Al-Qaeda and Other Terrorist Groups: Made in U.S.A. and Israel


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Last June, I argued that “The U.S. trained terrorist group ISIS in 2012.” Citing the Jerusalem Post last November, Kevin Barrett also made the point that

ISIL claims to be a Muslim liberation movement – yet it never attacks Israel or its supporters. Instead, its fighters are treated in Israeli hospitals and visited, complete with accolades, by the likes of Netanyahu.”

About two weeks ago, the Jerusalem Post again had an article entitled, “Israel treating al-Qaida fighters wounded in Syria civil war.”[1] It stated quite explicitly:

“Israel has opened its borders with Syria in order to provide medical treatment to Nusra Front and al-Qaida fighters wounded in the ongoing civil war…”[2]

What? Al-Nusra Front? Al-Qaida fighters? So terrorist groups have magically become freedom fighters? Didn’t members of the same terrorist group cut the heart of a dead body and take a bite?

Furthermore, didn’t al-Nusra commit terrorist acts by the summer of 2012?[3]  Didn’t the same terrorist group attack at least 600 major cities in Syria and elsewhere, causing the death of Syrian civilians during the war against Assad?[4]

In January 2013, the group declared that they want “to give the tyrannical regime [Assad] a taste of violence.”[5] In December 2012, the rebels smashed a school in Syria, taking the lives of twenty-eight children.[6] Then in the same month, the ethnic Kurds began to rise against the Syrian rebels.[7]

Right here we are confronted with an inescapable conclusion: the Zionist regime redefines terrorism, digs up new definitions from their own Mephistophelian matrix, and imposes these radically new and different definitions on America and much of the West.

So, who is really the real elephant in the room: Iran, which abides by the Non-Proliferation Treaty, or the Zionist regime in Israel, which never signed the Treaty? As twenty-eight-year CIA veteran Paul R. Pillar declared, Israel is an existential threat in the Middle East.[8]

And slowly but surely people are beginning to wake up. It has become quite obvious over the past few months that the Obama administration can no longer swallow the bitter pill that the Israeli regime (at least Benjamin Netanyahu) is constantly producing in the Zionist factory.[9] Moreover, it seems that the Obama administration is quite serious about taking the Israeli regime to task:

The United States will not take the floor at the main U.N. human rights forum on Monday during the annual debate on violations committed in the Palestinian territories, a U.S. spokesman told Reuters.

The move at the 47-member state forum where Washington unfailingly defends Israel, follows signals that the Obama administration is undertaking a “reassessment” of relations with Israel.”

There is more bad news for the Zionist regime. The Obama administration has recently taken a step further by sending Netanyahu an ultimatum saying that the “occupation must end.” Hear this:

“The White House on Monday bluntly warned Israel that its occupation of Palestinian land must end, dismissing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts to take back controversial campaign pledges.

“In unusually tough language that underscores the fracture in relations between Washington and Israel, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said ‘an occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end….The Palestinian people must have the right to live in and govern themselves in their own sovereign state.'”

If the Obama administration means business here, then we should give them two cheers! It is high time that the Zionist regime in Israel starts swallowing their own bitter pills.

Victor Davis Hanson
Victor Davis Hanson

There are deeper questions we should proceed to ask: Where are Thomas Sowell, the Neo-Bolsheviks and Zionist shills, who dusted off the old Bolshevik ideology from Lenin and Stalin and dragged it like a dead and rotten fish all over the Middle East—most specifically in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya? Why can’t those Neocon shills and puppets say something substantive when the Israeli regime has continued to support terrorism?

Furthermore, if those Neocon shills are truly against terrorism, why aren’t they against this double-standard? Didn’t noisemaker Sarah Palin declare that “waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists”?[10]

Doesn’t Ann Coulter bore people to death–at least this writer–when she starts talking about terrorism in nearly all her books? Why haven’t those rabble-rousers and pinheads declared that Netanyahu needs to taste his own medicine and “be baptized”? Why the blatant contradiction or hypocrisy?

I mean, didn’t the regime do their best to charge Dieudonne M’bala “of condoning terrorism”? Didn’t the neoconservative flagship FrontPage Magazine call Dieudonné “an anti-Semite”?[11] Didn’t Dieudonné stir the Zionist pot by saying things like the Rothschild Mafia was behind the beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley?[12]

Didn’t Dieudonné become a pain in the neck of the Zionists by inventing the anti-Zionist or “anti-establishment” sign the quenelle, which spread like wildfire in Europe and in major sections in America? Neocon Paul Austin Murphy, who ridiculously postulated that there is no real difference between a “right-wing anti-Zionist” and a “Jew-hater,” was so upset about the sign that he called Dieudonne a pedophile. He said,

“So this is equivalent, surely, to a paedophile claiming to be ‘anti-establishment’ because he doesn’t like the fact that he has been arrested for his pedophile activities.”[13]

A few days ago, “a Paris court gave Dieudonne a suspended two-month jail sentence. He had faced up to seven years in jail and a $106,000 fine.”[14] But the Israeli regime can literally supports terrorism and provides medical assistance to al-Nusra Front and get away with it.

If Ann Coulter and others want us to take them seriously, then they need to say something about this. If they remain silent, then they need to shut up and stop writing ridiculous or sophomoric books on the so-called war on terror.

 hanson2Citing his political supervisor Benjamin Netanyahu, Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institution has recently written that

“Iran is currently the greatest global sponsor of terrorism. Tehran now has de facto control over four Middle East nations: Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

Iran has serially ignored all past U.S. deadlines to stop nuclear enrichment. It habitually misled United Nations inspectors. It threatens to spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.[15]

Hanson is not some crazy person out there who does not have access to the scholarly literature. He is a former classics professor and military historian at California State University and has written widely. His works are quite impressive.

Hanson is the author of Warfare and Agriculture in Classical Greece, The Other Greeks: The Family Farm and the Agrarian Roots of Western Civilizations, Who Killed Homer?: The Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom, The wars of the Ancient Greeks: And the Invention of Western Military Culture, Bonfire of the Humanities: Rescuing the Classics in an Impoverished Age, Carnage and Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise of Western Power, etc.

But, like Thomas Sowell, Bruce Thornton, Niall Ferguson and others, Hanson has been morally and intellectually crippled by the neoconservative ideology, which gives him no chance to think clearly and deeply about the Middle East.

Hanson is so crippled that he thinks “The national $18 trillion in national debt” was largely due to “military cutbacks”![16] The man is so blind that he could never bring himself to the fact that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan alone will cost the U.S. probably six trillion dollars.

When an intellectual and a scholar has sunk that low, then facts and logic cannot bring him back to sanity. He has already fallen into moral decay and intellectual promiscuousness. Like the prodigal son, he has to come to terms with himself and realize that he has been literally whipped off by the neoconservative movement, which ideologically is Stalinism and Leninism. If Hanson doubts this, he might as well pick up Francis Fukuyama’s essay entitled, “After Neoconservatism.”[17]

 What we are seeing here is that when intellectuals like Hanson leave serious academic work behind, they fall right into the able hands of the Dreadful Few, who end up molding people like Hanson and others into their own making.[18]

It is the same thing with Niall Ferguson’s second wife, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who ended up saying that Netanyahu should receive a Nobel Peace Prize for waging war in Gaza! “I really think he should get the Nobel Peace Prize,” the public intellectual said. “In a fair world he would get it.”[19]

What has Ali been smoking? She certainly needs to clear her head. In a fair world, Netanyahu would either be behind bars for the rest of his natural life or be hanged.

Should Netanyahu receive a Nobel Peace Prize for slaughtering men, women and children in Gaza and for demolishing their homes? Should he be applauded for the death of peaceful activists such as Rachel Corrie? If Ali can logically and cogently explain these phenomena to us without contradicting herself, then she’ll have a point.


Now listen to the Jerusalem Post once again: “While Israel views al-Qaida and its allies as enemies, it is far more disturbed by what it views as an even bigger menace – Iran and its proxies.”[20]

According to the Israeli regime, Iran, which abides by international law and which signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, is worst than al-Qaida.

The Jerusalem Post got their story from the Wall Street Journal, which has recently reported that the terrorist group al-Nusra Front

“hasn’t bothered Israel since seizing the border area last summer—and some of its severely wounded fighters are regularly taken across the frontier fence to receive treatment in Israeli hospitals.”[21]

In a similar vein, the New York Times has revealed that “C.I.A. cash [millions of dollars] ended up in coffers of Al Qaeda.”[22] The writer of the article, however, defended the operation by saying that it was just “poor oversight and loose financial controls,” but the same writer could not get away with the fact that the C.I.A. “has sometimes inadvertently financed the very militants it is fighting.”[23]

netanyahuposterSo, the logic is pretty clear: terrorist groups and organizations only exist if they do not support Israel or the Zionist regime. If they fight Israel’s enemies, then they are the “good guys.” Again, we are back to what Avner Cohen articulated quite a few years ago: “Hamas, to my regret, is Israel’s creation.”[24]

We are compelled to add that Al-Qaeda, to our regret, is a Zionist creation. How else would the regime relentlessly spend billions upon billions of dollars terrorizing the American people and saying things like if we do not fight terrorism, then al-Qaeda will come and bomb us? Listen to this: “Pentagon loses track of $500 million in weapons, equipment given to Yemen.”[25]

Read the statement again and think about the average American who is still trying to put food on the table. Think about decent families who are struggling to survive in a crazy economy. Think about decent American students who are being buried beneath the avalanche of student loans.[26]

The plot thickens: if terrorism does not exist, then that would be the end of the regime because it thrives on the ignorance of the masses. If you doubt this, listen very carefully to how the F.B.I. itself created terrorists:

“In the video, Sami Osmakac is tall and gaunt, with jutting cheekbones and a scraggly beard. He sits cross-legged on the maroon carpet of the hotel room, wearing white cotton socks and pants that rise up his legs to reveal his thin, pale ankles. An AK-47 leans against the closet door behind him. What appears to be a suicide vest is strapped to his body. In his right hand is a pistol. 

“‘Recording,’ says an unseen man behind the camera.

“‘This video is to all the Muslim youth and to all the Muslims worldwide,’ Osmakac says, looking straight into the lens. ‘This is a call to the truth. It is the call to help and aid in the party of Allah … and pay him back for every sister that has been raped and every brother that has been tortured and raped.’

“The recording goes on for about eight minutes. Osmakac says he’ll avenge the deaths of Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere. He refers to Americans as kuffar, an Arabic term for nonbelievers. ‘Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth,’ he says. ‘Woman for a woman, child for a child.’

“Osmakac was 25 years old on January 7, 2012, when he filmed what the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice would later call a ‘martyrdom video.’ He was also broke and struggling with mental illness.

“After recording this video in a rundown Days Inn in Tampa, Florida, Osmakac prepared to deliver what he thought was a car bomb to a popular Irish bar. According to the government, Osmakac was a dangerous, lone-wolf terrorist who would have bombed the Tampa bar, then headed to a local casino where he would have taken hostages, before finally detonating his suicide vest once police arrived.

“But if Osmakac was a terrorist, he was only one in his troubled mind and in the minds of ambitious federal agents. The government could not provide any evidence that he had connections to international terrorists. He didn’t have his own weapons. He didn’t even have enough money to replace the dead battery in his beat-up, green 1994 Honda Accord.

“Osmakac was the target of an elaborately orchestrated FBI sting that involved a paid informant, as well as FBI agents and support staff working on the setup for more than three months. The FBI provided all of the weapons seen in Osmakac’s martyrdom video. The bureau also gave Osmakac the car bomb he allegedly planned to detonate, and even money for a taxi so he could get to where the FBI needed him to go.

“Osmakac was a deeply disturbed young man, according to several of the psychiatrists and psychologists who examined him before trial. He became a “terrorist” only after the FBI provided the means, opportunity and final prodding necessary to make him one.”[27]

homerThe Zionist machine starts recognizing that no one with an ounce of brain cells knocking together will support Israel’s covert plot and terrorist activity, so they defend the regime in an interesting way. Retired Brig. Gen. Michael Herzog, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and former chief of staff for Israel’s defense minister, said,

“Nusra is a unique version of al Qaeda. They manage to cooperate with non-Islamist and non-jihadi organizations in one coalition. They are totally focused on the war in Syria and aren’t focused on us.”

Isn’t this crazy? Nusra is a unique version of al Qaeda but Israel is giving them medical assistance? How can the Israeli regime really say that they are fighting terrorists?

One needn’t be an expert to see that this is very dangerous. Eyal Zisser, the dean of the faculty of humanities at Tel Aviv University and one of Israel’s foremost experts on Syria, quickly saw that there is a serious problem here:

“It is just a matter of time before some of these Syrian rebels start launching attacks against Israel. Nusra is al Qaeda. Maybe a little bit more pragmatic, but still al Qaeda.”[28]

In short, it stands to reason to conclude that terrorism is made in the U.S.A. and Israel. Elliot Brenan of the National Interest has recently written a bizarre article arguing that there are striking similarities between ISIS and the Khmer Rouge. He has made this connection with the intent that his essay would convince readers that we ought to continue to fight ISIS. Brenan concludes,

“Anyone who has walked Cambodia’s Killing Fields or S-21 prison should need little reminding of the urgency for action against genocidal groups. In the three years, eight months and 20 days of the Khmer Rouge’s power, an estimated 1.7 million people died.

“That number, among the most conservative of estimates, equated to 21 percent of the population. The long tail of that civil war lasted until 1998. Yet, unlike Pol Pot’s Cambodia, which financially ran itself into the ground, ISIS has riches and resources far beyond.”[29]

The simple fact is that Brenan could never ask the deeper questions: who is really supporting ISIS? Is it possible that the Zionist regime is part of the problem? Perhaps Brenan needs to pick up the phone and give Jewish Neocon Daniel Pipes a call. Pipes postulated that the United States should support both the Syrian rebels/terrorists and Assad at the same time!


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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.

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  2. The hubris and audacity of the crime syndicate has no bounds. Next up is $500 million in “lost” military equipment as a result of the sudden reversal of fortunes in Yemen. This is what the crime syndicate thinks of your intelligence? Those who believe these stories, to quote Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys, should be shaved, sterilized and destroyed.

    Let me guess at the calculus here: 80% has fallen into the hands of CIA-Mossad backed ISIS/ISIL and/or Saudi Wahhabi mercenary stooge flavors of the day. 15% has gone to crime syndicate arms dealers for their commission, leaving 5% to Rita Katz’s SITE beheading videos hoax fund.

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