. At the head of the table was Netanyahu. The group at the table had just stolen 5 American KG 84 cryptographic devices with the help of Canadians serving with the UNTSO on the Golan Heights, giving this Israeli-led cabal real-time access to all US State Department, Naval and NATO communications.  This is a transcribed quote taken from an audio recording of Netanyahu at that meeting:

“If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” ( confirmed by an “attendee” during a debriefing )

President Bush (41) learned of the penetration during the First Gulf War, taking note that America was left defenseless in case of a nuclear attack. The US pulled out of Iraq earlier than planned, leaving Saddam in place.

Were Saddam removed and the US to have occupied Iraq, this was to have been the foundation for orchestrating the political confrontation that was to escalate, with careful guidance in both Washington and Moscow, into a nuclear war.

This vulnerability, combined with the spying of Hansen, Pollard, both working for Israel, and others protected more successfully by the AIPAC lobby, made 9/11 possible, by making sure America’s enemies had daily access to decryption keys.

In 2001, one of the espionage suspects would assume a cabinet post, one would become the president’s chief counter-terrorism advisor and the other special envoy to Afghanistan. Their close cohorts continue to this day to control the New York field office of the FBI. Others continue to control the NSA and Homeland Security. We call them “the usual suspects.”


It Begins

Washington vs. Gaza
Washington vs. Gaza

Many maintain a view of history where the stolen election of 2000 and the mysterious and controversial incidents of 9/11/2001 changed history.

Two illegal wars, suspension of civil rights, torture and secret prisons, along with new and equally illegal Kafkaesque bureaucracies are all cited as things that would never have happened had Gore been allowed to take office when elected.

Keeping Americans safe has involved tapping phones, peeking in windows and militarizing police forces to fight a citizens’ insurgency.

Even dissent has been corporatized with anti-government spokesmen, such as Alex Jones and others, finding current levels of tyranny woefully inadequate and inefficient — seeking the “Gazan model” under Israeli occupation as a template for America.


Suppressed “Almost History”

Supreme court

However, recently discovered intelligence files covering the era tell a very different story. We will examine what we have learned and, just perhaps, take a look at a world we were never allowed to see.

During our research, we have met several who are silenced by court order, some by threat and others we would question, like John Wheeler III, Roland Carnaby and John O’Neill, conveniently dead.

The 2000 and 2004 presidential elections were more than controversial. In each case, exit polling, known to be accurate to well within 1%, showed nearly landslide victories for both Gore and, in 2004, John Kerry. In 2000, on election day, Bush was 12 points behind in the polls.

Conspiracy theorists had long assumed that the Bush presidency was the result of a deal struck between Rothschild bankers, Likudists in Israel seeking a Middle East war and Wall Street “pump and dump” investment fraudsters. To a large extent, history has proven them right, particularly considering revelations, not accepted by all, that 9/11 was most certainly an “inside job.”

Supreme Court of the US in 2000
Supreme Court of the US in 2000

Sources at the highest levels of both political parties and security services tell a different story. They say the 2000 election was a “fluke”, and that it was never imagined that the American public would have stood still when the Supreme Court suspended the election on a 5/4 vote — decided by careless, corrupt and utterly unqualified Justice Clarence Thomas.

In 2000, the US Supreme Court, in a clearly unconstitutional move, blocked election counts and nominated a president — something purely out of their jurisdiction. In 2004, the election was also rigged with voting machine hacks, voter intimidation, polling stations closed or choked off, computerized voting counts run through CIA-contractor Diebold — all done to protect a burgeoning heroin processing industry being built in Afghanistan.

What was kept from the world through controlled news is that the vast majority of Americans, many of whom never vote, considered these elections a coup d’état and still do to this day.

The 2014 congressional elections were similarly rigged with 37% of voters electing gambling boss Sheldon Adelson’s personal roster of “mob owned” candidates — the gang who invited Netanyahu to the US against administration wishes.


America’s Power Centers

There were two centers of power in America during the last quarter of the 20th century, Chicago and New York. Each was ruled by a criminal group, part of an “octopus,” an international conspiracy that Dr. Preston James has named the Secret Shadow Government or “SSG.”

Both groups have roots in the gangs of the Prohibition Era in the United States, an era lasting from 1919 to 1933, a time when state and local governments, previously controlled by rail and banking conglomerates, fell under the control of organized crime.

These criminal organizations that spread across the United States began grooming politicians for higher office, eventually taking control of, in many cases, not only the congress, but the White House as well.

The 1948 presidential election was seen as a fight between anti-mob former New York District Attorney Thomas Dewey and the representative of the “Boss Pendergast” mob in Kansas City, Harry Truman.

The Kennedy family, powerful in its own right, was partnered with the Bronfman’s of Canada and the Bush family were lifelong partners of the Meyer Lansky “Murder Incorporated” mob.

Prescott Bush Sr. and George Herbert Walker channeled Rothschild cash into Hitler through Brown Brothers Harriman, a Wall Street Bank while his namesake, Prescott Bush Jr. partnered with Israeli Victor Bout and Saudi Adnan Khashoggi to sell nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia, Brazil, North Korea and Taiwan decades later.

Beirut, Lebanon 1983 -- Vice President George Bush surveys the damage. The marine barracks, we have since found out, were nuked.
Beirut, Lebanon 1983 — Vice President George Bush surveys the damage. The marine barracks, we have since found out, were nuked.

The Bush/Bout cartel maintains a stockpile of nuclear weapons for “shadow government” use as seen during the Beirut Marine Barracks, Oklahoma City, the Khobar Towers, 9/11 and Bali attacks. There have been nearly 50 acts of nuclear terrorism since 1945 according to IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) sources.


Did Bush Shoot Kennedy?

Lansdale waiting for Bush - Dealey Plaza - 11/22/63
Lansdale waiting for Bush – Dealey Plaza – 11/22/63

President George H.W. Bush, identified as a CIA non-official cover agent by then FBI-director J. Edgar Hoover, supposedly running “Zapata Oil,” whose service boats took part in the Bay of Pigs invasion — was arrested at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 — as a suspect, a possible shooter, in the Kennedy assassination.

Bush was released and the arrest expunged, but arresting officer R.E. Vaughn recounted the story several times.

One of the first acts of the Clinton administration was to declassify documents proving Bush was in Dallas on the day of the killing — something George H.W. Bush denied repeatedly._________

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War who has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues; and is a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.


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  1. Victor Ostrovsky claims that the Mossad planned a false flag assassination of Bush 41 in Europe during his Presidency. There was big trouble between the factions, and what seems to have happened on 911 is that the Zio faction actually violently blackmailed their way into power and usurped, at least temporarily, the previous group. That seems to be the reason the death of Carnaby is such a big deal. Bush 41 was still using his network against the other group, investigating them and a key operative was violently removed from the scene by Zio group in a real show of power. So the Supreme Court were presumably “holdouts” to the “old regime” and that is what motivated their actions. This is just an opinion obviously.

  2. Thanks for a great article Gordon. I can understand the confusion created by the fact that the idea that the 911 perps could not manage to fix the Supreme Court. The information that is too tidy and fits neatly into preconceptions is the stuff that should be questioned the most, the slightly untidy and confusing info is much more likely legit. My understanding would be that there were two major criminal networks vying for power in the US in the post Kennedy era, the first might be called the “Bush Crime Family” I call them the “Texan Management Faction” this was the group that killed Kennedy (albeit with Zionist assistance) and appears to have seized and largely held power until 2001. Over the years this group often cooperated with but also competed against the Zionist faction. They fought what look like drug wars for example. When Bush 41 sent the US army into Panama, Mike Harari former Mossad “hero”was Noriega consigliere, he was presumably representing the Zio syndicate and their coke role in Panama which the Bush people chose to put out of business.

  3. Thanks for this intriguing information! Your article is still in the top 5 popular list on NEO. I noticed that on NEO the Russian language version does not used your clever first ‘hook’ line, “In 1990, a plan to take down America was hatched in a Jerusalem bar” but writes its own little intro. Then the link to read the whole story goes to the English version as seen here. Do Russian readers have access to this story in Russian as presented here?

  4. What do you think about him? Seems trustworthy: “Whole System is Rigged! – Robert Steele Electoral Reform Demand OccupyNWO Revolution 2012”
    “Al Gore rolled over and play dead in 2000 he knew three months in advance from Greg Palast who broke the story in The Observer three months in advance that the election had been stolen with the disenfranchisement of 50,000 people. He was told by warren christopher if you challenge this as being beyond the bounds of reasonable dishonesty you will never get a corporate speak feat in your life. From someone who was in the room. What you if you let it go as being within the bounds of reasonable dishonesty you will be rich beyond your dreams. Today Al Gore’s worth $100 million dollars.”

  5. @Gustavo
    I think you can make alcohol from just about anything – even grass? But let’s face it, as this article and so much more continues to expose, negative forces have a death grip on our planet & population that has continuously halted positive human evolution/progress & supplanted goodness/beauty/love w/ all that is horrid/ugly/evil. And anyone who thinks this is just a product of human endeavor simply isn’t paying attention or is completely ‘hypnotized’.

  6. You really gotta luv irony – I reside in Westerville, OH – esteemed home of the Anti-Saloon League & the Dry Capital of the World! Yes, Westerville played a key role in Prohibition & it wasn’t until 2004 that voters finally approved alcohol sales in the city!

    BTW – Rockefeller gave 4 million dollars to the old ladies of the Christian Temperance group which was used to buy off Congress. Hmm – irony or hypocrisy . . .

  7. I doubt that Supreme Court Justice Thomas knew really why he voted the way he did. The same for all the other justices. Most people most of the time are only vaguely aware of the real springs of their actions. In addition to motives there are the hidden driving forces. Perhaps one of the justices almost voted differently but then some random thought or emotion kept him on his plan. We shall never know. Despite the appearances the vast unconscious sea beneath the nation can not be gone against. The People also vote with their feelings and memories. This is why the best laid plans often fail. Conspiracies have to face the same obstacles that ordinary plans face. And perhaps a few others. Here we have a grand conspiracy thwarted by a not very bright justice.

  8. In Brazil, most cars run on sugarcane alcohol and/or gasoline.
    You can choose either, or use both at the same time.
    Alcohol (ethanol) enhances the performance by some 10 HP and is a lot cheaper, but consumes 30% more than gasoline.

  9. Rockefeller made a verry generous contribution (bribe) to the Temperance movement which was completely successful in “persuading” Congress to ban alcohol! Rockefeller had won – and humanity was dealt another death blow. Organized crime fed off this new prohibition and the powerful & rich continued to reign supreme.

    On the bright side, all those moonshining southerners running from the revenuers eventually gave birth to NASCAR. So I guess we owe Rockefeller thanks for that!!!

  10. Whilst human beings scurry about with their plans, the Plan set in motion centuries before slowly manifests. The human planners merely carry out the Plan much like manual labors building a hourse. Keep in mind the whole universe is involved in every action. A vast machine of sorts way beyond human comprehension. The universe devours itself and continues creating itself our of itself. The leaf on the tree knows the whole story from beginning to end.

  11. “Cars and everything else running on internal combustion engines can run on alcohol at least as well as they can run on gasoline. Indeed, engines were built back in 1870 that could run using either alcohol or gasoline.”

    Most are unaware of the Rockefeller/Ford war of fuels> Ford’s automobile – initially made of hemp resin actually lighter/stronger than steel – was designed to run on corn alcohol as well as gasoline> in fact, I believe alcohol actually was the better choice mechanically. Every farmer in America had corn alcohol available making it freely available/inexpensive. Rockefeller had an excess of his highly polluting petroleum waste byproduct – gasoline. Kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone> get richer unloading a hazardous filthy waste product by making it the official fuel for automobiles. Rockefeller was badly losing this fight when he finally realized the winning tactic> PROHIBITION!

  12. This scenario simply does not make sense. Apparently the NWO is unable to manipulate the Supreme Court and would not Bush in the Presidency against their wishes become their enemy after they try to whack him? Why would he simply not exterminate these enemies?

  13. Wow, mind-boggling paradoxes here Uncle Gordie; if it was indeed the plan for Gore to become POTUS, why in the world did the Supreme Court give it to Bush, as they are undoubtedly controlled? Presumably this is the best example of the Bush faction vs. the Khazarian Mafia and how they are NOT necessarily 1 in the same crime cabal; that they battled for whom would steer US foreign policy in the post 9-11 world.

    As you have said, it the information that is not disclosed that is very important as well, and if what you are being told backs-up everything you think you know, you are being played. Thank you sir for releasing this amazing information and for working tirelessly to defend the good parts of America.

  14. Interesting that Alex Jones is alleged to have a Jewish wife and the exact same lawyers as the Bronfmans.

    Once prohibition was brought into play in the USA it was the Canadian Bronfmans who organized the trafficking of illegal liquour into the United States mostly to make money. They ran the show. Al Capone was just a distributor. Jewish Hollywood put the spotlight on Capone. There are no Bronfman films that I know of and they sold Dupont to buy a Hollywood studio even though it cost them dearly just like the money losing National Post just bought the money losing Toronto sun chain.The TO Sun deal was organized by a Sheldon Adelson lobbyist named Paul Godfrey. Media control is very important to these people. It is a cornerstone of their power. Read the protocols.

    Prohibition was designed to prevent the destruction of families. The illegal flow of alcohol also gave the depressed and out of work men in charge of Christian familes during the depression, (as women did not work outside the home in those days), a chance to become alcoholics. Nothing destroys a family like alcoholism.

    Alcoholism leads to their daughters becoming street children and turning to prostitution to pay the bills enabling them to be recycled to make more money by the same people selling the alcohol. I guess drugs do the same thing these days.

  15. I cant see this as a bad thing. It removes hope that Isreal will cooperate and likewise its downfall with the world watching. Wasting time was their biggest asset and they cant do that if Bibi gets to continue genocide with no pretense to quit. If a kinder gentler candidate won this would go on forever.

  16. Everyone says “it’s NOT all Jews” who commit these crimes, true.

    But, when Gaza was again destroyed recently in 2014, a huge majority not only approved but some went out with beach chairs to watch the carnage.

    Now Bibi wins, big. What are we to think?

    And the comments recorded of Bibi at Finks Bar? And before that, the comments he made to a family he visited about Israeli control of America, that were recorded then, that said the same thing? So that’s twice he’s said it on record.

    In America at least, MOST American’s DO NOT approve of Congress or the President, and this means the actions they are taking/instituting are NOT approved of.

  17. Was 13 when JFK was brutally assassinated in front of his adoring public. Seems some ‘lone nut’ took him out from high up in a building. Amazingly, that ‘lone nut’ was marched out by overly large law officers in Texan hats allowing some other ‘lone nut’ to shoot & kill him. Can still see the funeral procession in my mind and JFK Jr’s brave little salute to his fallen father.

    Being a baby boomer, this was just the beginning of a whole new reality. Sure we thought we were on the cusp of great new discoveries and leaps forward what w/ all those space shots eagerly watched in grade school followed by JFK’s pronouncemt that we ‘go to the moon’. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” resonated w/ us all. Instead, this happened>

    1968 (1 of 6)
    https [colon] // www [dot] youtube [dot] com/watch?v=6vVZP2T60wI

    I’ll never forget my shock of a ‘mob’ storming the Florida voting recount location completely stopping the assessment of the ‘hanging chads’ > and the entire rest of the country was apparently OK w/ this & the subsequent apptmt of George Bush by Supreme Ct – several members of which had actively supported Bush’s campaign! Less than a year later, 911 – I knew immediately that much of what we were being told was untrue > “never any thought given to the idea that terrorists might fly an airplane into a building” > bold-faced lie!

    • Such a bright beautiful blue sky the day of 911. How odd there was almost NO mention of a category 3 hurricane just off the coast that had been on a direct path for NYC – when we all know TV weather people go bonkers whenever there’s any type of unusual weather happening esp a hurricane of such magnitude!

      When we get the REAL truth re Hurricane Erin, maybe THEN we’ll know the whole story!

  18. I’m starting to come full circle to where I was before I wrote a word for VT. I always figured let them have their WW III. Most people got it coming anyway. As a wise man once said “their gods will die with them.” Hopefully enough people of the type that read VT, what I call the 5%, will be around when the playing field is leveled. Without a military coup, which at this point is going to have to include Pol Pot style reorientation camps for major segments of the populace, I see no other way. As another wise man once said “its the only solution. Isn’t it amazing?”

  19. So Netanyahu led the plot at Fink’s bar in 1990? And this is the guy who won 30 seats in the Israeli election yesterday. Must have been ballot-box stuffing, as the polls were showing the 2 biggest parties neck and neck. So now what?

  20. There has long been rumors that the 9/11 plotters went ahead with their “decapitation of the executive branch” plan on 9/11, and that GW Bush barely escaped. Perhaps this could be addressed in a future article?

    • The rumor was (if I remember right) that the revised 9/11 plan, after the 2000 election, called for the Secretary of State to be the next President? That would mean getting rid of the 4 guys ahead of him in the Presidential Line of Succession. That’s quite a plot, if true, one stolen from the pages of Tom Clancy’s 1994 book, Debt of Honor.

    • After searching my memory (not photographic), I need to issue a correction. The SecState plot was alleged to have happened at a different time, not on 9/11. Same administration, though. My apologies, as we are supposed to be discussing 9/11.

  21. Outstanding article, Gordon’s best yet. Fink’s Bar appears to have been well-named. As for the plan to have Al Gore win, and then bump him off in favor of his running mate Lieberman, I’m not surprised at all, for two reasons: Reason 1 – The conversation in Hebrew in the cemetery, discussing the plan for 9/11, and the fact that the plotters had people on the staffs of both Bush and Gore, so they were ready, no matter who won the election. If I remember right, it was Chris Bollyn who wrote about this?

    • Reason 2- Odd things written in Millennium-type books, published from 1995 on, several books. You know, forecasts for the new millennium, that kind of thing. I browsed at Barnes and Noble a lot, and came across three interesting forecasts in books, couched in astrological terms. The three forecasts were: 1, that the UK royal family would have a death in 1997, that would affect Charles and Harry the most. (I remember thinking it probably referred to Queen Mum, who would be 97 years old.) 2, that Al Gore absolutely had a target painted on his back during and after the 2000 election, with specific danger dates mentioned (it was assumed the VP would run). 3, that the US would be embroiled in a civil war by 2025 (I’m sorry, I forget what the stated causes were, but I think one of them was immigration.)

      I don’t remember the names of the books, but if I find the info, I will bring it forth. After the first scenario happened, the murder of Princess Diana in 1997, I did get nervous about the second and third. Were these writers just intuitive, or were they fed leaks about proposed plans? I don’t know. I think this might have been part of the “predictive programming” that the satanists indulge in, where they tell us their plans ahead of time.

    • In the US and Canada, “fink” has come to mean only one thing, a betrayer. Like I said, the bar was well-named. thefreedictionary lists the various kinds of fink.

    • I cannot recall the title of the 2nd book, nor the name of its author, except that he was British. Nick Kollerstrom might know who it was.

  22. This is certainly alot of food for thought. I just hope the names, allegations, references to classified material and connected dots will soon be backed up with mass arrests, hard evidence, court cases, convictions and puinishment.

    Its just amazing with all this stuff going on, and being known in military and intelligence circles, that everyone’s hands seem to be tied when the dam should have burst wide open long ago. The level of control must be unbelievable but I am inclined to believe that it is true from things I have seen myself and hope Gordon is not just using associations to razzle dazzle people.

    I guess, if its true, that is why Gordon sells guns when all the guys in black hats keep trying to take them away. You can’t treat Americans like Palestinians until you grab the guns.

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